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Win an Arms Race match without dying

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How to unlock the Rampage! achievement

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    23 Aug 2012 23 Aug 2012 24 Aug 2012
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    There are 3 methods to choose from, arranged in order from easiest to hardest.

    Method 1: Unlimited Deaths Method - Recommended

    1) Set-up an Arms Race match against easy bots on either map.
    2) Kill enemies until you reach the golden knife. (You can die as many times as you need)
    3) Once you have the golden knife, switch teams, using the pause menu. You will respawn with dual barettas.
    4) From here all you need to do is get 2 kills without dying. If you do die, just switch teams again and keep trying until you can string a kill with dual barettas and the knife in 1 life!

    Note: If this ever does become patched just make sure to clear your cache, and then play offline.

    Method 2: Legitimate Method
    From the main menu select:
    Play > Offline With Bots > Arms Race > Baggage > Easy Bots > Terrorist Team

    I suggest you watch the video, but a few tips and tricks that go with it are:
    - Easy Bots can have perfect aim. If they are facing your direction, do not shoot but run away to the nearest safe cover.
    - Use your teammates as distractions to catch Bots from the side while they are engaged.
    - Try to limit yourself to one enemy on your screen at any given time.
    - Patience is a virtue. This method does involve some "camping", and don't get discouraged when you are waiting and no enemies are appearing.
    - Watch your mini-map and your flank.
    - DO NOT go into the enemy base.
    - For the last golden knife kill, try to flank a single enemy and stab from behind. If they don't die, keep stabbing or run away and try a different enemy.

    Lastly, even if you die, don't give up, and play until the end. You have to get used to getting kills with all the weapons.

    Method 3: Online Boost Method
    Keep in mind you can also boost this online in a private match. You can do this with anywhere between 2-10 total players.

    Just designate a spot where your friends will sacrifice themselves to you, and keep away from any bots while you rack up the kills. Take turns getting the achievement. This is an option for those who are having trouble with the first method.

    You can create a CS: GO boosting session here:

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    Quasar69Still Worksdance
    Posted by Quasar69 on 20 Jul 14 at 20:21
    v Sh0ckWav3 vIt still works! clap
    Posted by v Sh0ckWav3 v on 06 May 15 at 15:47
    pbnj93Still works! headspin
    Posted by pbnj93 on 08 Jul 16 at 07:02
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  • daevvdaevv104,673
    24 Aug 2012 24 Aug 2012 24 Aug 2012
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    As of August 23, 2012 this exploit works.

    This achievement is a 1 out of 10 in difficulty...unless this exploit gets patched.

    Step 1: Play Arms Race offline against easy bots till you get to the Golden Knife. It doesn't matter how many times you die on the way to the Golden Knife.

    Step 2: Switch teams (Press Start, then choose sides). You will be put on the other team and back a rank to the Dual Pistols.

    Step 3: Now you just need to get 2 kills without dying to get the achievement, 1 for the Dual Pistols and 1 for Golden Knife. Pressing R3 with the knife behind a bot is a 1 hit kill as you stab not swipe the knife like you do when pressing the default right trigger. The achievement will pop shortly after the round ends!

    Hope that helps! I did this legit (against easy bots) on PS3 today then again using this exploit tonight on 360!
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    DwyaneConfirming this still works on 5/23/2016, awesome solution!
    Posted by Dwyane on 23 May 16 at 14:14
    szogyenyi1993This solution still works!
    Posted by szogyenyi1993 on 05 Feb at 18:44
    AcTive PuNtChSolution still works.
    Posted by AcTive PuNtCh on 04 Oct at 22:27
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    The achievement online is very tough as people tend to single you out and try to hunt, However it can be made simpler on you by playing offline against bots and the achievement will still count and unlock, though itself it's still very hard

    Some tips:
    1:Find a place easily defensible and near the enemy bots, that way they can't detect you as fast, and there's somewhere to hide if you need to for knife or Shotguns

    2: Pace your shots, you want to be a consistent killer, not a sprayer in this scenario, and often the bots will insta-headshot you like it was nothing, so pace your shots and aim high

    3: Knifing can be a pain, especially since you've not died so wait until either an enemy has stupidly and mindlessly walked in the same room and start wailing on him, or wait for them to pass by and back stab them

    EDIT: Shoots is by far the easier option, as you can be at the enemys doorstep as explained by Axyism in the comments

    EDIT 2: As said by Monkeyboy352 Harmless bots does not earn you the achievement, so Easy bots Minimum, More confirmation would be appreciated though, More sources is a better picture

    Hope this helps, negative voters please state why and I hope this helps
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    undiXcan i choose the lowest difficulty for the boots?
    Posted by undiX on 23 Aug 12 at 10:49
    monkeyboy352Harmless difficulty does not work.
    Posted by monkeyboy352 on 23 Aug 12 at 16:48
    TuomasPDone it at Shoots, 5 health left from first shotgun. Had some good luck with knife
    When you play Shoots, play as ct, and best spot seems to be house right hand side from spawn, second floor and your side of map.
    Posted by TuomasP on 23 Aug 12 at 17:31
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