Siege Battle (100) achievement in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Siege Battle (100)

Win 100 Siege Battle matches.

Siege Battle (100)-0.3
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How to unlock the Siege Battle (100) achievement

  • keaksterkeakster62,463
    06 Jun 2009 06 Jun 2009 03 Aug 2012
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    How to boost:
    Siege battle has two teams (Alpha and Bravo) with 2 rounds, 1 to attack and 1 to defend (each). The team who scores the most points during their attack round wins.

    The max room size is 8, but you can pick teams, so if you have 2-6 players 1 player picks Bravo team and everyone else is Alpha (if you have 7 or 8 put 2 on Bravo team).

    Round 1
    Team Alpha will be attacking, so destroy a few targets to get some points (you don't need many) and then start crashing. There is a respawn penalty. The rounds are 20 minutes each, but if your whole team keeps crashing it shortens the match time considerably. (Note: Everyone should be using the CFA-44 plane as it has the highest respawn penalty at 39 seconds).

    Team Bravo does nothing waiting for the clock to run down.

    Round 2
    Team Alpha does nothing.

    Team Bravo does not destroy any targets, and just crashes until the match ends.

    With Bravo team not having scored any points the win goes to Alpha team. Rinse and repeat. With 4 people in a match (1v3) you can get one done in about 10 minutes. The more people the faster it goes, but yes this one is a bit of a grind.

    As mentioned by ZZBroncos:
    ** You can do ranked or player matches for this, they both count
    *** You must MANUALLY SAVE you game before you quit or your progress will be lost, the game does not automatically save multiplayer stats

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    Connolly800Worked flawlessly, thanks!

    Siege Battle was the last thing I needed to do to complete the game. While it is possible to do it with only one other person, it is very time consuming. I was lucky in that another person I did it with was able to double box (meaning his dummy soaked up the losses).

    Realistically, you need at least 3 people in order to make the matches worthwhile.
    Posted by Connolly800 on 09 Jul 15 at 10:49
    Bort BortsonIf anyone is still doing this, BC and a second copy make things go much faster with at least another real person to pass the time. Thank you Connolly800 for the idea in the previous comment. A second copy using BC on the one with family Gold and your main account on the 360 cuts out 100 matches and many hours of playtime. Also effective for Team Battle.

    If you want to idle/automate the crashing, you can do very effectively by using a rubber band or hair tie to point the stick down and another to hold the RT down for full throttle and your plane will do a high speed dive and crash well before there is any hope of doing a loop de loop upside down. This way you only have to do the menu to restart the match after one person gets a kill on the Alpha team. I brought in a small LCD from the guest bedroom to not have to switch inputs on my main TV which also saved time menuing as I was dual boxing it.
    Posted by Bort Bortson on 03 Sep 20 at 03:48
    The S bot 9000If you don't have access to the CFA-44 (Unlocked by beating the campaign on hard) then the second fastest plane is the default F22 plane at 30 seconds of a penalty per crash. This DOES slow down the grind (likely by a couple minutes each run) so I would recommend having your crew just bite the bullet and play the campaign sometime before or during your grind for this. It will take a WHILE even with a full team of 4 with 4 dummy accounts.
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 25 Jun 21 at 06:11
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  • SouperH2OSouperH2O396,912
    21 Aug 2012 11 Aug 2012
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    Thought I'd add a little to the solution already here and put it separate so it's a bit more visible than a comment. The method is spot on in the other solution. However being who I am I decided to bring some math into this problem and figure out the most efficient splitting of teams based on how many people you have boosting this.

    This was done by testing with an F-22 how long it took me between crashes if I throttle up and head straight down. (17 seconds from starting position back to it after the crash) I calculated that in with the re-spawn penalty to find these answers based on the number of times you'd have to crash to get the clock down to 0 with each number of planes from 1 through 7 as 8 is the max for a party and coordination beyond that might become a problem. My findings are as follows:

    If you have: 8 people your best grouping is 5 vs 3.
    If you have: 7 people your best grouping is 5 vs 2.
    If you have: 6 people your best grouping is 4 vs 2.
    If you have: 5 people your best grouping is 3 vs 2.
    If you have: 4 people your best grouping is 3 vs 1.
    If you have 3 or less people I would advise trying to find more people as the times really go down fast.

    As always you need to rotate out who's on the losing side often to make sure no one gets shortchanged but I hope this can help anyone having trouble deciding on teams and we can all cut down this long boost a bit.
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    SouperH2OIf you do the math what you're saying doesn't make any sense. The idea that losing another suicide penalty on the losing side lengthens the match by the same amount as adding a sixth on the other side decreases it defies logic. I'd say if those are your findings in the 5v3 match someone wasn't doing their crashing. All testing while I was boosting this shows conclusively a shorter match time which allows for more matches allowing for more wins even if each individual game has less winners the total of wins for a session increased due to more matches being played. If you can't get this then do it the wrong way but I assure you, that you are wasting time. To the end of not wasting time this is my last response to your comment, have a nice day and good luck with this crappy boost either way.
    Posted by SouperH2O on 10 Jul 14 at 19:10
    I know what you're saying man, the math actually doesn't make sense for some reason, but we timed match after match with F-22's and CFA-44's with 5v3 and 6v2 and every single time they took the same amount of time for both scenarios. Sorry man but we tested too extensively.

    So you may as well play 6v2 because its one less guy losing each time.
    Posted on 10 Jul 14 at 19:37
    netstrykerI made this with two XBOX 360 and alone, very, very boring. At least this way I could made it according to my own rhythm and availability. Great solution!
    Posted by netstryker on 15 Apr 18 at 05:59
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