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Later Ro-bros!

Beat every level as a Ro-bro

Later Ro-bros!+5.8
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Achievement Guide for Later Ro-bros!

  • DamagedThumbsDamagedThumbsThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    14 Sep 2012
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    After finishing the main game once you have access to the concept. On the last page it gives you a code to play as Ro-bro!

    On the chapter select screen press Lt, Lb, Ls + Rt, Rb, Rs + start & select. You must press all the buttons at the same time. Its very tricky to do but you will here a chime to let you know that your successful. Then go through all the missions as Ro-bro to unlock the achievement.
  • Penguino RojoPenguino Rojo369,995
    08 May 2013 08 May 2013
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    It should be noted that you can use the LT, LB, LS + RT, RB, RS + start & select code without having to complete the game first. I used it shortly after I started playing the game, replayed the levels I already beat. After finishing the game the achievement popped after the credits.

    Also, while pushing in on the sticks, you can move the sticks forward to hit start and select as well, assuming your hand isn't too small.
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