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Destroyer achievement in Battlefield 3


Get 10 kills each with Tank destroyers and Mobile Artilleries

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How to unlock the Destroyer achievement

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    11 Sep 2012 11 Sep 2012 12 Sep 2012
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    To get this achievement, you will have to get a total of ten kills with any of the two Tank Destroyers together, the SPRUT-SD and the M1128, and ten kills with the two Mobile Artillery vehicles, the BM-23 and the M142. Thus, you can get 2 kills with the BM-23 and 8 with the M142 to be done with the Mobile Artillery vehicles.

    If you have premium and have tested out the new maps you will have noticed that getting ten kills with an Artillery vehicle is going to be comparable to giving birth to a couple of moderately sized hedgehogs. This thing is basically a mortar with a range of 600 units. (Is battlefield measured in meters or yards, one might ask?) Only it's aimed like a grenade launcher and has a spread of a minor city with six missiles in a burst. You couldn't hit the ocean from a boat with this fucking thing, and it takes two shots to eliminate a tank. I did spend entire games shooting in the general direction of a flag without even getting a hitmarker...

    Now since it's so hard to kill things with it and because of the fact that people always position it far away from action, it rarely gets taken out. Good thing right? No, this merely means that you have one or two chances to get it in an entire match before someone on your team hogs it for the rest of the game, forcing you to leave and find a new one or wait for the match to end and rush for it in the beginning of the next.

    However, after hours and hours of frustration I started playing more casually and took a ride in the gunship. That thing is a raping machine from the seat with the heavy cannon and after fifteen kills with it you unlock an anti air missile for your puny little mortar. Suddenly you have a long range plane eater that nobody will even care about shooting at. Search for a conquest game with Bandar Desert as the next map in queue, wait for the current game to end and take the Artillery as soon as the match starts. Position yourself just after the little hill in front of your spawn area and go crazy on anything that can fly, happy hunting!

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    Finding it impossible to get kills in any seat of Gunship, raping machine? It's instant death whenever I get in it, shot down by heloes and jets instantly. Plus everytime I get into the Mob Art I get instantly fucked by heloes and RPGS.

    Like evry other chievo I'm gonna have to work 10 times harder than every one else
    Posted on 06 Jul 13 at 20:37
    a1d3d3e7Yeah they have nerfed the damage from it heavily since i wrote this, sorry...
    Posted by a1d3d3e7 on 08 Jul 13 at 13:13
    Jonny V Centa"You couldn't hit the ocean from a boat with this fucking thing..."

    Upvote lol.
    Posted by Jonny V Centa on 07 Feb 17 at 01:54
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  • Rasta 360GameTVRasta 360GameTV542,211
    11 Sep 2012 11 Sep 2012
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    Hi Guys,

    here is my Guide for this Achievement. You need total 10 Kills with both Tank destroyers and 10 with the Mobile Artilleries, not everyone 10 Kills for each Vehicle!

    Tank Destroyer are SPRUT-SD (RU Only) and M1128 (US Only)

    Mobile Artillery are BM 23 (RU only) and M142 (US only)

    Tank Destroyer available in any Armored Kill DLC Mode and Map.

    Mobile Artillery only available in Armored Kill DLC Conquest Mode. Flags Overview (one Flag for each Team! )

    Alborz Mountain: spawn at Flag B and Flag E

    Armored Shield: spawn at Flag A and Flag E

    Bandar Desert: Deployment Area (both Bases)

    Death Valley: spawn at Flag A and Flag E

    In my Video you see all 4 Vehicles Ingame.


    PS: Sry for my English, german :)
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    a1d3d3e7You can also get an Artillery vehicle as attacker on Armored Shield, it should be easier to use when you only have one place to shoot at and everyone will be there trying to protect the bombs...
    Posted by a1d3d3e7 on 11 Sep 12 at 20:37
  • NonfaithNonfaith626,469
    13 Sep 2012 12 Sep 2012 16 Sep 2012
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    Let's make this simple....

    You Need:

    10 Kills w/ either Tank Destroyer Total (Any AK Mode)
    10 Kills w/ either Mobile Artillery Total (AK Conquest Mode Only)

    The tank destroyer is easy to get kills with. People have more trouble with the artillery. To make it easier, the artillery has a trick to master which is this:

    Fire > Push Start > See where your shots are hitting on the map > Readjust your aim

    Thanks to the map showing where your hits land it makes it a little easier to hit certain targets. The best part is that the range is long enough you don't even have to leave the safety of your spawn area to use it.


    If you unlock the air-burst round you can quickly switch to it (Push Y) to fire off two more rounds. It slaughters infantry but doesn't do much to anything but lightly armored vehicles.
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    Excellent guide, this start method is much better than using the boring ineffective Gunship. I got 9 kills on Death Valley in one match using start. Nice one.
    Posted on 06 Jul 13 at 22:17
    j2kworldBest solution. Start Burton to check hit makers I totally forgot about that. I can tell your a Bf veteran.
    Posted by j2kworld on 22 Sep 13 at 23:12
    NonfaithYep, one of those horrible Col. 100s.
    Posted by Nonfaith on 24 Sep 13 at 04:16
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