King of the Kill achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

King of the Kill

Play 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition mode

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How to unlock the King of the Kill achievement

  • ayx QQayx QQ180,914
    09 Sep 2012 23 Aug 2012 14 Sep 2012
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    Update: There seems to be a glitch where playing Arms Race gives you two matches played when you only played one, while Demolition only gives you one match. This could be as it detects the MVP for both teams regardless of the winner resulting in the match duplicating, which means that it takes only 2,500 matches compared to the original 5000 if you play Arms Race. This appears to be a glitch and would appreciate confirmation, also with the rumored Map Packs coming in the future I wouldn't be surprised if they fixed this in a future patch. There have been reports with players only getting one game at a time instead of the glitched two, there's still no confirmation on what triggers this glitch.

    You are allowed to play Offline against bots for this achievement, and I highly recommend it for the best reason: You won't get removed from the session due to inactivity. Although you 'could' rubber band this, make a little bit faster as Online Players will do the games faster meaning progress should go quicker, you risk the game freezing or lagging out due to host disconnections meaning you will be kicked to the main menu. Those extra minutes you saved by playing Online has the risk of freezing making you waste hours if you plan to leave this overnight.

    You want to do the following:

    Offline With Bots
    Arms Race
    Any Map (Although Shoots has less areas to move around.)
    Expert Bots

    Surprisingly this achievement could have been more heavy on tools to make this possible, but you don't even need a wired controller or a rubber band to keep moving. You won't get kicked for inactivity and your controller shutting off won't matter as the game will continue without you. Also, you will be getting these Awards towards your Awardist achievement. These awards are:

    Shoots Vet (Win 5 Arms Race on Shoots)
    Baggage Claimer (Win 5 Arms Race on Baggage)
    Practice, Practice, Practice (Play 100 Games on Arms Race or Demolition)
    Gun Collector (Play 500 Games on Arms Race or Demolition)
    King of the Hill (Play 5000 Games on Arms Race or Demolition)

    You can track the progress for this achievement on the pause menu. My Accomplishments > Awards > Arms Race & Demolition

    These are for doing absolutely nothing but leaving your Xbox on whenever you're not going to use it. Although some people claim to have their Xbox Overheating, I personally have left it on 24/7 for weeks while boosting other games and it has never overheated. (I use the old Xbox model.) I just have it in a well ventilated area without a fan blowing on it and it's been fine. If you have it in a closed in area then I'd recommend moving it or having a fan beside it for safety.

    I'm working on this and the games only take a few minutes for an Arms Race game to finish, compared to Demolition that it takes 11 rounds for a game to end plus restarts in rounds that take even longer. Of course, you can idle Demolition for the Map Wins Rewards if you want to get that out of the way as well. If you have any other tips that'd be great to make this fast for others.

    Note: I left this overnight for 8 hours give or take, and it completed a total of around 100 Games. This achievement will take a while, so whenever you have something to do just leave the game running and it'll take care of it eventually. Be sure to grind the Arms Race games for the God of War to work on that tedious achievement as well.

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    Fallout8194My matches keep getting reset as well.
    Posted by Fallout8194 on 29 Sep 18 at 06:54
    Lord Kingslay3rFor those doing this on X1, you will need some sort of wired connection or bands to keep your controller going. Your Xbox will shut down not long after the controller dies.
    Posted by Lord Kingslay3r on 01 May 20 at 09:48
    GEARFACEI can confirm you can still get the 2 plays on Arms Race on Xbox One. I think the people reporting it not working weren't looking at the Arms Race medal but just the regular Stats screen.
    Posted by GEARFACE on 29 May 20 at 07:42
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  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN1,483,614
    31 Aug 2012 28 Aug 2012 28 Aug 2012
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    Idling bot matches yourself will get you the achievement eventually, but if you really want to do this efficiently try this set up.

    Get 10 people to fill up an Arms Race match. Doesn't have to be 10 human players, so break out those second consoles and dummy accounts if you got em.

    When the match starts, call vote for "choose the next map" and choose Shoots. Once the vote passes, every game after this will be on Shoots and will bypass the loading screen and warmup time. This is almost twice as fast as letting the game switch between Shoots and Baggage over and over.

    Now you just need at least 1 person to get the 27 kills and finish the match. This is also the fastest way to rack up kills towards God of War, so you shouldn't have an issue finding someone to get kills. You can even have 1 person from each team go at the same time if you want.

    There is a possibility you will lose your matches played if your xbox freezes during the game, so make sure you quit out to the main menu and rejoin to save your matches played so far.

    My group is currently averaging about 2 mins a match for 30 matches an hour. 5000 / 30 = 167 hours. When I was running bot matches offline over night I was averaging about 5 matches an hour at best, which would take 1000 hours. You can still idle with this method as long as someone is doing the killing. If everyone is going to idle, drop it down to 9 players and 1 bot and the bot will finish the match at a rate of about 20 matches an hour.
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    Damned straight.
    Posted on 17 Jul 15 at 15:02
    is that HydroToo much of an effort needed to get 10 people together for this game - When you can just leave it idling overnight or while at work. Not to mention, while your actually at home on the 360, you can work on other chevos that actually require "work."
    Posted by is that Hydro on 17 Jul 15 at 15:07
    LuucBrilliant guide, me and 8 others are using this method.
    We started a week ago, and we will be probably done in a few days.
    About the freezes, I was hosting a lobby for at least 50 hours (!) when suddenly my box froze.
    I was expecting to have lost every progression but luckily it still saved.
    So I wouldn't say a freeze always guarantees progression resets.
    Posted by Luuc on 21 Apr 19 at 17:47
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