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Sabre Rattler

Kill 100 enemies with the Sabre turret

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  • SemanticV0idSemanticV0id225,008
    19 Sep 2012 18 Sep 2012 30 Oct 2012
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    For those aren't aware, the Sabre turret is Axton's unique skill (Commando). You unlock the unique skill for each character at level 5. When you reach level 5 you'll get a skill point, which you have to put into the turret slot (you don't have any other options).

    After that, just use LB to deploy the turret whenever you've got groups of enemies and you'll eventually get 100 kills with it, as long as the turret gets the final hit to kill them. The turret can turn 360 degrees, so try to get it into the centre of the battlefield if possible so it can take out everybody.

    *Also, thanks to wolfzero01 for the heads up: Don't use the "...To Pay the Bills" challenge as a way of tracking it.*

    That challenge seems to be for getting kills *while* your skill is active, not just *with* the skill. If you kill an enemy with your own gun while the turret is deployed, that will add one kill towards the challenge so it will inflate the number. It's an odd distinction but it's enough to mess up the tracking.
  • CincaidCincaid159,684
    23 Oct 2012 23 Oct 2012
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    If you want to get this achievement as fast as possible with a new character, just do the initial sidequests and story quests until you hit level 5. Around the same time you hit level 5 (and get your Turret ability), Sir Hammerlock will ask you to go to Southern Shelf Bay to kill Midge-Mong.

    As soon as you enter this area you'll see some Rakk flying in the distance. Fire a shot to attract them, put out your turret, and stand back and let your turret handle them (since if you kill anything you'll "steal" the kill from the turret). Rakk are extremely weak, and often fly in a straight line towards your turret making them easy targets. This first pack consists of around 6-9 Rakk in total.

    Once they're all dead, just Save/Quit to main menu, and then hit continue. You'll enter the game just by the Rakk again, ready to repeat the process. Repeat until achievement pops, which took me about 20 minutes after I got the ability.
  • GalerianPersonaGalerianPersonaThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    09 Oct 2012
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    Okay so to get this you have to be Level 5 with the Commando Class and use your skill point to get your action aka the Turret. Now you can level up to 5 and let it do its work and wait or you can use the way I got it and smack it out in less then maybe 10 mins.

    Okay so this is how I got it lol and I thought I broke the game. First I made a new player as the Commando and joined my brothers game. Got to lvl 13 left his game and hit Continue on mine HERES THE KICKER...Since I never started the game with the Commando, it loaded my commando Level and everything at the beginning of the game where you first meet Claptrap. Now you can get 100 REALLY quick in the first level/area before you leave for Sanctuary. Because you would be at a high level and the eneimes start at lvl 2. So they would drop like bowling pins. Press LB when you get your Action and watch them drop!

    Happy Hunting!

    Leave Thumb Ups and comments....if u give me a Neg vote because I dont have a full quide...oh well just thought I would tell you and EASY way I got it
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