Bond of a Pyromancer achievement in DARK SOULS

Bond of a Pyromancer

Acquire all pyromancies.

Bond of a Pyromancer+0.3
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How to unlock the Bond of a Pyromancer achievement

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    For this achievement you simply gotta collect every pyromancy spell from the base game, this means none of the newly added spells are required(meaning Black Flame).

    Unlike many of the other collect achievements in Dark Souls, this one can be gotten on your first playthrough! You do have to go out of your way a few times to gain access to a few hidden spells, but it can all be done on your first time and you don't really have to follow any strict paths.

    A note beforehand: Purchase all spells from Laurentius while you can, as once you've completed Blighttown he will say he's packing up shop to venture down to find the mythical Witch of Izalith. He'll go hollow down there and effectively lock you out on the achievement for this playthrough. If you don't have enough souls, purchase Iron Flesh and Flash Sweat as they're unique to him.

    But without further ado!


    FIREBALL - 800 souls.
    If you chose the Pyromancer class, you'll have this from the start. For others, go into the Depths and find Laurentius of the Great Swamp in a storage room adjacent to the two Butchers where you'll have to shatter the barrel keeping him trapped by rolling into it. Once back in Firelink, agree that you're fond of Pyromancy and he'll open up shop to you.

    Note you can also score this spell from Quelana, whose location will explained on the Great Fireball spell.

    FLASH SWEAT - 2000 souls.
    Purchased from Laurentius.

    IRON FLESH - 2000 souls.
    Once again, purchased from Laurentius.

    FIRE ORB - 8000 souls.
    Also purchased from Laurentius.

    Note you can also score this spell from Quelana, whose location will explained on the Great Fireball spell.

    COMBUSTION - 500 souls.
    Once more, purchased from Laurentius or Quelana.

    GREAT FIREBALL - 20000 souls.
    In order to buy this spell, you must trigger Quelana, Witch Daughter of Izalith. Many people claim the main trigger for her is defeating Quelaag and having a upgraded Pyromancy Flame.

    In order to upgrade your Pyromancy Flame, under the lever for the Blighttown Bell will be a wall without many egg sacs; Hit it and it should disappear. A egg burdened man called Eingyi will crawl up to you and ask you if you're the new servant; answer with Yes.

    Join the Chaos Servant covenant and speak to Eingyi again, he'll offer to upgrade your Flame to a max of +10.

    Leave the zone so the area can update and return to Blighttown. Now near a pillar to the left(coming from Quelaag) will be a hooded woman sitting down, this is Quelana. Speak with her, also say you're into pyromancy like Salaman. Proceed to buy the spell!

    Don't forget to talk to her a lot, preferably every time you return to Blighttown. She'll have a favor to ask of you if you do this enough times with a Pyromancy for reward. This is further explained on Fire Tempest.

    GREAT COMBUSTION - 5000 souls.
    Purchased from Quelana.

    FIRE WHIP - 10000 souls.
    Also purchased from Quelana.

    FIRESTORM - 30000 souls.
    And again, purchased from Quelana.

    UNDEAD RAPPORT - 10000 souls.
    Last spell purchased from Quelana exclusively.

    POISON MIST - 10000 souls.
    Remember the egg guy Eingyi? He sells this spell, provided you're infected with the egg. How do you do this? Simple! Run out into the Demon Ruins, the bonfire there is absolutely surrounded by these things.

    Run past the dormant egg carriers, on the hill down there'll be two that engage you on sight - Let them hit you with their attacks until you're on low health, then retreat to the bonfire.

    After a minute or so, your character will start to scratch his or her head over and over. After four minutes a egg will hatch on your head, blocking your helm slot and leeching your soul gains.

    Go see Eingyi, he'll claim you're one of them and open his shop to you. Purchase Poison and Toxic Mists, also talk to him and he'll give you the Egg Vermifuge to get rid of the silly egg on your head for free.

    Note: This spell is also quite easily found in the swamps of Blighttown, but for sake of already being there for fetch his unique spell. You might as well snag this one if you got souls to spare! For details on the found location, see the "Found in the World" section.

    TOXIC MIST - 25000 souls.
    Also purchased from Eingyi while you have the egg on your head.


    POWER WITHIN - Blighttown.
    Found under the massive mosquito blocking a sewer gate exit. Just climb the series of ladders all the way up and fire away at the massive beast from a range(best option since it's melee attacks have a nasty habit of chucking you off the edge).

    It'll be in a chest that it was literally hogging.

    FIRE TEMPEST - Quelana, Blighttown.
    While technically a drop, if you pester Quelana enough she'll ask you a favor - Kill her mother, the Bed of Chaos. Which handily is a target to progress the story, so be sure to tag this off before you go into Lost Izalith. Upon returning to Quelana after the successful kill, she'll thank you and give you the spell.

    If you somehow can't get her to cough up the favor or are impatient after having cleaned her shop out. You can just butcher the poor girl and the spell will drop. Other than a point of infamy and losing access to her shop, there are no penalties for killing her.

    CHAOS FIRE WHIP - Lost Izalith.
    Easily found once you've made your way to the Fog Gate to the Bed of Chaos. Simply instead of turning left into the gate, follow the path and take a right. There will be a Chaos Eater guarding a chest, butcher it and go loot the chest for the Chaos Fire Whip.

    FIRE SURGE - Painted World of Ariamis.
    In the underground area under the statue, there's a maze like part with Wheel Skeletons ambushing you. You can strike and dissolve two grey concrete looking wall, follow the path after and go up a ladder at the end.

    There will be a single dormant(unless provoked or spots you) Bloated Zombie who will drop this spell upon death.

    POISON MIST - Blighttown
    If you didn't feel like buying it from Eingyi, the location for the corpse is tucked neatly behind a bridge pillar in the far part of the swamp with the leeches dotted about.

    It's easily spotted by finding a large collapsed pile of bricks with 3 leeches staring at it, turn right and you'll see the white glow tucked in the corner.

    ACID SURGE - Painted World of Ariamis.
    Facing the tower and the statue with all the phalanxes around it(so the two doors/shortcut are behind you), turn right into the courtyard with impaled corpses. Immediately turn right, in the corner of the wall right next to the stairs will be the corpse with the spell.


    GREAT CHAOS FIREBALL - Chaos Covenant.
    Simply join the Chaos Covenant, which you might as well do when you try to get the two spells from Eingyi.

    CHAOS FIRE STORM - Chaos Covenant.
    Raise your rank two Rank 2 with the said faction, this requires you to cough up 30 humanity to the poor withered leader of the covenant. Takes a while but Chaos Fire Storm is definitely worth it.

    And acquiring all these should bag you Bond of a Pyromancer! Check out my other guide on Knights Honor if you still need it. Yes, yes, shameless self promotion D:
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