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How to unlock the Capped Out…For Now achievement

  • XtowersXtowers523,180
    24 Dec 2013 19 Dec 2013 22 Sep 2014
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    Here's some info for those who do not want to use an exploit to get to level 50.

    First, when you beat the game for the first time you'll be given the option to start a game in True Vault Hunter Mode. This mode allows you to play through the game again with your same character, but with tougher enemies that give you better loot and exp. Feel free to do so. You can switch between True Vault Hunter Mode and Normal Mode at any time from the main menu by pressing cn_Y to go to character select. You'll be able to choose your character, and then which mode you want to play on if you've beaten the game at least once.

    Some things that DO stay with your character between modes:

    Your level, loot, equipment, skills, and challenges travel with your character between modes.

    Some things that DO NOT stay with your character between modes:

    Missions will have to be done exclusively on each mode. You cannot beat a mission in one mode to have it counted in the other modes. This is important when going for "Complete all missions" achievements, as they must be all be done on the same mode.

    What I recommend is first beating the game on normal. If you're simply going only for this level 50 achievement, then switch to True Vault Hunter Mode as soon as you beat the game.

    If you're going to try completing all the sidequest, map exploration, and miscellaneous achievements you should do those on normal difficulty. They will generally be easier and faster to complete than on any other mode. There will be a few quests that are tough to beat by yourself on normal the first time around, namely the Hyperion Slaughter, Round 3 Torgue, the Badass Round of Murderlin's Temple, and raid boss (invincible) missions. What you can do is switch to True Vault Hunter Mode, level up (to 50), gear up, and switch back to normal mode to mop up those formerly difficult quests.

    If you think I need to add anything please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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    MugenKairoOop! Never mind, figured out the answer to that noobie question quite easily. I just wasn't sure if you could revert back to a normal mode with the same character. Awesome solution!
    Posted by MugenKairo on 04 Sep 14 at 11:14
    XtowersThanks! Yeah it took me a couple minutes to figure out all the mode switching stuff with my characters. No need to worry about it! Also came in to post with the shiny new game button icons. :D
    Posted by Xtowers on 22 Sep 14 at 17:46
    Lazy with StyleLv. 42 after finishing base game and all 4 DLCs on normal with all sidemissions except the difficult ones you mentioned above. Will switch to TVHM now until I am lv. 50 and then switch back. Your solution is spot on :) +1.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 06 Nov 17 at 20:13
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  • Murder of BirdsMurder of Birds78,128
    29 Sep 2012 09 Feb 2013
    52 18 32
    Credit for helping me discover this method goes to the following:
    Rand Al Thor 19
    Bond OO7
    Omega Deez

    UPDATE: After a recent patch this level boosting method no longer works. If anyone is able to try it offline and give me results on if it works, I'll give you credit on this solution.

    UPDATE+: It has been brought to my attention that this method for reaching level 50 can still be achieved by performing it offline after deleting your systems cache. Credit for this discovery goes to x Carri0n. Thanks!

    This method is the fastest way to reach level 50. This may seem like a boring method for some butt it's the FASTEST way of reaching level 50 with little effort. Given you have the right requirements and patience. These few requirement to can get you this achievement :

    -Need to play on True Vault Hunter Mode (2nd play-through)
    -Need 2-4 players (Less players = a bit more XP)
    -One of the players needs to be level 50 player with VERY good weapons/shield
    -If you have a friend who finished the game before you and hasn't started the quest then you're in luck.

    The mission in question is called "You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP". It's reasonably far into the game and it's located in Tundra Express. After you meet Tiny Tina she'll have you retrieve "the guest of honor" Flesh-Stick. Normally you'll have to lure him to her clubhouse to progress the mission and not kill him. DO NOT do this.

    What you'll need to do is have the lesser leveled player activate the mission at Tiny Tina and remain there. The level 50 player will wait at the hut where Flesh-Stick, who is level 41 will appear and kill him (Best to have a high level weapon to 1 shot him). Doing this will FAIL the mission, however, depending on your level in comparison to Flesh-Stick you will get 5k xp starting at level 1. After the mission fails just have the lesser leveled player re-activate the mission at Tiny Tina and repeat the process.

    From level 1 the starting XP will be about 5k per player and will slowly but surely diminish as you reach Flesh-Sticks level. In about 40-45min I went from level 1-44 where now I only get 200XP per kill. However, if the hosted player finishes True Vault Hunter mode then Flesh-Stick will become level 52 and the XP will remain at 5k.

    P.S. Make sure you kill all of Flesh-Stick's henchmen before you start re-doing the process. And sometime he won't spawn, if this occurs just go to the nearest map change area (The End) - it's where you sabotage the train where you fight Wilheim. It's right next to the area where you're fighting Flesh-Stick. And then go right back to Tundra Express and it'll work again. As long as you don't complete the mission you can do it as long as you want.

    Following this method will earn you a a level 50 character and an additional 50G!
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    Dart RodalesWhen you say offline, you do mean that it has to be done Split-screen right and local?
    Posted by Dart Rodales on 10 Apr 13 at 22:41
    Murder of BirdsI mean that you'd have to delete your system cache and play it while not connected to Xbox LIVE. But yes it can be done in split-screen, local.
    Posted by Murder of Birds on 10 Apr 13 at 23:24
    StankDontItCan I just verify that this method still works offline?
    Posted by StankDontIt on 12 Jul 13 at 15:19
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