Master of Destruction achievement in Wreckateer

Master of Destruction

Earn Gold Medals in all Levels, including Challenges

Master of Destruction+1.3
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How to unlock the Master of Destruction achievement

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    I am going to write solutions for levels in the best description I can, if you know of a better way send me a message and post a comment with the level, I will try the method and post the description and credit you. There is not really a comprehensive one stop guide so I will compile what I can based on what I did. I will update as I proceed.
    * I have finished the game, The ones marked hard I had to try a few times, as there is a small error of margin. The King's castle does not factor into this achievement, as It popped after I completed the last challenge, and I did not get Gold on the King's credit level. The first 3 areas are fairly simple, I was breezing through. Send me a message if you want me to add a certain level to below. Most cheevo hunters will make it to the 4th area with little or no trouble.

    2-2 Level per Ninja277 achievement guide for Actual Historical shot
    Shots: Normal, Normal, Normal, Split
    1) Aim your shot dead center and low to the ground on high power, collect the bank shot and as it crushes through it will net you a mulligan and massive damage. For my shot score it was 151k, with 3 more shots.
    2) & 3) clean up back towers, side towers. I shot the red goblin and picked up a 5k icon with my 2nd shot, which surpassed my Gold.
    4) Use the shot to split and destroy the wall and towers, I managed to get the 10k icon in the process.
    My score: 293,450 Gold: 170,000

    3-6 Challenge
    Shots: Fly Shot, Fly Shot
    1) This challenge is fairly easy and gives some good practice on flying. On the first shot I went low power and flew the bottom route. Collect the 10k icons in this path, the last 10k is next to a solo tower, collect it, but fly and hit one of the two back towers. 2X
    2) Launch your shot and this time fly up and collect the 10K icons, and like before hit the last remaining tower.
    My score: 644,400 Gold: 425,000

    Level 4-2
    Shots: Speed, Speed, Lift shot, Lift Shot, Split Shot
    The goal in this one is to do as much damage in the beginning with the speed shots so each subsequent shot has a great multiplier
    1) Aim the Speed shot right above the explosives on the front open gate, activating it so it drills through the front gate, middle castle (for me it scored 138k with 3x multiplier because it did additional damage to the middle castle (no damage to back wall). I did not pick up the 5k behind the front gate wall.
    2) Aim for the closest 5k icon behind what was the front gate, and aim for the tower behind it. The goal is to hit the right back wall tower with the explosives charge on it, this should net you about 26k with the 3x multiplier (219k)
    3) With this lift shot, aim for the left back wall tower, you can use all three lifts for those icons, I collect a daredevil in their. The point of impact is the solo tower just beneath the explosives, if you use the lift at the last moment it will destroy this solo tower and shoot back horizontally, getting the 5k icon at its lower point and hitting in between the left tower and the explosives destroying the left tower on the back wall and a small portion of the back wall where the explosives are. You may have to do a mulligan to get this desired effect. (343k)
    4) Low power with this lift show, you should still have a portion of the left front gate tower with a goblin waving you, and for me the middle castle had the center tower with another goblin. The goal with this one is to keep the lift shot low and go for the bowling ball effect once you make contact with the first tower. You want to eliminate high standing structures for your next shot. For me this cleared out both towers setting up the next shot. (468k)
    5) Now with the split shot the only remaining thing is the 4 5k icons in the middle of the great back wall. Aim at the middle and split the shot so you collect all 4 5k icons (which would be 20k x 4 multiplier = 80k and this does not even include the damage to the wall). It was a 59k shot.
    My Score: 767,897 Gold: 550,000

    Level 4-4 (Hard)
    Shots: Bomb Shot, Lift Shot, Fly Shot, Lift Shot
    1) I launched the Bomb shot so it picks up the corner of the 5K icon upper left closest to the launcher, I guided it towards the red goblin below and overall landing beneath the front explosives on the left side of the castle. I hit the Goblin for the extra points, it hits the wall, and then I make it explode. This took out that tower and the two walls with explosives. It was enough destruction to bring me to 2x.
    2) This long shot I launched towards the 10k Icon on the front tower closest to the launcher. Try to get Maximus liftus icon, when this shot hits the front tower it should accelerate taking the large tower in the middle of the triangle out. The score brought it up to 3X.
    3) The fly shot, I flew up to the upper right 5K icon closest to the launcher, and then I flew from right to left picking up 3 more 5k icons before flying into the stand alone looming tower in the back.
    4) The last shot, I launched and hit a 5k icon lowest on the right towards the last remaining tower on the right. As I got close I made sure to use maximus liftus and hit it.
    X factor: I like to hit the ball with both gloves for the 150pts, slash fly up and down for 200 pts with the fly shot. One shot I botched so I had to mulligan and got the do over which netted me 4k in extra points.
    My Score: 400,397 Gold: 400,000 So by the skin of my teeth, but the methods I tried before barely got me silver, so if anyone has aced this I am open to suggestions.

    4-5 Level
    Shots: Speed shot, Bomb shot, Lift shot, Split shot, Normal
    1) I aimed the speed shot at the front left side wall, there are two set of explosives, I aimed at the one on the right. My goal was to align the shot to hit the back most left tower and take out that base. When I fired it ended up curving on the back mountain and rolled to the right tower base after it hit my intend target. This provided a 2X
    2) I launched the bomb shot to go in the square box of the middle towers with two explosives, once it made it past them and its explosion was close enough to damage the middle tower explosives and the back most towers I would make it explode. 3X
    3) The Lift shot I sent to the upper left structure, I lifted it to hit the top middle section of the wall, and after it made contact it went right into the middle of the tower structure.
    4) The split shot I sent to the right most structure, which is square with a few towers on top, I split the shot to hit at the base of where each tower rest, which destroyed this structure. (At this point I had gold)
    5) The front wall right most tower was still standing, I fired the shot and hit the explosices and tower.
    My score: 431,199 Gold: 325,000

    4-6 Challenge
    Shot: Rubberized Lift Shot
    1) The goal is to pinball this shot so it can hit as many towers as possible. Aim at the electric shield icon on the right hand side, swipe the ball with your gloves repeatedly, After the icon it will send it to the much larger icon in the middle, continue to swipe, once it enters the castle it will bounce around and do some damage. Fairly easy
    My score: 146,300 Gold:100,000

    5-1 Level
    Shots: Normal, Normal, Fly shot
    The level introduces the Lift shield icon, which you may have seen in a prior level challenge, the goal is to use these icons with the normal shots and hit the castle.
    1) I sent the first shot to the left, hitting two of the three lift icons, and when it did hit the castle it hit by the left tower and explosives. I received a massive damage bonus. 2x
    2) I sent the shot to the right side hitting 3 of 3 lift icons and hit the front right tower. The only tower left was back right tower which is off from the castle. 3x
    3) Send the fly shot and pick up the 3 5k icons by flying on the left hand side, after the third icon I flew into the last standing tower. This achieved 4 x
    My score: 345,620 Gold: 250,000

    5-2 Level
    Shots: Normal, Speed, Split, Lift
    1) I sent the first shot towards the right triple towers in a row. my goal was to hit the bomb icon and have the shot carry through to the other three. I missed the bomb icon but succeeded in taking out 2 of three towers. 2x (you can probably do better then me)
    2) For the speed shot, I aimed at the left 3 towers, the beginning of the level tells you to curve it. Hit the 5k, and then make sure to hit the speed icon on the left side so when you accelerate the shot it goes straight back and hits the other two towers. You may miss the mark, if so restart the shot/level. 3x
    3) The split shot, my goal was to split it and have it hit the front castle and tower at the base, destroying that structure and perhaps rolling back for more damage. Instead this shot ended up being a normal shot to the explosives and it destroyed that structure. 4x
    4) Lift, I launched to collect the 5K on the upper right, since I had one tower remaining I guided it in that direction, collecting the missed bomb icon and hit the tower.
    My score: 348,179 Gold: 325,000

    5-3 Level
    Shots: Lift Shot, Lift Shot, Normal shot, Speed shot
    1) I aimed this one full power and towards the back most castle, right at the tiny door. I had to use all three lifts to get it there, once it hits the door it blows through the wall and the middle tower inside the walls, when that collapses it should hit some more explosives inside the walls. 2X
    2) This shot I aimed for the explosive icon, and destroyed the small structure in the middle lower level.
    3) The normal shot I aimed for the speed icon on the upper left hand side, my goal was to have it go through the two small structures, but each time it would destroy one and then fail. 3X
    4) I sent the speed shot towards the lift icon on the right to have it destroy the three towers. when it hits the lift icon re-align and then send it. I only hit 2 out of three but it was enough to finish.
    My score: 335,750 Gold 300,000

    5-4 Level
    Shots: Fly shot, Speed, Speed, Split, Split
    1) I send the fly shot towards the red ballon goblin and pick him up, raising and lowering for the quick 200pts, I fly around the tower on the left and hit the castle wall right above the door. I know this made one set of explosives go off and killed the goblins on the door.
    2) I send the first speed shot aiming at the left side explosives, the 2nd one in so it will destroy the tower behind the wall and possibly do more damage to the back castle wall I hit on the previous shot.
    3) I aim this shot at the front castle wall, at the explosive on the right hand side, so it is in line with the tower. I am not concerned if it does damage to the back most tower/castle structure.
    4) I aim the split shot at the castle structure on the right hand side on the hill. Split the shot and hit the 3 detonated charges and this structure should go down.
    5) I take the last split shot and aim it at the far back structure, I break it so I hit the tower structures of the castle, breaking it before it may become ineffective.I had 5X by the end
    My score: 426,992 Gold: 400,000

    5-5 Level
    Shots: Split, Split, Split
    This opening tells you the goal, i.e. get the 5k icons and destroy the structures. There are three main structures, and you have 3 shots.
    1) I aimed at the structure on the right hand side, I picked up both 5k icons and demolished the structure.
    2) I aimed the next shot at the 4 towers on the left hand side, picked up both 5k and destroyed the 4 towers
    3) I aimed the last shot at the speed icon, after hitting it I split the shots and spread them against them against the walls of the middle structure.
    My score: 255,950 Gold: 210,000

    5-6 Challenge
    Fairly simple, You are given a lift shot, each time it hits a 10k icon simply raise your hands and it will speed up to the next lift icon. You really don't need touch the shot, maybe a minor adjustment if your timing is off after hitting a 10k icon.
    My score: 472,400 Gold:450,000

    6-1 Level
    Shots: Lift, Speed, Lift, Normal
    1) The first shot is key, I aimed at the front wall, left most tower, which the back structure in line. When I fired I lead the shot so it would hit the tip of that tower and then it would bounce destroying the structure behind it, and as those are collapsing, the rumble brings down another tower structure right behind the front wall on the left side. 3X
    2) The speed shot I aimed at the right most structure where the charges are. I hit the tower and wall seam, causing the barrels to explode. (there certainly might be a better shot to make)
    3) With this shot I aimed at the front wall the left hand side, the top of the tower is destroyed, so I aim at the explosives. I throw in some daredevil as well for extra points.
    4) The remaining front wall right hand portion, a house behind it, and a wall with explosives, I aim my shot to go through all three structures.
    My Score: 380,548 Gold: 325,000

    6-2 Level
    Shots: Split, Lift, Speed
    1) The opening tells you how to send this shot, by collecting the 5 5k icons, which will net you Split Decision achievement if you do not have it. Aim at the middle 5k in the first row of 5k, as you get close spread the shot to hit the 3 5k, then bring it in to get the next two 5k icons and then bring to the width of the castle. This should demolish the entire structure my score on this shot was in the 80k range. 2X
    2) The lift shot I aimed at the two left tower/structures, there are some houses in between the two towers. I aimed at the lower left/middle-ish tower base so when the lift shot hits and get the momentum it will hit the tower structure behind it. I happened to hit the homes as well with the roll/bounces. 4X
    3) The speed shot I aimed at the two towers on the right hand side. I placed it so it hit the red goblin and then activated it and it shot through the base destroying the front and back tower (there is a small structure next to the front tower next to a home, ignore it). 5x
    My score: 511,116 Gold: 375,000

    6-3 Level (Apparently people have a hard time with this one.)
    Shots:Normal, Normal, Normal, Bomb, Bomb
    1) The first shot I aim at the Speed shield icon, as it hits the icon its follow through should go through the tower and be in line with the bomb icon so when it hits the structure behind the star shaped castle wall it will be demolished. 2x
    2) Aim at the left 5k icon and clip it on the left hand side of the 5k icon so your shot will hit the tower and be in line with the speed icon, so when it hits the speed icon it will destroy the tower/wall behind the first tower it struck.
    3) Aim at the right 5k following the same instructions as shot 2)
    4 & 5) The remaining portion of walls that were still there (mostly the middle of the star icon) I simply aimed the bomb shots to explode doing as much damage. My last shot only got 10k in points because there was not much left to destroy.
    My score: 525,776 Gold: 475,000

    6-4 Level
    Shots:Normal, Bomb, Bomb, Split
    1) The intro tells you how to aim the shot. Hit the 5k icon and curve to hit the lift icon. Hit the tower behind the lift shield icon at about where the cylinder base meets the turret top, so when it blows through it will hit the speed icon and be aligned with the explosive charges destroying the two structures behind. 2x
    2) I aim this shot at the back left structure behind the front wall, I pick up the balloon red goblin for the ride and when it gets close to the structure I blow it up.
    3) This shot I aim at the back right structure behind the front castle wall. I clip the 5k icon and curve it over, at the structure base I wave for explosion. (score 244,226)
    4) This is a split shot, however I will treat it as a normal shot until it hits the front tower on the hill to the right, hope to align it with the speed shield icon and hit the structure behind it. 4x
    My score: 349,926 Gold: 250,000

    6-5 Level
    Shots: Lift shot,Speed shot, Split shot, Normal
    1) The level setup is a big flat wall in front, two stand alone towers in the middle behind the wall, and then one long structure with towers in the back tier. I aimed this first shot at the lower front wall of the 2nd tower in from the right, in line with the middle tower and once through the middle tower it would hit the back structure collapsing part of it. 2X
    2) The speed shot I tried to replicate the same action on the front wall so it would carry through possible hitting the middle tower on the left and then hitting the back structure. I missed the back structure.
    3) The split shot I aimed at the bulk of the wall on the right hand portion, being sure to hit the left most tower portion of the wall.
    4) I aim this shot to finish off the back most structure. If you aim better then me this should should be a freebie.
    My score: 213,933 Gold 200,000

    6-6 Challenge *Get all icons 5k/10k/lift for achievement Flying High
    This is a fly shot challenge where you need to fly into the lift shot icons and be redirected, all the while picking up 5k/10k shield icons. This may take a few tries, on the one I completed I missed the 2nd 5k icon, but picked up the rest.
    My score: 437,600 Gold 430,000

    7-1 Level
    Shots: Normal, Bomb, Fly, Normal, Split
    1) The first shot I aimed at the red goblin, I curved it to hit the lift icon and my goal was to hit the 5k in front of the top right structure on the hill, I missed the 5k icon but destroyed the structure. 2x
    2) The bomb shot I flew over the front castle wall and aimed and the front back portion, you may even see a little door next to a tower and attached to that back wall is a tower structure, it demolished that section.
    3) The fly shot I launched low power and grabbed the 5k near the ground on the right, I then flew it into main gate. (my goal was to fly through the gate and get the 5k inside the castle walls).
    4) I aimed this shot at the 5k in the air on the left, attempting to hit the speed icon so it would blow threw the left castle wall and all its towers.
    5) I aimed the split shot at the remaining wall portion of the castle.
    My score: 353,391 Gold: 300,000

    7-2 Level
    Shots: Fly,Fly, Speed, Fly, Split
    1) I aimed the first shot at the curve of 5k on the left hand side, fly and collect the 3 5k icons before hitting the tower on the back left side of the castle. 2x
    2) I aimed the shot on the opposite side of the 1) shot, collecting the 5k, fly up the wall and dive down and you will see two detonator charges, hit them to destroy the tower on that side. 3x (177,200)
    3) I aimed this shot at the 5k icon in the front gate of the castle wall, once I collected the icon I sent it through the wall hitting the structure behind it. 4x (286,400)
    4) I sent this fly icon towards the row of speed icons, grabbing the 5k icon and hitting the tower on top of the hill in the back of the castle. (451,600)
    5) On this shot I aimed at the red goblin, split the shot to pick up the two 5k icons (I missed one) and hitting the explosives behind them.
    My score: 616,425 Gold: 550,000

    7-3 Level
    Shots: Speed, Normal, Speed, Normal
    1) This first shot you want to aim at the tower on the left closest to your launcher, you want the speed shot to go through the base of the tower and hit both 5k icons and the tower structure in the back. 3x (156,600)
    2) Continue the trend with this shot, hit the speed shield icon on its right side so it will destroy the tower behind the icon and diagonally behind it. You may also hit the two homes as well. (238,425)
    3) I aimed this shot to clipped the 5k on the upper right hand side, then lined it up with the explosives on the castle right hand side. 4x (322,525)
    4) This last shot I clipped the 5k icon and hit the left hand tower wall section near the explosives on the wall.
    My score: 428,725 Gold: 350,000

    7-4 Level (If you made Gold on all levels and challenges upon Gold completion you will get 3 achievements: Keep Rolling (Bronze), Respectable (Silver), Sir Wrecks-a-lot (40 Gold)
    Shots: Speed, Speed, Speed
    1) I aimed this shot at the tower on the left, you will see the red goblin flying around in between the tower you are aiming and the one behind it. Aim where the stone meets the wood of the tower so when you wave for speed up it will hit this tower, the goblin, the tower behind it, go through the 10k icon and hit the castle. 3X
    2) The next shot I aimed at the middle tower with the explosives on it. I aimed at the explosives and waved on the speed, hitting the castle behind it.
    3) With the 3rd shot, clean up what is left. (I did not bother with the 5k icons)
    My score: 224,775 Gold: 200,000

    7-5 Level
    Shots: Lift shot, speed shot, fly shot, Normal
    1) I aimed the lift shot at the left castle wall where the explosive charges were (I hit one of the lift shield icons netting double down). When it hit the wall it blew through hitting the red goblin and the castle wall/tower structure behind it. I did miss the solo tower on the back left.
    2) I aimed the speed shot at the speed shield icon to give it the ludicrous speed bonus, if aligned it will take out the tower, wall and back tower on the left hand side.
    3) The fly shot I launched at a low power on the right hand side collecting the 5k icons and hitting the explosive charge on the right hand side structure. The charges I hit were in the middle, not the one on the wall.
    4) This shot I aimed at the back wall tower structure, hitting both lift shot shield icons, making sure it was in line to hit the solo tower behind it.
    My score: 363,650 Gold: 275,000

    7-6 Challenge
    Shots: Split shots
    1) This level you have to use the split shot to take out three centralized structures. The game will automatically choose the side beginning with the right side. When it fires and hits the speed icon I recommend spreading it (Max Spread icon) and leaning towards hitting the left tower, while grabbing both explosive icons. The goal is to take at least one tower and the majority of the wall so you can earn 2X.
    2) The second shot is on the left, it is three towers of varying heights, the catch is the base of the towers is rubber, so you have to spread your arms and tilt to the left so the shot can hit each tower above the rubber base.
    3) The last shot fires at the 7 towers in the back of the map. The goal is to make sure you eliminate all seven by first hitting the 4 in front and then bring in the shot so it hits the remaining three towers, earning the 4x multiplier.
    My score: 209,800 Gold: 190,000

    8-1 Level (Great place to earn Stay on Target)
    Shots: Fly, Fly, Fly
    1) Fly over the first arch and collect the 5k, fly in between the four pillars and grab the 10k, do the same to nab the next 10k, fly through the open gate for the 5k, and once inside fly to the back left of the castle and it should knock down a castle tower. The more dare-devils you can get while traversing this path the better, I fire on low power for that icon. Make sure in the end you have 2x
    2) I send this shot towards the 5k on the lower right hand side, guiding it to the forest to hit the red goblin and grab the 5k, then hitting near the explosives blowing up the tower and killing the two goblins, my attempt destroyed a stand alone tower inside the castle as well. 3x
    3) On this shot I collected two 5k icons, and then flew it to the tower on the right with two goblins, as you guide it you will see this tower is leaning on a castle wall, hit it at that section to take out the tower and do more damage to the castle structure. 4x
    My score: 406,838 Gold: 300,000

    8-2 Level
    Shots: Normal, Normal, Speed, Split, Normal
    1) Aim at the 5k icon on the right hand side tower (base is rubber). You want to fire and collect the 5k icon then power glove it over to the left so it hits the back castle tower and demolishes the right side of the castle. You will see the back wall of the castle has explosives so this should make them go off. 2X
    2) Do the same as the 1st shot but in reverse. Aim for the opposite 5k and then push it over to hit the remaining part of the castle. 3x
    3) For this shot I didn't utilize it well, I aimed at the 5k icon on the lower left side, my goal being to activate it and have it go through the walls and the towers, it took out one tower and one wall.
    4) I went for the next most intact structure, the 3 towers and walls on the right hand side, I aimed just above the turret top with the goblin, and then I split the shot to make sure each of the three towers were destroyed, the one closest to you will start the destruction sequence but remember to continue to control the shots and make sure the other towers go down. 5x
    5) The last shot I aimed to take down the remaining 2 towers on the left side that were unscathed by my speed shot. 6x
    My score: 482,326 Gold: 375,000

    8-3 (Can be hard)
    Shots: Speed, Speed, Speed, Normal, Normal
    * This level recommends using the icons that they are risky but rewarding, I did not use them as they made it difficult to even get a shot by smacking it with the gloves.
    1) I aim this one higher then the red goblin, my goal is to hit the 3rd tower turret deep and then hit and destroy the stand alone castle off to the right hand hill. This gave me a 3x
    2) I then took the next shot, hitting the lift shield icon on the lower left, nabbing the 5k and hitting the left part of the castle. My shot did not quite do the damage I was expecting.
    3) I aim this on at the big cylinder turret that I previous over shot with the 1) shot. My goal is to line up as much towers as possible and fire it, I did hit the red goblin in this instance. In the back are two tall towers, I managed to destroy one of them. 4x
    4) With this shot I aimed at the opposite big tower turret of shot 3). The base is mostly rubber, so I just wanted to get the top part and align it so it could hit the structures behind the shot.
    5) This last shot I was 50k away from gold, I chose the most intact structure, which for me was a solo tower in the back right of the castle that had not been brought down. I tried something else before and used a mulligan so the Do Over icon added points, this shot only netted me 11k, with a 5x multiplier was enough to get gold.
    My score: 485,393 Gold: 475,000

    8-4 Level
    Shots: Lift, Fly, Normal, Split
    1) The intro will tell you what to do with this shot, but it is certainly easier said then done. Aim the shot at the right 10k icon and use lift once you hit it, this will direct you to the speed icon, which send this shot straight thru the 3 5k icons, all the while try to curve the shot to the left anticipating the next 10k icon. I hit the first one used the lift shot but over flew the next 10k, or was not in range. After I hit the 10k I kept curving it to the left so I would hit the tower on the right hand side behind the wall to score points. I hit it on the front part where the walls meet at an angle. With luck it demolished the tower structure and rolled on the back hill which made it bounce back and it went towards the middle of the castle taking out a tall stand alone castle. Score approx 180k due to 2x
    2) The next fly shot you can see the point icons on the left, aim towards the 5k, connect, fly down through the arched gate for 10k, fly towards the house and above it grab the 5k, go to the next gate and grab the 10k, fly above the castle wall and nab your last 5k while lowering your left arm to angle the shot so it can hit the tower structure. 3x
    3) With this shot I only had walls, arches and a tower in the back left, I aimed at the lift icon to hit the speed icon and then directed to this tower. This was a low scoring shot, but the multiplier's was just barely 4x.
    4) This last shot I aimed for the top arch of where the 2nd 10k is, the only real damage I could do was the arch and the wall. This was also a low score, but the multiplier helped put me past gold.
    My score:613,608 Gold: 550,000

    8-5 Level *Remember Fly shots do more damage the faster they go (Speed Icon)
    Shots: Fly, Fly, Fly, Split
    1) Aim the first shot at the 5k icon on the upper right hand side. Fly up to collect it then dive down, behind the solo tower with explosives is a 5k icon, once nabbed fly up to avoid crashing and grab the next 5k icon. Once you have done that you will have to fly it into the tall wall with 3 tower areas, 2 on the end and one in the middle. When you fly, on the right side of the wall is 2 charges, one charge will blow up the end tower, the other charge will destroy the wall space igniting the other charge to blow the tower, so I flew off to the left of this charge so it would detonate the charge and take out the middle tower. 3X
    2) Aim at the upper left 5K icon, fly up to get this and then lower your right arm to angle and grab the next 5k between the towers, after you nab this one fly up and left to get the next 5k icon. Once you have that you want to take out the remaining wall, the best way is to hit near the end unit tower and wall so when the wall goes it detonates the charge on it.
    3) The last shot I went towards the 5K in the middle of the sky, and then descended to hit one side of the thin bridge in the middle, this took out one side of the bridge.
    4) The split shot aim for the 5K in front of the gate and towers on the lower level, split the shot and hit as many structures as you can.
    My score: 513,316 Gold: 400,000

    8-6 Challenge
    Shots: Fly, Fly (Twice the speed)
    Very simply pick left or right side and fly into the Bomb shield icons, the more you collect the more damage it will do, after you collect the row/line of them hit the taller castle and it should destroy the smaller ones all around. On the 2nd shot rinse and repeat. I did miss one bomb icon and two smaller towers were left standing. Try to get Dive Bomber if you can for extra points.
    My Score: 196,200 Gold: 150,000

    9-1 level
    Shots: Fly, Normal, Normal, Speed, Normal
    1) Avoid some of the icon temptations, I flew to the upper left to grab the 10k icon, I flew close to the middle castle to get the daredevil icon, in the end I flew back to the small castle through the gate house and underneath there is 2 explosive charges. 2X
    2) I aimed the next shot at the right front tower, so it would hit this tower and go through the wall the way perhaps a speed shot would. I ended up getting a massive damage icon.
    3) On this shot I aimed towards the red goblin, hitting the tower behind him and once it made it through that section it destroyed more of the back wall.
    4) For the speed shot, I shot at the left front tower, I avoided the speed icon, I lined the shot to where the wall meets the tower so when activated it would destroy the tower and rip through the wall destroying the back tower.
    5) This last shot was clean up, as I already had max multiplier from shot 4. I had one tower in the middle of the castle standing so I took it down. You'll notice that the normal shot won't even have enough power to destroy the houses behind this castle, which is why the fly shot has to destroy the back castle.
    My score: 512,838 Gold: 450,000

    9-2 Level
    Shots: Bomb, Bomb, Fly, Lift
    1) I aimed the first shot at the lower castle at the door in between two explosive charges. I nabbed the 5K icon, and demolished the structure. 2X
    2) I aimed this shot at the far right castle on the hill, (though you may want to try aiming this for the 10K bridge, as the explosive damage may destroy the houses as well). In the middle sky area are two lift icons, I went past the first one icon for the 2nd one, then continued to push the shot to the door way beneath the green goblins and then detonated. 3x
    3) For the fly shot I flew to the middle lift icon for the 2.5k points then flew to the 10k and once I got it I rammed underneath the bridge, for some reason this destroyed some of the castle on the left where the bridge had been connected. 5x
    4) I aimed the lift shot at the remainder of the left castle, lined up to do the most damage after its initial contact.
    My score: 438,689 Gold: 400,000

    9-3 Level (Hard) *took me a few tries, can't say I like my method but it worked
    Shots:Lift, Speed, Speed, Fly
    1) Aim the lift shot level and at the 5k underneath the mountainous terrain bridge. I aimed it low and when ready I lifted it to collect the 5k, I then gloved it over to the left and lifted it to that 5k, after wards I tried moving it to the middle gate left side, and before it hits the wall I used the last lift for liftus maximus, it would destroy that side of the gate, wreck the home in the middle yard and ricochet and destroy the very large cylinder tower. (I did this twice, as long as it is low enough any higher you go over the house and hit the tower behind it).
    2) For this speed shot I am to the right above the 5k icon, I am looking to hit the explosive charge on the two small towers with the stone connecting them, and then have it fly threw and hit the tower to the back right.
    3) On this shot, I aim for the red goblin, and since the 1st shot destroys most of the gate there is still a bit left of the right portion of the gate, and there is a tower in line with it, so goblin to gate to tower in back.
    4) At this point I have the two towers in the back left wall of the castle. I low power launch and collect the 4 5k icons on the right hand side, fly low and through the gate collecting Daredevil icons, and then turn and hit the back left tower (because it is taller). 5X
    *I can't say this is the best solution, but the 5-6 times not getting the 5k for the lift shot I ended close to 380k each time.
    My score: 515,492 Gold 400,000

    9-4 Level (Hard) *This one takes some luck and Do overs to raise the score
    Shots:Lift, Speed, Fly, Speed, Normal
    For starters slap each shot as much as you can for the bonus points
    1) I aimed this shot to the front wall left side on low power, right in front of that tower is a brown cart of some kind, I used lift twice to get me to that point of it crashing through the wall. Now here is the luck part, because the lift shot is still charged it will bounce off a side hill and angle back to the castle, it took out the solo tower in the middle of the castle, as well as the two towers behind it, netting me 40kish.
    2) I aim this one on the right hand side of the same gate I targeted on the first shot, the goal is to line up the towers behind it. Feel free to use a mulligan to get the Do Over icon.
    3) The speed shot I sent around flying low to grab the 5k icons, the more Daredevil icons you get the better, I think I had about 5, then fly to the castle in the back and hit the right wall next to the explosives (all the attempts could never get both to explode, and if you destroy it with some other shot, then flying over there getting the 5k icons leaves your fly shot nothing to destroy). If your lucky you may have the tower drop and kill the goblin. Mulligan if you like for Do Over icon
    4) This shot I sent to destroy the front wall of the same castle in the back as shot 3). I did a mulligan for the Do Over icon.
    5) With this last shot the right hand side of the castle has a wall facing the ballista with explosives, to the right of this is two towers and a home to the wall's right, I aimed this shot at the two towers, power gloving it into the ground for the bank shot bonus.
    *There has def got to be a better solution.
    My score: 446,027 Gold: 400,000

    9-5 Level
    Shots: Fly, Fly, Split
    This level is easier compared to the prior two levels, but requires some more arm skill
    1) I aimed for the right 5k icon in the sky, I made sure to grab it on its left side so i could quickly lower and swing around the tower, grab the next 5k icon and fly up to get the 10k icon and onwards to the castle in the back. When you fly through the open doors of the castle be sure to hit the tower portion for full destruction, hitting the front part may leave the tower intact, which prevents achieving the full 5x multiplier. Shy of 2 x
    2) Aim this shot on the left hand side, essentially doing the same thing as shot 1). Collect the 5k icons and when you reach the castle fly into the tight door space and hit the back wall for total destruction. 3x
    3) Aim at a mid power until the lift shield icon glows gold, hit it with the shot, once in the air split the shot to nab both 5k icons then proceed to hit the castle wall with the four shots spread out. 5x
    My score: 371,676 Gold: 350,000

    9-6 Challenge *Got by luck. looking for good solutions
    This challenge requires you to move up or down, except when you do its twice the power. I played this quite a few times (10+) before I got the Gold. I can't tell you what I did, as it was just reactionary bouncing around, I know I started by going top 10k, speed icon, 10k, lower 10k, but after that it is fuzzy. I have tried it a few more times to replicate but the closest I got was 315,000. If anyone has a clear path let me know, I am fairly certain you spend time swinging your arms up and down like a mad person and somehow you get enough icons. The way to think of the challenge is if you get the 3x multiplier, you need a minimum of 111667, often times on my best runs I get 105,000. Which makes me think one more 10k icon.

    Shots: Fly, Fly, Normal, Normal
    1) This is a crazy shot, so I understand if its tough. Fly to the 5k icon on the right hand side nearest to you, upon getting immediately dive bomb and you will hit the 5k icon below it, regain your bearing and fly to the 10k icon behind the pillars holding the bridge, fly to the 5k icon on the right between the mountain and the building arch. Here is the tricky part, you have to curve the shot to the left until you get to the open door of the castle, then curve it to the right, which will do some good damage to this building. This netted me 50k in points with the 2x multiplier.
    2) The second shot I did low power and I flew to get the 5k low left and then flew up to the 10k in between the pillars holding the bridge and just collided with it.
    3) I aimed this shot for the 5k icon on the upper left closest to your launcher, the goal is to have the shot hit the open doorway of the castle structure, causing it to collapse.
    4) I aimed this shot above the right side bridge so it would clip the bridge, hit the tower behind the stone pillars holding the bridge and collide with any remains of the back right castle. Whatever I hit ended up giving me 5x for the map.
    My score: 395,924 Gold: 375,000

    Shots: Speed, Lift, Speed, Lift, Normal
    * I didn't need the last shot for Gold, as after the 3rd shot I had 5x multiplier
    1) This first shot is a no brainer, In the middle of the castle structure is two big cylinder towers, aim your speed shot at the base of the front one, you may get the terrifying icon as it rips through an entire wall and destroys both towers. Score about 120k and at 3x
    2) On this shot I did low power to get the 5k icon right in front of the launcher, you have to time the lift to do so, I then pushed it to the right to grab the other 5k. After grabbing the 2nd 5k icon I moved it to the left so it would hit next to the explosive charges on the right wall (my goal was to have it blow through to the two towers and wall behind it, but it just destroyed the wall and tower attached)
    3) This shot is the 2nd bread and butter of this map. I aimed for the 5k icon on the left side, and aimed to hit the wall next to the explosives and have it speed through and destroy the wall and tower behind it. If you do this correctly it will bring you to 5x.
    4) This shot was a failed attempt on my part, however it ended up being 30k without hitting any castle structure. I low powered so I could get the 10k icon. I then started lifting to get the red goblin, after that I went towards the 5k icon which is behind the wall destroyed with shot number 2). I ended up missing, but got two curveball icons while trying to hit the wall.
    5) Use the last shot to destroy whatever is left.
    My score: 688,882 Gold: 600,000

    Shots: Lift, Speed, Bomb, Bomb
    1) Aim the lift shot in the middle, collect the 10k icon and afterwards open the arms to lift towards the speed shield icon, this will zoom it into a small destructible castle piece, and the wall behind it will make the bomb bounce off and redirect it so it blows through the main gate. 2X
    2) Aim the speed shot at the many icons to your right, Aim it at the lift and follow through the trail until the last icon, and then send it through the two towers, after the 2nd tower there will be a lift icon which lifts the shot to destroy the 3rd tower. 3x
    3) Use this shot and go medium power so you hit the lift icon shield, curve it to the right so it hits the speed shield icon, let it blow through the stand alone tower, as it gets closer to the back wall wave your arms and detonate to get the perfect timing and much destruction. 4x (I had gold, so next shot is extra)
    4) Fire when ready
    My score: 417,696 Gold: 350,000

    Shots: Normal, Bomb, Speed, Bomb, Normal
    1) When the intro plays you will see a standalone tower behind a bridge. My first inclination was to send a shot in line with those two structures. There are two towers on the right of the main castle, if you aim over the back left tower of the castle is where you want to aim your shot. I found hitting the structure in the middle gave the best success for clipping the bridge and eliminating the castle behind the bridge.
    2) For this shot you want to find the small stone attaching bridge with the two explosive charges on it (on the right side of the castle). Where the explosive charges are is two towers, and like a triangle behind these two is a third taller tower. Aim your shot to hit the connection, but do not detonate, once you hit the bridge the explosive charges will do the work for you, after a time delay wave your arms and the bomb shot should explode eliminating this tower.
    3) For this shot, I aimed at the front left tower attached to the main castle (left of the statute at the front gate) and lined it up to hit the tower diagonally behind it.
    4) On this shot I aimed for the bulkiest castle pieces and fired into it, the goal being to get the most points.
    5) On this shot I aim at the two towers on the left hand side, closest to the launcher, the front one has charges on it. Aim and make sure it rips through these two towers. I did a mulligan for the Do Over icon.
    My Score: 442,828 Gold: 425,000

    Shots: Normal, Lift, Bomb, Normal, Speed
    I read the guide above me and it just seemed too complicated. I do like to slap the shot around excessively when it doesn't affect the shot. I have done this twice and it is a sure fire method.
    1) I aim this shot right at the speed icon, my goal is to take out this tower behind it and for the shot to go and hit the stand alone tower in line with this target, it may get a home as well, and the wall with charges may explode after hitting the speed icon. 3x
    2) For this shot I did not get either 10K icons, but aiming for the right side, and trying to get the shot to align with the three towers is critical. I launch low power for the icon, and do two daredevils icons before I line it up with the towers, if you can get the 10k icons you are ahead of the game. The third tower registers as a late hit, I had about 49k with this shot, and ended with 4x multiplier.
    3) On this shot I aim for the red goblin and try to go over the green goblins for extra terrifying icons, I try to steer this shot to the left of the middle castle destroying most of that side because the next shot I can clean up. This should leave the right side still standing somewhat destroyed. 5x
    4) With this shot I aim low to the 10k icon, and line it up with the remainder of the castle behind it. I try to bank the shot as well for the icon, feel free to do a mulligan to earn the Do Over icon.
    5) My score at this point is 670,300, and knowing I have a 5x, I am only 80k away from gold so about 16k for my shot. The last remaining structure I am targeting is the left most back two towers with a 10K icon in between them. I will aim at the building to clip one tower, hit the 10k and destroy the 2nd tower, which I only need 6k. My shot is 29k. (This attempt netted me 835k which is still gold) This level was not as hard as people make it out to be.
    My score 903,130 Gold: 750,000

    10 Challenge
    Shots: Fly
    This is a simple challenge compared to 9, or at least straight forward, Fly and steer collecting 10K icons, Bonus if you can get Daredevils, after about the 4 10k icon you can fly up where there is a 10k, then 5k, then 10k icon, which you have to dive down hit the speed icon and stabilize, collect 2 more 10k icons and fly into the opening and hit near the explosives.
    My score 392,850 Gold: 375,000

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    MathGuy424-3 (Gold 470K)
    1. Fly - Fly to the upper right, picking up the 5K, then going down for the 10K. Try to hit the wall a bit left of the 10K. Hopefully you will destroy most of that building and get around 44K. If you don't get the 2x, Restart by raising your right hand.
    2. Fly - Fly to the left, picking up at least one 5K, hopefully two. Dive bomb into the building in the back left. You should get near 3x, but I didn't get there on my successful run.
    3. Bomb - Aim for the 10K in front of the middle tower at full strength. Don't set off the bomb manually. Hopefully it will get the 10K, destroy the middle tower, then explode to destroy most of the wall. You should be well over 3x and at about 370K.
    4. Bomb - Aim for the 10K in front of the back middle building. Set off the bomb soon after collecting the 10K. Hopefully you will destroy most of that building and get to 4x. I ended up with 490,200.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 07 Jun 18 at 01:15
    MathGuy42In 9-4, Shot 3 (Fly), I could get both explosives to go off by hitting the ground near the wall, pretty much halfway between the 2 explosives. I got it to happen 3 times. It really helped in the end, not needing to use a second shot to finish that building.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 10 Jun 18 at 01:33
    ShadowEchelon91There was definitely a patch at some point because the required gold scores in level 8 for example dramatically higher than listed here, sometimes as much as 100-150k. I have gold on everything up until 8 and these missions are just suddenly ridiculous.
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 30 May 22 at 01:36
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  • FauxxeeFauxxee344,042
    20 Aug 2012 20 Aug 2012
    6 4 11
    I'm going to explain how I got level 10-5 as I feel that is the hardest level by far.
    Throw your first shot wide to the left and get CURVE BALL icon in way to reaching 10K icon and knocking down the two pillars at that side, it difficult at first but it will get there.
    You hopefully get lucky and one of the pillars makes contact with either the far away house or few of the smaller pillars surrounding main building. To boost damage a little.
    Your multiplier must be 3x before you throw next shot.
    You can use right hand to get instant restart rather than use Mulligans as they WILL be needed later.
    Second shot throw wide right and while using lift curve it back to left in line with the three towers on right, need to get the two 10K icons with the bounces. don't be afraid to use mulligans as it imperative to get both icons and three towers.
    Third shot is a bomb and heads straight for floating goblin and skim fat tower with three goblins standing on it to get TERRIFIED icon before impacting the middle of main building, explode the bomb once inside to flatten entire structure.
    Fourth shot is a basic shot and needs to be aimed slightly right of speed icon so you can curve it left inline with remaining wall and tower on left. Hopefully netting you the 6x multiplier, I used several mulligans here, to ensure it.
    All that remains for the speed shot left is 10K icon at ground level in front of fat pillar. Aim left to propel it from left to right so you get 10K and explode the explosive on remaining wall. took me quite some time. before last shot i needed 6x 20,000 to get gold and had to use 3 mulligans to get it.
    Hope this helps.

    Other times i was stuck i referred to link at bottom of guide as it helped me greatly. Not taking credit for the forum suggestions just pointing to details that i gleaned from searching.


    I didn't suffer from the glitch, but was fearful I was going to after spending lot of time on 10-5.
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    Skanker irlChallenge 9 is brutal.
    Posted by Skanker irl on 01 Jan 13 at 21:26
    Das KuhnenAnother tip I'd offer when people are hung up on a level is that just because a certain shot has an alternative function (like exploding shot, speed shot, etc.) it doesn't mean you must use it! After playing a while, you'll get used to knowing if you'll manage more damage by letting a shot fall as normal or by activating it's special move.

    Some of my best shots came from letting exploding shots detonate themselves after going through a few walls and I've began to use speed shots sparingly (depending what I have left) and letting them function as regular bullet shots in tight quarters.
    Posted by Das Kuhnen on 14 Feb 13 at 14:45
    NINja277Agreed with razorpriest 3x shots and hitting the shields is by no means required on the level in question.
    Posted by NINja277 on 20 Jul 13 at 20:00
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