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The Chrome Thong Award achievement in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

The Chrome Thong Award

Master 100 items. (Costumes & Weapons)

The Chrome Thong Award0
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How to unlock the The Chrome Thong Award achievement

    15 Oct 2012 17 Oct 2012
    There is a number of ways to find and collect new items in Naughty Bear:

    - Steal them off of enemies, both clothing and weapons. You cannot steal guns, but everything else is fair game. To steal their clothes, grab them, drag them to the woods and press LT. To grab a weapon, just kill them and pick it up.
    - Finding items in the level, though this only goes for weapons. There will be blue auras around weapons you can pick up, and most of the locales have 2-5 weapons each. Note: locales, not levels. Most of the levels are repeated locales, and later visits to the same locales will generally not have new weapons in them. There are exceptions, though.
    - Being awarded items through game progress, mainly the crown you get for getting all gold medals and a few combined weapons (like master the bat and the machete to unlock the "batchete").

    The above is the natural order for unlocking too. Just play each level through slowly the first time you play it, methodically stealing every bears clothing and weapons. Remember that you have to overkill (just grab and press RT) with a new weapon in order to obtain it. After stealing all clothes, search the level for weapons and the golden key to check the temple area as well.

    The convenient part about all of this is that every item has a description of where it can be found if you check the item in the inventory, so you don't really need a guide for this. Each piece of an outfit or weapon will be visible on the bear in the level, so if you need to find a certain hat on a certain level, you can just equip one of the bear faces (the ones that disguise you as, for example, Cuddles) and then all bears in the level will be your friends and you can just walk through, checking out everyone's equipment to find what you need.

    As for mastering items, you just need to have them equipped while beating a level to gain XP with them. Most items will only need 1-2 levels before they're mastered and can be switched out, but some of the later unlocks will take 10+ levels. See my solutions for the platinum medals and XP acheivements for more information about gathering XP and mastering items.

    The only tricky aspect of the loot gathering is finding some of the temple keys, so I've compiled a list of all keys and what's in each level's temple below. In order to shorten the solution by a bit, I have only included the temples that actually contain something worthwhile. Temples containing like 1,000 gold have been left out and you don't need to bother visiting them.

    Level 02 - Pudding - Seaside Greenhouse
    Behind the main greenhouse, on a stone table in a lounge area.

    Contains: Some money and the Primeval Spear.

    Level 03 - Goober - Bearmeinster Mansion
    To the left of your starting point, there's like a phone booth that has a "Silkywood" banner. To the right of that is a trash can, and the entrance to the temple. The key is behind the trash.

    Contains: Money (~1,000) and the Feeling Axe.

    Level 04 - Normal - Duegard Temple
    It's right there when you start, leaning against the well right in front of you.

    Contains: Phil the Singing Sword. It sings when you hold it!

    Level 06 - Fluffy - Brightness' Workshop
    There are two large buildings in the middle; one with the quantum portal and one without. It's lying on the floor in the one without the portal. Bring something with decent stamina, as the timer on this one is quite harsh.

    Contains: Three regular enemies. (This one isn't actually necessary, it's just some bonus points in the form of enemies. But I feel like these three enemies behave a little oddly; anyone notice them leading to a secret of some kind?)On

    Level 08 - Chubby - Wellness Center
    It's inside Dr. Docteur's office, visibly hanging on the wall. Bring high stamina gear as this one's a long run with a short time limit.

    Contains: A dead Unibear and the Unibear Horn weapon.

    Level 09 - Nibbles - Fiesta Docks
    Behin the counter of the bar near the dance party.

    Contains: Three strung-up Naughty Bears, one holding the "Piñatastic" Piñata Stick. It's a weapon that's identical to the other tree branch weapon, so it's very easy to miss.

    Level 11 - Cozy - Retreat & Spa for War Heroes
    Turn around from where you start and you'll see a house, and behind that house is like a triangular pool. It's in the bushes by that pool.

    Contains: Money and the Ice Fists weapon.

    Level 19 - Jacques le Tickler - Duegard Temple
    This gate is not closed - there is no key here.

    Contains: A tough enemy with armor you've probably already gotten from one of the knights in this same level, and the Excalibear sword. Bring a trap to kill him easier.

    Level 21 - Ken "Danger" Clark - The Underworld Club
    Where Danger is hanging out, there's a wooded area furthest away from where you start. The key is on the ground in front of it.

    Contains: A bit of money and the weapon you need to properly kill Danger (Rod of Justice).

    Level 22 - R0B0-PR1M3 MK.IV - Brightness' Workshop
    The key is right next to the crashed tank that's close to the temple gate.

    Contains: An enemy bear wearing the Victorian Wig and Boxing Gloves.

    Level 23 - Colonel Ketchup - Retreat & Spa for War Heroes
    It's leaning against the outer wall of the balcony in the larger house on this map (the one closest to where you start).

    Contains: The Diamond Pickaxe is hidden inside a slab of ice.

    Level 25 - Master Miyagi - Bearmeinster Mansion
    In the middle of the living room of the house.

    Contains: A dancing zombear wearing the Gold Thong costume piece.

    Level 26 - Buddy Bearperton - Greasy's Garage
    There's a level exit on the road, in front of the garage, and by that exit is a stone bench. Smash the bench to grab the key.

    Contains: If you smash the barrel inside this temple, a giant zombear will spawn. He's carrying The Beaver weapon.

    Level 27 - Peluso - Fiesta Docks
    Right where you start, there will be some scaffoldings to your right. Turn around and the key will be behind some crates you can smash.

    Contains: The Bearcatattoo Gold Machete.

    Level 28 - Dr. Docteur - Wellness Center
    Beside the larger house in this level, there's a large vat of green goo. It's behind the fluffosuction machine that you killed a bear on earlier in the game. Behind this vat of goo is the key.

    Contains: A tough enemy carrying the Manwich Hat, Wizard Beard and Scary Fingers. (Also possibly the Abyssal Eyes, but there are many places to find those.)

    Level 29 - Sir Rubert - Duegard Temple
    Inside the only house on the level, behind a curtain.

    Contains: A tough enemy carrying the strongest weapon in the game, the Death Scythe.

    Level 31 - Grhuel - Seaside Greenhouse
    The key is on the diagonal opposite end of the map, underneath a giant vase in a corner. It's basically as far away from the temple as you can get.

    Contains: A huge enemy wearing the Bearcatattoo Shaman costume you need to kill Oodoo. (Though I had to steal the hat from DJ Fuzz, on level 32, to get it in my inventory, even though this giant bear is wearing it.)

    Level 32 - DJ Fuzz - The Underworld Club
    Behind the DJ booth in the main club area.

    Note! DJ Fuzz is wearing the Bearcatattoo headwear that you need to kill Oodoo.

    Contains: A high-level enemy and a few chests. If you kill the enemy, open the chests and kill all the frogs outside you will get about 25,000 coins. The enemy is also wearing a unique costume that you need to steal.

    Level 33 - Oodoo - The Underworld Club
    Behind the DJ booth, same as the previous level.

    Contains: Also the same as the previous level. Lazy game developers are lazy.

    Level 35 - Emperor Xoctopus - Fiesta Terrace Cantina
    On a bench inside the cantina, becomes very easy to find if you just smash all the tables. This run is very long, bring your very best stamina gear.

    Contains: An evil bear that looks like she should be Naughty's girlfriend. She's wearing the Pink Bow costume piece.

    Level 36 - Professor Brightness - Brightness' Workshop
    The key to this gate is by the rocket, where Brightness is tooling around. You must find and use this key to beat the level.

    Contains: The portal you need to beat the level, and the Quantum Branch weapon.
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