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Look, it's a secret in Serious Sam 3: BFE

Look, it's a secret55 (15)

Find at least 50 secrets in single player.

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Achievement Guide for Look, it's a secret

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This is the best Secret guide I could find. The guide is accurate enough to get you the achievement with little problems. I couldn't find the first secret with the shotgun, but the rest were a breeze in the first level.

NOTE PLEASE READ: This can be done with multiple playthroughs, but YOU MUST collect the secrets you DIDN'T pick up last playthrough. (Thanks ZombieMaze - psybOltOn)

If you have problems with it please save your negative votes and help me make it better by commenting. I will be tuning it as I use it, but I rather the community help speed things along. (Thanks SnelleSjonnie - XxDerUeblexX)

The credit for this guide goes to evil_Vasile of If you rather use the original here is the URL:

Serious Sam: BFE - Secrets

Level 1 - Summer in Cairo - 17 Secrets

Secret 1: In the direction from where the Gnaar climbs the roof, there's a
Shotgun on a far roof. Throw the Gnaar's eye at the Shotgun to get it! Use the
shotgun to kill the gnaar that spawns now, to get the secret to register.

Secret 2: Parkour Secret - From the starting roof you can find a secret Sledge
Hammer by jumping on a roof of a building to the left.

Secret 3: Parkour Secret - On the lowest balcony of the building with the
previous secret there is some secret Shotgun Ammo. To get to it jump on the
grated balcony on the corner of the start building, and from there jump to the
balcony with the shotgun ammo. (You may need to make multiple jumps between
balconies to descend without taking damage).

Secret 4: Mini Secret - Before leaving the starting area (before reaching the
main street), check a dark alley on the side of the building right in front of
the starting roof for some secret Shotgun Ammo.

Secret 5: Parkour Secret - After leaving the starting area, just as you enter
the main street, to your right, behind a fence, you'll see some crates standing
against a building. Use the crates and building ledges to climb on the
ventilation shafts, from there jump onto the balcony on the left to get some
secret Armor (+25).

Secret 6: Mini Secret - After getting to the street where you saw the Khnum
walking by. When you get to the street he was walking on you'll have to turn right into some backstreets. When turning right,
walk up to the building in front of you and look to the right behind a
metal-sheet fence for a secret Health Pill (+1).

Secret 7: Secret Classic Outfit (achievement) - Just before heading back into the main
streets, head right into a seemingly empty building. Get to the second floor by
jumping over the broken stairs and look for some Seriously Sexy Shoes on a

Secret 8: Mini Secret - After getting back to the main streets, cross the
street and head to the wall with palm-trees behind it. Look to the right,
you'll se another wall behind which is some secret Electricity Ammo.

Secret 9: Secret Yard of Fame - After seeing the big ship destroy a building and
fighting some headless folk, go through the wall that a Gnaar broke through and
smash the wall to your left after the garage to find the Secret Yard of Fame!

Secret 10: Secret Grafity Yard - Just after getting the pistol, jump over a
wall to the left by using some crates to find the Secret graffiti yard.

Secret 11: Secret Yard - After getting the pistol you'll come out in a street,
cross the street and to your left will be a gate. Jump over the gate using the
container and the barrel sitting next to it to enter a Secret Yard with some
Armor (+25).

Secret 12: Mini Secret - From the Secret yard, climb the roofs to your right
using some crates. From the point where you climbed using the crates, go to a
small alley to the right to find some secret Electricity Ammo.

Secret 13: Mini Secret - From the Secret yard, climb the roofs to your right
using some crates. Go to the left and jump on some metallic shacks to get some
secret Shotgun Ammo.

Secret 14: Parkour Secret - From the last secret, look at the building that the
shack is perpendicular on. On it's corner is a Pill Bottle. Make your way to it
using the mighty jump button!

Secret 15: Mini Secret - When facing the kamikazee hill, to your left should be
some garages with a small gap between them that is fenced off. On the side
furthest from the hill, destroy some wooden planks and jump over the fence
using the power-box next to it to get to some secret Assault Rifle Ammo.

Secret 16: As soon as you enter the big open area with an Obelisk in the
center, run to the far left and look in a garage for some secret Armor.

Secret 17: Secret Arc de Triomphe - After killing the Kleers that jump form the
window, go back a little and pass through the archway made of rocks. A secret
party committee will arrive to greet you.

Level 2 - Into the Spider's Nest - 9 Secrets

Secret 1: In the starting room, there's some secret shotgun ammo in the middle
gap between the machines on the right.

Secret 2: In the corridor after exiting the starting room turn left and smash
the wooden planks on the far wall to find secret Assault Rifle Ammo.

Secret 3: After passing through the big central hall you end up in a long
corridor, near the end of this corridor, to the left, there's a perfectly
average room minding it's own business. In this room, in the far right corner
behind a column, there's some secret shotgun ammo.

Secret 4: After climbing the stairs to the first floor you'll see three doors
on the right wall of a corridor. The middle one has a No Entry sign. Pass
through the door just to the right of the sign to find a Double Barrel Shotgun!

Secret 5: In the third room on the first floor of the left wing, there's a
button on the middle of the left wall, behind a cabinet. Destroy the cabinet
and push the button. This opens a door on the right balcony in the central
hall. From the left balcony, near where you get to the stairs that lead to the
basement, you can walk along the wall on a narrow ledge to get to the right
balcony. Once on the right balcony go through the door opened by the button you
pressed to register a Secret Speedrun. (Once you trigger the Secret Speedrun
and the other secrets on this floor, go back to the left balcony or you'll miss
out on other secrets!)

Secret 6: On the right balcony mentioned above, there's a secret + 50 health

Secret 7: In the middle room on the first floor of the right wing, (accessible
from the Secret Speedrun or, just before jumping into the final room, jumping
from the ruined wall), there's a secret + 50 Armor.

Secret 8: After finding the professor's phone and fighting lots of spiders in a
room in the basement, you'll go through some corridors. After you turn right at
the end of the first corridor, instead of turning right again turn left; here
you'll notice a sphinx statue sitting against the right wall. Look behind the
statue for a "button". Press it to move the statue and reveal secret +50
electricity ammo.

Secret 9: After fighting more spiders in another room in the basement, you'll
go through some more corridors. You'll reach a T intersection where you have to
turn left; here turn right instead and destroy the cabinet in front of you to
reveal a secret passage to the Secret Laser Gun in a Secret Spooky Hall!

Level 3 - Broken Wings - 16 Secrets

Secret 01: In the first area where you fight clone soldiers, near the archway
that leads into the next yard, climb the wall (using a power-box) and jump to
the first floor of the building here to find some secret Shotgun Ammo. (You can
also climb onto the garage and jump to the first floor from there)

Secret 02: Just as you enter the next yard, turn right and jump onto the
container; from the container jump over the wall to find some secret Armor.

Secret 03: Mini Secret - Just as you come out into the street from the previous
yard, cross the street and climb some rubble here into a ruined building to
find some secret goodies (on the right side of the building).

Secret 04: Just as you pass under the highway, look left against he highway
wall for a secret Pill Bottle.

Secret 05: Before leaving the main street, to the right of the path leading to
the backyards, smash some planks blocking a store(?) to find some secret
Electricity Ammo.

Secret 06: After you turn right from the main street, before passing under the
highway again, turn right and enter the building to your right to find some
secret Armor.

Secret 07: Proceed as with the last secret, but this time instead of entering
the building, turn left and pick-up some secret Armor here.

Secret 08: Mini Secret - Right after passing under the highway, turn left and
look behind a garage for a secret Shotgun.

Secret 09: Secret Flanking - Before fighting lots of Beheaded Rocketeers and
Clone Soldiers under the Highway, jump over the wall using a container and jump
over another wall to perform a Secret Flanking.

Secret 10: Under the highway where you fight Beheaded Rocketeers and Clone
Soldiers, to the right of the highway, smash some planks blocking a room with
some secret Shotgun Ammo and Armor.

Secret 11: Before jumping into the streets again and fighting some Big-Ass
Scorpid, climb the stairs a couple of floors and jump through the hole in the
wall to get some secret Health Kit resting on the edge of the highway.

Secret 12: Mini Secret - Before entering the suburban area after fighting the
Big-Ass Scorpid, look behind some baricade-walls at the end of the street for
some secret Rocket Ammo.

Secret 13: In the suburban area, you'll eventually turn right into a more open
area. To the right there are some crates stacked against a wall, climb over the
wall to find a secret Assault Rifle.

Secret 14: Just before entering the final courtyard of the suburban area,
where you fight some Scorpids, to the left of the archway leading to the
Scorpids, jump on a barrel sitting against the wall. You should see a switch
through a small window in the wall. Shoot it to activate this secret. To get it
to actually register, in the yard with the Scorpids I just mentioned, destroy
lots of suspiciously placed boxes against the wall to reveal the secret

Secret 15: After turning left around two corners in the corridor with lots of
enemies, look in the middle of this corridor segment for some suspiciously
placed crates against the right wall. Behind them is some secret Armor.

Secret 16: In the final arena (you'll know it when you see it), climb the
scaffolding in the center to get to some secret Armor on top of the structure

Level 4 - No Place to Hide - 9 Secrets

Secret 01: Parkour Secret - Just as you start, look left and climb over the
wall there using the crates at the corner. Walk along the longer side to the
wall, and jump on a cooling-fan-box on the wall. From there jump to the right
to pick up some secret Armor on a ledge.

Secret 02: Parkour Secret - Just as you start, proceed normally; before
stepping through the archway, climb the wall next to it using some crates. From
that wall jump to the next wall and from here, jump to the windows on the left
to get to a secret Pill Bottle on the building to the left of this wall.

Secret 03: Soon after you get the Assault Rifle you turn right into a
courtyard; here immediately turn left and climb some crates over a wall to find
some secret Electricity ammo.

Secret 04: Just before entering the first Technopolip Arena, smash a brick wall
with the hammer to find a secret Laser Gun.

Secret 05: From the last secret, climb some crates and cooling-fan boxes (3 of
them) on to a building next to the wall you just broke through. From the top of
the building jump to the roof other side to find some secret Explosive Charge.

Secret 06: After getting the secret Explosive Charge, go back to the archway
with the fourth Turret above it. In the courtyard after the turret, turn left
to what appears to be a dead end. In the left corner here there should be some
garbage bags against a wall, sneak up to them and plant the Explosive Charge on
the wall behind them to reveal a secret Rocket Launcher.

Secret 07: After encountering the technopolip, you'll encounter more turrets.
You'll turn left and enter a courtyard with some Grafitti on a wall that says
"The EDF will prevail." Climb over this wall using the barrel and cooling-fan
box to find secret Electricity ammo.

Secret 08: After making your way through the turret maze, you'll reach a gate.
Turn left to what appears to be a dead end. On the left side there's a narrow
path between two buildings, follow it to some secret Armor.

Secret 09: Just before exiting the level, facing the gate go right and destroy
a cracked wall with the rocket-launcher to find a secret Health Kit.

Level 5 - Under the Iron Cloud - 13 Secrets

Secret 01: Parkour Secret - When you reach the walkway over the street, on a
balcony on the building just on the right side of the walkway, there are some
secret Sniper Bullets. To get there climb the building's ledge using ruined

Secret 02: When reaching the turret switch, stick to the right wall and look
behind a garbage bag in the corner after turning right for secret Electricity

Secret 03: When you reach the T intersection, turn right and head to the
backyard here. Next to the big blue dumpster, there are some crates at the
corner of a wall. Use the crates to jump over the wall. Look around behind the
wall for some secret C4 Explosives.

Secret 04: After coming down from the highway immediately turn right, in the
garage next to the highway, sneak past the car to find some secret Assault
Rifle Ammo.

Secret 05: After coming down from the highway, turn right at the first T
intersection and climb the blue car/container. From there jump on the
building's ledge, and follow it back towards the street you came from; turn
left at the building corner and use the cooling-fan boxes to climb onto the
building on the right to find a secret Cannon! (You can also get here from the
previous secret - climb onto the garage then climb onto the building's ledge -
from there climb onto the cooling-fan boxes as mentioned before)

Secret 06: After coming down from the highway, turn right and stick to the
right side. When you can't go any further, blow up some baricades to the right
of the highway to reveal a secret Laser Gun.

Secret 07: After coming down from the highway, go straight ahead until you find
some container and a metal shack. On top of the shack there are some secret
Cannonballs. There are multiple ways to get there, the easiest is to use some
crates next to the wall with the grafitty nearby - climb the wall and jump all
the way to the Cannonballs. Another way involves jumping on a neraby blue car
and some building ledges.

Secret 08: From the last secret, jump over the wall behind the metal shack to
find a Useless Secret!

Secret 09: At the end of the long straight street, after passing through the
underground passage, look in the left corner behind some sandbag barricades for
some secret Armor.

Secret 10: After going down a long straight street, you'll turn left. Stick to
the right wall and you'll come to an alley at the end of which are some
baricades. Destroy them with the rocket launcher to find a secret Nuthouse.

Secret 11: On the side with the whole in the floor through which you go to the
final arena, climb on a car and jump over a wall to find some secret

Secret 12: Parkour Secret - From the wall mentioned in the previous secret,
walk along the building's ledge and jump at a balcony to pick up a secret Pill

Secret 13: In the final arena, search the middle right side of the ruined
buildings for a secret Mega Health Kit.

Level 06 - The Silent Riddler - 8 Secrets

Secret 01: Left of the middle of the road, on top of a high building is a
secret Sniper Rifle. Climb to one of the surrounding roofs using broken down
walls or the blue container and hop all the way to the higher building in the
very middle.

Secret 02: After exiting the little "town", look right and you should see an
abandoned truck. Go in it's direction and once you reach it you should see a
telephone pole sticking in the desert, head towards it to find a secret

Secret 03: When entering the second "town", on the far left, behind an
appartment building, there's a barrel stuck in the sand. Shoot it to reveal
some secret Armor.

Secret 04: Near the end of the second "town", in a medium-sized courtyard
surrounded by walls, there's a secret Health Kit between a blue garbage
container and a wall.

Secret 05: When reaching the egyptian ruins, step into the ticket booth...
(It's the thing right in the middle).

Secret 06: Before entering the ruins through the key-card gate, enter the
courtyard to the left. The crane here has a secret Health Kit at it's base!

Secret 07: Near the end of the long narrow corridor inside the pyramid, where
Sam complains he hasn't been attacked by aliens in minutes, on the left side
there's a secret passageway to a Spooky Hall with a secret Devastator Shotgun.

Secret 08: When you come out of the pyramid, go back towards the Sphinx. You'll
find a secret Health Kit by the gate.

Level 07 - Unearthing the Sun - 8 Secrets

Secret 01: Behind the start area there is a secret +1 health pill that likes to
run away from you. Chase that little sucker down.

Secret 02: Left of the starting area, there are some small columns sitting next
to a wall. In the middle of this column/wall ruined structure, up on the wall,
there are some secret Sniper Bullets. Destroy the wall or climb it to get them.

Secret 03: Just before entering the underground, go around the left wall to
find a secret Laser Gun.

Secret 04: In the first room before going underground, behind the first statue
on the left there is some secret ammo. Destroy the statue to get it.

Secret 05: After you enter the underground area, you will fall through the
floor at some point in another tunnel. Instead of going down, go back up this
tunnel to find some secret health pack.

Secret 06: Near the Anubis Key there's a +50 health pack hidden in the farther
left corner of the area, behind a rock, near a tree.

Secret 07: Near the Ra Key, on the left facing the temple, there are some
Cannonballs up on the pillars. Destroy the pillars to get them.

Secret 08: Near the Horus Key, behind the temple is a +50 electricity ammo

Level 08 - The Dark Bride -10 Secrets

Secret 01: When finally getting outside, after climbing up the stairs, instead
of entering the next courtyard go to the back of the underground entrance/exit
to find a secret + 50 Armor.

Secret 02: In the courtyard with the big pool, you'll notice some columns and
some ruined structure sitting in the pool. Climb the stairs next to them and
jump to the window on the wall next to the stairs. Crouch through the window to
get to the Secret Hall of Developers!

Secret 03: Near some keys in a shack on the left side of the Witch Bride
courtyard there's a shack that seems to be blocked by a door. Shoot that sucker
down for thinking it can stand between Sam and a Secret +50 Electricity Ammo!

Non-Secret Secret: In the Witch Bride Courtyard, to the right of the exit gate,
there are some Secret Keys on top of a wooden shack. Climb it using some crates
on it's right side and get the Secret Keys, you'll need them soon.

Secret 04: After exiting the Witch Bride Courtyard, go straight ahead, if you
have the Secret Keys you'll open a gate to a room with some secret +100 Armor.

Secret 05: Opposite to the turret (You'll know it when you see it) there's a
gate. After killing kleer and other monsters, if you have the Secret Keys, you
can open the door here and find some secret Minigun Ammo.

Secret 06: After fighting all the waves in the big corridor after you get the
minigun, turn left when you reach the big pylons. On the right side of this
courtyard, at the far end, there's a wall you can destroy to reveal secret
Rocket Ammo.

Secret 07: In the courtyard with the pyramid-mounds, climb on top of the shack
with the gate keys to reach a secret +50 HP Kit.

Secret 08: After exiting the courtyard with the pyramid-mounds immediately turn
right and go along the wall. Where the wall meets the pylon there are some
secret Cannonballs.

Secret 09: After exiting the courtyard with the pyramid-mounds immediately turn
left and look behind some rocks for a secret +10 Armor.

Secret 10: Just before ending the level, turn left and look for some secret
Devastator Shells sitting in a corner where the pylon meets the wall.

Level 09 - Power to the Underworld - 10 Secrets

Secret 01: After going outside, stick to the right walls and follow them to a
secret Health Kit in a corner.

Secret 02: Outside, on one of the little pyramid structures there's a secret
Mega Health Kit. It's pretty much in plain view. Climb a nearby wall and jump
on the structure to get it.

Secret 03: Behind a pillar next to the Osiris key there's some secret Armor.

Secret 04: Underground, before jumping down some sort of
execution-altar-drain-pipe, go down some stairs in that room. You'll see a door
sealed off by debris, crouch under the debris and look in a corner for some
secret Electricity Ammo.

Secret 05: Underground, jump down on the Khnum's throne from above and steal
his secret Rocket Ammo.

Secret 07: After coming out from the underground, you'll reach a yard with lots
of columns, on the left side, where the columns end, there's a secret Armor up
on the columns. Blow them up to get the Armor.

Secret 06: In the final courtyard before exiting into the final open arena, on
the middle left side, on the roof of the rooms there, there are some Secret
Keys sitting against the wall. Simply climb up towards the final open arena,
but instead walk along the edge of the wall until you find them. After getting
the keys, go back to the pylon with the locked metal-gates, in the previous
wide corridors. The gates will open revealing a ladder leading up to a secret

Secret 08: When jumping down into the left arena, stick to the left wall and
follow it around the corner to find some secret Devastator Shells.

Secret 09: In the far left corner of the final "arena", there's a secret Health

Level 10 - The Lost Temples of Nubia - 5 Secrets

Secret 01: From the ruins, looking back to where you crash-landed, on the far
right, there's a secret Shotgun behind a broken down column. Wait for the storm
to pass then look for it.

Secret 02: After the storm is over, just as you enter the 'inner courtyard'
within the first set of ruins, on the first big structure to your right,
inside the 'courtyard', shoot a platform up high to reveal some secret
Sniper Bullets.

Secret 03: Just before fighting the technopolips, look under the middle ledge
of the half-burried Pylon for some secret Minigun Ammo.

Secret 04: After fighting some technopolips and afterwards a great wave of
kamikazees, climb the right wall (the one with LOTS of columns next to it) where
the kamikazees spawned, to find some secret Armor.

Secret 05: On the right wall of the second pylon at the final ruins there's a
secret switch. Use it, obviously. This will spawn a crate on top of the pylon,
shoot it to make a secret Minigun fall down.

Level 11 - The Last Man on Earth - 11 Secrets

Secret 01: After reaching the rolling boulder (and obviously successfully
dodging it), go up from where the boulder rolled and look to the left for some
secret Minigun Ammo in a notch.

Secret 02: Just after you exit the underground, check the right corner for some
secret Armor.

Secret 03: Once outside, just before entering the inner courtyard, at the end
of the outside courtyard there's a square large-brick structure. Use a wall on
it's side to climb over it. You'll see it's hollow and it has a secret Laser
Gun inside! (Careful not to destroy the wall or else you won't be able to climb

Secret 04: Before exiting the ruins, in the structure next to the keys, look
for a hole in the ceiling. Shoot the crate through the hole to receive a secret

Secret 05: After leaving the egyptian ruins, turn left and exit through the
gate, then turn left to find a secret Armor.

Secret 06: After leaving the egyptian ruins, turn right and exit through the
gate to find secret explosives.

Secret 07: Near the car, there's some secret Electricity ammo sitting on top of
a roof. This one is rather tricky, you have to perform some sort of
crate-bounce jump. Right by the house there's a crate with ammo on it. Sprint
towards it and just as you hit it press jump. You should be catapulted onto the

Secret 08: In the middle-right side of town, there's some secret Electricity
Ammo behind some metal fence. Jump over the fence using crates!

Secret 09: Mini secret - When reaching the town, near the first house in the
right corner (the one where the next secret is), there's a secret Health Kit in
a corner behind a wall.

Secret 10: Mini secret - When reaching the town, the first house in the right
corner has secret Sniper Bullets on the balcony. Climb the wall and follow it
to the balcony to get them.

Secret 11: In the far left corner of the town, there are some secret Minigun
Bullets by some ruined egyptian wall.

Level 12 - The Guardian of Time - 4 Secrets

Secret 01: Keep going forward in the canyon instead of turning left. At the
dead end look up and shoot the little platform to make the secret Devastator
Shells fall.

Secret 02: After the first canyon, behind an archway on the far left there's
some secret Electricity Ammo.

Secret 03: Once out of the first canyon, in the structure with ammo inside,
look for a hole in the ceiling. Shoot the crate visible through the hole for
some secret Sniper Ammo.

Secret 04: Blow up the ground at the ammo pick-up with the +200 armor to find
some hidden health packs.
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