Vae Victus achievement in BlackSite: Area 51

Vae Victus

Win more than 50 ranked matches!

Vae Victus0
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How to unlock the Vae Victus achievement

  • Hungry HowieHungry Howie588,239
    28 Jun 2009 28 Jun 2009
    46 1 4
    This is the quickest way to boost this.

    Get at least 4 people together for a boosting session. Then play Capture the Flag on Roughneck. All you gotta do is Capture 3 flags to win the match. Just walk right up the Center of the map to the other teams spawn zone, 1 grabs the flag and returns it, while the other waits for the flag to re-appear to re-capture it. The first player returns to capture the final third flag.

    Do this 50 times for the achievement.

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    Roughneck is up to 12 seconds faster per flag capture, may not seem like much but when 4 guys need 50 wins each it can shave 20 mins+ off your final time which is up to 5 extra matches.
    Posted on 21 Feb 11 at 11:34
    jjaldanaIf you play DM and are the host it counts as a win if everyone leaves the game. So you can get a win in 1.5-2 min.
    Posted by jjaldana on 25 Feb at 02:45
    jjaldanaIt does not work for team based game modes only free for all modes.
    Posted by jjaldana on 25 Feb at 02:47
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  • XxSpazemxXXxSpazemxX208,798
    29 Dec 2010 29 Dec 2010 30 May 2013
    21 3 3
    You have two options here Capture the Flag on Roughneck or Capture the Flag on Iraq, Some people say Roughneck is faster and some say Iraq is faster, so ill leave the choice up to you to choose which one you do.

    When playing Iraq, just run to the left or right side of the map (depending on which side you spawn), and there is a small dirt path which will lead you straight to the other base. 1 person will grab the flag and return it, while another player on the other team will wait for them to score and then grab their flag and run it back to their base. It will take 3 captures to win the match.

    When playing on Roughneck Walk to the centre of the map grab the flag and start walking back to your base, a team member should then wait at the enemy flag so he can grab it as soon as you capture the flag at your base, then the first guy that grabbed the flag starts walking back to the enemy base and caps the last flag that will win the match.

    Also note that on the leaderboards, just because it says you have won a certain amount of matches doesn't mean that its true.
    The leader boards are glitched sometimes and shows that you have won more matches than you actually have or less matches then you actually have.

    If you find this solution to be unhelpful, please tell me why in a comment and I will update it the next time I'm online.
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    Roughneck is up to 12 seconds faster per flag capture, may not seem like much but when 4 guys need 50 wins each it can shave 20 mins+ off your final time which is up to 5 extra matches. (I'm not gonna neg vote cos Iraq will work, just take more time, and he's right about the boards being a little off)
    Posted on 21 Feb 11 at 11:37
    abtimbadyea i noticed the boards being off too.
    Posted by abtimbad on 01 Apr 11 at 02:21
    rob25XAlso noticed the leaderboards to be completely wrong. Good solution. +1
    Posted by rob25X on 09 May 17 at 22:34
  • HolyWarr27HolyWarr27653,493
    23 May 2014 21 May 2014
    3 1 0
    After hosting a few boosting sessions I would like to point out that the FASTEST way to get this is to play with 5 people instead of 4.
    Obviously you must have at least 4 but with the 5th person in the game this gives you 3 wins 2 losses for 5 games played.

    *NOTE* - Only use this method with 5 players, any more or less will dilute the results. To get everyone to 50 wins will require 84 matches instead of 100 - THIS SAVES A LOT OF TIME!!!

    - Things to keep in mind

    1. Blue team (US soldiers) always will be the victor and always have 3 players

    2. Ready up once EVERYONE is in the match. - with 5 players, if first 4 ready up the match starts before the 5th can get in and they will not be able to joins once the game starts. (also once player 4 enters there is only 30 sec before the match starts with or without the 5th player)

    3. All 3 players on the blue team will capture 1 flag, everyone runs to the location and take turns running it back for a point.

    4. Roughneck is the fastest - 2:35 /// with load screens and getting into matches it is about 5 mins per win.

    5. Communicate - especially when entering the game to let the next person know that they can join. Getting everyone into the match in order takes up the most time so Communication is key to getting done faster.

    The best way to do this is is assign each person a number.
    Player 1 = 1
    Player 2 = 2
    Player 3 = 3
    Player 4 = 4
    Player 5 = 5

    -First, Third, and Fifth players to enter a match will always be assigned blue team.
    Second and Fourth players to enter will always be assigned brown team
    *there is no way to switch teams so you must enter the match accordingly.

    Now Player 1 will host a ranked CTF match. Player 2 enters, then 3, then 4, and finally player 5.
    --This will mean that player 1,3, 5 are on the blue team - which is going to win
    and player 2 & 4 are on the brown team - losing team.

    Player 2 will drop out as soon as the session starts and will host a new session which the other players will join when the first session is over.

    Player 2 hosts, player 3 enters, then player 4, then 5, and finally 1. Player 3 drops out when match starts and hosts a new match.
    2,4,1 - win 3,5 - lose

    Player 3 hosts, 4 enters, then 5, then 1, finally 2. Player 4 drops, starts a new match.
    3,5,2 - win 4,1 - lose

    Player 4 hosts, 5 enters, then 1, then 2, finally 3. Player 5 drops, starts a new match.
    4,1,3 - win 2,5 - lose

    Player 5 hosts, 1 enters, then 2, then 3, finally 4. Player 1 drops, starts a new match.
    5,2,4 - win 1,3 lose

    Each player now has 3 wins with 5 matches played - rinse repeat

    *this rotations seems difficult but once you get the hang of it, it is fairly simple and much faster than other ways of grinding out these wins.

    - The second player into the game will always leave once it begins and start a new match to lower the downtime between games.

    - Whoever hosts the finished game will be the last player to enter the next game.
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