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Big Money

Obtain 500000 gold.

Big Money+0.2
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    29 Jul 2012 30 Jul 2012
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    In my opinion, the most reliable way of hitting $500k is to "ghost run." Relying on lucking into the money on your way to Hell isn't a guaranteed way to do it, while ghost running pretty much is.

    First thing to do is to play until you find a level with a "treasure room," one of those tiny little rooms built into the cave wall and that contains two chests and a shopkeeper guarding it. In order to mine it properly, you're probably going to need more than the starting number of ropes and bombs. So you might have to skip the very first treasure room you find, in order to build up your inventory a bit first.

    If you have enough equipment, blow open the room and let the shopkeeper run amok and away from you. If you're lucky, he didn't break the chests and you can carry them to a nice spot in the middle of the level where you can escape the ghost in pretty much all directions. Throw up some ropes to create routes in preparation while you wait for the ghost to show up. When it does, you manouver in a way that forces it to hover over the jewels from the chests. This gives you $70k in every level (this amount does not increase since later levels don't give you more jewels, just higher-value ones) you do it in. If the shopkeeper broke the chests, you will want to stand right next to them and wait in order to force the ghost to come from that side.

    If you have enough time (the ghosts shows up after 2:30, I believe), you probably want to chase the shopkeeper and try to kill him to make exiting the level easier. Then run back and wait by the jewels. The ghost seems like an enormous threat the first few times you face it, but once you get used to ghost running, you'll find that it's quite easy to coerce and dodge.

    A jetpack will, of course, make this a breeze. I bought mine on the run where I got the achievement; this will give you so much money that you don't really need to rob every shop you see. I had $450k when I entered the City of Gold and I was holding enough bombs to score an additional $200k in there. Another thing to note is that I always rob the Black Market; I make sure I pick up the Udjat Eye every time I play the mines and then I try not to piss off any shopkeepers (unless I find a treasure room), so I can enter the black market and buy a shotgun, if available, then use it to rob all the shops, mainly for more bombs for City of Gold. I've had another run where I entered the city with 60-ish bombs and I managed to gather $300k in there.

    (And then I died at $490k because I didn't take time to clear out a path to the exit before going wild with the bombing, so make sure you do that!)
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    21 Jul 2012 23 Jul 2012
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    I worked on collecting items in the beginning and worried about gold at the city of gold. From there, Olmec, and hell you can collect tons of gold.
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    12 Jul 2012 13 Jul 2012
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    You need to earn 500,000 gold in a single game (no deaths). The gold and jewels in world 2, 3 and 4 are worth 125%, 150% and 175% of those in world 1, respectively. For example, in world 3 (Ice world), a stack of 3 golden bars is worth $1500 instead of $1000.

    Gold Chunk: $100
    Gold Nugget: $500
    Gold Bar: $500
    3 Gold Bars: $1000
    Small Emerald (green): $200
    Small Sapphire (blue): $400
    Small Ruby (red): $400
    Emerald: $800
    Sapphire: $1200
    Ruby: $1600
    Diamond: $5000 (appear only when the Ghost passes over gems, they turn into diamond)
    Golden Idol: $5000 (take it to the exit, or drop it at shopkeeper's feet)
    Golden Scarab: $4000 (appear only in dark levels)

    In world 1, there is typically 10-20k of loot lying around. If you have a mattock you can mine the gold and jewels buried in the ground (glasses or Udjat Eye will reveal the latter).

    If you're feeling particularly brave and you can find both a mattock and a jetpack, you can do a 'Ghost run': clear all enemies in the level, wait until 2:30 passes and the Ghost appears, and lead him over all jewels in the level. The jewels will turn into diamonds, increasing them 10-50 times in value.

    This information was taken from the Spelunky wiki at http://spelunky.wikia.com/wiki/Treasure
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