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Goliath, Meet David

Allow a Goliath to level up four times before killing him

Goliath, Meet David0
08 December 2019 - 9 guides

Achievement Guide for Goliath, Meet David

  • dL KryZidL KryZi112,962
    18 Sep 2012 18 Sep 2012 21 Sep 2012
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    For this achievement you need to kill a GOD-liath (Fatal GOD-Goliath). For a Goliath to become GOD-liath you'll need to get him to level up four times. You'll know when he's levelled up as he'll do a small animation, gain some health back and his name will change from Goliath to Raging Goliath, Badass Goliath, Super Badass Goliath then Ultimate Badass Goliath and finally GOD-liath. The earliest i could find one were in the Frostburn Canyon during the quest "Hunting The Firehawk". You have to shoot his mask off, he'll then go on a rampage killing everything around him. The ememies will actually start shooting him and he dies quickly so what i did when i saw one i killed all the powerfull enemies leaving few weak ones shoot his mask of and let him take care of the rest (you could also simply weaken the thougher enemies instead of killing them and then shoot his mask off), now if he's not level 5 by then there are planty Spiderants around Forstburn Canyon and since he'll follow you it shouldnt be a problem getting him to one of the spawn points. Its best not to shoot him at all, you want him to have as much health as possible, since they aint that hard to kill. Now once he kills enough enemies he'll become a GOD-liath now you should kill all the Spiderants and take care of the beast. The achievement should pop right after you killed him.

    The achievement only unlocks for the Person that kills him.

    I've added a video that shows exactly what to do. Thanks to savgcom for the video.
  • vikingbloodlustvikingbloodlust262,890
    18 Sep 2012 20 Sep 2012 26 Sep 2012
    52 1 8
    I've found the easiest way to get this is to go to the Frostburn Canyon. You will encounter quite a few goliaths here, however, you'll find that they aren't very resilient, especially against enemies such as pyro nomads. I found that even with attempting to weaken the enemies shooting the Goliath, it would still die.

    Then I came across a "Loot Goon Goliath". You'll easily be able to pick these out from the normal ones as they are much bigger than the normal Goliaths and they have a loot chest on their back. It seems to spawn one every time Frostburn Canyon repopulates with enemies. Typically I would find him wandering around the middle of the map.

    The great thing about this guy (aside from loot of course) is that he is much tougher than normal goliaths, so you won't have to babysit him while ge fights the other enemies Once you see him, shoot his helmet off. After this, he'll become enraged and start all attacking everything. Simply kite him around to different camps and enemy spawn locations until he increases by 4 levels, becoming a "God-liath". Once this happens, you can start pumping bullets into him, getting the achievement once you kill him.

    A couple notes to make:
    1. I've only been playing co-op, so it is possible he won't be there if playing alone. (thanks to InfiniteRefrain for confirming he does appear in single-player)
    2. If playing co-op, only the person who actually kills it will get the achievement.
    3. I am very confident this is the best way to do this. After trying several times and failing, I was able to do this 3 separate times just randomly going to Frostburn Canyon for various missions.

    If you are down voting this, please leave a comment so I can improve the guide, thanks
  • FizzmatixFizzmatix289,308
    20 Sep 2012 20 Sep 2012
    39 0 1
    So here's another solution which should be a lot easier than some of the others. Even though Goliaths are strong, they can be killed quite quickly by other foes. So I found an alternative which is a little later on in the game, but it requires no trial and error to get the technique to work.

    You will need to progress the story up until you meet Tiny Tina and obtain the next part of the "Catch A Train" quest. From here you will need to collect two missiles from a hideout across from where you started.

    As soon as you enter, kill the larger enemies, then wait for the Goliath to appear. Shoot off his mask, then have him chase you out into the fields. From here you can lure him into the areas with the Varkids, which will allow him to enrage further through his transformations without you having to do anything.

    For a Goliath to level up, it seems that he needs to start attacking other enemies or yourself. The more enemies he inflicts damage to, the more enraged he will become. Once he reaches the Fatal GOD-liath you can then kill him for the achievement.

    So make sure that you progress through the following levels of his transformation. If you kill him at any point or he dies before GOD-liath you will need to start over with another Goliath.

    Raging Goliath
    Badass Goliath
    Super Badass Goliath
    Ultimate Badass Goliath
  • Disturbed XBADisturbed XBA223,404
    24 Sep 2012 24 Sep 2012 24 Sep 2012
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    There are six stages to a Goliath's level.

    The first is the standard Goliath.
    The second is a Raging Goliath. He turns into this form by having his head shot off. Be careful though as he will attack anyone and everyone, including you.
    The next 4 are the levels he has to gain for you to get this achievement.
    Badass Goliath
    Super Badass Goliath
    Ultimate Badass Goliath

    I was struggling for this achievement for a long time until I got a quest called Defend Slab Tower.

    During this mission you have to defend Brick's Territory from Hyperion robots. Every now and then one Goliath will spawn which will be one of your allies. The robots spawn very quickly and there are lots of them. The best method to level the Goliath up is to use a corrosive weapon on the Hyperion robots. Damage them until they have about 1/4 health left then let the Goliath deal the last blow. It took the Goliath around 7-10 robots to level up to the GOD-Liath.

    Damaging the robots yourself will prevent the Goliath from dying. Also if you haven't noticed the Goliath's health is replenished with every level gained.

    If I have missed anything out just comment.
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,950
    20 Sep 2012 20 Sep 2012
    17 8 0
    Hi Guys

    here is my Guide for this Achievement. The First Time you meet Goliaths is in the Frostburn Canyon.

    To "Start" this Achievement, shoot 1 Goliath off the Mask, he is now rampage und attack everything around him.

    Drag him to lower Enemies like Spiders and support him at bigger Enemies.

    On every Level up he change this Name:

    Goliath -> Raging Goliath (shoot the Mask off)
    Raging Goliath -> Badass Goliath (first level up)
    Badass Goliath -> Super Badass Goliath (second level up)
    Super Badass Goliath -> Ultimate Badass Goliath (third level up)
    Ultimate Badass Goliath - GOD-liath (four level up)

    After he level up four Time, you can kill him.

    Question? Ask me :)


    PS: sry for my english, i´m german.
  • PLOP SpacemanPLOP Spaceman160,203
    16 Aug 2013 16 Aug 2013
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    Got this in the fridge circle of slaughter,round 2 towards the end a few goliaths are released including a goon goliath,shoot the goons mask off and stand back and enjoy the mayhem.
  • CandidFever3CandidFever3302,255
    12 Mar 2017 13 Mar 2017 13 Mar 2017
    4 0 0
    The name of the Goliath at different levels isn't always the same. As long as you see God-Liath or something similar, the kill will net you the achievement. I found a great place to do this. On the Once and Future Slab mission, Brick will send various enemies at you to test your skills. One of them is a Goliath. Shoot his mask off and maintain you distance from him. Brick will be spawning many other enemies, providing an excellent opportunity for the Goliath to level up. After he levels up four times kill him to get the achievement.
  • thunderkiss92thunderkiss92451,775
    02 Aug 2014 02 Aug 2014 02 Aug 2014
    6 2 0
    Just to add onto the other solutions--which all provide great info on this achievement--I'm going to explain exactly where I found a Loot Goon Goliath so that others might have an easier time attaining this (I could never get the regular Goliaths to survive long enough).

    Fast travel to Frostburn Canyon, and from the spot where you spawn walk straight North, then turn left and walk down the path that parallels where you spawned and goes South (into the caves). I had a Loot Goon Goliath spawn in the camp that you walk through as you're heading down towards the caves. They are a LOT harder to kill and if you continue on South towards the bottom of the map, you'll run into Spider-ants that the Goliath can kill quite easily. If something does go wrong, save and quit to the menu and then reload the game. This will have all enemies respawned.

    This is just a suggestion (and the way that I did it) to add onto the other great solutions on this site. If there's any questions or concerns let me know how I can fix this solution and I'll do my best. Happy hunting.
  • EhrenfriedEhrenfried163,467
    26 Oct 2012 26 Oct 2012
    5 4 0
    Never got this achievement like the guides above,
    because the Goliath was always running of enemies to transform.
    I found a way easier solution:
    Later in the game when you need to do a mission for Brick,
    the one with the 3 beacons and the supply crate,
    when you're sitting on the pretty useless gun, there will be a Fatal Goliath spawning on the right side attacking the Loader, just let him do all your dirty work and then just kill him when he reached "Fatal Godliath" level.
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