Fire Weapon achievement in Dark Souls (PC)

Fire Weapon

Acquire best weapon through fire reinforcement.

Fire Weapon+0.2
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How to unlock the Fire Weapon achievement

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    Because there are no guides attached to this PC version I try to sum the things up in short you have to do for this achievements.

    Fire Weapon and Chaos Weapon both go the same way and can be easily done with just one of the rare Red Slabs. I will give you a Step by Step how to do that.

    Step 1 - The Materials
    To make both weapons in one go you need
    18 Titanite Shards To make 2 Weapons +5 of your choice. (Shards are sold by Andrei the Smith in Undead Parish)
    22 Green Titanite Shards The Shards are dropped by the slime balls in The Depths and the slugs in Blighttown at the ground. You can also buy them at the smith in Anor Londo and the vendor at the rooftop of Sens Fortress
    9 Red Titanite Chunks Dropped by the Dark Knights in Kiln of the First Flame and by the Chaos Eaters in Lost Izalith
    1 Red Titanite Slab The Slab is found in Lost Izalith where you fall into a little maze with poison water, there you will find a chest. It´s also a extreme rare drop from the Chaos eaters. You can also trade your ascended Pyromancy Flame with Snuggly the Crow.

    Step 2 - The Embers
    Chaos Flame Ember - After Ceaseless Discharge is defeated and the lava is drained, go down to where the pack of non respawning Taurus Demons is waiting. Defeat them and in a lake of lava, theres a glowing corpse with the Ember.

    Large Flame Ember - Again after Ceaseless Discharge, make your way towards the Demon Ruins past some Capra Demons, down the big stairs with the Fire Spitters and directly left where suddenly a Taurus Demon is waiting. Go all the way to the end until you encounter 4 Acid Spitting Worms. Inside the Chest is your Ember.

    Step 3 - The Smith
    Blacksmith Vamos down in The Catacombs is your guy for this job. But he can be a real pain to find.

    After the first bonfire, follow the only way through the Catacombs (not the shortcut) until you come to a Spiral Staircase (there is also a switch and a Necromancer). Walk the staircase all the way down until it ends, now walk forward ... you will drop to a little platform (if you roll or jump, you will die). Do this another time to reach the platform with the glowing corpse, then its save to jump to the ground --> Cutscene and there it is, Grumpy Smith Vamos ;)

    Step 4 - 2 Achievements
    Alright, now that we have all the Materials, Embers and finally a guy that can smith it, so lets do that.
    1) Choose 2 Weapons and upgrade them to +5.
    2) Go to Vamos, give him both Embers and transform both weapons to +1 Fire Weapons. Upgrade them both to +5 Fire Weapons.
    3) Upgrade one Weapon to a Chaos Weapon +1 and one to a Fire Weapon +6.

    Now comes the tricky part, from here on you can do the rest of the respective upgrades in one go.
    Do that but do not leave the upgrade window!!!
    The game will Autosave after you close the window, the trick is to complete the whole upgrade until the achievement pops and then close your game, load it new up and do the other upgrade in one go. This way you can do both achievements in one go with just 1 Slab and 9 Chunks. Otherwise you need the double amount. ;)

    Step 5 - Hooray
    Here you are, 2 achievments and the weapon of your choice in your Pocket. If you choose the Fire Weapon +10, this weapon doesn´t scale any longer with your stats and has static damage and obviously an added fire effect.
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