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26 March 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Flight Director

  • MullinaterMullinater231,244
    16 Jul 2012 16 Jul 2012 17 Jul 2012
    27 1 8
    At the end of every mission you're given a total score that combines your scores for structural integrity and how centered you're on the landing pad minus any penalty points if you have any crashes.

    The cut-off for a five star rating seems to be 95/100.

    - On the first part, The Entry, the factors for determining your structural integrity score are a bit unclear. The key seems to be staying away from the edges, the turbulence doesn't damage you, it's the heat at the edges of the screen. When you stay central and it glows you'll hear the guy say "heat shields stabilizing", or "heat shields good". Those heat shields can absorb some of the heat damage the edge of the screen inflicts, but when they're depleted you take integrity damage. It was more important to quickly dart back to the middle after being hit by turbulence and regain some shield power than it was to try and stay within the circle all the time, making slight adjustments to your position whilst potentially taking heat damage.(Credit to Slam Shot Sam for this description of the first stage)
    - The second stage, The Descent, means nothing to your final score as long as you make no more than four misses and crash.
    - The third stage, The Landing, is all about landing safely in the center of the target zone. Start off by lining yourself up with what you think is the center as you won't be able to see the very center circle until your pretty low to the ground and as soon as you think you're there, level your thrusters and very slowly begin to lower your arms to begin the descent. Hopefully your guesstimate of the center was good because the more adjustment you have to make the harder it will become as the lander likes to swing wildly if you make to many corrections. One more tip I have is when the fuel gauge starts to flash and buzz DO NOT freak out and start trying to descent faster as you still have a decent amount of fuel left.

    - Good Luck Everyone.
  • CourseOfActionCourseOfAction234,101
    16 Jul 2012 17 Jul 2012 17 Jul 2012
    12 1 2
    Just to clear up the scoring for a perfect 5-star mission rating:

    Part 1: During the Entry you'll only get stars for staying on course. Ignore this for the achievement. What's important is your integrity score. If it's below 90% you already won't be able to get this achievement. If you're near the edge of the screen and you hear a loud alarm, that's 1% you've lost. Check Slam Shot Sam's solution for the Integrity achievement on how to keep your integrity high.

    Part 2: The number of stars during the Descent doesn't matter. It only affects your speed at the start of the landing.

    Part 3: The five star rating for this achievement depends on the precision of your Landing (max. 50 points) and your integrity (max. 50 points). Watch out that a hard landing damages Curiosity and thus your integrity. The end score is the sum of those two scores. Like Mullinater wrote, if you get at least 95 out of a 100 then you'll have your 5 stars. Thank God it doesn't have to be 100/100!
  • ChardPTChardPT203,360
    25 Mar 2013
    7 1 0
    Just a quick addition to these guides, there is penalty for retrying ANY phase of the landing. So if you decide to just restart the first phase as I did, then do an almost perfect landing (97/100) you will lose five points and the achievement. If you're gonna quit, quit all the way out and start over.
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