Definitely An Italian Plumber achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)

Definitely An Italian Plumber

Kill Donkey Mong

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How to unlock the Definitely An Italian Plumber achievement

  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV169,531
    29 Sep 2012 24 Sep 2012 24 Sep 2012
    148 8 35
    Hi Guys,

    Here is my Guide for this Achievement.

    Donkey Mong is a extremly rar Monster in SW of Eridium Blight.

    The "Fastest" Way to let him spawn is a Quit - Reload Session. Travel with fast Travel to Eridium Blight, get a Car and search the Spawnpoint

    Is Donkey Mong not here, quit the Game and Continue, get the Car and search the Spawnpoint and again and again until he spawns.

    I know its a sick methode but i think its the fast!

    Question? ask me :)

    PS: sry 4 english, german ;)

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    frenchmau5Is this achievement known to be glitched? He spawned without my looking for him and I killed him easily but no achievement.
    Posted by frenchmau5 on 22 May 20 at 12:32
    Saw3d 0ffCheck here if you want a map of the specific area within Eridium Blight to check:
    Posted by Saw3d 0ff on 07 Jul 21 at 01:38
    Moe GZI followed the path in the video and met him on first try. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Posted by Moe GZ on 26 Sep 21 at 19:57
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  • A BatwomanA Batwoman870,515
    30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2012 25 Feb 2017
    97 0 21
    Location; Eridium Blight
    Donkey Mong; Have to Kill for achievement only!
    King Mong; Don't have to kill for achievement but he is an easter egg and will drop loot!

    External image

    *I CAN confirm this it unlocks for all 4 players! Even 2! and Single Player!*

    External image

    1. From the fast travel in Eridium Blight grab a catch a ride car and head south.
    2. Head through the gates where the turrets are.
    3. A big monkey might spawn in front of you on the right THIS IS NOT DONKEY MONG this is King Mong and he doesn't give you the achievement but can give you loot if you wish to kill him. If you are under level this will be a tough battle.
    4. Keep driving until you reached the spot on the map above or video below. It should be on the right.
    5. He should spawn out of one of the holes on the wall.
    6. If he doesn't spawn the first time save and quit and go back to Eridum Blight.
    7. Rinse and Repeat until he spawns may be your first or second try or more but he will show up keep trying.
    8. For fun you can cut his tie by meleeing it for a challenge.

    Enjoy this entertaining video the buddies at RoosterTeeth made all credit goes to them for finding (Cursing warning);
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    DeeKIDestinyCan anyone confirm you can't run him over with a Light Runner? I killed him while bumping into him with a car and the cheevo didn't unlock :(
    Posted by DeeKIDestiny on 05 Aug 13 at 07:14
    A Batwoman@Deek - Why don't you just get kill him with a gun lol
    Posted by A Batwoman on 05 Aug 13 at 13:17
    Killmelator4 reloads it took me to get him to spawn. FYI King Mong spawned 3 times out of them 4.
    Posted by Killmelator on 10 Dec 14 at 20:30
  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon536,199
    25 Sep 2012 25 Sep 2012
    23 4 0
    Donkey Mong can be found in Eridium Blight, and is a random spawn at any of the Bedrock Bullymong areas. He will not spawn in any particular spot over any other, so your best bet is to roll through the southern portion of the map until he appears, as the northern areas are completely dominated by bandits and no bullymongs spawn there.

    You need to kill every bullymong in each of the areas to prompt him to appear, as each one that spawns has a random chance of being Donkey Mong. This enemy will often not simply be waiting for you when you enter the map, so by killing every bullymong you find, you are increasing your chances of finding him.

    All players currently in the game receive this achievement at the same time, regardless of who kills Donkey Mong. I was looking through Eridium Blight with one coop partner and we split up to expedite the search, I was the one who found Donkey Mong and killed him, and both of us received the achievement.
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