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Complete 100% of the journal.

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How to unlock the Seen It All achievement

  • AwooAwoo1,663,320
    10 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012 24 Aug 2016
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    Of the other two solutions posted here at the moment, I feel one has too little information, and one is too messy, so I took it upon myself to write down where all the things in the journal can be found. No offense to the other solution writers (their solutions helped me after all), but I consider this the definitive solution for this achievement.

    So, first off, you can check your journal anytime in-game by pressing the back button, and you can check which entries you are missing by simply scrolling through everything and seeing which entries are blank.
    For places, you just need to visit them once.
    For monsters, you either have to kill or be killed by one to get it to count.
    For traps, some count as soon as they activate, but for most you either have to let them kill you or destroy them.

    Since I foolishly missed a Succubus on my Yama-killing trip to Hell, I had to make an extra run there, so here are all the journal entries exclusive to that area, just so you don't miss anything.
    Places: Hell (duh...)
    Monsters: Entries 50-56, also don't forget to kill Anubis II in the City of Gold.
    Items: Vlad's Cape and Vlad's Amulet, you'll also pick up the Book of the Dead in the City of Gold.
    Traps: Spike Balls

    And here is the full list of all journal entries.


    1. Mines - Unlocked the first time you start the game

    2. Jungle - Unlocked when you reach the Jungle, after the Mines.

    3. Ice Caves - Unlocked when you reach the Ice Caves, after the Jungle.

    4. Temple - Unlocked when you reach the Temple, after the Ice Caves.

    5. Hell - Unlocked when you reach Hell, the entrance to which can only be found if you collect the Book of the Dead in the City of Gold, then use it to find the entrance to Hell in Olmec's Lair (the book laughs/shakes when you are more or less directly above it). Olmec has to land under the exit for you to be able to step on his head and enter, so make a hole with bombs or a Mattock.

    6. Haunted Castle - Unlocked when you reach the Haunted Castle, the entrance to which is found by bombing underneath the grave containing a skeleton with a crown that can be found during the random "The dead are restless" event on Jungle levels.

    7. Black Market - Unlocked when you reach the Black Market, by acquiring the Udjat Eye in the Mines and finding the secret entrance somewhere in the Jungle (the eye will flash faster and faster the closer you are to it).

    8. Worm - Unlocked by reaching the Worm area, which is found by throwing a Damsel into one of the orange/pink blobs you can sometimes see stuck to walls in the Jungle and Ice Caves. Then you yourself must jump into it and wait a few seconds for the worm to come eat you, after which you'll be inside it.

    9. Mothership - Unlocked by reaching the Mothership area, which is found by entering the door inside the spaceship during the "Feels like the fourth of July" event on an Ice Cave level.

    10. City of Gold - Unlocked by reaching the City of Gold. First, you must purchase or steal the Ankh from the Black Market. Then you must die close to the giant blue stone head in the Ice Caves (usually on the second level). This will give you the Hedjet helm. Now get the Sceptre from killing Anubis in Temple level 1, and carry it with you to the golden door in Temple level 2 to unlock it and reach the City of Gold.


    1. Snake - Found everywhere in the Mines.

    2. Cobra - Found on Mine levels, looks like a blue hooded snake and spits poison.

    3. Bat - Found everywhere in the Mines and Jungle.

    4. Spider - Found hanging from the ceiling in the Mines. They drop down when you walk underneath them.

    5. Spinner Spider - Spiders with a purple body that hang from the ceiling and go up and down. Found in the later Mine levels.

    6. Giant Spider - Found in the later Mine levels and more commonly during the "My skin is crawling" random event. Best killed with sticky bombs.

    7. Skeleton - Found throughout the Mines and the rest of the game. Some of the bone piles you come across will randomly become a Skeleton when you walk near them.

    8. Scorpion - Yellow scorpion found in the later Mine levels and more commonly in the Jungle and Temple.

    9. Caveman - Sometimes found in the Mines, but more commonly in the Jungle and Temple.

    10. Damsel - Found on almost any level, you might have to kill one to put her in the journal.

    11. Shopkeeper - Found in any shop. Most easily killed with a shotgun or well placed Sticky Bombs.

    12. Tunnel Man - First encountered at the end of the Mine levels, in the transition to the Jungle.

    13. Scarab - Yellow bugs found flying around in the randomly appearing dark levels, and also in the City of Gold. They don't hurt you and can in fact be collected for 5000 gold, so only kill the first one you see to put it in your journal.

    14. Tiki Man - Found throughout the Jungle, looks like a Caveman with a Tiki mask, and is usually carrying a boomerang.

    15. Frog - The blue kind of frog found throughout the jungle.

    16. Fire Frog - The red-orange kind of frog found throughout the Jungle. Explodes shortly after it dies.

    17. Giant Frog - A big blue frog found randomly in the Jungle. Spits out smaller frogs.

    18. Mantrap - A red flesh-eating plant found in the Jungle. Touching it means instant death.

    19. Piranha - Bigger fish (bigger than the tiniest ones, that is) found in the water pools in the Jungle.

    20. Old Bitey - A much bigger piranha that appears during the random "I hear rushing water" event on a Jungle level. It'll be in the big pool at the bottom of the level.

    Tip for Old Bitey (credit to SkepticalMario): It's simple enough to clear the upper area by jumping in, whipping a few piranha, and jumping back out. When Bitey is the closest fish, jump back in and let him eat you. (Disclaimer: not sure how much damage he does.)

    21. Killer Bee - Bees with blue eyes encountered when a bee hive randomly spawns on a Jungle level.

    22. Queen bee - Bigger bee with red eyes ecountered when a bee hive randomly spawns on a Jungle level. One sticky bomb is enough.

    23. Snail - Found throughout the Jungle. Spit out acid bubbles that float up toward the ceiling.

    24. Monkey - Found throughout the Jungle, most commonly wherever there are green vines. They steal gold/rope/bombs from you, and sometimes knocks you out for a painfully long time.

    25. Golden Monkey - Appears when you sacrifice an Idol to a shrine to Kali. Requires a bit of luck and planning, but you should eventually run into a spot where the two things are fairly close to each other. Just make sure the Idol trap (if it's a boulder) doesn't destroy the Kali shrine.

    26. Jiang Shi - Zombies in purple robes encountered during the random "The dead are restless" event in the Jungle, and also everywhere in Hell.

    27. Green Knight - Encountered in the Haunted Castle area.

    28. Black Knight - Encountered at the top of the castle in the Haunted Castle area.

    29. Vampire - Encountered hanging from the ceiling in bat form during the random "The dead are restless" event in the Jungle, and everywhere in Hell as well.

    30. Ghost - Appears when time runs out on any level, or if you steal the skull Idol during a "The dead are restless" event. Let it kill you once to put it in the journal.

    31. Bacterium - Found traveling along the walls in the Worm area.

    32. Worm Egg - Found attached to walls in the Worm area. They will burst soon after you come near them, but you have to destroy one yourself to put it in the journal.

    33. Worm Baby - Emerges from the Worm Eggs in the Worm area.

    34. Yeti - Appears on Ice Cave levels.

    35. Yeti King - Appears during the random "It smells like wet fur in here" event on an Ice Cave level.

    36. Mammoth - Appears on Ice Cave levels.

    37. Alien - Emerges from destroyed UFOs found flying around on Ice Cave levels.

    38. UFO - Appears on most Ice Levels.

    39. Alien Tank - Appears all throughout the Mothership area.

    40. Alien Lord - Appears during the random "I sense a psychic presence here" events on an Ice Cave level. He's located at the very back (right side) of the spaceship. Also appears in the Mothership, usually close to the Alien Queen.

    41. Alien Queen - Appears at the top of the Mothership area, and can attack from a distance with her crosshair attack. I'd suggest playing it as safe as possible and just using lots of bombs and possibly a shotgun.

    42. Hawk Man - Red birdmen encountered in the Temple.

    43. Croc Man - Crodcodile-headed men found in the Temple. Can telefrag you randomly, so it's highly advised you completely avoid them.

    44. Magma Man - Found rarely in the Jungle when a "Tiki village" spawns on a level, they jump out of the little cooking pots in the houses. More commonly found jumping out of lava in the Temple and Hell.

    45. Scorpion Fly - Flying red scorpions found in the Temple.

    46. Mummy - Found in the Temple and the City of Gold.

    47. Anubis - Always found flying around on the first Temple level. Can sometimes pass through walls, and shoots dangerous purple orbs, but fairly easy to kill with a shotgun or sticky bombs.

    48. Anubis II - Appears when you collect the Book of the Dead in the City of Gold. Summons lots of red skeletons (they don't count for a journal entry), but thankfully doesn't shoot purple orbs like his predecessor.

    49. Olmec - The boss encountered at the end of the Temple area. Easy enough if you have enough bombs to make a pit for him to fall into. Otherwise you can run back and forth underneath him and let him dig his own grave.

    50. Vlad - A stronger vampire found at the top of the tower on one side of the first level of Hell.

    51. Imp - Red demons found flying around carrying lava pots in Hell.

    52. Devil - Blue demons (basically a caveman variation) found in hell. The spikes on their heads might make them dangerous to head stomp, but I haven't tried.

    53. Succubus - Appears in Hell disguised as a Damsel/Dude/Pug. Lunges at you when you get near, so not that hard to distinguish from the real Damsel.

    54. Horse Head - Appears on the left side of the level at the start of the Yama fight. Easily killed with a shotgun or bomb.

    55. Ox Face - Appears on the right side of the level at the start of the Yama fight. Easily killed with a shotgun or bomb.

    56. King Yama - The final boss of Hell. Actually not that hard if you take your time with him. Stay in one of the top corners (underneath the bricks where his falling skulls can't hit you) and throw sticky bombs (Horse Head/Ox Face each drop a bomb box) at his hands until they blow up and his head starts flying from side to side. Whenever it flies to your side, throw one or two stickies diagonally up to hit it, and he should die fairly soon. Shotgun works too.


    1. Rope Pile - Found in crates or shops.

    2. Bomb Bag - Found in crates or shops.

    3. Bomb Box - Commonly found in shops and sometimes crates.

    4. Spectacles - Commonly found in shops and sometimes crates. Can also be a gift from Kali.

    5. Climbing Gloves - Commonly found in shops and sometimes crates. Can also be a gift from Kali.

    6. Pitcher's Mitt - Commonly found in shops and sometimes crates. Can also be a gift from Kali.

    7. Spring Shoes - Commonly found in shops and sometimes crates. Dropped by Giant Frogs in the Jungle. Can also be a gift from Kali.

    8. Spike Shoes - Commonly found in shops and sometimes crates. Dropped by the Yeti King in the Ice Caves. Can also be a gift from Kali.

    9. Paste - Commonly found in shops, usually alongside Bomb Bags/Boxes. Dropped by Giant Spiders in the Mines.

    10. Compass - Commonly found in shops or crates. Always dropped by the Yeti King in the Ice Caves. Can also be a gift from Kali.

    11. Mattock - Found in shops and sometimes crates. Also appears at the bottom (bomb it out of the ground) of the snake pit during random "I hear snakes, I hate snakes" events on Mine levels.

    12. Boomerang - Found in shops or crates. Carried by Tiki Men in the Jungle.

    13. Machete - Commonly found in shops and crates.

    14. Crysknife - Found in one of the acid pools in the Work area. It's advised you drain the acid first by blowing up one of the walls.

    15. Web Gun - Commonly found in shops and crates.

    16. Shotgun - Commonly found in shops and sometimes in crates. Carried by Shopkeepers. Also, during "The dead are restless events" in the Jungle, one can almost always be found buried under a gravestone with the name ASH on it. You SHOULD get that reference.

    17. Freeze Ray - Commonly found in shops and sometimes crates.

    18. Plasma Cannon - Located just underneath the Alien Queen in the Mothership area. Just kill her and bomb it out of there.

    19. Camera - Found in shops and crates.

    20. Teleporter - Found in shops and sometimes crates.

    21. Parachute - Found in shops and crates.

    22. Cape - Found in shops and dropped by Vampires during random "The dead are restless" events on Jungle levels or in Hell.

    23. Jetpack - Found in shops and rarely in crates.

    24. Shield - Dropped by the Black Knight in the Haunted Castle area.

    25. Royal Jelly - Dropped by a Queen Bee that appears in randomly spawning beehives on Jungle levels.

    26. Idol - Gold head statues found at booby-trapped altars on many levels. You only need to pick it up to put it in the journal.

    27. Kapala - Acquired by making enough sacrifices to Kali in one playthrough to get your "Kali favour" up to 16. A Damsel is worth 12, so two of those will do it.

    28. Udjat Eye - Found in gold chests in the mines, the ones that require a golden key (always found somewhere else on the same level) to open.

    29. Ankh - Bought (or stolen) from the southeastern-most shop of the Black Market for 50,000 gold.

    30. Hedjet - Found by getting the Ankh, then dying near the giant blue stone head that appears on level 2-3 of the Ice Caves.

    31. Sceptre - Dropped by Anubis on the first Temple level.

    32. Book of the Dead - Found on an altar in the City of Gold. You usually have to bomb to get in there, and Anubis II appears when you pick it up.

    33. Vlad's Cape - Dropped by the vampire Vlad, who appears at the top of the tower on one side of the first Hell level.

    34. Vlad's Amulet - Found just below where Vlad hangs. Use a bomb to get it out of the wall. It comes in very handy since it lets you run right through Magma Men.


    1. Spikes - Found almost everywhere. Kills you instantly if you land on them but can be walked through and landed on safely with a cape.

    2. Arrow trap - Found everywhere in the Mines and Temple. Shoots an arrow when something crosses its line of sight.

    3. Powder Box - Explosive boxes with a red skull on them. Found in the Mines. Let one kill you.

    4. Boulder - Appears when you steal an Idol from an altar in the Mines. Just let it crush you.

    5. Tiki Trap - Found everywhere in the Jungle, Temple and Hell. Red-brown statues with spikes that shoot out from its sides.

    6. Acid - You can find pools of this only in the Worm area. Simply jump into it and let it hurt you to put it in the journal.

    7. Spring - Found on the ground throughout the Ice Caves. Quite hard to see, but easy to spot if an enemy gets stuck in it.

    8. Mine - Grey circles with a big red button on, found everywhere in the Ice Caves. You only have to activate it to put it in the journal, no need to let it kill you!

    9. Turret - Appears during the random "I sense a psychic presence here" events on an Ice Cave level, and in the Mothership.

    10. Force Field - Appears during the random "I sense a psychic presence here" events on an Ice Cave level, and in the Mothership. They look like big purple lasers.

    11. Crush Trap - Grey blocks with an eye on them that appears in the Temple. Causing one to drop/rise is enough to put it in the journal.

    12. Ceiling Trap - Activates when you collect an Idol in the Temple. Actually pathetically easy to avoid if you know it's coming, and it gets put in the journal as soon as it activates.

    13. Spike Balls - Spiky balls on long spinning chains found everywhere in Hell. Blow up the block the chain is attached to to put it in your journal, but be careful since the ball will go flying!

    14. Lava - Found in the Temple and Hell. Instant death.

    So there you go. If anything is unclear, just leave a comment or send me a message and I'll try to help you :)

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    AwooIt definitely did not show up every time when I did it, as I remember having to redo runs just because it didn't appear. I know the game was patched to fix some things after I was done with it though, so it may very well be that they changed that.
    Posted by Awoo on 24 Aug 16 at 08:31
    platinumpwnzorI see. I was aware of a patch, but I didn't know anything about it other than it fixing the Mattock durability. The Mothership definitely always shows up on 3-4 with the patch.
    Posted by platinumpwnzor on 24 Aug 16 at 17:17
    MattiasAndersonGreat guide except for this:

    12. Ceiling Trap - Activates when you collect an Idol in the Temple. Actually pathetically easy to avoid if you know it's coming, and it gets put in the journal as soon as it activates.

    Very hard to avoid!

    Maybe you mix it up with the one in the jungle.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 04 Jan 17 at 16:15
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  • StiqeStiqe187,066
    06 Jul 2012 07 Jul 2012
    10 3 2
    NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FULL SOLUTION, simply a collection of tips meant to help progress towards this achievement.

    Journal log entries are made whenever you encounter a new place, item, enemy, or trap. Below are some collected tips and hints to help those struggling.

    * Try new things! Buy a new upgrade from the store, use a different tactic on an enemy, try doing something you normally wouldn't! (perhaps sacrificing a golden idol to Kali, the god of death?)

    * Kill everything you meet! Failing that, let it kill you! Being killed by an enemy or trap is sometimes the only way to get them into your journal.

    * Use all the different kinds of items, and try out that new loot from that big bad monster you just killed! Alien queen drop a shiny looking toy? USE IT! or at least pick it up before you die so it get's recorded!

    - secret levels-

    BLACK MARKET* Found by bringing the Eye of Udjat with you from the mines, (use the golden key on the locked chest to acquire the eye) the Eye will flash as you come closer to the location of the Black Market somewhere in the Jungle area. The faster the flashes, the closer you are; you'll have to use bombs to reveal the entrance!

    WORM LEVEL* Throwing a damsel/dude/pug onto one of the sticky orange blobs you see in the jungle / ice caves areas will summon a giant worm! Stay on the blob with your damsel (fairly high up on the blob) and the worm will eat you both, taking you to a new Worm level!
    (while here be on the lookout for the crysknife, located near the bottom in a gigantic vat of acid. it'll one-hit anything you swing it at! make sure to cut SuperMeatBoy free from his prison, too!)
    PLEASE NOTE: This level is populated by enemies from whichever area you've recently left! So if you want to fight bats instead of yetis and aliens, enter from the jungle!

    HAUNTED CASTLE* Sometimes on the Jungle level one will receive the event text "The dead are restless...". When seeing this text, keep an eye out for a grave marked by a crown, with a crowned skull visible below out. Bombing out the square below the skull will reveal an entrance to the Haunted Castle!

    ALIEN MOTHERSHIP * When you get the "fourth of july" message when entering the end of the Ice Caves, you'll notice a large alien structure on the map, which assuming you have the right gear, can be climbed and infiltrated to reach the Alien Mothership level!
    (it'll take a lot of luck [or a jetpack and a shotgun] to kill the alien queen, but if you do you'll be rewarded with a very rare gun! NOTE: electro-barrier thing REFLECTS bullets)

    GOLDEN CITY * This is a multi-step quest and quite a pain if you're unprepared for the task!
    - First step is to combine the golden key with the locked chest in the Mines area. it'll always appear on either 2-2 or 2-3.
    - Now you'll take your new Udjat Eye into the jungle, and again on 2-2 or 2-3 pay attention to the eye's icon as you traverse the cave. Once it starts flashing you're near the black market, the faster it blinks the closer you are! Use some bombs or your leftover mattock to unearth the entrance, and we can move on to step three!
    - Once in the black market you'll want to find the Ankh, 2nd level to the far right. You'll need a cool 50000 to purchase it, or you could always risk stealing it.
    - With your new Ankh equipped, adventure in the Ice Caves until you find a giant blue stone head. You really can't miss it, just be sure you're exploring the whole of every level so you don't miss it. Once located, simply stand on or near the statue and kill yourself!
    - Once dead, your Ankh kicks in, transporting you inside the statue where you'll receive the Hedjet. Now the hard part. Make it the rest of the way to the Temple, and find and kill an Anubis.
    - New staff in hand, simply seek out the golden door somewhere in the temple area, and the door will unlock!

    HELL * COMFIRMED 7/7/12
    Once in the golden city one can find the Necronomicon. Picking up the book will spawn Anubis II; this one chases you directly and is near constantly spawning red skeletons to try to kill you. Once Anubis II has been defeated you can make your way to Olmec, take HIM out, and you should be able to see a doorway to the Hell area somewhere above the lake of lava. (please note, ledge above door is false until Olmec's death)
    UPDATED: The book of the dead will flash similar to the Udjat Eye when you're directly above the door to hell! Useful if you didn't bring a jetpack!

    * Giant Spiders drop Paste when killed, which give you sticky bombs.
    * Pretty hard to set up at this point but keep an eye out for a level with an idol AND a shrine, sacrifice the idol for a golden monkey! (easier later on)
    * The red-skull boxes which explode count as traps in the journal. If you're missing entry 3, let one kill you!

    * Giant Frogs can be killed easily with Spiked Shoes, and usually drop a boot upgrade.
    * When you hear the sound of rushing water, keep an eye out for Old Bitey, the huge piranha living in the lagoon...
    * Bee-Hives sometimes spawn in this area, killing the queen will net you a nice health boost (+4) through a dropped item.
    * Vampires only come out when the dead are restless, but always drop capes!

    * The only place you can obtain the Ankh.

    * Drain the largest pit of acid near the bottom to find yourself a Crysknife, which will replace your whip and 1-hit kill anything you cut with it. (good for taking out bacterium!)
    * Make sure at some point you fall into / are killed by the acid, to record it into your journal.

    * In addition to picking up a hidden character in the top left, you can also find the Black Knight guarding him. Kill the knight to earn his shield, with which you can deflect and squish almost everything!

    * When it smells like wet fur in here, keep an eye out for the Yeti King! A great tactic is to have the Black Knight's shield and run along the platform, squishing everything in your path. (You'll lose his equipment drops, however! nothing too rare, for anyone worried.)
    * Mammoths will rarely drop freeze-rays.

    * You'll find Alien Lords and the Alien Queen here, along with a whole slew of other neat alien tech your journal will be interested in. Make sure to kill the queen to pick up a Plasma Cannon! (watch out for her barriers, they REFLECT bullets!)
    * Recordable traps are Springs, Turrets, and Forcefields.

    * Croc Men are the ones that warp around whenever you hit them, the best way I've found to get one in your journal is aggravate them whenever possible, and hope when it teleports into a pit of lava that it counts as your kill. Alternatively, just let one kill you!
    * Magma Men are the firey men who will sometimes be seen leaping out of lava pits. Try a freeze ray? No guarantees. I simply let one kill me to record it.

    * Keep an eye out for the Necronomicon while you're here! Beware the Anubis II (more aggresive Anubis) that's spawned when you take it, however. BRING BOMBS! It's been walled off every time I've seen it.

    * There's a stronger vampire named Vlad who lives in a tower somewhere in 5-1, perhaps you could convince him to lend you his special cape?
    * BEWARE THE DAMSELS IN THIS LOCATION, some of them are actually succubi!

    Please feel free to comment with anything I may have missed.
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    Linkus2323My good sir, you have gone out of your way and have written way more than required, but I must tell you that a lot of this would definitely be useful to others who simply just have no idea! I never went after the damsels in Hell (nor have I actually beaten it yet >.>) , and I had no idea that some of them could become Succubi ! Definitely something I'll have to experience for the Journal!

    Again, nicely done, regardless of whether you have the achievement or not! :P Keep it up!
    Posted by Linkus2323 on 17 Jul 12 at 15:38
    SummitVikingJust wanted to say, if you're playing co-op, the other players will not get their journals updated if they contact something that they haven't. For example, when I reached the Temple for the first time, my journal updated but my brother's did not.
    Posted by SummitViking on 18 Jul 12 at 00:07
  • SummitVikingSummitViking503,374
    16 Jul 2012 29 Aug 2012
    8 3 2
    All journal entries from a 100% completed journal:

    All entries are in order:

    1. The Mines
    2. Jungle
    3. Ice Caves
    4. Temple
    5. Hell
    6. Haunted Castle
    7. Black Market
    8. Worm
    9. Mothership
    10. City of Gold

    Monsters (not all of these entries are monsters, such as Damsels or Tunnel Man, they are simply just listed here):
    1. Snake
    2. Cobra
    3. Bat
    4. Spider
    5. Spinner Spider
    6. Giant Spider
    7. Skeleton
    8. Scorpion
    9. Caveman
    10. Damsel
    11. Shopkeeper
    12. Tunnel Man
    13. Scarab
    14. Tiki Man
    15. Frog
    16. Fire Frog
    17. Giant Frog
    18. Mantrap
    19. Piranha
    20. Old Bitey
    21. Killer Bee
    22. Queen Bee
    23. Snail
    24. Monkey
    25. Golden Monkey
    26. Jiang Shi
    27. Green Knight
    28. Black Knight
    29. Vampire
    30. Ghost
    31. Bacterium
    32. Worm Egg
    33. Worm Baby
    34. Yeti
    35. Yeti King
    36. Mammoth
    37. Alien
    38. UFO
    39. Alien Tank
    40. Alien Lord
    41. Alien Queen
    42. Hawk Man
    43. Croc Man
    44. Magma Man
    45. Scorpion Fly
    46. Mummy
    47. Anubis
    48. Anubis II
    49. Olmec
    50. Vlad
    51. Imp
    52. Devil
    53. Succubus
    54. Horse Head
    55. Ox Face
    56. King Yama

    1. Rope Pile
    2. Bomb Bag
    3. Bomb Box
    4. Spectacles
    5. Climbing Gloves
    6. Pitcher's Mitt
    7. Spring Shoes
    8. Spike Shoes
    9. Paste
    10. Compass
    11. Mattock
    12. Boomerang
    13. Machete
    14. Crysknife
    15. Web Gun
    16. Shotgun
    17. Freeze Ray
    18. Plasma Cannon
    19. Camera
    20. Teleporter
    21. Parachute
    22. Cape
    23. Jetpack
    24. Shield
    25. Royal Jelly
    26. Idol
    27. Kapala
    28. Udjat Eye
    29. Ankh
    30. Hedjet
    31. Sceptre
    32. Book of the Dead
    33. Vlad's Cape
    34. Vlad's Amulet

    1. Spikes
    2. Arrow Trap
    3. Powder Box
    4. Boulder
    5. Tiki Trap
    6. Acid
    7. Spring
    8. Mine
    9. Turret
    10. Forcefield
    11. Crush Trap
    12. Ceiling Trap
    13. Spike Ball
    14. Lava
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    Skeptical MarioUpvoted. The single-line format makes this solution better for copy/pasting.
    Posted by Skeptical Mario on 08 Jan 13 at 21:27
    SummitVikingGlad it helped. The main reason for my solution is to help the people who are not sure what entries they're missing. I had trouble myself figuring out entries #33 and #34 from the Items list. Those were the only ones I needed left for the achievement.
    Posted by SummitViking on 15 Jan 13 at 05:48
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