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Complete the Campaign on Hardcore difficulty

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How to unlock the THE EXTRA MILE achievement

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    21 Aug 2012 23 Aug 2012
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    You can make this your first playthrough if you follow some key guidelines. I personally spent the first 2 1/2 chapters or so using Yang to get work on the "Hands-on" achievement, but eventually found that leveling Caesar's Grenade launcher and then armor was a god send. From that point on, be sure to park yourself behind some cover (hold ) while you reload, and only coming out to launch a grenade. Use that slow turtle tactic to keep yourself alive while slowly making progress, with progress coming in the form of you rolling () between cover points. This technique is key for the areas that are full of enemies and have an annoying checkpoint ages before you even reach that part. As long as you remember to take the difficult parts slow, and also remember that you don't need to rush any of the challenges in the campaign for the achievement, you just need to finish them, then this achievement won't be too hard to get. Also remember that if the going gets tough and you need to constantly respawn thanks to stupid game mechanics, at least you don't lose your XP so 1000 deaths = 1000 tries worth of XP.
    Also, armor piercing ammo is great! Upgrading Caesar's grenade launcher for the last Chapter and a half was a life saver with all of the armored enemies that appear, and of course don't forget body armor (health), it gives a very noticeable difference in survivability.
    Some other Tips =
    1. if you need to use a rocket launcher to take out a vehicle and you have to reload it, as soon as you start to reload, roll with and it will automatically reload (and it's safer).
    2. You DO take damage while planting C4, however you CAN plant it while you're dead if don't release the button, and doing so to reach the end of the mission in a few missions will complete the mission even if you're all dead.
    3.Finally, your teammates revive themselves after being down a while, and will instantly revive if you run too far away from them (most importantly if you backtrack to revive them safely, when you are allowed to backtrack...) . Basically just stay alive if you're the last one alive and you can't revive anyone without dying, since in case you haven't noticed all of the enemies on the screen will attack you as soon as the guy is revived.
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    Guds SkyfallCan this be done in coop?
    Posted by Guds Skyfall on 26 Aug 12 at 01:33
    dfs1402 GHBRyes sir
    Posted by dfs1402 GHBR on 26 Aug 12 at 04:32
    Kubas86thx for this tips .....
    Posted by Kubas86 on 26 Aug 12 at 08:50
    TrueWickedoneI would add in your guide that completing game on hardcore does NOT also unlock casual achievement. There was no reason to do this difficulty on first playthrough what-so-ever. If you dont already have all your weapons and chars upgraded, I assume it would be easier to do casual play first to level up a bit.
    Posted by TrueWickedone on 01 Dec 12 at 05:52
    wBRYHow many hours does a full play through take?
    Posted by wBRY on 12 Dec 12 at 02:40
    dfs1402 GHBRmore or less than 4 to 6 hours
    Posted by dfs1402 GHBR on 12 Dec 12 at 02:44
    neeker75Using the slow tactic, I even unlocked "UNTOUCHABLE" without even trying. Thanks.
    Posted by neeker75 on 07 Dec 13 at 00:47
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