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C'est Magnifique! in Persona 4: Arena

C'est Magnifique!1,466 (80)

Complete Score Attack Mode with all characters.

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Persona 4: ArenaC'est Magnifique!The C'est Magnifique! achievement in Persona 4: Arena worth 1466 pointsComplete Score Attack Mode with all characters.

For this achievement you must clear Score Attack Mode with all 13 characters in the game. Score Attack Mode is a more difficult version of Arcade Mode where you must defeat 13 opponents in succession who have a much harder and smarter grade of CPU. All 13 of these "Unlimited" opponents have special enhancements such as character mechanics tweaked in their favor, increased health, boosted damage output, and other ridiculous buffs. Persona 4 Arena's Score Attack mode is essentially the spiritual successor to BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend's Unlimited Mars mode, however in Persona 4 Arena you actually have to clear it for the full completion. Other important features of Score Attack mode include:

° Difficulty settings cannot be changed (Automatically Pre-set to Hell)
° You cannot press cn_start on a 2nd controller to interrupt fights (Single Player Only Mode)
° There are no Continues (losing both rounds will result in a Game Over)
Order of Opponents
1. Yosuke
2. Naoto
3. Yukiko
4. Teddie
5. Kanji
6. Chie
7. Mitsuru
8. Akihiko
9. Aigis
10. Yu Narukami
11. Shadow Labrys
12. Labrys
13. Elizabeth

General Strategy
As with any CPU in a fighting game, there are various approaches to go about defeating each opponent based on his or her's attack pattern. Score Attack may overwhelm you at first, but there are exploits such as Furious Actions, Evasive Actions, Bursts, and Instant Kills, that you will be heavily utilizing. The CPU in Score Attack is not so much difficult rather, the character enhancements they receive can make this mode extremely obnoxious to complete with every character. Failure is an integral part of this achievement as it will allow you to learn more about how each opponent's attacks and how to properly counter or exploit them. Here are some of the more obvious tactics you may want to make use of:

° Make proper use of your Evasive Actions, which are done by hitting cn_RB. These side step type moves grant you invincibility frames allowing you to dash through your opponent. They are great for bypassing attacks, avoiding high pressure, and getting out of corners. Beware of grabs or throws though, as they are vulnerable to them.

° Utilize your Bursts wisely. If the CPU suffocates you with a combo don't hesitate to Blue Burst on them by clicking the cn_LS to save yourself from losing a round.

° Save this achievement for later once you have all or most of the other achievements unlocked to gain experience.

° Keep a look out for your opponents meter. If it's at 50 or higher, beware of their powerful SP Skills! These can usually end an entire round alone if you're hit! Suspend any offensive pressure and wait for your opponent to burn meter before resuming your attacks. For most foes, don't even bother attacking them during their special animations as most of them have invincibility frames and will make you pay for any hint of over zealousness.

° Instant Kills are a true X-Factor in Score Attack. Use them in your winning round whenever you can. Input them while close to your opponent for higher success rates. Other strategies may vary depending on the character you are using (some character IKs are rather useless).

° It's ideal that you try to save your Burst for your winning round. That way at the start of the round you can simply Gold Burst (click cn_LS near them when they're not blocking) on your opponent. A successful gold burst grants you 100 meter, setting up for an Instant Kill.

° Spamming the Pause [cn_start]button can also be used to help anticipate your opponent's attacks. This is a controversial route to the achievement but use this to your advantage if needed.

Experience is your friend against the CPU in Score Attack and where else to start than Training Mode? There is in fact a way to practice against the Hell difficulty CPU where they will fight in the same patterns as in Score Attack.

1. Go to Training Mode, pick the character you need to train with versus whatever other character you feel you need the most practice against.

2. At the start of training press . There will be an option to set the CPU difficulty to 100. Do so and make sure you set the dummy to CPU.

3. Your training opponent will fight extremely similar to the way they do in Score Attack only minus the enhancements.
Use this method to assess the CPU better for when you face them in Score Attack mode. Pressing Back Button to reset the match also helps show you what moves that character likes to do at the start of the match. An example would be Chie going for her Rampage kicks 90% of the time. This helps when finding ways to get the upper hand in fights. You can also play Arcade mode under Hell difficulty as practice if you prefer it that way.

At first this mode will just feel impossible to beat however with enough playtime put into and simple strategies, it will become easier. The CPU can be exploited as they have attack patterns and reactions which make them predictable at times. Clearing Score Attack does not necessarily require "skill", but rather, you'll be abusing the CPU predictability and promoting heavy rush-down punishment more than anything. If you're looking for an easy character to try to beat Score Attack with, try using Kanji. Simply spam his "This'll Hurt" command grab on wake up by pressing cn_downcn_left + cn_Y when near your opponent. Add that with a Cruel Attack by pressing cn_downcn_right+ cn_X to put you near your opponent to repeat the move again. Here's a exemplary playthrough of Score Attack using Yu.

Score Attack Opponent Breakdown
All 13 opponents that you face in Score Attack mode have their own patterns of attacks and buffs. Through experience and failure, you will learn their pattern of offense and gain foresight when dealing with opponents. Below, I will give general tips on the 13 CPU opponents in Score Attack and the best way to approach them strategically. You don't need to be an intermediate Persona 4 Arena player to best Score Attack mode with all characters. Anticipating the CPU attacks, punishing them with a simple auto-combo or Furious Action will get you through it; and of course, the occasional Instant Kill is all you really need. With the exception of characters such as Elizabeth or Kanji that you can spam through Score Attack with, here is a general guide to all 13 opponents in the quote below.

The 1st opponent in Score Attack and quite frankly one of the more annoying ones. Yosuke is fast, agile, and will bust out SP Skills on a whim. Yet, after facing him multiple times you'll start to get his predictable pattern of attacks. Overall pokes work well against him since he spends a lot of time dashing toward you so he'll probably walk into your Auto Combo quite often. Furious Moves [LB] work well against a guy like this, especially on wake up. Yosuke loves flying in the air too so watch out for his air shurikens. And once he hits 50+ meter, watch out for him because half the time he'll go for his Garudyn Tornado move if you let him hit confirm into it.

The 2nd opponent in Score Attack. Personally she's the easiest to beat for me at least for most characters. But for others she can actually give trouble in a distance battle. Naoto likes to snipe away at you with her pistol so I like a good close up game with her but you can also turtle and wait for an opening while she's shooting. Avoid spamming her because she can counter you on wake up. Most characters though, I recommend a close up game. When ever she goes for her air-gun shot, be sure to guard or else you'll be unable to use special moves. Attack her to regain your abilities.

The 3rd opponent in Score Attack. Her unblockable flame moves are ridiculous but she's very easy to combo and attack on wake up. Your main worry with her will be once she hits Awakening because she will spam Supers like no tomorrow. Stay close and give her nothing but pressure. Unlike Aigis, distance is NOT your friend in this fight. Also, during some of the start up animations for her Supers, you can sweep/attack her without really taking any damage if timed properly. Stay focused, play up close, and you should beat her the majority of the time.

The 4th opponent in Score Attack. Overall an easy fight so long as you can avoid his Circus Bear SP Skill. Don't underestimate Teddie. It's total chaos when facing him with the sheer amount of moves he'll throw at you. You'll mainly want to just Punish his Drill Move here. He'll go for it very often either on the ground or the air. His Rocket Super can be easily blocked and if he goes for Circus Bear then you need to Double Jump over it 3 times. Super Jumps also work, but the thing with S.Jumps is that if you time them too soon or too late then you'll likely get hit. With double jumps you can jump once, pause the game, wait until you see Teddie riding on the ball onscreen, un-pause, then quickly hit up again, repeat 2 more times on the other 2 times he passes. Works every time if you're having problems dodging it. Circus Bear will devastate you so dodging it is important.

The 5th opponent in Score Attack. Use the turtle tactic against him. Back off and crouch block. He'll spam Lightning strikes and jump but every once in a while he'll yell out "This'll Hurt!" and pounce at you. Just stay crouched moving back and once he lands, Auto Combo him. Repeat until he is dead. Distance is your friend against this guy because one grab could mean the end as his command grab can dish out around 80% health easy. Just keep your distance and you'll be fine. If he corners you, a simple air dash (RB) will get you passed him, then repeat the keep away block tactic from there.

The 6th opponent in Score Attack. Not so much as difficult but extremely annoying just like Yosuke. You should know by now that she can literally combo ANYTHING into her God Hand which is something you want to avoid. She will yell out "Fist of Fury" and her God Hand can do 90% damage to you on impact. So once she gets 50+ meter back off and wait for an opening. Chie will give you countless openings, you'll mainly be punishing her Rising Kicks. If not that move, her Cycle Kick(Rampage) seems to be her favorite move. I suggest you use a simple air dash(RB) to bypass it if you have no moves to punish it. Start the fight off with a Furious Action(LB) then back off and wait for a chance to punish her. No shame in Pausing against her as she is extremely dangerous especially up close. Use a Furious Move if you're ever in such a predicament, then wait for another opportunity to punish her Rising Kick with an auto-combo.

The 7th opponent in Score Attack. You may need to pause a lot here to avoid being frozen to death. I recommend guarding at the start of the round because there's a fair chance she'll combo you at the start. She'll freeze you, hit you with a devastating combo, and end the round in seconds. If you are ever frozen in this fight mash(and wiggle the left stick) repeatedly and try to break free. Mitsuru is no stranger to jumping and guarding so try waiting until she runs at you to attack her or use a sweep move or combo. The best times to punish her are when she calls out her Persona, when she whiffs an SP Skill, or as she's landing. Pausing then hit confirming is my general strategy with her. If she happens to block try to immediately block until you find another opening. She likes to use her Furious Move so be sure to punish her with a auto-combo once she lands. If you don't have a good real-time strategy to her then Pause Abuse is strongly recommended here. Only attack when she's open because random offense will likely get you knocked out.

The 8th opponent in Score Attack. Strategies vary against him so a good overall one is to start with a Furious Attack. Back off and Pause. Wait for him to rush you down(usually he'll yell out "Attack") then use a nice Punish Move of your choice until he's dead. Sweep moves work wonders against this guy as he almost never guards low. If you have BGM and SFX turned to 0 in Sound options you can hear all his cues making this fight easier as well as others. Just watch for his rush down game and his full screen Shock Super.

The 9th opponent in Score Attack. The game becomes a bullet hell against Aigis but there are some clear openings she gives you. At the start of the fight I suggest pausing because Aigis can't usually make up her mind as to whether she'll attack you or zone you. So start out guarding and hold away from her. If you see an opening make sure you use a sweep move or a Furious Attack to knock her down then quickly back away from her. Distance is actually your friend in this fight with the projectile strategy. Once you're full screen away from Aigis she will spam missiles, bullets and everything else in her Arsenal with an occasional Goddess Shield Super. Wait for a safe moment to shoot a projectile move at her without getting hit yourself, and fire a projectile of your own and if lucky, you'll catch her and she'll pop up only to resume her shooting. Continue to shoot her with a projectile on wake up until she's dead. Don't get carried away because she'll bust out Goddess Shield when you least expect it so watch her meter. Block it, then punish her. If she gets close, Pause and look for an opening to push her back again. For characters with no projectiles like Akihiko you may need to use up-close punishing as your main basis for winning.

Yu Narukami
The 10th opponent in Score Attack. Yu is a combo fiend, but attacks like a broken record so he's very predictable. Like most other strategies, just learn to block or use Evasive actions against all his high-low repeating combos. He will go for a combination of Raging Lion and Swift Strike so block against these chains of attacks and look for openings. He has an endless combo where he cancels Big Gamble into other specials but if you wait for one of his Raging Lion or Swift Strikes to whiff that's the best time to punish. Like Youske, he likes to dash toward you if you're fairly close so you may be able to bait him into an Auto-Combo on occasion. He doesn't guard much so you can sweep him if you need to and hit some low punches into your Auto Combo. Another annoying thing he'll do is spam his Zio projectile so be sure to crouch block this as he may follow up with a Swift Strike which hits low. He attacks high and low so be wary. The Ziodyne SP Skill he uses, has a slow startup and can also be punished if you hit him quickly enough.

Shadow Labrys
The 11th opponent in Score Attack. Shadow Labry's All Out Attack can kill you in 1-hit so avoid it at all costs. She will more than likely start off dashing toward you for an All Out Attack so do the same and grab her using the Throw Tactic. I re-mapped L-Trigger to Throw in the Button Configuration to make it easier. Upon throwing her Run up to her and crouch block. Pause and wait for her next attack animation, as you see her rise her Axe, throw again. Her attack animation has such a slow start up, that your Throw will beat it out every time. Be warned, as once she enters Awakening she will attempt Brutal Impact on you. Be sure to jump behind her or double jump to avoid it. If she bursts, find your way to grab her again and repeat. If she goes for an attack other than her rising axe attack, be sure to block, then punish accordingly. Go for a knock down move then quickly approach her to attempt the throw tactic on wakeup. One other vital thing, is to be wary of her Persona, because it will punch or "devour" you. Listen for Shadow Labrys orders to anticipate these attacks and jump over them.

The 12th opponent in Score Attack and an easier version of her Shadow version. I found that the throw tactic works fairly well against her. It varies really, sometimes you can get throws in and other times she'll just counter them. She likes to go for a shorter Axe attack which hits faster than the one Shadow Lab does so the throw tactic can be used at your own risk here. Her Persona attacks come out fairly slow so those can be punished as well. Sweep moves and attacking when she is recovering can also work if you decide to avoid the throw method. She tends to fall for auto-combos on wakeup quite often too.

Your 13th and final opponent in Score Attack mode. This is possibly the toughest fight of the bunch because without Pause Abuse she's the biggest threat of them all. This fight is about as dangerous as the Mitsuru fight, so I would advise against random attacking here. Your best overall plan is to memorize her moves, know what specials she's about to do just by looking at the start up animation, guard, then punish accordingly. Her favorite thing to do is summon Thanatos from the start so you'll need to block this then jump over the next action she has him do and go in for the punish. Do not let Thanatos grab you so be on the look out for when she calls him. It's good to stay close and anticipate what move she'll do next so that you can Persona break her and hit her with a nice BnB or Auto combo. The real X-Factor in this fight is Elizabeth's BURST meter and when she'll decide to use it. It's ideal for her to BURST earlier in the fight so that she doesn't do so while you're smothering her giving her time to heal.

Personally, I like to get her in the corner if I can because you do NOT want her Healing and up close you can help prevent that. When you hear her call out her Persona and see robotic-type wings surround her back, this is her heal animation. It happens fast and if she heals she'll get a full health bar back. If she does this, try to hit her before she heals but if you're too late get as much damage on her as possible to possibly win via Time-Out. Since you've made it this far, take this fight more seriously than all previous 12 combined. Pause as much as possible and take it slow. Also don't forget to jump and go into a quick combo whenever she goes for Ghastly Wail in the corner. For a complete guide to facing Elizabeth in Score Attack, see the link below.
Score Attack Guides & Walkthroughs
There are multiple Score Attack walkthroughs that can be found on Youtube uploaded from different users that can teach you tricks on how to exploit the CPU. Crisiki Misu has exceptional playthroughs with annotations that can be very helpful for players looking to start somewhere with Score Attack mode. His playlist can be found in the link below:

SolitaryGenesis of ps3trophies has his own in-depth guide for all 13 characters. It showcases the best strategies to use with them versus all other characters in Score Attack Mode. The guide can be found in the link below. Once there, simply click on the said character's banner and it will lead you to their respective guide.

Xbox360achievements also has its own guide by author, ChaosChao. For a full guide on Score Attack see ChaosChao's Score Attack Discussion thread on 360a for help found below.

NYOHIRO also has full video playthroughs of Score Attack with all 13 characters and the playlist can be found below. Once there, click "Load More" for more video guides.
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