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Party at Your Place achievement in Rock Band Blitz

Party at Your Place

Play at least 300 unique songs.

Party at Your Place0
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How to unlock the Party at Your Place achievement

  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles1,068,157
    16 Sep 2012 31 Aug 2012 24 May 2015
    31 1 53
    Be warned: even if you try to get this achievement in the cheapest way possible, it's still going to be pretty costly. Assuming no separate track packs, exports of RB1, 2, Lego and Green Day, all free DLC and 26 cheap RBN songs to top it out, you're looking at 4880 MSP before counting the costs of the exported games themselves.

    For those with smaller hard drives, it has been confirmed that you do NOT need all 300 songs on your hard drive at one time if you're concerned about space.

    The most cost efficient way to add to your song count is through exports of other games. At the bottom of the solution is the number of songs that can be exported between games. If you need to buy another game in order to export the DLC, make a note to buy new! With the exception of Rock Band 1, which doesn't matter if you bought it new or used, used games likely will not have the export code available. Also note that The Beatles: Rock Band will not export at all.

    Rock Band Blitz - 25 songs
    Rock Band 1 - 55 songs, 400 points for export
    Rock Band 2 - 70 songs, 800 points for export
    **Free DLC Pack - 20 songs, requires RB2 manual code
    Lego Rock Band - 45 songs, 800 points for export

    Rock Band: Green Day - 44 songs, 800 points for export
    Free DLC (Rock Band Free 1 pack, Still Alive, Promised Land, Charlene (I'm Right Behind You), Headphones On, Dreaming of Love, Am I Crazy) - 15 songs
    274 165 songs overall
    From Groudon199 and Llamaman2, the RB2 free songs, Lego Rock Band and Green Day exports have now expired. If you did not already have them, you'll have more to make up by DLC.

    For the last 26 135, there are essentially three options:

    1) Track Packs offer 18-21 DLC songs with no additional export cost.
    2) DLC Albums. While this is the most expensive option by far, if you did not export Rock Band: Green Day, it will be necessary for the Loyal Fan achievement.
    Rock Band BlitzLoyal FanThe Loyal Fan achievement in Rock Band Blitz worth 14 pointsPlay at least 10 unique songs by the same artist.

    3) Rock Band Network has several songs listed at 80 points to top off the collection.

    Whichever way you slice it, consider saving 160 points for a Johnny Cash song, as six of his songs are currently the only ones counting as a '50s decade for a separate achievement.

    Rock Band BlitzMusic HistorianThe Music Historian achievement in Rock Band Blitz worth 17 pointsPlay a song from every decade since the '50s.

    From xs Silence sx, if you're the social media type, there is a Rock Band World app on Facebook that will tell you how many unique songs you've played amidst other data.

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    a1d3d3e7Someone might have discovered this already, but it's enough to play the songs. You don't actually need to own them. You and a friend, or several, could each buy some of the songs and seriously lower the cost.

    I just got the genre achievement by downloading a few songs that my brother had already bought to my xbox. As long as he was logged in, I could play them and as they are on my box I have them in my library, making it easier to keep track of which song I own and how many I need. You could possibly play the songs on someone else's xbox, but I can't confirm that.

    Also, downloading songs for blitz will make them, if compatible, available in rock band 4. This does not work the other way around. If you want songs for rb4 and need more songs for this achievement you have to download them in blitz first.
    Posted by a1d3d3e7 on 09 May 16 at 11:19
    MattiasAndersonYou may wanna update a few things:

    Rock band 1 and 2 cant be exported any longer. I need about 100 more songs and rock band 2 would have helped me badly. Now I will be robbed if I go for this achievement.

    Any other ideas how to get more songs?
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 22 Apr 17 at 04:07
    DrSchlepensteinJust an update, it seems the links to the Rock Band World App on Facebook are no longer up and running. The Rock Band Facebook page still lists the app links, but the links to 404 Not Found pages.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 13 Dec 18 at 02:59
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  • The AfterburnerThe Afterburner351,475
    14 Oct 2012 20 Sep 2012 24 Jan 2015
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    As described in the other guide you'll need at least 300 songs in your library from any game Rock Band game via export or DLC.

    I would suggest just playing trough the game normally to get all the other achievements you want before going for this. I had just less than 100 songs played when I was finished with the other achievements. You can keep count on the 'Rock Band World' facebook app just go to "Profile" and select "Rock Band Blitz" tab under your badges.

    You don't need to play the notes in 300 songs if you don't want to, you can just let them sit idle and you will score some points at the finish and this will still count.

    If you have over 300 song to choose from you can make this go a lot quicker by choosing the shortest songs you own by using this very handy website:
    It has all the Rock Band songs (excluding Rock Band 3 & Rock Band Network, don't know why) listed shortest to longest (I have removed Beatles RB songs and Beatles DLC as they cannot be played in Blitz) you can also adjust the list's filters to remove songs from games you don't have exported into your library. It's just a case of going down the list and playing the songs you own and haven't already played on it.

    That site has heaps of other useful info for all songs.

    Hope this helps!
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