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Opened the chest at the bus stop in Fyrestone

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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

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    Video guide for this achievement i found on youtube its in the arid nexus badlands. Credit goes to DirtyonXBL. Hope this helps people out who need video guides
  • WestsideSxEWestsideSxE470,851
    20 Sep 2012 20 Sep 2012
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    Late in the story line you will cut thru Fyrestone to do the [flip the switch] task of the moment. There is a loot chest on top of the motel next to the elevated highway. It may be familiar if you played the original Borderlands. Just open it and you gets an achievement.

    (Easiest way up is jump on the loot chest behind the motel, to the dumpster, then a running jump towards the pole to get to the lower roof, then hop up to the top)
  • SpilnerSpilner732,928
    18 Oct 2012 04 Feb 2016
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    This achievement is for opening the loot chest in the old town of Fyrestone which is now called Arid Nexus - Badlands.

    Use any travel station to travel to Arid Nexus - Badlands and once there follow the path through the town until you come to an opening next to a large highway (This is where you fought the large robot) On the right there is a building, the loot chest is on top of this building.

    You need to make your way to the back of the building and jump cn_A onto the hand rail by the steps, then onto the roof next to it and then back to the other side on top of the small vent like thing protruding. Then jump onto the roof and look for the red loot chest like the one in the picture and hold cn_X to open it and the achievement is yours.

    Here's a video (Yup I forgot what to do at first wink)
  • RedemtionOWNAGERedemtionOWNAGE78,146
    21 Sep 2012 23 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2012
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    My take on the achievement it's not that quick as I do look around while running to get the achievement but I hope this helps. Thanks

    Edit: Unlocks for all people currently in the game, if doing co-op
  • Toslowguard6Toslowguard6298,916
    28 Sep 2012 28 Sep 2012
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    This is my own video guide from Toslow Gaming. It may take some patience till you get close to the end of the game. However, you'll get this achievement once you reach the area Arid Nexus-Badlands.
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