The final shutdown achievement in Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre

The final shutdown

Clear the final dungeon in under 45 minutes with two or more players in your online party.

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How to unlock the The final shutdown achievement

  • AFreakinCabbag3AFreakinCabbag31,318,423
    14 Jul 2012 14 Jul 2012 06 Jun 2016
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    Once you complete the campaign you will unlock King difficulty for each area. After progressing through the quests for beating each stage on King difficulty you will unlock a new dungeon called Floating Gardens in the Lorian area to the right of the map.

    As the achievement states this must be completed under 45 minutes in online co-op. This is essentially survival set to Medium difficulty but still challenging enemies, there are 50 floors containing most enemies seen throughout the game. However the part that makes this frustrating is potions are disabled therefore healing is restricted however fortune coins can be use *see Edit below for further information*, due to this resurrection tokens are required.

    ***NOTE: Update:6/6/16 from MattiasAnderson.
    Additional resurection tokens can no longer be purchased so it is advised saving most of the tokens you get at the start of the game for this challenge. If you have used all your tokens prior to obtaining this achievement your best bet will be finding a willing host who has their tokens available then doing the exit rejoin tactic with a full party.***

    I used around 15 in a failed run with 2 players. I would recommend having atleast 40 tokens available before attempting this level and also using your best items. Due to the tokens costing MSP it is understandable people may not wish to purchase them, if this is the case then you can search for public lobbies and upon death exit the lobby to main menu, simply rejoin the host and you get full HP and Mana without using a token. This is the way I did it and with 3 players dropping in and out the host used around 18 tokens and with a time of 40 minutes. However using this is not a 100% tactic as the host may run out of tokens or the lobby may become full, but it is free.

    The more players taking part the easier this is due to the extra damage available, enabling areas to be cleared faster saving both time and precious HP.

    Also a note: Due to the number of glitches this game likes to throw at players I would recommend carrying thunder grenades as sometimes enemies can get glitched and are unkillable, costing valuable time. Simply throw a thunder grenade at the enemy to knock them out of their glitched state to be killed.

    Edit: You must be an alive, active player upon completion to gain credit for beating the area. Thanks to xDartz xNVx

    Edit 2: It is advised players speak to the monk in town to activate the quest before attempting to complete floating gardens or you may have to retry this. Thanks to Metamania2313

    It also appears fortune coins can be used as healing items, I have never used these but upon looking into this I found a tactic posted on another site. "Also the key is using those fortune coins right.
    If you use it and you hear a lightning (miss) sound, don't watch the HP going full down by 50%, but immediately use it again till you hear the sound of heal." you do not have to worry about dying from using them because they will never kill you. They will only take you as low as 1 HP. Credit to PlaneswalkerX from x360a. Thanks to Metamania2313 and xDartz xNVx for bringing this to my attention.

    I hope this helps and add some insight into the challenge before you attempt it. Good luck.

    Any amendments or comments leave them below, and I will review them.

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    Solario32Great solution. A gunner or 2 in the party will make this alot easier.
    Posted by Solario32 on 24 Jul 15 at 01:25
    MattiasAndersonPlease update the solution that you no longer can buy resurection stones so they should be very careful using the 10 they have.

    I accidently used a lot of them as my healing potions were LT + A button and thats the one for yes when you die. So i die and imediately use a ressurection stone a few times when i did not want to.

    Now i got just 1 left and put the healing potions to X button instead.

    For the fortune cookies wich i will use on the last level when boosting i have set them to Y button.

    I think this could be added as well.

    Thanks for the solution.
    I have a group i will attempt the last achievement with soon. Hope my 1 ressurection stone i still have is enough. :)

    Got only 2 levels before that to beat wich i make sure to not use my last resurection stone at.

    But well as i can just rejoin the game i might not need them and saw in the other guide that if the last quest you still need is the one for beating the final level you will get it if you join someone elses game. So that made me less worried.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 04 Jun 16 at 14:14
    AFreakinCabbag3Added the additional info Mattias.
    Posted by AFreakinCabbag3 on 06 Jun 16 at 13:43
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  • slysyslysy731,490
    11 Aug 2012 11 Aug 2012 08 Apr 2013
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    This method requires ideally 4 people and a bit of communication in advance. First of all, beat the game to unlock king difficulty. Then complete each level on king difficulty to unlock the floating gardens level (at the right side of the map). Nominate one person as the host, who creates a lobby on floating gardens and invites the other 3 players, then starts the game. The host should have at least one continue left (you get 10 for free with the game).

    The host should play more cautiously than the other players, who should play normally. If the host dies (which you want to happen as late as possible), they should just sit on the continue screen and not select either yes or no. This means that the game will not end, even if everyone else dies. The host can then be inactive for most of the game (waiting in the continue screen), then use a single continue on the last level (level 50) when the bosses are nearly dead. This allows them to join back in and get the achievement (you won't get it if you are dead when the level is completed). They should sit back and let the other players finish the bosses to avoid the risk of dying and having to use more continues. If someone who isn't host dies, they should quit via the start menu and rejoin the game (avoiding the need to use a continue).

    The nice thing about this method is that everyone can avoid paying to buy additional continues. I set the game to public (to avoid having to reinvite people every time they die), although there is a small risk that someone will take your slot before you can rejoin the game after dying (which might be solvable via a polite XBL message). It's easiest with 4 people but might be possible with less (remember there is a 45 minute time limit and the host will be inactive after the first death).

    Good luck!
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