Clean Sweep achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Clean Sweep

Kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking any damage

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How to unlock the Clean Sweep achievement

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    This can be done offline against bots and can be very simple to do

    First: pick Classic Casual, Don't want any stray fire causing potential harm to your achievement

    Second: Pick the map 'Dust' and Play as Counter Terrorists, not only do you spawn in a better place [In my opinion] This gives you easy flanks

    Third: Save up some money for the AWP and when Possible buy it, the gun is a one hit kill in most stances

    Fourth; While saving up money, watch your team mates and enemy patterns, they will practically be the same round after round, so if your team mates head right, go to the left door on the central corridor, the enemy will MOST LIKELY [Not always] be there to fire at your team of AI's, This is the better one of the two patterns but either one works

    The second pattern is they all rush under to the opponent side, though you have the high ground and see them coming, there's risk you'll get hit so be careful

    Lastly: line up your sights and pick them off one by one, if one of your team mates or you yourself get hurt, try again next round, you'll get it eventually

    EDIT: According to Rasta Erva the achievement is glitched, can we get more people to confirm this please, thanks

    Negative voters please state why and I hope this helps

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    TitleInLargeJust to let you know, you can earn this during the warm up round. Me and my girlfriend did this by fluke last night. Lol
    Posted by TitleInLarge on 31 May 13 at 20:11
    KillipoIf you need this to be any easier, I would recommend using a Molotov/incendiary grenade to 'herd' the enemies to a path you are more comfortable in. I followed all of this guide, but found a spot that I could take cover and the enemies would be wide open. But they only took that path when I threw a molotov at the door leading into the bomb spot.

    Sometimes you can partially injure the enemies in the process as well, leading to an easier kill.
    Posted by Killipo on 05 Jan 14 at 02:22
    CodeRedAddictMDWas working on this last night, still a little glitchy, was playing Classic Casual (or Casual Classic, whatever it is) on Dust. After a few tries I managed to finish a round as CT with no damage taken, saw the award, but no achievement. Decided to start going for the get a kill with every weapon achievement, so at some point switched to Terrorist. I found that CT would once in awhile herd over to the ledge by the Long B path. Managed to AWP a couple and then backed away to avoid being shot. Think the bots got a kill or two as well. Couldn't find the last one so planted the bomb at B and sniped down the walkway, Took out the last two and bickity bam, achievement popped. toast
    Posted by CodeRedAddictMD on 15 Nov 16 at 16:30
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    If you're having trouble getting this legit or even getting a decent boosting party together - try following this good video.

    Credit to 'cqbsarge' and 'Achievementdood' of YouTube.
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    04 Jan 2013 04 Jan 2013 04 Jan 2013
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    This is a boosting method.

    First, you'll need four people. Have the person going for the achievement on one team, and the other three on the other. Pick Classic Casual as your game mode. The map doesn't matter, but I recommend Lake or Safehouse.

    The people that are not going for the achievement need to buy incendiary grenades as soon as the match starts and kill themselves. Then, they need to take control of the remaining bots and get killed.

    Credit to ID357, ClockWrkPhantom, and An9rYM0Nk3y 238 for figuring out this method with me.

    If you are going to vote negative, please leave a comment stating why so that I may improve my solution for future readers.
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