Manual Master achievement in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

Manual Master

Perform 15 manuals in one combo in School II with Rodney Mullen

Manual Master0
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How to unlock the Manual Master achievement

  • Drunk 18yr GirlDrunk 18yr Girl54,229
    19 Jul 2012 19 Jul 2012
    38 4 13
    How I got this was spamming the manual.
    Just keep going up and down on your left stick while mashing the 'A' button.
    If you do this, you will be going too fast for the meter to change drastically and you will get it in no time. Might take a couple tries, but just stand in one place and just keep going up and down on the left stick and mash 'A' very quickly.

    No need to max anything or buy any skills at all this way.

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    SRUSHTYessir, seems to be patched. been trying for 30 minutes!
    Posted by SRUSHT on 09 May 13 at 19:14
    GrouchymoslaI got it this way, but you just have to make sure it registers the 15 jumps now and won't glitch and give it to you.
    Posted by Grouchymosla on 28 May 13 at 04:11
    Yummy BaklavaIt unlocked on my second attempt when I landed the combo.

    Definitely still works.
    Posted by Yummy Baklava on 16 Mar 18 at 07:52
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  • xX MothMan XxxX MothMan Xx128,725
    17 Jul 2012 18 Jul 2012 19 Mar 2013
    24 1 5
    Plan on having your manual balance maxed out. Even then, this can still be a little tricky. I prefer to stand as still as possible when I do it, that way I don't have to worry about falling off the edge of a ramp or ledge. In the video, I show you where I stand to get it and go over some other tips regarding the achievement.
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    Nose 0ver TailArcade Fire.
    Posted by Nose 0ver Tail on 19 Jul 12 at 15:40
    ZleekI don't have the game so I can't make a guide lol
    Posted by Zleek on 20 Jul 12 at 07:17
    MetalManZworked liked a charm Zleek thanks for the tip :)
    Posted by MetalManZ on 16 Mar 14 at 07:53
  • bs000bs000285,886
    01 Aug 2012 06 Aug 2012 27 Aug 2012
    4 0 2
    You can get this easily just by mashing up+down and the A button as fast as you can. You can go fast enough that you won't have to adjust your balance meter and if you go fast enough, it won't even show the manuals in your combo. Don't worry about that though, cause they're still counted towards the combo.

    Credit goes to uhhh, wherever I read about it first. :P
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    Bears Scare Meit does not appear to count the manual anymore when rapidly pressing A and the counter not going up. if multiplier does not go up then the manual does not count. i got to 12 and 14 with multiple additional jumps in there and no achievement. i had to get to an actual count of 15 for it to count. that being said this is still a good method just slow the mashing of the A button a bit to make the counter go up
    Posted by Bears Scare Me on 21 Mar 13 at 02:09
    MattiasAndersonStill works!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 02 Mar at 03:51
  • Maka91Maka911,355,181
    19 Jul 2012 02 Aug 2012
    4 1 0
    1. Use Rodney Mullen
    2. Unlock School II
    3. Max his Manual Balance
    4. No Cheats!

    Now you'll have to just a 15 manual combo in place to unlock this achievement. You can start off and do the first 5-6 without even checking your balance. However, after that, you will need to start adjusting more and more often, and it'll become harder and harder. Just make sure to always jump into your next manual when the character is completely levelled out, and with a little bit of time and luck you'll get it.

    Also, when going from manual 14 to 15, try to make it so that the bar is travelling towards the green side when you jump, so that when you land the 15th manual, it will automatically land the trick for you.

  • Maze MayhemMaze Mayhem806,312
    25 Jul 2012 25 Jul 2012
    1 0 1
    It's really difficult to stay in balance and it is becoming more difficult the longer you are on the ground doing the manual. So I tried hitting (A) like mad while moving the stick up and down real quick. The good thing about that tactic is, that there it there is hardly any movement of the arrow on the balance bar. For me it worked great though I had some trouble getting the multiplier up because I was hitting (A) too fast and it didn't count as manual. But luckily it keeps the combo going for some reason.
  • BlackTiboBlackTibo476,670
    18 Jun 2013 18 Jun 2013
    0 0 0
    Just to add some details about this achievement:

    I think it has been patched because I did a combo with a LOT of uncounted manuals and achievement did not pop. It popped when I saw a x16 combo with ONLY manuals (no "no comply", no "boneless"...).

    A last (but not least) detail: when you see x15 (or more) combo, FINISH the move by landing the last manual and do a single jump (A button) without touching the D-Pad to do a simple jump automatically landed. If you don't finish gracefully the current combo, achievement will not pop. I just hardly tested this by doing x15 combo 3 different times without achievement cry It popped with x15 (only manuals) and a finished combo!
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