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  • TwizzyX3TwizzyX3182,330
    27 Sep 2012 27 Sep 2012 17 Dec 2012
    297 31 97
    Added "(undiscovered)" entries to the challenge log for challenges that the player has not yet found.

    That will help if you don't know what is missing!

    A missable "named" location for this achievement is in the Southern Shelf - Bay area. The area is called Ebonfloe. This area wasn't required for me to get the Arctic Explorer achievement, so this place was the one I was missing.

    To get there:

    Southern Shelf
    -Fast travel to the southern shelf.
    -Leave town down through the path that has a gate.
    -Once at the bottom of the hill, go left. (On the map, the place you want to go is on the very southern edge [It's a place called Gateway Harbor] - Go through to the next area)

    Southern Shelf- Bay
    -Once in the next area, leave the cave and follow the right side of the area (If looking at the map, go left)
    -Just keep hugging the edge of the map until you reach an old abandoned ship half reclaimed by the sea
    -Head up the little ice hill there and jump across.
    -Head through the arch and BAM. You found Ebonfloe.
    23 Sep 2012 24 Sep 2012 05 Nov 2012
    92 11 50
    For this achievement, you will need to discover all named locations in the Borderlands.

    To make things simple, you should have NO grayed out areas on any of your maps. When an area is completely discovered, you will see no areas grayed out and a clear border around the edges of the map.

    Also keep in mind that you won't be able to unlock this until after beating the game and receiving a few additional side missions. I am not going to type an entire location guide, but instead list some commonly missed areas.

    First off, if you have these four achievements, you can cross a good chunk of the locations off your list.
    Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)Blight ExplorerThe Blight Explorer achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) worth 30 pointsDiscover all named locations in Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, and Sawtooth Cauldron

    Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)Arctic ExplorerThe Arctic Explorer achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) worth 29 pointsDiscover all named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, and Frostburn Canyon

    Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)Highlands ExplorerThe Highlands Explorer achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) worth 27 pointsDiscover all named locations in The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, and Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

    Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)Urban ExplorerThe Urban Explorer achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) worth 22 pointsDiscover all named locations in Sanctuary, Opportunity, and Lynchwood

    If you are missing any of those, you will have them by the time you get World Traveler.

    Now, on to some easily missed locations.
    1) Southern Shelf -- Fast travel to southern shelf. From there, head left and enter a location called Southern Shelf - Bay. If you didn't do the side mission "Symbiosis" earlier in the game, you wouldn't have discovered this location yet. Make sure to uncover all of the grey areas as there are about 3 or 4 named locations in Southern Shelf - Bay

    2) Eridium Blight -- After uncovering the whole map, you'll probably notice a large square in the middle of the map that has yet to be discovered. If you head out right from the fast travel station, you will come upon a tunnel entrance that is guarded by lasers. Follow the electrical wire up to the nearby tower and either shoot or lob a grenade up to the fuse box. You'll know where it is because that's where the wire ends and it shoots out some sparks. After that, run back down and jump down to the bottom. Ka-ching, location discovered.

    3) Sawtooth Cauldron -- After clearing out the buzzard's nest (the big oil rig looking thing in the middle of the map) you need to jump off of the SW corner into a small camp. There will be trunk full of loot there as a reward.

    4) Arid Nexus -- If you did the mission involving pump stations in co-op, there's a good chance you missed discovering one of them. Pump station #2 is very hard to spot if you don't know where to look. Look closely at the map and you'll see a small square that is right next to the pipeline. Catch a ride to it and take the lift down to discover it.

    5) Caustic Caverns -- Once again, after exploring you'll probably notice a grey area in the middle of the map. This one takes a bit of work. You'll need to do the side mission "Lost Treasure" At the end of the mission you'll take an elevator ride to the top of the building and discover the location along with some loot!

    6) Ore Chasm -- After completing the game, you will get a side mission called "Hyperion Circle of Slaughter". To get there, head to Eridium Blight once more and catch a ride up to Mal (the robot you may or may not have helped during an earlier side mission.) Once through the doors, you'll discover Ore Chasm

    7) Terramorphus Peak -- After completing the game, you'll get a side mission called "You. Will. Die. (Seriously). Head to Thousand Cuts and follow the waypoint down some stairs and into a cave. You'll need 4 eridium to enter this location. Once inside, you'll automatically discover the location. I strongly advise against trying to fight Terramorphus alone. (Additional note: User Deathsangelz commented saying that they got the achievement without visiting here, so you may not need to discover this location.)

    8) User Macfly77422 pointed out another location that can only be found by doing a side mission. You will need to get the battle of the gangs quest from Ellie in the Dust. Sometime during the mission you will need to travel to Holy Spirits (the bar) and you will head down to the basement. You won't be able to discover this location unless you take this side mission.

    9) Friendship Gulag -- Located in the Dust if I'm not mistaken. There's a path up to it if you head out right a ways from Ellie's garage.

    This list of locations is not comprehensive. I listed some locations that gave me trouble and figured others probably had similar issues. If there are locations that gave you trouble or you would like to see added to the list, please comment or PM me.
  • Cobalt SkinCobalt Skin52,126
    09 Oct 2012 09 Oct 2012
    53 2 29
    Just popped this tonight, and it pissed me off. I missed one stupid switch and it caused me hours of frustration.

    Southpaw Steam and Power.
    At the end of the area you have to look to the right of the door the last assassin comes out of, hit that switch, follow the corridor around and hit the exit switch too. You cannot run back the way you came.

    Special thanks to users on another forum (360 achievements I believe) as they actually discovered it.
  • Hillster247Hillster247459,443
    25 Sep 2012 25 Sep 2012
    55 13 21
    Here is a list of every available area in the game, use this as a check list to make sure you haven't missed one. Also make sure all maps in all these locations are fully complete. If there is a unfinished path with no outline check it out. The only unavailable areas in the game have a border around them so if a part of the map is a big black area with no border walk over to that area to unlock it on the map. All maps should have a full border and inside outlines for the map to be 100% complete.

    (Fast travel main location) - (sub-location)
    Claptraps Place
    Southern Shelf - Southern Shelf bay
    Three Horns Divide - Sanctuary hole
    Three Horns Valley
    Southpaw Steam and Power
    Bloodshot Stronghold - Bloodshot Ramparts
    Frostburn Canyon
    Tundra Express- End of the Line
    The Dust - Friendship Gulag
    The Fridge- Finks slaughter house
    The Highlands Outwash
    The Highlands Extraction Point- Holy Spirits Bar
    The Highlands Overlook
    The Highlands Hyperion Bridge
    Caustic Caverns
    Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
    Thousand Cuts- The Bunker, Terramorphous Peak
    Eridium Blight - Ore Chasm
    Sawtooth Cauldron
    Arid Nexus Boneyard
    Arid Nexus Badlands
    Heros Pass - Vault of the Warrior

    Upon completing all the maps in these areas the achievement will pop. This requires you to have completed the story to unlock all locations and some parts of maps require side-quests to unlock. This is a time consuming achievement and is easier to complete when higher level as enemies struggle to fight you. Happy Hunting.
  • bevetebevete116,407
    10 Oct 2012 11 Oct 2012 11 Oct 2012
    34 2 9
    Another semi-common location to miss is the Moonshiner's Shack located in the Dust. It is located in the south west of the map, north east of the train yard (see below link/image, courtesy of IGN). This was the last location I found, and was driving me nuts!

    External image

    Also found a YouTube video (created by YouTuber user FuhzDHAT)

    (There is an Echo recording and Vault Symbol in this area too)
  • AnotherSadPandaAnotherSadPanda211,430
    07 Jan 2013 07 Jan 2013 07 Jan 2013
    27 2 2
    All of the solutions for the four previous location-based "Explorer" achievements in the game are very complete and thorough, and none of the solutions for this achievement, which logically should come last, stand on the shoulders of those guides. This one does, so if you haven't gotten the four Explorer achievements, you need to get those first.

    Assuming you DO have those, the remaining locations (a lot of which are not accessible via fast travel but require a fair amount of driving and walking) necessary for the World Traveler achievement are as follows (with locations accessible to fast travel in parenthesis):

    End of the Line (via Tundra Express)
    Sanctuary Hole (via Three Horns Divide)
    Caustic Caverns
    Bloodshot Stronghold
    Bloodshot Ramparts (via Bloodshot Stronghold)
    Southpaw Steam and Power
    Hero's Pass
    Vault of the Warrior (via Hero's Pass)
    Ore Chasm (via Eridium Blight)
    Southern Shelf Bay (via Southern Shelf)
    The Dust
    The Fridge
    Fink's Slaughterhouse (via The Fridge)
    Terramorphous Peak (via Thousand Cuts)
    The Holy Spirits (via The Highlands: Overlook. PLEASE NOTE, the "Clan War: End of the Rainbow" side mission completion is necessary for the underground Ale Wee Cavern access)
    Claptrap's Place (aka Windshear Waste)
    Friendship Gulag (via The Dust)
    The Bunker (via Thousand Cuts)

    And as with the previous four Explorer achievements, your maps must be entirely filled in, with solid white borders around the outside and light blue borders around lakes and otherwise inaccessible areas. The bottom of the Southern Shelf Bay map has a gap of solid white border that wraps north around Ebenfloe and on the other side around Blackburn Cove. As long as you have the two small islands filled in between the two, you have 100% of those locations.
  • HeavyMetal ZMBEHeavyMetal ZMBE136,580
    24 Sep 2012 24 Sep 2012 28 Sep 2012
    29 11 10
    This achievement works obviously in corrilation with the "Explorer" achievements. For this it requires you to find all named locations in the game. What I found helpful is that by doing ALLof the side quests you will uncover about 98+% of the locations (not to mention another step closer to the "complete all side quest" achievement) but their are a few that require you to do a little hunting that can easily be missed even once all side quests are done. Also it might help to change the map in the options to a fixed setting for easier navigation. (EX i finished all quests apart from the circle of slaughters and Teramorphous,)
    A good method is just to go to location to location via fast travel and bring up your map and just see if you have any blank/ greyed out spots left that need to be uncovered. I would also suggest making sure that the border of the map be uncovered (bright white outline) as well for safe measure. Again by completeing ALL the side quests you'll uncover the majority of the areas with no trouble
    The locations for the hard spots that you may be missing are as follows:

    1. Southern Shelf Bay
    -this requires you to go back to the first village, Southern Shelf, where you met Hammerlock and travel south from there. Bring up your map and you'll see the area Southern Shelf Bay. This was the last location I needed and the missable area Is on the south west side. Just follow the path on the ride side and you should get it. I had to jump over some rocks off the beaten path to get to it but just bring up your map and you should see where its at.

    2. Caustic Caverns
    -I'm guessing for most the area still needing to be uncovered is right in the center. No worries. Complete the "lost treasure" quest and you'll have it in no time. YouTube guides for that quest are up which are a big help.

    3. Ore Chasm (lol sounds like orgasm when said fast)
    - this is the location for the Hyperion circle of slaughter. The locations can be gained in the Eridium Blight area and can be seen when the map is pulled up. It entrance way is located next to the robot (Mal) who wants to be human. This requires you to jump onto rocks to get over that first doorway. The rocks will be on the right when facing the door

    4. Thousand Cuts.
    -this one was a pain. There is a spot in the center that can be easy over looked but not all that hard to get too. Follow the path cross a few bridges and take an elevator up and you should nab it. This was the one that got me one of the "Explorer" achievements.

    5. The Highlands- Location where the "What Does it Mean" achievement is unlocked
    -kill two birds with one stone here. This is where the " what does it mean" achievement is unlocked at. Just use one of the guides here on TrrueAchievements to nab that achievement and that'll be one less missable spot you need. It is an easily missed and over looked spot and not on a direct path of travel hence why i decided to add it to the list.

    6. Sawtooth Cauldron
    -this has a similar method of getting to this locations as #5 where you have to get to a high point and jump down. During a side quest you will take an elevator up to a place called Buzzard Nest (Roost?) For the top of that location bring up your map to get your bearings. I think its around the west southwest side of the structure. You can peek over the ledge and you should see a campfire and a car trunk loot chest. Just hop
    down there and get yourself some goodies, a badass challenge done, and one less location needed

    7. Three Horns Valley
    - This tricky one requires ya to head down south past the steam plant into the southern part of the map where its icy (and I think theres a boat there!) There is a hill between that spot and the village/dock area on the map just opposite of that location at the southern most part. Pull up your map and you can see a small gap that you can walk up through. So hop out of your car and head up that hill. There's nothing there but Rakks and Skags but that's one less location that needs to be found and uncovered

    8. Holy Spirits Cavern and Bar
    - this can be found during the quest given by Ellie in The Dust "Battle of the Clans (Gangs?)" the location for the Bar/ Caverns is in the Highland area where the small town is with the bounty board (can be fast traveled to this area) is and can only be given entrace in to the area when doing the side quest. Ive run into a few people who only needed this one location so i figure Id add it to help out

    Their you have it! These are the locations that gave me the big issues trying to get this and the 4 "Explorer" achievements. I will update this with the name of the proper locations when I'm back from business but you should have a general idea where these locations are. Any other tricky ones that I missed? Let me know and ill add them! Whatever helps the community out. Good luck and good hunting my friends!
  • AmazingPunkAmazingPunk256,886
    14 Nov 2013 14 Nov 2013
    11 0 0
    Hey Folks,

    Thought I'd just add this.

    I'd spent a lot of time hitting everywhere from the lists above, I checked the maps and re-checked them. No luck.

    Finally I realized that i hadn't been to the Southern Shelf - Bay area as my map was full uncovered. I came across this video which pointed out two locations I was missing.

    All credited goes to TwizzyX3 at youtube for the vid.

    The two areas are:
    Ice Flows

    Ebonfloe seems to be the major one that most people miss.

    Hope that helps people still looking!
  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside860,498
    15 Oct 2012 15 Oct 2012
    14 3 3
    This is not a guide. merely letting you know where I popped the achievement having spent several hours trying to unlock it.

    I'd finished the game in co-op, completed all side-missions bar Hyperion Slaughter (which I'd visited but failed). I'd also unlocked all the other discovery related achievements

    I revisited the locations mentioned in the other guides above - Southern Shelf, Moonshiner's Hut, Pumping Stations, Caustic Cavern etc and still no achievement.

    I was missing Ale Wee Cavern under The Holy Spirits Bar in Overlook. I had visited one of the basements, but not the celler and dropped down into the Cavern. The location discovery for Ale Wee Cavern popped up as soon as I did, but the achievement for World Traveler did not pop until I'd exited the cavern (jump up to the right when you can see water below you.)

    Good luck!
  • Guds StormGuds Storm252,945
    15 Oct 2012 15 Oct 2012 15 Oct 2012
    10 4 3
    After doing all the minor exploration achievements and all the side missions I was only short one spot: The Rakk Cave, located in The Fridge. To get there, simply make your way through The Rat Maze and use the elevator at the end.
  • JohnnyC3POJohnnyC3PO376,837
    27 Oct 2012 27 Oct 2012
    8 5 4
    Not a full solution, but this is a location I've not seen mentioned anywhere in the hours and hours (and hours) I've spent looking for this one.

    Once you've defeated Bunker and released Angel in the Where Angels Fear to Tread missions, you will have to go through a couple of rooms to get to the exit.

    The last of these rooms is the basement of Marcus' Munitions, which was the location I missed. I played through first time with a friend, and I must have been lagging behind when he went through here and triggered the exit so missed it.

    This looks like the only time you can get into this room (let me know if not) so explains why I missed it without realising, and why I wasted a lot of time looking through maps for incomplete sections.
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