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Mr. Perfect

Complete any level without taking any damage

Mr. Perfect+1.6
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  • MfydMfyd156,762
    30 Sep 2012 02 Oct 2012
    7 0 1
    The way I done this achievement and possibly the easiest way was I got Lightning and Magic Gambit both to 50/50 and did Stage 1 on Normal. You'll have to be very careful though because if you over-use your Lightning, meaning you use it once you've killed an enemy, the Lightning strike will hit you and take away health, voiding the achievement, if this happens, you'll have to restart the stage, but I'll tell you have many hits it takes for each enemy to kill;

    Williams - 1 Lightning hit.
    Linda - 2 Lightning hits.
    Abobo - 3 Lightning hits.

    I also did the same for the 'Misters Perfect' achievement, but since it had to be done on Double Dragon difficulty, it took more Lightning strikes to kill the enemies on the stage as well as keeping my second controller out of range or being hit by enemies. I can't give you exact estimates of how many hits they'll take, but all I can really tell you is to take it slow so you don't hit yourself with the Lightning.

    Double Dragon NeonMisters PerfectThe Misters Perfect achievement in Double Dragon Neon worth 142 pointsComplete any level in co-op without taking any damage... with friendly fire enabled!
  • PeaceSquidPeaceSquid480,057
    13 Sep 2012 13 Sep 2012
    3 3 2
    Level up your Magic Gambit stance (I had it at 20) and your Spin Kick (I was at 29). Move slowly through the level and use RB to spin kick everyone. Magic Gambit also recharges your magic energy so after each battle let it recharge.

    The two big fellas are a bit of an issue. You need full magic bar to take them out safely. The second guy can be tricked into falling to his death on the conveyor belt.

    So do this on stage 1 on Normal.
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