Stellar Performance achievement in Rock Band Blitz

Stellar Performance

Earn 5 stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

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How to unlock the Stellar Performance achievement

  • Jaded X GamerJaded X Gamer130,184
    04 Sep 2012 04 Sep 2012 03 Oct 2012
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    This isn’t as hard as it seems. The trick is getting used to Blitz’s scoring system, which can be a little confusing if you’re used to the traditional Rock Band games. To get five stars in most songs you’re going to NEED power-ups. After about fifty songs I only managed to get one five star score without power-ups on Behind Blue Eyes, so don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with using them.

    Remember you only need to five star the songs that came with Blitz and nothing else for this achievement, which you can find by going to your music library, hitting select until it sorts by “source” and pick “Rock Band Blitz” from the shortcuts. Here’s some general advice on how to five star any song.

    The first thing you want to do is unlock all the power-ups, or at least the most useful ones. You actually start the game with none and have to unlock them by earning “Blitz Cred”. You get cred for simply beating songs, so just play songs until you get enough cred to unlock all the power-ups, or at least Jackpot. If you have a lot of DLC you can work towards some of the achievements in the DLC expansion, like playing 300 Unique songs or playing ten songs by the same artist, etc.

    You’ll also want to save up “Blitz Coins” because every time you use power-ups they cost coins. So until you’ve unlocked some of the better power-ups, I wouldn’t waste your coins, just do vanilla run throughs. This will serve as good practice. You also get double coins for new songs and extra coins from linking your game to your Facebook profile and completing goals on the Rock Band World app.

    Once you’ve got access to the best power-ups and a decent stack of coins, you can start trying for five stars. I find the best power-up load out for most songs is Jackpot, Blast Notes, and Super Guitar. You can experiment with other combinations, but I find this one does work for most songs, usually well enough to Gold Star them even.

    Things like Shockwave and Road Rage are useful for songs with tons of notes everywhere, and the 2x Multiplier and Bandmate are good if you find Jackpot too hard. Things like Pinball, Flaming Notes, and Runaway Notes tend to be more distracting than helpful and Bottle Rocket's bonus is offset by creating empty sections where you won’t be playing any notes.

    Depending on the song, feel free to swap out Super Guitar for another instrument. Just whichever one has the most steady stream of notes will work. Typically Guitar or Bass are best since they’re near the middle of the highway and that lets you jump to and from them more easily.

    Blast notes destroy notes on near-by tracks and those destroyed notes count towards leveling up those tracks, so they can help get your multiplier up faster. Jackpot and Super Guitar (or any instrument) make for a great combination. Jackpot gives you triple points for playing a section perfectly and super guitar doubles your points on the guitar track, so together you get six times the number of points you’d normally get.

    I can’t emphasize enough how useful Jackpot and Super Guitar are together. It’s not uncommon for me to pick-up 100k of points a song from the use of Jackpot alone. To get the most out of it be on the lookout for a steady stream of notes on the guitar (or whichever has double points) track and activate it. Once you activate Jackpot just concentrate on the one track and shut out the rest until it’s finished. Remember, a single mistake will cause you to lose the Jackpot.

    The more energy you save, the longer Jackpot lasts. If you have trouble maintaining long streaks it’s a good idea to just use Jackpot as soon as it is ready, that way you don’t have to maintain your streak as long. If you screw-up remember that Jackpot only drains your energy while active, meaning you might still have enough energy to immediately reactivate it after making a mistake.

    Some other general advice is don’t worry too much about maintaining your streak, outside of using Jackpot. Unlike the regular Rock Band games, you don’t lose your multiplier if you miss a note. And all though playing perfectly does give you the Blitz bonus, it’s negligible to how many points another Jackpot can rake in late game or how many points you get from clumsily hitting most of the notes on a really busy track.

    Feel free to jump around the tracks to score as many extra energy notes as you can so you can reuse Jackpot as many times as possible. Also if you’re trying to level up your tracks it’s a good idea to jump around to get blast notes, since they’ll break several near-by notes and help to level up tracks faster.

    Don’t sweat maintaining a streak, just concentrate on leveling up the tracks and filling up the energy bar to use your power-ups. If your tracks are already leveled up concentrate on the track that gets double points when there's no energy to collect. Also if you see a good spot for using Jackpot take it, regardless if all the tracks are leveled up or not. Don't pass on a good chance to score extra points when it presents itself.

    If you use the “Freakish” control set-up you can use both controls sticks at the same time to jump two tracks at once. With some practice you can jump around and maintain your streak, meaning you can score energy and get the Blitz Bonus at the same time. You'll want to look for a good break in your current track, then focus on the track you want to jump to and be ready to hit whatever notes are coming up.

    It’s also a good idea to jump back and forth between slow tracks you’re trying to level up. Like if there are huge spaces between notes on a track you want leveled up, you can hit a note, jump over to a busier track to play a few notes there, then jump back to hit the next note on the slow track. It’s tricky, but leveling up tends to pay off in the end because of the better multiplier, so it’s worth risking a missed note or two to get your tracks leveled up.

    The Freakish control scheme also lets you use your index and middle finger to alternate between the trigger and shoulder buttons, allowing you to play notes much faster. This is good for fast solos. You get 10,000 extra points for a perfect solo versus a near perfect one. Remember you can hit as many extra notes as you want, just be sure to hit every note in the solo for the perfect bonus. So you can spam buttons if you have to, just so long as you hit every note in the end.

    Another tip is to make a mental note of what’s the last checkpoint in a song before the finish line. Once you cross that last checkpoint, concentrate on just the track that gets double points for the remainder of the song as long as it has notes to hit. The reason is because without any more checkpoints, you can’t level up your multiplier anymore before the song ends, so you might as well just milk the one track that gets double points. The measly 1200 points you’d get for leveling up four additional tracks three times each pales in comparison to the 300 or so points you’ll get every single note on the doubled track.

    A lot of songs also end with a very long sustained note, usually on Guitar or Bass. Make sure you hit these. Holding onto a long note while your multiplier is 15x or higher usually means another 10,000 points if the sustain is on the double points track. And if you have enough energy for another Jackpot, that’s even more points!

    If you get stuck, turn off the power-ups and just carefully study the song a few times. Look for good spots to use a jackpot and see which instrument is most consistent. Just keep at it and keep practicing, especially on jumping around the tracks.

    Track hopping is useful for leveling up every track, which can make a big difference towards the end of a song. And being able to hop around is important for chasing after energy notes, as well as the blast notes.

    Just remember that you will always get more points at the end of the song than the beginning because of the higher multipliers. So if all else fails look for an easy spot or long sustain near the finish to cash in a jackpot on. One big payoff towards the end can make a world of difference.

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    MR CODMAN1976really good job bro!!!
    Posted by MR CODMAN1976 on 08 Sep 12 at 09:53
    lightsup55Couldn't have said it better myself. I would've given your solution a million thumbs up, but I I guess 1 will have to do for now.

    With the DLC achievements out of the way and all power-ups unlocked, I shall be working on this achievement while I strive for gold stars in the process.
    Posted by lightsup55 on 10 Sep 12 at 17:13
    DOOM The ReturnLooks like a solid guide to use one this achievement. I'm looking forward to giving this a shot. :)
    Posted by DOOM The Return on 18 Sep 12 at 01:43
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  • Misfit LenzMisfit Lenz131,177
    26 Feb 2014 28 Feb 2014
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    I'm gonna use this to discuss some of the more difficult songs. If anyone's having a hard time with a particular song, comment and I'll try to edit the post with more information on that song.

    First though, some information on score and difficulty
    1) Blitz does not have it's own difficulty system.
    The difficulties shown are Rock Band difficulties, not Blitz difficulties. Translating songs from 5 buttons to 2 simplifies a lot of things that were previously really difficult. See the opening guitar section in "My Name is Jonas" by Weezer.

    Rock Band


    2) Score is a matter of multitasking, not accuracy
    Going into Blitz mode is cool, but most of the rankings are set up to value a high multiplier over 100% FCs like every other game in this genre. My strategy is to go from one side of the entire track to the other, getting all of my multipliers up twice. If there's time enough for one more pass to get the multiplier up 3 times, great. If not, it's better than only getting your multipliers up once or not at all, or even losing a multiplier. Also, when in doubt, button mash. It helps to at least hit something on those hard solos

    3) Listen to the songs first
    Here's a playlist on YouTube of all 25 songs included in the game

    4) Play all the songs second
    Don't get hung up on one song, and while you're playing experiment with the powerups. If you've got any DLC songs, play some of those as well. You'll get better at the game in general rather than one particular pattern. Also, you'll have plenty of coins for powerups when you come back to replay the ones you don't get 5 stars on right out of the gate.

    Bandmate is the best for me, since it allows me to get essentially double the points and level a track for free. Hold on to your bandmate until the next checkpoint, then burn it immediately at the busiest track on the board or the track that you've got the super powerup set to. You'll still get the bonus points even if your bandmate is playing.

    Cult of Personality
    Jump around tracks like a madman during the verses. It's super easy with the short break right before the downbeat. Your shoud get each track leveled once from left to right, then turn back around and get everything leveled up again right to left. If you don't miss too many, you should have plenty of time to get that 3rd level before the checkpoint. Use Super Guitar since there's 2 solos in this song and you can easily get 90+% accuracy by rhythmically button mashing.

    Death On Two Legs
    This one was really difficult because of how short it is. It's tempting to use Super Keys because of the max difficuty, but go with Super Guitar. The guitar solo toward the end of the song is much easier than that god-awful pattern at the beginning, and the guitar track has a pretty consistent stream of notes. Bandmate is great for tracks on the opposite end of where you're working on (getting the drum/bass track during the verses), but you can really get away with whatever powerup you feel comfortable with. If I remember right I 5-starred this song with Point Doubler and Blast Notes.

    I'm Still Standing
    Either the Vocal or Keyboard track gets the most work, but the Guitar track is the hardest to level, especially during the chorus, since it's just a couple of sustains. Get the guitar track up as high as you can during the verses, then the vocals/keyboards because they're filled with notes. Use your Bandmate to fill in any track you don't want to or don't have the time to, ideally the drum track so you don't have to be moving from one side of the track to the other.

    Jessie's Girl
    The Guitar track is the most consistent so get your Super there, but be warned the Keyboard track only ever has notes during the chorus in the first half of the song. Get over there as soon as you see the checkpoint coming, and get that track up 3 points before doing anything else. If you can, drop your Bandmate into the guitar track on your way.

    Kids in the Street
    Bandmate & Super Drums will net you a ton of points at the end of the song. Get your multipliers as high as you can, then deploy Bandmate toward the end of the song. Keep yourself on tracks that will give you Overdrive to keep that Bandmate running as long as possible.

    A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"
    The Bass and Guitar patterns are easily the most active on this track, but they're also terribly consistent. If you're feeling cocky, you can earn an easy 5 Stars by sticking to one of these tracks with the Jackpot boost. Whichever one you prefer, Guitar or Bass, use that super powerup.

    Moves Like Jagger
    Set your Super to Guitar, it gets the most notes of any track by far. Also be aware that the Keyboard and Bass parts are sparse, with them only really kicking in during the song's chorus. Make sure you get them maxed out before the checkpoint. Bass first, as the keyboard track gets a lot of notes toward the end (the short refrain being whistled at the end of the song

    This is still an incomplete list. I am working on obtaining this achievement, and will be writing about songs as I 5-star them.
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