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Platinum Plus achievement in Project Gotham Racing 4

Platinum Plus

Get all the platinums in the Platinum Plus Challenge

Platinum Plus+0.5
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How to unlock the Platinum Plus achievement

  • GoboGobo895,359
    26 Apr 2009 26 Apr 2009 30 Jun 2014
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    Select Single Player from the main menu then World Challenge Arcade mode, there you'll find the "Platinum Plus Challenge". All you need to do is complete every event in this chapter (you cannot change the difficulty). The achievement will unlock at the end of the last race once you've earned medals in all of the events.

    Event 1: Street Race - Ultimate Aero TT (difficulty 10/10 - manual gears)

    This is the toughest of the challenges, mainly because the car is very powerful, takes longer to brake and taking place on a narrow snowy track! Manual gears is a must here due to the rear spinning up so easily in auto. Ensure you use a higher gear than usual to prevent losing the back end. Most tight corners should be taken in 3rd. As with all platinum races, try to gain 1st place during the 1st lap and then I found it's easier to keep the rest of the pack at bay. Brake very early and avoid drifting! The second half of the track where there are many twistys is a great place to overtake.

    Frustrating, but after learning the track and car handling you should be OK.

    Event 2: Superstar - Cobra 427 S/C (difficulty 9/10) (see YouTube video below)

    Time is the main problem here I found. Try to aim for 25 stars per lap but don't get caught trying to snake down the main straights, these should be flat-out sections. Dab the handbrake to drift the car and listen for the 5 stars, corners #2, #4 and after the tunnel section should be 5* corners. It's tight but try to be smooth and maintain forward motion as much as possible. Be aware of staying on the power too long will step the rear of the car out too much losing you valuable speed. I managed 100 stars with 1 sec remaining on the clock.

    Event 3: Timed Run - NSX-R (difficulty 7/10)

    The easiest of the challenges which shouldn't be too much of a problem once you're familiar with the course and car handling. Again, braking early and hitting each apex will provide low lap times. Watch for the standing water which can upset the car. Avoid drifting and learn the parts of the track which can be taken flat out. Braking early for the penultimate corner will enable you to sling-shot out leading to an advantage down the main straight. Aim for a 54 second 1st lap, if lower just restart.

    Event 4: Speed Challenge - Turbine Superbike (difficulty: 8/10 - manual gears) (See YouTube video below)

    Use manual gears on the jet bike - don't worry it only has 1st and 2nd! Ensure you're straightened up after the slow corners (brake early down to 40MPH) to then aim reach at least 100 MPH through those checkpoints (must stay in 1st gear). As you're passing these cameras pull a small wheeley for a few extra MPH. Hit the speed camera at the end of the main straight at full speed (234 MPH) resulting in a crash. You're aiming for 533 MPH total after lap 1 and 1066 MPH after lap 2, if short hit the restart.

    Event 5: Street Race - Corvette Stingray (difficulty 9/10)

    As this car is slower than the others you'll need to perfect the cornering, ensuring early braking in a straight line and always avoid drifting. Learn these braking points, especially after the long straight. Don't be afraid to use the other cars to help you around the corners too! Bends 3 and 4 (right-hand kinks) can be taken at full speed and usually you can gain a place or two here. It's then possible to grab 1st place by the following sharp left corner. Once you're in 1st place continue to drive smoothly and if required block the AI on the main straight - play nasty!

    As with all Platinum challenges, practise makes perfect. Good luck!

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    On Phone EmGreat guide! Also, this DLC is definitely NOT harder than the original Platinum in my opinion... Anyone agrees ? Like, theses races are like practice races.... Ya forgot the Behemoth ? :(
    Posted by On Phone Em on 26 Sep 15 at 13:56
    On Phone EmGot it! Over :) PGR will forever be one of the best racing game!
    Posted by On Phone Em on 28 Sep 15 at 14:12
    Jezza69Great guide thanks. Once the first race is out the way the others are very very straightforward. Worth pointing out for the first race if you are within a reasonably close distance of the Ferrari on the back end of the track it drives straight across a patch of ice, slowing down a lot allowing you to make your move (using the car as a break) just before the uphill section.
    Posted by Jezza69 on 09 Apr 21 at 10:43
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  • Silencer230Silencer23066,005
    21 Jul 2010 21 Jul 2010 21 Jul 2010
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    Project Gotham Racing 4 Platinum Plus Solution

    When you buy the premium challenge DLC, the game will offer you a new World Challenge Arcade Mode with five events which can only be done in platinum+ difficulty. Those five need to be completed in order to get this achievement.

    When you have tried the normal arcade mode before, you may know that the platinum difficulty is the most hardest one. And now we have the platinum+ difficulty plus having no choice of your vehicle this time. The game forces you to drive only one specific car per event.

    Not to threaten you to much, this events are not that difficult compared to some challenges of the arcade mode and there are only five of them this time, plus I will guide you through them now.

    1. Type: Street Race Car: Ultimate Aero TT Difficulty: 10

    You may not want to start with this event since it is the most difficult one and you could lose your courage to complete these events. Do it at the end.

    Driving a race on a snowy track with a car including poor handling can get annoying very fast. Whether to use manual transmission or not is a question here. I did with using automatic transmission since I could focus myself more in the race. Of course you have to drive more carefully then, not full throttle all the time. But this is a decision you have to make by yourself.

    The most important thing is to get the lead as fast as possible. Get a good start and try to get the first turn as good as possible. Do not crush into your opponents here since this will never work in that rare case. Break early and get that turn the inner side making sure to overtake two vehicles. Then you can speed up and try to overtake as many as possible. At the next sharp turn you may crush into your opponents, this can end good or bad, also concerning on your luck. If this does work, you should be near the lead. The two dominating vehicles here are the T1 and the F50. You have to overtake them in the next few turns, this will be possible. Just do not get to excited and remain calm, continue to drive cautiously and you will be the winner at the end. And then you can only laugh about those five events comparing them to some racing on the Behemoth :D, if you know what I mean.

    2. Type: Superstar Car: Cobra 427 S/C Difficulty: 08

    Now you have to get 100 kudo stars within four rounds within a time limit. There are certainly easier things around. Nevertheless, this event can be completed. It requires you to find a fine mix of speed and style. Basically finish each round within something less than 1:30 with 25 stars. Therefore you must make sure to get the stars at turns and not on the straight parts. Use the turns to gain five stars and speed up on the straights, you can also get five stars just at the beginning. Following that principle you will succeed here.

    3. Type: Timed Run Car: NSX-R Difficulty: 07

    Timed run race on platinum requires you to drive almost perfectly, but this is a short track with a nice car so you should not have that much trouble here. You have to get familiar with both the track and the car and then you should succeed shortly.

    4. Type: Speed Challenge Car: Turbine Superbike Difficulty: 06

    This is the most easiest one if you follow this guide:
    You drive three rounds here with four radars each, one straight line one and three after turns.
    First you must make sure to turn on manual transmission here, this bike does only have two transmissions. Stay in the first gear for all radars after turn, take the turn smoothly and try to accelerate as soon as possible. Shortly before hitting the radar make a wheelie to gain some extra speed. Switch to second gear for the long straight and just hit the target without touching the brakes, you will crash but that does not matter at all. Unless you do not crash anywhere else, if that does happen, you may run out of time.

    5. Type: Street Race Car: Corvette Stingray Difficulty: 09

    It is essential to get in the lead very fast since your car is not the best one. So get a good start and use slipstream to stay close to your opponents. At the end of the straight you should be behind the orange Dodge Challenger and use him to get that turn well. So you now should have only two yellow cars before you. The Saleen S7 seems to be the beast here, so you must make sure to overtake both cars in the next few turns, granting that you are first at the beginning of lap 2. Your car will now struggle on the straight due to its low high speed. You can now try to block your opponents, but be careful not to end in a crash. You can also let them pass by with only little resistance just to take them out in the very next turn :D. Following this instruction you should be able to win this race after a few tries or perhaps some more, just restart if the race does not start good.

    I hope that you will obtain that achievement without to much anger :D.
    You may also check my solution for the platinum arcade mode challenge, it includes some other tips for you.
    Best of luck and success for this one.
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    ReaboThanks loads for your guide on event 4. Yours was the best for that. I made a video using your direction and gave you credit..

    Feel free to use it in the guide :)
    Posted by Reabo on 25 Jun 14 at 08:47
  • Traveller NickTraveller Nick213,678
    18 Nov 2009 20 Feb 2013
    3 1 0
    These are all the methods I used, and I completed it in around 5 hours, start to finish; good luck. Obviously you need the download content for this and the achievement only unlocks when you have done all 5 events.


    Anyway, manual gear is a must. Don’t worry if you're crap with manual because the bike only has 2 gears. Now despite this being the speed challenge, don’t rush it. Take the corners slowly (about 40mph) straighten up quickly and then leave it in first until after you pass each of the slow gates. When accelerating out of the slow corners do the slightest of wheelies and you should be able to pass through each gate at around 104 mph (anything below 100 is risky as you may not reach the total target). When going through the fast gate, don’t worry about slowing down for the corner, just head straight into the wall at max speed (about 235?). It’s helpful though to try and downshift into first in between crossing the gate and hitting the wall as it allows for a quick getaway. I completed this medal with a total of around 1048mph so it is pretty easy once you perfect the slower corners.


    I left it in automatic for this, I didn’t see any reason to choose manual. Right, remember you get 4 laps to do 100 stars, so think of it as 25 per lap and not 100 for the total race. Although this may seem stupid it does help as it makes it easier to measure if you're “on parr,” for the race. In the first corner I only went for 3 stars as there is a long straight afterwards that you need speed for. The funny snake like set of corners that follows is an area where you will need to pull off a 5star combo (meaning you get the bonus star as well) When doing this I swung into a drift at the start of the turn (going right) and then sharply corrected the direction to do a long drift in the more open are of the bend. This method should get you up to 5*, if not then there is a checkpoint where you get a “clean race” bonus that should help (If you still need more then just initiate a mild drift to get it up to 5 stars). The third corner is a place where I only went for 2 ( you can go for more, but if you're not careful then the stars won’t total up in time for the next corner. It’s important that they do as corner 4 is another 5* corner. Just initiate the drift and let it flow around the bend, the car can spin out of control if you keep the joystick held to the right so just let the car do the work and just tap it to keep control.

    Next is another set of snake like corners that go through a tunnel, if you initiate the primary drift left(in direction) then make sure it’s not too strong that you can’t correct it without loosing control or hitting the walls. Again let these stars total before then next corner, (about 3/4* should be ok here, if you go for more it can mean they don’t total in time, also its one of the corners that is the most tricky due to the changes in direction). Straight after this there is a sharp corner that goes right, only do a three star combo, thus allowing you to keep ur speed. The final corner is easy, and also another 5* prime location.

    If you follow this guide you should get between 25min and 31max each lap. Just do what you feel comfortable with and don’t do too many in one lap, as you still have to finish the race. I did it as stated above and had about 8 seconds left.


    The most important thing to remember here is do not drift AT ALL!!! It’s not too difficult as its only a matter of going faster (i.e practice). I got lucky here as the track is the same as the one in PGR 3 that I had to qualify on for my tournament qualifier achievement. Just make sure that you follow the racing line and you should be able to do it quite easily. If I remember correctly you need to do a 54 second lap, its advisable to restart if your first lap is slower than this as it means your next lap would have to be considerably quicker.


    This was the one that I found the hardest. However most of it is in the first few corners. When starting make sure you correct your line because you will hit the wall if you don’t. The first corner is where you can overtake 2 people by sticking to the outside and then the inside of the next one. If you're lucky you will have taken one more on the straight. After this are the 2 bikes, these r easy to overtake as they slow down a lot more than you in the corners and you can just bash them out the way. Also for the corner after the fisrt straight, make sure you're braking early enough as the car you're in has shit brakes.

    Again, follow the race line and don’t slide AT ALL!! Usually the guy in first is the trickiest to overtake. My advise is don’t get in a hurry to overtake him. Stay v.close behind him and then wait till a good right angle corner and then brake late and let him cushion you around the corner. You may even be able to push him into the wall and place a good few seconds between you and him after the final overtake.


    Follow the same tactics as above (race line and no skids). This one is only difficult as your car is considerably slower than there’s. Again the best time to overtake is on the first straight, the AI cars tend to brake before the jump for some reason so make sure you go flat out and try to navigate through the cars without hitting any of them (because you loose valuable speed….obviously). The last overtake is similar to the above race (its late, often in the last lap) and you can use the same tactics to get past him. This race is easier as the cars are slower, meaning you have more time to react and following the race line is much easier.

    The key overtake corners are the ones for which you don’t have to brake, there are three of them (not sure which corner numbers they are but they should be quite obvious), they are about 65 degrees in angle, so if you get the line correct you can just fly through them and have far more speed when entering the straights that follow. On that not, it can be difficult to not hit the AI cars here on the exit of the corner, so if you're too close behind the car in front, then its advisable to slow a little.

    Finally, you will find that on the long straight at the start of the race, AI cars will probably overtake you again, so if you can block them it would help. Don’t worry if you don’t because you’ll get them back in the next corner, as there cars sacrifice brakes and grip for speed.

    YAY, YOU NOW GET 60GS!!! Please rate this guide :)
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