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Have Purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot

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  • R0Y4LEwitCHEESER0Y4LEwitCHEESE611,390
    09 Oct 2012 09 Oct 2012 17 Aug 2015
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    This achievement requires you to have Purple level rarity (or higher) items equipped in all four weapon slots, and all four gear slots (Grenade, shield, relic, class mod).

    If you are unsure, the rarity of items from least rare to most rare are as follows: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange. DLC for Borderlands 2 has added Seraph (Pink) and Pearlescent (Cyan) rarity levels. Pearlescent are ranked higher in rarity than Orange.

    Eridium Tech weapons (Dark Pink text colour) count a purple and work towards this achievement (confirmed by Lavindathar - Thanks).

    As obtaining purple level items is down to luck and how generous the game is feeling, there are few sure fire ways of getting these items to drop. What follows is a guide on how you can help speed up the process by looking in particular areas.

    Guide may include spoilers by mentioning good bosses worth repeatedly killing for Purple level gear. These may be considered spoilers by some so be careful.


    Purple level items in weapon crates on a regular basis but keep an eye out for Boss enemies. Bosses can be regularly farmed after they are killed in the story by returning to the area they are located in. Bosses like BNK-3R drop huge piles of loot which often include several purple levels items such as Weapons, Grenade mods and Class Mods. This also applies to The Warrior and Terramorphous The Invincible.


    An Orange level shield can be obtained as a quest reward for completing the "Cult of The Firehawk" side quest line, which is given to you fairly early on after reaching Sanctuary.

    A Purple level shield can be obtained as a quest reward for completing the the mission "This Is Only a Test' which is the final mission in the series of missions given to you by the residents of Highlands: Outlook


    1. A Purple relic is regularly dropped by The Sherif of Lynchwood called 'The Sherif's Badge'. This should not be confused with the 'The Deputy's Badge' which you receive as a quest reward from the first time you kill her as part of a mission. The Sherif can be fought at the end of Lynchwood series of side quests which are available around the middle of the story. As with all bosses, she can be fought repeatedly by saving and quitting and then reloading the area. This will reset all the enemies, including bosses. Be sure to let her jump to the ground before you kill her, as reaching her loot will be difficult if she is still on the building she spawns on.

    2. Durring the start of the story mission 'The Talon of God', there is a chance of Tannis gifting you a Purple level relic.

    Class Mods:

    1. The Warrior is pretty generous in dropping purple level class mods, especially on True Vault Hunter Mode (Play through 2).

    2. If you have the skill/equipment to kill him, Terramorphous The Invincible will drop a guaranteed Orange Level Class mod called "The Slayer of Terramorphous", however there is a 1-in-5 chance of it being for the Class you want.

    Other suggestions:

    Purple level weapons and shields have a small chance of being given to you by Michael Mamaril, an NPC that appears at random in Sanctuary (see the achievement 'Tribute to a Vault Hunter')

    The Slot machines located in Moxxi's Bar in Sanctuary have a chance of dropping purple level weapons if you align three Marcus symbols, and a chance of dropping an orange weapon if you align three Vault/Borderlands symbols.

    If you are truly desperate, purple level weapons can be recieved from the Golden Chest in Sanctuary, however this requires you to use Golden Key, and these can only be obtained through promotional codes, usually distributed via Gearbox's Twitter and Facebook accounts, usually at weekends.

    These guys regularly post collected codes for all sources on this Facebook page, check it out regularly for updates:

    DLC Update:

    Pink level rarity was added with the Captain Scarlet DLC, and expanded upon with each subsequent story DLC. These are called 'Seraph' weapons and are dropped by the DLC raid bosses or purchased from a special vendor. I am unsure if these count toward the achievement, but they can be found for each gear slot except class mod.

    'Pearlescent' weapons, which are in a cyan text colour are classed as rarer than orange, and only drop in the DLC from Loot Midgets and possibly the larger bosses.
  • BiGPaPaRuBiGPaPaRu99,737
    14 Oct 2012 14 Oct 2012
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    So Getting this achievement can get pretty difficult if you play a lot of single player as I do. It's obviously a lot more easier to get purple gear in multiplayer but then you have to make sure you are playing with friends otherwise it will be hard because everybody you are playing with will be gunning for the purple loot.

    Anyways here is my solution:
    You need to be a level 28 or higher (I believe)
    Go to Eridium Blight (Use fast travel)
    Grab a vehicle and pull out heading right and there will be a gate with a turret (If you drive for more then 5 seconds you will pass it)
    Go through the gate to the otherside of the map and there is a good chance KING MONG will be there.
    Kill him, pick up his loot (he drops a purple nearly everytime), save/quit, restart and repeat.

    This may be cheating to some but whatever. I have had trouble getting good guns and with him you will get some good stuff.

    If you need help or are having trouble just let me know and I can either help you or lend/give some things you may need.

    Also DONKEY MONG is in this same area so you can kill him to also recieve the italian plumber achievement. You must be level 30 before DM spawns.

    Good Luck Vault Hunter
  • SneakyStabbalotSneakyStabbalot617,541
    11 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012 21 Aug 2013
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    By the time I got to level 35 as - Zero, I still was missing a couple of purple items, most notably a purple relic. If you're missing any purple items, I would suggest you play the Bunker (BNK3R) mission over and over again. Head to Thousand Cuts and run all the way to the Bunker (bottom left) - I didn't bother shooting at anyone, I just ran right past 'em!

    Once you get to the Bunker, arm yourself only with corrosive weapons. I had an SMG, a sniper rifle, a pistol and a rocket launcher.

    Run up to the top deck and when BNK3R appears, let him have it. There's a cluster of red 'eyes' that look like spider eyes, there's a automatic crits. On average I could take BNK3R out in about 2mins! My weapon was rotation sniper -> rocket launcher -> SMG -> pistol. I didn't even bother to reload.
    When BNK3R is done, he(?) heads away and then comes back, just a couple more shots and he's down. At this point he drops a ton of items including tons of Eridium and $$.
    If you don't get the purple items you need, quit the game and reload. At this point, you'll be back inside The Bunker. Head to the vending machines, sell the gear you didn't want, stock up on ammo and do it all again.
    I did this for about an hour, which is about 15 tries, but I got my missing purple relic, as well as about $200,000 and 99E :)

    Below is a video of killing BUNK3R. It's not mine,
  • HyperglideHyperglide311,286
    14 Feb 2013 06 Oct 2012
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    I would recommend whenever you find a Purple or Orange Item to drop it in the safe at sanctuary. That way when you finally have the 8 items required you can go back to your safe and take out the items you need to unlock this achievement. And you don't have to worry about it eating up space in your backpack or accidentally selling them.
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