Oh, you got tricks? achievement in Wreckateer

Oh, you got tricks?

Get one of every Bonus Icon

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How to unlock the Oh, you got tricks? achievement

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    I couldn’t find a check list online so I started this one, then I found one so all credit to Goots 88 on X360 achievements for filling in my blanks...

    General Icons:
    Home Wrecker – Hit a small house with any shot
    Lord of la Mancha – Get a hit on one of the windmills

    The next three will unlock this if done together:
    WreckateerActual Historical ShotThe Actual Historical Shot achievement in Wreckateer worth 37 pointsGet Massive Damage, Earned A Mulligan, and Bank Shot Bonus Icons with a single shot

    Massive Damage – Take out a lot in one shot
    Earned a Mulligan – Kill three goblins
    Bank Shot – Hit the castle after bouncing off the floor or a hill
    Icon Collector – Collect 3 or more icons in a shot, can be either type
    In The Face – Hit a goblin in the face
    Terrifying – Fire a shot close to a goblin
    Yee-Haw – Take the goblin (hanging from the balloon) for a ride, probably easiest with the wing shot
    I Regret Nothing – Take out the balloon the goblin hangs from
    Low Power – Shoot any shot with very little power, just fire as soon as you enter the firing zone
    Pacifist – Fire a shot but don’t hit the castle
    Do Over – Use a mulligan for green, use it twice for red
    Curve Ball – Use the gauntlets to swing far to one side (left or right) and then curve back in
    Long Shot – Use the lift shot or the bullet shot to take out a castle/building at the back of the map
    Detonate 3 Charges – Take out a tower with 3 red satchel charges attached (level 3-5)
    Late Hit – Your shot needs to hit something and then hit something again after the points have vanished but before the demolition meter
    Sharpshooter – Get a hit without using the gauntlets to move the shot

    Special Shot Icons:
    Wing Shot:
    Daredevil – Fly close to the ground or a tower
    Dive Bomber – Fly high then straight down
    Freedom – Fly off the map into the horizon
    Danger Zone – Fly into a speed icon (level 7-1)
    Flame On – fly into an explosive shield (level 2-4)

    Bomb Shot:
    Perfect timing – Blow the bomb with perfect timing
    Dud – Blow up causing no damage
    Giant Bomb – Hit an explosive icon with a bomb shot (level 2-5)

    Lift Shot:
    Double Down – Activate into a lift shot icon, the ones with a spring on them (level 5-3)
    Return To Sender – You need to swipe and land within the ballista launching area, best attempted with the lift shot, aim straight up on low power then try swiping left or right (level 3-5)
    Maxiumus Liftus – Use the lift three times in one shot (put your arms up)
    Daredevil – Activate the lift shot close to the ground

    Split Shot:
    Wheelin – Rotate the split shot once split so that it’s vertical
    Special delivery – Hit the speed icon with the split shot (level 4-2) Can do this with a lift shot as well.
    Spread – Activate the split shot and then spread your arms as far apart as you can, must make contact with a building
    Concentrated – Activate the shot and keep your hands close together
    Split Bank – Get 4 bank shot icons with one split shot

    Speed Shot:
    Spicy Meatball – Use the bullet shot and hit an explosive shield bonus and then a tower, level 4-2 has this setup for you
    Armour piercing – Activate and hit through a couple of buildings or a long wall
    Ludicrous Speed – Activate the shot through a speed icon, the ones with a lightning bolt on them (level 5-2)
    Premature Activation – Activate the shot as soon as you fire (level 3-2)
    Ricochet – Bounce a speed shot off the rocks or a building and hit another building (level 3-2)

    A bit more info:

    If I got any wrong or if you find an easier way to unlock any, then leave a comment
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    Goots 88No mention of my GT just the site where it was posted. Plagiarism pal ;)
    Posted by Goots 88 On 07 Dec 12 at 17:49
    DarklightsUpdated for you, seriously no offence meant.
    Posted by Darklights On 07 Dec 12 at 17:58
    Goots 88none taken. cheers
    Posted by Goots 88 On 07 Dec 12 at 18:21
    NicholasGreat guide. I had a hard time getting Split Bank, 4 bank shots with the Split shot, and I had trouble using 6-5. I think it's way easier on 4-2. You must clear out the rest of the buildings in front first, but there's more room and there's no boulders to get in the way. That was why I was having trouble with 6-5.
    Posted by Nicholas#8183 On 09 Mar 13 at 18:06
    NicholasI just found a better way to do the split back. On the 7th challenge level, I've been getting 4 banks at once when I'm doing my first shot.
    Actually that was the only way I got gold on that challenge
    Posted by Nicholas#8183 On 13 Mar 13 at 17:54
    JCVM 66hi , who to got gold on the 4-4 level please ??
    Posted by JCVM 66 On 04 Sep 13 at 15:17
    GeoffistophelesI found Split Bank easiest to get on 2-1, and Spicy Meatball was easiest on 5-2. If anyone thinks they're missing a windmill, 1-4 has a few easy ones.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles On 31 Oct 13 at 23:23
    el tebyThanks geoffis :)
    Posted by el teby On 23 Dec 17 at 23:11
    MathGuy42To add to Geoffistopheles' comment, 5-2 is the correct level for Spicy Meatball. The Bomb Icon does not appear on 4-2.
    Posted by MathGuy42 On 24 Jun 18 at 01:25
    MattiasAnderson"Spicy Meatball – Use the bullet shot and hit an explosive shield bonus and then a tower, level 4-2 has this setup for you"

    Nahh! Wrong! There was no one but level 5-2 has it. :)
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 13 Dec 19 at 01:31
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