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    Update: This achievement along with others can glitch on you. This seems to be the main reason: There is rumors that if you dashboard or go to main menu while in online match that awards and progress will reset. DO NOT dashboard or main menu from online matches to be safe. Just until this whole thing is proven wrong and/or patched.

    For this achievement you must acquire 100 Rewards, technically you can consider these as achievements but in game. If you notice, the 12 Achievements for this game are actually 12 Rewards from the Rewards. You can acquire all but two rewards from Offline play, but it's recommended to boost most of them as even with Easy Bots, some are quite challenging since the AI never cooperates in your favor. Boosting in this game is proven to be actually quite difficult as you're not allowed to be in Party Chat or Private Chat with someone even in Private Matches. You don't 'really' need to boost these at all since you can acquire the 100 with some decent grinding and dedication Offline against bots. The awards cannot repeat themselves, once they're completed they can't be completed anymore. Awardist will be you 101th Award.

    These are the 100 I managed to get during my time in the game, I separated them in quotes by section to make it easier on the eyes:

    Team Tactics
    Someone Set Us Up The Bomb (Win a Round by planting the bomb) - You can get this easily by playing a Classic Competitive match on the map 'Inferno' while playing on the Terrorist Team. The route to B is fairly quick to get to and the AI doesn't seem to bother to go to that bomb site 80% of the time.

    Rite of First Defusal (Win a Round by defusing a bomb) - Although much easier Online with people playing Demolition, you can do this the same way by playing a map with a bomb site on it, wait for the AI to plant it while on the CT team and defuse it.

    Second To None (Defuse a bomb with 1 second remaining) - I wish I could have a set strategy for you, but it all came down to luck for me. I just waited until the C4 started blinking faster than usual and eventually got a lucky break and got the award. You will notice that you did it correctly if the Defuse Menu fades out one the last second.

    Counter-Counter-Terrorist (Kill a Counter-Terroist who is defusing a bomb) - Can be done easily by playing against bots, while playing in a map with a Bomb Site playing as the Terrorist Team, plant the bomb and wait until an AI comes in and tries to defuse it. Make sure you can take him out quickly because usually if it's early in the round they come in packs and the other one will kill you.

    Short Fuse (Plant the Bomb within 25 Seconds. Excluding Demolition) - As suggested earlier, play as the Terrorist Team on the map 'Inferno' and rush to the B bomb plant site with your knife equipped. You must have at least the Knife in your hand then hold down the X button (Default Settings) so the bomb can be planted. You can do this on any round so don't feel discouraged if you were short a few seconds while going through the route.

    Good Shepherd (Rescue all the hostages in a round) - I did this on a Classic Competitive match against the bots on the map 'Office'. I recommend doing this only on the pistol round since the later rounds they purchase shot guns which will kill you in one or two shots making it pretty frustrating. There are two hostages on two different rooms which you release by pressing X as the CT Team. Technically it's an Escort Mission until you go back to your spawn point, the round will end once you do this.

    Freed with Speed (Rescue all hostages within 90 Seconds) - I suggest doing on the same map: 'Office' since the route seemed to be pretty short for me. This one is more down to luck since there's a few situations that can be present while doing this speed run. The AI sometimes camps in the Hostage Room and you have to kill him to be able to rescue them without you dying, the other obstacle is at times the AI camps at your spawn behind some walls, if this situation happens I just ran around until all the Hostages came to the base ending the round.

    Cowboy Diplomacy (Rescue 100 Hostages) - Honestly this is pretty annoying to get even with bots due to the fact that either the AI camps where the hostages are making it annoying to grab them, or your friendly AI will kill all of them before you get to the safe zone. Eventually you will get this done. Classic Only.

    Newb World Order (Win 10 Rounds) - This should be your first medal unless you acquired another one during the first 10 rounds playing against bots. This can be done anywhere, and should be done by the end of your first Classic match.

    Pro-Moted (Win 200Rounds) - If you're grinding for the Map Wins, you're going to get this on the way. You can also do this on Demolition if you'd like.

    Blitzkrieg (Kill 5 Enemies in one round in less than 30 Seconds) - This one isn't too difficult, especially playing Classic Competitive on a map with an narrow route such as 'Inferno'. Eventually the AI will all gang up on one road and you will have to spray them to death with the gun you're using. Just hope that you don't die while doing it.

    Mercy Rule (Kill 5 Enemies without anyone on your team dying) - Refer to 'Clean Sweep'

    Clean Sweep (Kill 5 Enemies without anyone on your team taking damage) - You may refer to the solution posted for this achievement, I boosted this one Online.

    Cold War (Win One Round without any Enemy Players Dead) - I got this one by playing a round of Hostage Rescue on Classic Competitive, I rescued all the hostages before anyone died. This one can take a bit since it all depends what the AI feels like doing. I'd recommend boosting this one if you can.

    War Bonds (Earn a Total of $50000) - You will get this easily by playing Classic Casual or Competitive, so it's nothing to worry about.

    The Cleaner (Kill 5 Enemies in One Round) - Refer to 'Blitzkrieg'.

    War of Attrition (Be the last player alive in a round with all teammates being players.) - I'm pretty sure this Award is Online only, but I can't confirm it. By playing Demolition or Classic, you will be left alone quite often and having to clutch a situation is something you're going to do a lot. Be the last one standing and win the round for this.

    Piece Initiative (Win 5 Pistol Rounds) - Easy award, play the map 'Office' with Easy Bots on Classic Competitive (it must be Comp.), simply win the first round and back to the Main Menu, rinse and repeat until you get this award.

    Give Piece a Chance (Win 25 Pistol Rounds) - Refer to 'Piece Initiative'

    Black Bag Operation (Win a round without making any footstep noise, killing at least one player) - I had to boost this Online since the AI would pretty much never visit you on your spawn, or would do the objective forcing you to move. We traded having one person on each team, the player who is getting the award will not move at all. Have him kill you and then take control of a bot and go to him again to avoid them doing the objective. Rinse and repeat. I did this on Classic.

    The Frugal Beret (Win 10 rounds in a row without dying or spending any cash on Classic) - For some reason I actually got this in Arms Race, although I fulfilled the requirements in Classic once and never got it, perhaps it was a delay or something, but I did get it once I won 10 Games of Arms Race in a row even though I died a few times in between them.

    Avenging Angel (Kill an Enemy that has killed a friend on your friends list on the same round) - Obviously if you don't have friends who play this, you have a problem. Otherwise just invite some friends to a private game and have them join your team and stalk them until an AI kill them, avenge your bro and grab this award.
    Combat Awards
    Body Bagger (Kill 50 Enemies) - Simple. The easiest way to kill enemies is playing Arms Race on Shoots with Easy Bots. You get 27 kills a game in around 5 minutes, this also works towards the other kill enemy related awards.

    Corpseman (Kill 500 Enemies) - Refer to 'Body Bagger'

    Shot With Their Pants Down (Kill an enemy while he's reloading) - You should get this by natural progression, especially in Arms Race when the AI decides to reload and you kill them.

    Ballistic (Kill 4 Enemy Players within 15 Seconds, On Classic) - Same strategy as Blitzkrieg, do this on the map 'Inferno' and hope that the AI runs to B bomb site. I'd recommend using a LMG with a well placed flash bang in the narrow hall.

    Battle Sight Zero (Get 250 Headshots) - This is an achievement, quite easy as well. You will get this by natural progression on the game but if you want this done quickly, play Arms Race on Shoots and continue to aim for the head.

    Blind Ambition (Kill 25 Enemies that are blinded) - Flashbangs are a pain in the butt to use, sometimes you won't be nowhere near the thing where it explodes but it registers as if you were looking at it point blank. If this happens, simply spray and hope for the best. Sometimes you might get lucky and only end up Partially Blind which makes the kills much easier.

    Blind Fury (Kill one enemy while being blinded) - I did this on Inferno's B Bomb Hall area, I saw them come through it and tossed a Flashbang and intentionally got myself blinded. I began to spray and unlocked this one and Spray & Pray.

    Spray and Pray (Kill two enemies while being blinded) - Refer to 'Blind Fury'

    Make the Cut (Win a knife fight) - As hilarious as it is to watch Online spectating two people, it's actually quite annoying since half the time due to lag it's pretty random. I'd recommend to boost this with a buddy by him having a knife and you stabbing him a few times.

    Eye to Eye (Kill an enemy that's scoped in with his sniper rifle with your sniper rifle) - More of a luck based award unless boosted, in Arms Race the AI will eventually get the Sniper Rifle and you have to use yours to kill him. You can do this anywhere, you have a better chance in Classic against the AI since usually one always owns a Sniper.

    Sknifed (Kill a zoomed-in scope'd enemy with a knife) - I got this on Arms Race, but the same thing applies on Classic or any other game mode. Just knife someone with a Sniper Rifle and hope they were zoomed in.

    Hip Shot (Kill an enemy with an un-zoomed Sniper Rifle) - I actually got this using a SCAR I believe, I can't confirm it. Other wise use the Semi-Auto Sniper and get a hip fire shot. Not too difficult and can be boosted to make it less painful.

    Snipe Hunter (Kill 100 Zoomed-In Sniper Enemies) - Should get this by natural progression as you play Online or against Bots, there's no telling if they're zoomed in or not.

    Dead Man Walking (Kill an Enemy while having 1HP) - I got lucky with this in a round of Arms Race. I'm not sure if there's a safe way to get someone's HP to exactly 1HP, but if you get there be sure to camp and await a safe kill. Don't take risks.

    Street Fighter (Kill an enemy with a knife while playing Classic in the pistol round) - For some reason this one took a bit for me to unlock, I don't know if the person is actually suppose to shoot you once and then you end up killing him but that seems to be the case when I did it.

    Akimbo King (While using Dual Berretas, kill someone who is using Dual Berretas) - Boosted, although can be done Online the AI almost never chooses the double berretas. Can be done easily by meeting up with someone in a Bomb Site on a Private Classic match.

    Death From Above (Kill an enemy while being Airborne) - To be honest, this is another one with some wonky requirements. I got this randomly in a Arms Race match but when I tried to replicate it with my friend for the other Awards we could not get it to work at all. I got this by falling down a ramp and shooting someone in the head, in other words pure luck.

    Lost and F0wnd (Kill an enemy with a weapon he dropped) - Definitely boosted. Very few people Online drop their weapons in the round that you kill him with said weapon. Grab a friend and go to a Private Match, meet up in a bomb site and use the Down D-Pad to drop your gun. Be sure to return the favor.

    Ammo Conservation (Kill two enemies with one bullet) - I got this while playing Classic with the AI. I used a shotgun and began spraying for the head when they were bunched up which it's pretty often they are. Eventually you will get two kills with one of them having a symbol as if a bullet went through a wall. You'll get your award then.

    Points In Your Favor (Inflict 2500 Damage Total) - Very easy. Natural progression as you have to damage your opponents to get this.

    You've Made Your Points (Inflict 50000 Damage Total) - Refer to 'Points In Your Favor'

    Magic Bullet (Kill an Enemy with the last bullet in your magazine. Excluding Snipers and Zeus) - I'm not sure why they put the restriction on the Sniper, because you normally get this by using a shotgun and when on the last bullet he will put one bullet back in. If you press the shoot button he will stop reloading with one bullet left in the clip, eventually you will get it.

    Primer (Deal 95% to an enemy and have someone else finish him off) - Pretty much pure luck, someone will always steal your kill down the road including your Easy AI bots. Just hope that someone steals it at the right time.

    Finishing Schooled (Kill an enemy with 5% health with damage dealt by others) - Now it's your turn, when you see two people engaging in a fight be sure to snag up the kill. Eventually you will get the right one.

    The Unstoppable Force (Kill Four Enemies in a Single Round) - Refer to 'The Cleaner'

    Head Shred Redemption (Kill 5 Enemies with Headshots in a single round) - It'd be wise to use a shotgun while playing against the bots in a Classic match. Personally, I got this in a Pistol Round by killing all of them carefully.

    The Road To Hell (Blind an Enemy who then kills a teammate) - Pure luck unless boosted. I got this in a round against the bots by tossing a flash bang going for kills with it, since they're usually in a train like formation one of them began shooting while I was spraying and he got the kill granting me the award.
    Weapon Specialist
    Desert Eagle Expert (Kill 200 Enemies with the Desert Eagle) - One of the more fun guns to boost since it's powerful and fun in general. Just buy this gun whenever you can and get kills.

    P2000 Tactical Expert (Kill 100 Enemies with the P2000) - The default gun for the CT Team. Not too bad to kill with.

    Glock 18 Expert (Kill 100 Enemies with the G18) - The default gun for the Terrorist Team. Recommended to change to it's secondary burst mode so it acts more like a gun.

    P250 Expert (Kill 25 Enemies with the P250) - I got this while playing Arms Race, 25 Kills is fairly trivial/

    Dual Berretas Expert (Kill 25 Enemies with the Dual Berretas) - Refer to 'P250 Expert'

    Five-SeveN Expert (Kill 25 Enemies with the Five-SeveN) - Refer to 'P250 Expert'

    Tec-9 Expert (Kill 100 Enemies with the Tec-9) - For some reason this award is lost around the 3rd Row with some of the SMGs which confuses some people when Pistol Master doesn't unlock. Be sure to buy this any time you can in the Pistols Shop.

    MP9 Expert (Kill 100 Enemies with the MP9) - A CT SMG only, it's not very good but killing against the AI isn't proven to be much of a challenge. I did this while escorting the hostages.

    Nova Expert (Kill 100 Enemies with the Nova) - One of the best shotguns in the group, this gun feels like the Model from MW2. One of the more fun guns to grind with.

    XM1014 Expert (Kill 200 Enemies with the XM1014) - For being an Automatic Shotgun, it's actually a pain to get 200 Kills with it. Mostly it's due to the fact that sometimes the gun just refuses to kill someone if you're even two steps away from the person. Just make sure to be up close and personal against your opponents.

    Mag-7 Expert (Kill 50 Enemies with the Mag-7) - Not a bad gun to use, really weird design but it's a shotgun. One of the better ones to use despite it's short clip.

    Sawed Off Expert (Kill 50 Enemies with the Sawed Off) - Somewhat better than the nova and a Terrorist exclusive, I got most of these kills while playing Arms Race.

    Knife Expert (Kill 100 Enemies with the Knife) - Easily done in Arms Race, if you finished one of the handguns just use your knife instead. You will go to the next gun even with an ordinary knife kill.

    Premature Burial (Kill an enemy with a Grenade after you died) - Million times easier boosted. Have your friend shoot you three times, then you shoot him three times. Hold down your grenade and when he kills you it will do a Martyrdom effect and kill him as well. For some reason against the AI, either the AI will flop before you think he's bleeding to death or he runs away when he sees your grenade, really difficult to do without a partner.

    Pistol Master (Unlock all Pistol Kill Rewards) - You will unlock this after finishing all your pistol kills. I can't confirm if the Zeus is needed or not as the Tec-9 was my final pistol gun.

    Shotgun Master (Unlock all Shotgun Kill Rewards) - You will unlock this after finishing all your shotgun kills.

    Zeus x27 Expert (Kill 10 Enemies with the Zeus) - You can only use this gun in Classic Casual and it has one round. You have to almost be humping the person you're going to taze and it instant kills them, not too difficult.

    Expert Marksman (Kill an Enemy with every weapon) - This is an achievement. I can confirm that Grenade and Molotovs don't count towards this Award. You must kill using every weapon, be sure to check the awards to track your progress.

    Global Expertise
    Office Map Veteran (Win 100 Rounds on Office) - I did this on Classic Competitive. It takes 7 games to get an Award for winning the 100 Rounds which makes it a bit tedious but completely doable if you take your time. Each game takes 15 or more minutes, depending how fast you do it.

    Inferno Map Veteran (Win 100 Rounds on Inferno) - Refer to 'Office Map Veteran'

    Nuke Map Veteran (Win 100 Rounds on Nuke) - Refer to 'Nuke Map Veteran'

    Shoots Vet (Win 5 Games on Shoots Arms Race Mode) - You don't actually have to win the 5 games unlike the other achievements that require it, your team has to win a game. Not sure why, but if someone on your team wins the Arms Race you get a win registered under this award but not the others.

    Baggage Vet (Win 5 Games on Baggage Arms Race Mode) - Refer to 'Shoots Vet'

    A World Of Pane (Shatter 14 Windows in one round in Office) - I'm pretty sure there are around 17 windows to break, you pretty much have to hope the AI doesn't start breaking the windows in 10 seconds like it usually does. Not much of a challenge but can be tedious if the AI doesn't cooperate.
    Arms Race & Demolition
    Tourist (Play on every map on Arms Race & Demo) - I'm not sure if the game has to be played in it's entirety or not, but I did just in case. You will get this by natural progression as long as you play both game types and choose every map.

    Denied! (Kill an Enemy who is on the Gold Knife in Arms Race) - You really want to boost this, as if not you're going to hope on pure luck on finding that person. While boosting, confirm with your partner on the location and help him get the 26 kills, then kill him.

    Rampage! (Win an Arms Race match without dying) - Refer to the Solutions posted on this achievement. One of the more challenging awards in the game.

    FIRST! (Get the first kill in an Arms Race or Demolition round) - Really easy, just rush every round and eventually you will kill someone first.

    One Shot, One Kill (Kill an enemy with 3 Different Guns on their first bullet) - You must do this in Arms Race, you will eventually run into a section where you get four shotguns in a row, this is when you go really close to the bot/player and get a kill with them without missing. Recommended to boost.

    Conservationalist (Win an Arms Race game without Reloading Once) - Not as hard as it looks, I just used a Knife the whole game and it registers as a kill. Win the game and it's yours.

    Shorter Fuse (Plant 5 Bombs in Demolition) - Should be natural progression while playing Demolition, since it's pretty much the objective.

    Quick Cut (Defuse 5 Bombs in Demolition) - Refer to 'Shorter Fuse'.

    First Things First (Personally kill the entire Terrorist team before the bomb is planted in Online Demolition Mode) - Please refer to the solutions posted regarding this Award. It MUST be done Online and it's really tricky due to multiple obstacles against it.

    Born Ready (Kill an enemy with the first bullet after your respawn protection ends in Arms Race mode - When you have a shotgun you feel comfortable with, intentionally get yourself killed and hope you run into someone as soon as you get out of your spawn area, eventually you will get this.

    Base Scamper (Kill an enemy as soon as their respawn invincibility ends) - Much easier in shoots, sometimes the AI/Player will fade out meaning they're invincible. With a Sniper or Shotgun, wait until he gets his shade back and pop him.

    Knife for Knife (Kill an enemy that has a Gold Knife with a Gold Knife) - Even more recommended to boost, follow the steps on 'Denied!' on how to get this with ease.

    Level Playing Field (Kill an enemy that's on Gold Knife with a Sub Machine Gun) - Refer to 'Denied!'. Just keep your first gun while helping your friend, once he has the knife kill him with your SMG.

    Still Alive (Survive more than 30 seconds with less than ten health in Arms Race or Demolition mode) - More luck than anything to keep your health under 10HP, but once you do camp for a while and eventually you will unlock it.

    Practice, Practice, Practice (Play 100 Arms Race or Demolition Games) - Should be natural progression as you get everything else in the game in Arms Race and Demolition Mode.

    Gungamer (Win 1 Game of Arms Race or Demolition) - Play Arms Race against Easy Bots, shouldn't be a challenge.

    Keep on Gunning (Win 25 Games of Arms Race or Demolition) - Refer to 'Gungamer'

    Repeat Offender (Dominate an enemy) - This is an achievement. To dominate an enemy you must kill him multiple times without him killing you back, consider it a Nemesis.

    Decimator (Dominate 10 Enemies) - Refer to 'Repeat Offender'. Doesn't have to be in one game.

    Insurgent (Kill an enemy who is dominating you) - You can do this while playing Online, Boosting or playing against bots. Just let them kill you until it says they're dominating you, then kill them in return.

    Overkill (Kill an enemy who you're currently dominating) - Once it says "You're dominating X Player" continue to kill them without them killing you back, you will unlock this award afterwards.

    Command and Control (Kill 100 enemies who you're currently dominating) - Refer to 'Overkill'

    Ten Angry Men (Kill 10 Enemies who you're currently dominating in a Single Match) - Better to be done in Arms Race, continue to kill people until you get it. you should get this at the same time with the 'Rampage!' Award.

    Excessive Brutality (Kill an enemy you're currently dominating 4 additional times) - Refer to 'Overkill'

    Hat Trick (Dominate 3 Opponents at a time) - You should get this at the same time as 'Rampage!'. Just play an Arms Race game and make sure you continue to kill opponents in a row.
    That's it! Although the guide is long and the descriptions are not 100% accurate, you got a good idea on how to make this achievement yours.

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    Johnny MustradoUnlocked at 98 awards. Good solution wink
    Posted by Johnny Mustrado on 22 Aug 13 at 13:57
    z RagnaroK zAny idea as to why my progress is getting revered? I played last night, got all the demolition map wins, and when I got on today it seems to have reverted back to before last night. I have been playing offline vs bots the entire time...
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 06 Nov 18 at 21:54
    WilliamRSPOADoes the awards of getting kills with the weapons count?
    Posted by WilliamRSPOA on 14 Apr 19 at 13:07
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    Awards can be won in single-player against bots of easy difficulty or higher as well as online. For the map based awards, continually play matches of every game type and each map.

    Keep in mind that there are 167 different awards, so you don't have to attempt to get every single one.

    If you choose the map 'Office', make sure to shoot 14 panes of glass in one round, because that is an award.

    After getting all of the map based awards, you will have at least 17/100. I say at least, because it is highly likely that you will have over 500 kills, and meet requirements to other awards.

    Next would be the guns. A tedious way to get a lot of guns simultaneously is to play over 100 games of 'Arms Race'. Because each kill counts towards the gun awards, you will complete some of the guns.

    Other awards will be collected over time, and some awards will come down to either skill or dumb luck.
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    abtimbadLets BOOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by abtimbad on 23 Aug 12 at 09:22
    Atty1489Is it like get 100 awards in total which are like 4or5 of the same or is it like 100 different awards overall?
    Posted by Atty1489 on 23 Aug 12 at 17:45
    abtimbad100 different
    Posted by abtimbad on 23 Aug 12 at 18:32
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