Her Favorite achievement in Spelunky

Her Favorite

Win the kapala from Kali.

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How to unlock the Her Favorite achievement

  • StiqeStiqe198,122
    05 Jul 2012 06 Jul 2012 08 Jul 2012
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    for those looking for an extremely simple and easy way to get this one:

    Simply play co-op and make your 2nd controller carry around any damsels you find. You can carry around your partner even while they're carrying a damsel, if you're going it alone. Once you encounter a shrine to Kali you simply sacrifice the damsel AND your friend! Alternatively, after sacrificing your friend, if you can't find a damsel but CAN manage to kill yourself and land your body on the shrine, that will work as well!

    Kapala and Achievement = Yours. your friend gets the achievement, too! (assuming they've got their own profile)

    Shrines are pretty hard to miss; they're blood-drenched altars below a large deity, and if you blow one up you'll spawn a load of spiders.

    I guarantee you'll find a Kali shrine and damsel on the same map without having to leave the mines if you're patient/lucky enough.

    TO THOSE UNAWARE: YOU USE THE KAPALA TO COLLECT BLOOD. Collected blood will add up, eventually filling the cup and giving you +1 heart. This can be done infinitely, as long as you can find blood!

    It's also worth noting that sacrifices to Kali stack, so if you wanted to get this one in a legitimate playthrough you'd just want to make sure to sacrifice anything and everything (anything stunnable) at every opportunity and you'll get your Kapala soon enough.

    Happy spelunking!

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    HeffenffefferAs a bonus, you can also sacrifice yourself even if you're not dead, as long as you're stunned and on the altar. I inadvertently got the achievement this way. To do it intentionally, try standing on the altar and throwing a rock straight up so it hits the ceiling and ricochets off of you.

    Note that this isn't advised if you plan on beating the game.
    Posted by Heffenffeffer on 08 Aug 12 at 23:32
    redjarmanIs it just random if you get the item? I just got this on literally my second ever damsel sacrifice
    Posted by redjarman on 29 Aug 12 at 21:36
    ThreeKingdomsRI tried for an hour and a half to find a Kali Shrine with a Damsel and an enemy who could be stunned on the same level with no success. Put on a second controller and got the achievement in 5 minutes. Thanks!
    Posted by ThreeKingdomsR on 31 Aug 16 at 12:33
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  • ZyGouNeTteZyGouNeTte297,491
    28 Aug 2012 30 Aug 2012
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    Another way to get it easily when you have only one controller :)
    You need to cumulate 16 points.

    - Find a stage with an Altar.
    - Find the damsel and sacrifice her (12 points).
    - Find a rock and take it.
    - Try to launch the rock on a wall. The rock must bounce and knock you out on the Alter to sacrifice yourself :D

    Watch the video ;)
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    Cheese TouchIf you are going to sacrifice yourself, you can also drop down onto the altar from a height that will stun you. This is how I got it (after sacrificing a damsel). I was maybe a half dozen tiles higher than the roof of the room with the altar. Just bomb your way down through the roof above the altar and use ropes to experiment with the height.
    Posted by Cheese Touch on 24 Jun 14 at 13:07
  • TerrificyTerrificy332,704
    29 Jun 2012 29 Jun 2012 30 Jun 2012
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    Kali is the Goddess of Death, which you will encounter pretty early in the game. She is represented by a gigantic statue with a bloody altar beneath her. To get this achievement, you will need 16 Favor with Kali, which is gained by sacrificing stunned or dead bodies by placing them on the altar. You can see a list of points here:

    I suggest going for this in the Jungle. Try to get sacrifice two stunned Cavemen for 4 points (be careful that they don't un-stun in your arms), then sacrifice the Damsel afterwards.

    Another easy tactic to get it is to simply sacrifice two Damsels. This leaves you with less health than you would have with the tactic above, but that might not pose a problem if you are solely going for this achievement, in which case sacrificing two Damsels at the first two Altars you see would be the best option.
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    SnapDragonIf this is anything like the PC version, you're both wrong. http://spelunky.wikia.com/wiki/Altar
    You get 12 points for a live Damsel, 8 for dead. Various other enemies have lower point values. When you reach 16 points, you get the Kapala, guaranteed. (And when you reach 32 you get 99 bombs!)
    Posted by SnapDragon on 30 Jun 12 at 11:04
    RustyFYeah, the above solution is incorrect. Kali follows the same rules as the PC version. See link in previous comment.
    Posted by RustyF on 30 Jun 12 at 23:04
    Sensei Le RoofA damsel and two stunned yetis is enough to get it in the X360 version. Sorry, but the link won't help you; if it had been true for the X360 version as well I'd only have needed one yeti.
    Posted by Sensei Le Roof on 19 Jul 12 at 06:10
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