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How to unlock the Fe Frog achievement

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    Its hard to write a solution for an achievement that deals primarily in skill. That being said, I consider this more a collection of strategies/techniques that I used through the levels.

    I've included a brief description of each stage so that you know what the future holds. Think of it as a scouting report. Let's start with some general tips:

    -This whole game mode needs to be approached with a sense of urgency. Decisions need to be made quickly even if you feel like you have a handle on things. However, urgency and panic are different sides of the coin. Avoid freaking out. Oh, and don't pound a six pack of energy drinks. They're great for an all night Call of Duty/Halo session, but bad in a game that requires calm decision making.

    - Take breaks occasionally. Have you noticed how much easier the first couple of levels are? They're not. You're just less stressed when you play them. If you've been at it for awhile, or approaching later levels, pause the game and read an article or something.

    - I know you like to see the "gray bubble of happiness" appear on the screen, but turn your notifications off. It will prevent you from being angry with a good chunk of your friends list. Note: If something happens that you get disconnected from Xbox Live, you will not get the notification.:(

    - Sneaky G Wizard also posted a solution offering additional tips which I found valuable. I strongly urge you to use that information as well. Perhaps, with both solutions, we might get through this thing together.

    - Gap shots can be your best friends. Just don't fire a ball unless there's ample space to clear the gap. "But Terror", you say, "you haven't seen all the dope shots and ill combos I've pulled off at the last second". That's just dumb. Nobody uses those words as adjectives anymore.

    - Speaking of gaps, if the line is getting too close to sending you back to the menu screen, you might want to force it closed. For example, if the ball on the right is red, fire a red one at the left of the gap to pull it closed. The backwards momentum might just give you the bit of extra breathing room necessary to finish the level.


    1. Serpent Stare

    Description: This is your basic spiral design with you in the center. Odds are, you've seen this level a time or two.

    Tips: Don't leave multipliers floating around the board. At one point, I had five balls that said "2X" on the board. This level should have been over a long time ago. You should get a decent amount of shots at the fruit. If so, take them. Every little bit helps.

    2. Fungal Fatality

    Description: This consist of multiple back-and-forth rows moving towards you. Actually feels easier than the first level. It's too bad they don't get progressively easier from here.

    Tips: Shooting at the corners will kill your chances. Aim for the long straights. Bomb and triple-shot power-ups will devastate this level in no time. You should get plenty of both. This also creates tons of large gaps. Abuse them whenever you can.

    3. Lot's Wife

    Description: Lily pad stage with a "figure eight" ball route. The newly-added lily pad levels are only hard if you allow them to be. Just because the frog can move does not mean he needs to.

    Tips: The right lily pad is prime real estate. Due to the amount of chains in this level, you should be able to control action from here. If line gets too long, feel free to jump to the left. Sometimes the left side will give you clean fruit shots as well. Just don't waste too much time jumping from one to the other.

    4. Future Fuels

    Description: The track zigzags back and forth creating really short straights. You'll be in the center.

    Tips: The stage presents you with tons of power-ups. Grab as many as possible and fire towards the balls entering the level. The track layout ensures that this will clear a lot of balls. Only work on the bottom part if it's looking bad. You'll feel like you did something special every time a bomb takes out the entire line.

    5. Fossil Food

    Description: This is a double line level. A person might suggest that you have twice as much to worry about. That person would be correct.

    Tips: The lines don't move incredibly fast, but you might want to take note that the inside line has a much shorter path than the outside. It's easy to get on a streak by tearing up one line and forget to watch the other. Doing so will lead to the results screen in a hurry. Luckily, this level is quite generous with the lightning power-up. Make sure not to waste them on a color that might only have a couple balls on the board.

    6. What is That Thing?

    Description: Large spiral design with tunnels. These are my least favorite levels. Tunnels obscure your view of potential shots and make you more prone to errors. Plus, this level doesn't set chains up very well.

    Tips: Don't try to shoot at balls going into the tunnels. Even if it appears that they haven't went in yet, the game doesn't always register that. The misfired shot will end up somewhere you don't want it or need it. The fruit almost always appears a couple inches below you. If possible, make a quick gap and shoot it. You want this level over as quick as possible.

    7. Creeper Creeps

    Description: For the most part, this is one large circle with the balls coming from the lower right (like a 9). It does have two tunnels to work around, though.

    Tips: Like level 6, do not shoot at balls that haven't cleared the tunnels. I made a ton of extra work for myself going against that rule. It may look like it will land where you want it, but you'll end up angry afterwards. This level does not give you many matching pairs, so your work is cut out for you. Try to make your own chains. If you see 1 yellow ball in a line of 3-4 red ones, shooting two yellow in that spot is better than putting them in other locations that simply clear a couple yellow balls from the board.

    8. Frog Two Point Oh

    Description: This is one of the rail levels with you in the center instead of the bottom. There will be a line on your left and right, but they're moving quite slowly. In all honesty, this is the easiest level in Iron Frog. You'll be very thankful for the break.

    Tips: Make sure you're watching both sides. Neglecting either path is the only way you'll lose this stage. The corners are very tight and you can't angle the ball, so only shoot at targets on the straights. You will get plenty of power-ups which should keep the balls from getting even halfway to the exit.

    9. As the Worm Turns

    Description: The balls flow in a back and forth pattern towards the top, but you at the very bottom. This means you'll almost never have a clear shot at the front part of the line. For me, this is the hardest level.

    Tips: You can become overwhelmed here before you can blink, so speed is everything. Do not shoot at anything that doesn't make a match or make a chain. Simply matching colors together will run you out of space in a hurry. You're at the very bottom, so you can easily fire non-matching balls down and away until you get what you need. This has to be done quickly. You will never feel like you're getting enough power-ups and most are in places you cannot hit them. If you get one, awesome, but don't ease up at that point (even a little).

    10. Chew Your Food

    Description: Ball route is a triangle shape. For those who remember the triangle stages from the first game, the straights are not as long on this one. We'll call it a medium triangle. The balls seem to make it to the end of the line very quickly due to the lack of a good starting setup.

    Tips: Do not panic. This is the only thing hindering me on this stage. You're close. You can see the finish line. You're putting way too much pressure on yourself to come through. Don't. This is actually not as hard as stage nine. If you just beat that, you've got this. You are going to win. If the anxiety is hitting you, now would be a great time to pause and take a break. Having a clear head going into this one will lead to a high ratio achievement on your card for all to see.

    Lastly, remember that most people reading solutions also read the comments. If you can think of anything else that might help, please comment. Nobody is going to think your suggestion is dumb. If it worked for you, it might work for them too.

    UPDATE: Okay, this might sound silly, but I just finished this offline. However, I didn't know I was offline due to the notifications being turned off. Still, I noticed all the levels after 4 felt much easier (maybe when I lost connection?). Again, it could just be my imagination, and the countless attempts at this finally paying off. I'm not saying playing offline will work, but I'm not saying it won't either. I do realize most of you don't like to win achievements offline.
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    el tebyI have so much hate for this right now. How in the world do you complete level 6 let alone 9
    Posted by el teby on 12 Jul 14 at 07:43
    Seven ClipOne of these days i'll go back to this, but wow I totally agree with that misleading ratio lol. After working a lot at it I could get past lvl 6 about 75% of the time but lvl 9 just felt borderline impossible. Then if by some act of god I get past lvl 9 the thought of just getting destroyed in lvl 10 and sent back again....sigh. One day though.
    Posted by Seven Clip on 30 Nov 14 at 21:55
    mcass23Great Solution and tips! Thumbs Up!

    Even though I did not find it ANY easier offline (completed online), that may not be the case for you...be sure to give it a try...you will want to make this as easy as possible.

    Finally got it in just over 5 weeks, playing a few hours each day. I would just add to this great solution about stressing on taking breaks (key for your anxiety) that I personally found going straight from beating a hard level and into a second hard level would keep me in my 'flow'. If I took a break before 6, then before 9, then before 10 (which i did at first cause i was so nervous!) I would end up shooting at corners and misplacing the balls and becoming more anxious as the level progressed. I would take a break before 5 (an easy level) and before 8 (an easier level, then going straight through 8-10) and Just stick with it and pretty soon you should be beating 6 regularly...then 9 regularly...and eventually 10 (once and for good!). Took me quite a few times AT 10 to get past... but just keep with it. Good Luck!!!
    Posted by mcass23 on 04 May 15 at 06:32
    whitty113Biggest tip I can give is speed and accuracy is very important so have someone calling out the next colour so you can concentrate on where to fire And try for gap shots whenever possible, I found it the quickest way to rack up points.
    Posted by whitty113 on 25 May 15 at 14:44
    mike1809One word pretty much sums this achievement up: "Impossible".
    Posted by mike1809 on 02 Nov 15 at 17:37
    Eric FiltroKeep trying, Mike. It took me days to get it. You will get it as well.
    Posted by Eric Filtro on 02 Nov 15 at 17:45
    mike1809Thanks, It just seems a real struggle at the moment. I'll keep at it though smile
    Posted by mike1809 on 03 Nov 15 at 17:13
    ASOC11031993For some reason offline worked for me!! Nice! Thumps Up!! :D!!
    Posted by ASOC11031993 on 23 Sep 16 at 02:22
    iMaginaryyJust a note on this: -

    " I know you like to see the "gray bubble of happiness" appear on the screen, but turn your notifications off. It will prevent you from being angry with a good chunk of your friends list. Note: If something happens that you get disconnected from Xbox Live, you will not get the notification.:("

    You can set your preference status to "Busy" and you will still get system notifications and achievement notifications, just not friend notifications and such social notifications.
    Posted by iMaginaryy on 25 May 17 at 16:32
    pezza888Does anyone have the details (or at least a summary of them) from Sneaky G Wizard's solution? It appears to have been deleted
    Posted by pezza888 on 15 May at 14:35
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