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Victory! achievement in Double Dragon Neon


Defeat Skullmageddon!

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How to unlock the Victory! achievement

  • Pure Vapour 420Pure Vapour 420
    16 Sep 2012 16 Sep 2012 22 Jul 2015
    This video shows you the final boss battle, after watching this video i managed to kill skullmageddon 1st try... NOTE - I used spin kick (level 4 only) instead of the dragon swarm...

    Credit goes to Gamestestimony for the video.

    Also on stage 10 there is a shop hidden away, its where there's 3 falling platforms that you have to jump across (you may notice an arrow in the background pointing down towards it) and if you stay on the last falling platform you'll go down to the underneath level to where the shop is, i advise to buy lots of lives, 9 is the maximum you can have... Good luck!

    Hope this helps toast

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    Falcon BurnsThanks for that!
    Posted by Falcon Burns On 25 Sep 12 at 16:15
    Pure Vapour 420Anytime sir :)
    Posted by Pure Vapour 420 On 27 Sep 12 at 13:27
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  • PeaceSquidPeaceSquid
    13 Sep 2012 13 Sep 2012 14 Sep 2012
    Uh-oh! Starting up the game gets you a 1GS achievement. A bit annoying for all us OCD gamerscore people but nobody needs to get too bothered as this achievement is pretty straightforward and gives you 19GS to level you out nicely.

    1. Get to stage ten however you can. You can chapter select if you fancy going back and farming cash for upgrades and you can continue as much as you need.

    2. Raise some cash and nab some mithrill or whatever it's called (you do that by beating bosses).

    3. Spend your cash on Spin Kick upgrades (available from the shop on Stage 2 - just go up the ladder and go left a bit) and the Absorb stance and Magic Gambit stance.

    - Spin Kicks are pretty good against the final boss.
    - Absorb gives you health back when you land attacks, handy for getting through stage 10.
    - Magic Gambit lets you use your special attacks a lot more, giving you more Spin Kicks.

    4. Go through the stage as best you can. Use LT gleams and use the environment where possible to get easy kills. Absorb stance makes things easier.

    5. When you get to three falling platforms all next to each other, stay on the third one and ride it down but make sure to jump right before it kills you. This level's shop is there. Go in and buy lives. As many as possible. You can hold nine. So do that.

    6. Skullmageddon is a skeletal prick. I beat him first time thanks to lots of spin kicks (be sure to turn on your Magic Gambit stance) and avoided a lot of his attacks by rolling forwards with the LT button. There are probably good techniques and strategies for beating him in one life or whatever, but I prefer the brute force, lots of lives way of doing it.

    I ended up on 3 lives (from 9) when I beat him and had 19 Magic Gambit and 21 Spin Kick. Not that high I guess.

    This achievement can be done in an hour according to the leaderboards but I did it in about five because I was faffing around and not giving a toss.
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    PeaceSquidNeg-vote already? That's constructive. Cock.
    Posted by PeaceSquid On 17 Sep 12 at 08:44
    VenomSlash8771LMAO, +1 for the solution, +1 for the comment
    Posted by VenomSlash8771 On 01 Oct 12 at 16:56
    KinectKid333When you go to buy lives, you can save a bit of money and you really only need to buy up to seven lives, because you'll find two lives in vases in the next room after leaving the shop area.
    Posted by KinectKid333 On 18 Dec 22 at 22:14
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