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Master ALL the PANTS! -You achievement in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

Master ALL the PANTS! -You

Master all costumes.

Master ALL the PANTS! -You0
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How to unlock the Master ALL the PANTS! -You achievement

  • Fire Hawk DFire Hawk D
    20 Jan 2013 03 Feb 2013 27 Jun 2014
    So, here's my clothing guide for Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise! I've listed the items in the same order they are listed after being unlocked. So, if you're missing something, you can just look at your items and easily find what's missing. The format is as follows

    Item Name -
    Bear Name (Level Name [And whether it's in the Bearcatattoo Temple])

    Some items won't have a level, in which case the requirements to unlock it will just be typed out next to it.

    WIP: This is a Work In Progress. I'll have all the items included soon.


    Scruffy Head - Start

    Straw Hat - Start

    Gardener Hat -
    Botanist Ashwood (Flopsey)
    Botanist Beechgood (Flopsey)
    Botanist Fern (Flopsey)
    Gardener Barker (Cuddles, Pudding, Normal, Flopsey, Giggles, Comfy)
    Gardener Leafy (Cuddles, Pudding, Normal, Flopsey, Giggles, Comfy, Grhûel)
    Gardener Lush (Cuddles, Pudding, Normal, Flopsey, Giggles, Comfy)
    Master Botanist Flopsey (Pudding, Flopsey)
    Pudding (Pudding, Silky)

    Baseball Cap -
    Nuzzles (Cuddles, Sunbeam, Giggles)
    Stuffles (Peluso)

    Bellhop Top -
    Bellhop Bebop (Cuddles, Giggles, Comfy)

    Sailor Cap -
    Sailor Bilgert (Chief Gordon)
    Sailor Blake (Chief Gordon)
    Sailor Gilbert (Chief Gordon)
    Sailor Hawk (Chief Gordon)
    Sailor Howe (Chief Gordon)
    Tender (Goober)

    Pirate Hat -
    Bodyguard Poncho (Master Miyagi)
    Pirate Obearey (Chief Gordon)
    Pirate Slipdeck (Chief Gordon)
    Pirate Tumbletop (Chief Gordon)
    Pirate Widechest (Chief Gordon)
    Tender (Master Miyagi)

    Black Knight Helm -
    Goober (Goober)

    Fake Unihorn -
    Silky (Goober, Sily, Master Miyagi)

    Pirate Wig & Bandana -
    Bodyguard Rocko (Master Miyagi)
    Pirate Obearey (Chief Gordon)
    Pirate Slipdeck (Chief Gordon)
    Pirate Tumbletop (Chief Gordon)
    Pirate Wifechest (Chief Gordon)
    Supples (Goober, Master Miyagi)

    Afro Wig -
    Hoopla (Peluso)
    Houston (Goober, Master Miyagi)

    Impressive Wig -
    Ban Bearo (Stardust)
    Buckles (Goober, Sunbeam, Bubbles, Master Miyagi, Peluso)
    Chuckles (Goober, Sunbeam, Bubbles, Master Miyagi, Peluso)

    Royal Guard Helm -
    Gaweiny (Jacques Le Tickler)
    Knight Belvedere (Sir Rupert)
    Knight Clay (Sir Rupert)
    Knight Corbeaxu (Jacques Le Tickler)
    Knight Debris (Jacques Le Tickler)
    Knight Hextor (Sir Rupert)
    Knight Gentle (Jacques Le Tickler)
    Knight Gladahad (Normal, Jacques Le Tickler, Sir Rupert)
    Knight Leowhale (Sir Rupert)
    Knight Mortifried (Sir Rupert)
    Knight Parsleyvale (Normal, Jacques Le Tickler, Sir Rupert)
    Knight Polymore (Sir Rupert)
    Knight Psalomides (Sir Rupert)
    Thrustram (Jacques Le Tickler)

    Fake B.E.A.R. Helmet - Defluff Trembles

    Ten Gallon Hat -
    Ambrose (Dr. Docteur)
    Trembles (Trembles, Silky)

    B.E.A.R. Elite Helmet -
    E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney (Trembles)

    Greasy Toupee -
    Bearverine (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Bearvis (Nibbles, Twinkles, Dr. Docteur)
    Bubbly (Greasy, Buddy Bearperton)
    Cauchy (Trembles, Greasy, Buddy Bearperton)
    Greasy (Trembles, Greasy)
    Lighty (Greasy, Buddy Bearperton)
    Zuchini (Trembles, Greasy, Buddy Bearperton)

    Physicist Helmet -
    Fluffy (Fluffy, Silky)

    Worn Fedora -
    Crutchfield (Sunbeam, Stardust)
    Davis (Sunbeam, Stardust)
    Journalist Snapples (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Stackhouse (Sunbeam, Stardust)

    Admiral Hat -
    Ambassador Xamari (Sunbeam)
    Ambassador Xoon (Stardust)
    Sailor Drake (Chief Gordon)

    Fake Alien Antennas - Defluff Sunbeam

    Alien Pilot Helmet -
    Xars (Stardust)
    Xibberish (Sunbeam)
    Xkgkt (Sunbeam)
    Xunon (Stardust)
    Xuter (Stardust)
    Xuurn (Stardust)
    Xwid (Stardust)

    Tinfoil Hat -
    Stardust (Sunbeam, Silky, Stardust)

    Tinfoil Crown -
    Sunbeam (Sunbeam, Silky)

    Top Hat -
    Chubby (Chubby, Silky)
    Sir Archibald Chesterton Sr. (Jacques Le Tickler, Sir Rupert, Comfy)
    Sir Constantin Cheesebarrow (Jacques Le Tickler, Sir Rupert, Comfy)
    Sir Regius de Pamplemousse (Jacques Le Tickler, Sir Rupert)
    Sir Richard Richrock (Jacques Le Tickler, Sir Rupert)
    Sir Rupert Furvale the Third (Sir Rupert)

    Hard Hat -
    Carpenter (Chubby, Nibbles, Twinkles, Dr. Docteur)
    Hammer (Chubby, Nibbles, Twinkles, Dr. Docteur)
    Snozzle (Chubby, Dr. Docteur)
    Spud (Chubby, Nibbles, Twinkles, Dr. Docteur)

    Dr. Docteur's Mad Goggles -
    Dr. Docteur (Chubby, Dr. Docteur)

    Ninja Zukin -
    Ninja Chan (Chubby, Master Miyagi)
    Ninja Fukumoto (Chubby, Master Miyagi)
    Ninja Lee (Chubby, Master Miyagi)

    Rice Farmer Hat -
    Ninja Fukumoto (Chubby, Master Miyagi)

    Ninja Master Zukin -
    Master Miyagi (Chubby, Master Miyagi)

    Weather Inappropriate Beanie -
    Tender (Sunbeam, Nibbles, Twinkles)

    Charro Sombrero -
    Chuggles (Peluso)
    Senor El Macho (Peluso)
    Twinkles (Silky, Twinkles)

    Camo Helmet -
    Private Bjorn (Cozy, Chief Gordon, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Clikey (Cozy, Chief Gordon, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Jackson (Nibbles, Cozy, Twinkles, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Kurtz (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Lockstock (Cozy, Chief Gordon, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Lucas (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private McUltra (Nibbles, Cozy, Twinkles, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Partz (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Phillips (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Pickles (Nibbles, Cozy, Twinkles, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Ryan (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Private Sensible (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)

    Pastry Chef Hat -
    Nibbles (Nibbles, Silky)
    Tictac (Daddles, Juggles)

    Reversed Cap -
    Bubbles (Bubbles, Silky)

    D.D.F. Glam Helmet -
    D.D.F. Kool (Bubbles)
    D.D.F. Ross (Bubbles)
    D.D.F. Summers (Bubbles)
    D.D.F. Trample (Bubbles)

    Gold Pulse by DJ.Fuzz -
    DJ Fuzz (Bubbles)

    Casserole Helmet - Defluff Cozy

    BN Helmet -
    Cozy (Cozy, Silky)

    General Hat -
    Colonel Ketchup (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup)
    General Treacle (Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)

    Party Hat -
    Beamer (Daddles, Juggles)
    Daddles (Silky, Daddles)

    Elite Beret -
    Bali (Giggles, Comfy)
    Cuncun (Giggles, Comfy)
    Fiji (Giggles, Comfy)
    Holo (Giggles, Comfy)
    Manu (Giggles, Comfy)
    Moko (Giggles, Comfy)
    Palo (Giggles, Comfy)

    Cardboard Box Robot -
    R0B0-J0HN (Daddles, Juggles)

    Bowler Hat -
    Psychiatrist Juggles (Daddles, Juggles)

    The Fuzz Chief Cap -
    Chief Gordon (Chief Gordon)

    Super Hero Mask -
    Ken "Danger" Clark (Ken "Danger" Clark")
    The Flare (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    WonderBear (Ken "Danger" Clark)

    Viking Helmet -
    Ken "Danger" Clark (Ken "Danger" Clark")

    Cherry Top - Defluff Gordon

    MK-II Head Machinery -
    R0B0-505 (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-A2M (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-B4RD33N (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-B34R (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-C4K3 (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-CR4SH (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-CUR13 (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-D00D (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-3D1S0N (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-FF3NS1V3NAM3 (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-GGN0RE (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-L33T (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-L0LZ (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-N00B (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-P4NTS (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-PWN (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-R0B0 (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-R0X0RZ (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-SN0TZ (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-5TUD (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-W4LK3R (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-WTH (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)

    MK-III Head Machinery -
    QU4NTUM-B0T (Prof. Brightness)
    QU4NTUM-B0T B0HR (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-F0Rk (Prof. Brightness [Bearcatattoo Temple])
    R0B0-P4NTS (Prof. Brightness)
    R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV)
    R0B0-0R0B (Prof. Brightness [Bearcatattoo Temple])

    Soldier Camo Helmet -
    Corporal Maximus (Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Corporal Power (Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle)
    Corporal Torque (Colonel Ketchup)
    Sergeant Killgore (General Treacle)

    B.E.A.R. Helmet -
    B.E.A.R. Eastwood (Peluso)
    B.E.A.R. Gibson (Peluso)

    Sombrero Del Fuego -
    Peluso (Peluso)

    Peluso's Faceless Skull -
    Peluso (Peluso)

    Fluffodile Dentist Hat -
    Bearnard (Dr. Docteur)

    Royal Guard Captain Helm -
    Knight Captain Garrotte (Sir Rubert)

    CAKE Agent Hat -
    Agent Banks (Grhûel)
    Agent Grant (Grhûel)

    Bearcatattoo Shaman-Warrior Crown -
    Fe'qu'g'all'q (Grhûel [Bearcattatto Temple])
    DJ Fuzz (DJ Fuzz)

    Fe'qu'g'all'q Skull -
    OodoO (DJ Fuzz, OodoO)

    Emperor Xoctopus' Crown -
    Emperor Xoctopus (Emperor Xoctopus)

    Alien Combat Helmet -
    Unpronounceablename (Emperor Xoctopus)
    X_X (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xarkakan (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xeird (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xenepath (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xiaros (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xify (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xiii (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xlux (Emperor Xoctopus)
    XuniorJunior (Emperor Xoctopus)
    XuniosSenior (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xygxag (Emperor Xoctopus)
    Xylanthrax (Emperor Xoctopus)

    Victorian Wig -
    K'kteg'al'kek (R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV [Bearcatattoo Temple])

    Crown of the Ridiculously Naughty - Get at least a Gold Naughty Cup on each level

    Pink Bow -
    Gr'kwy'kal'gek (Emperor Xoctopus [Bearcatattoo Temple])

    The Fuzz Hat -
    Officer Buttercop (Chief Gordon)
    Officer Copcake (Chief Gordon)
    Officer Curly (Ken "Danger" Clark)

    Paradise Island Officer Beret -
    Officer Bacon (Trembles, Greasy)
    Officer Ribs (Greasy)

    Paradise Island Riot Squad Helmet -
    Officer Bacon (Daddles, Juggles, Buddy Bearperton)
    Officer Chop (Buddy Bearperton)
    Officer Croquette (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Officer Fatback (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Officer Ham (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Officer Hock (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Officer Loin (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Officer Panchetta (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Officer Ribs (Daddles, Juggles, Ken "Danger" Clark, Buddy Bearperton)
    Officer Sausage (Ken "Danger" Clark)
    Officer Steak (Ken "Danger" Clark)

    Paradise Island Sergeant Cap -
    Master Sergeant Masterton (Ken "Danger" Clark)

    Unibear Wig -
    Unibear (Randomly spawns in every level)

    The Epic Top Hat - Reach level 50

    Manwich Hat -
    Qk'it'kwa'ga'g'lk (Dr. Docteur [Bearcatattoo Temple])



    Hairy Chest - Start

    Trash Top - Start

    T-Shirt -

    Urban T-Shirt -

    Sleeveless Tourist Shirt -

    Tourist Shirt -

    Utility Apron -

    Business Suit -

    Bellhop Uniform -

    Hotelier Jacket -

    Silk Robe -

    Sailor Uniform -

    Jackets' Jacket -

    Black Knight Armor -

    Pirate Shirt -

    Royal Guard Armor -

    White T-Shirt -

    B.E.A.R. Body Armor -

    Tweed Jacket -

    Glorious Jacket -

    Alien Drone Suit -

    Flannel of Oppression -

    Ninja Kimono -

    Ninja Master Kimono -

    Dr. Docteur's Mad Doctor Uniform -

    Dance T-Shirt -

    Army Body Armor -

    Bearvis "Bearcatattoo Gold" Jacket -

    Foil T-Shirt -

    DJ Apparel -

    GLAM Body Armor -

    Bullet Straps Armor -

    Flametastic Disco Jacket -

    Danger Bear Uniform -

    MK-II Body Machinery -

    MK-III Body Machinery -

    Hunter's Vest -

    Frilly Shirt -

    Manly Chest -

    Royal Guard Captain Armor -

    C.A.K.E. Agent Body Armor -

    Bearcatattoo Shaman-Warrior Garb -

    Alien Soldier Armor -

    Alien Emperor Armor -

    Brightness Robotech Power Suit -

    Naughty Tattoos -

    Paradise Island Police Uniform -

    Paradise Island Riot Armor -

    Paradise Island Sergeant Uniform -

    Naughty Paintings -



    Furry Legs - Start

    Red Shoes and Shorts - Start

    Rubber Boots -

    Rain Boots -

    Black Trousers -

    Cowbear Boots -

    Cargo Shorts & Sandals -

    Parade Trousers -

    Tweed Trousers -

    Barbarian Thong and Boots -

    Velvet Pants -

    Pirate Boots -

    Sailor Trousers -

    Chrome Thong -

    Royal Guard Greaves -

    Jeans -

    B.E.A.R. Boots & Kneepads -

    Army Boots -

    Space Boots -

    Worker's Pants -

    Dr. Docteur's Mad Doctor Boots -

    Silent Shoes of the Night -

    Silent Shoes of the Darkest Night -

    Swimming Shorts & Sandals -

    Bearvis Pants & Suede Shoes -

    GLAM Boots & Kneepads -

    DJ Trousers -

    Tight Swimsuit & Flippers -

    Danger Pants -

    Completely Relaxed Underwear -

    MK-II Bottom Machinery -

    MK-III Bottom Machinery -

    Gold Thong -

    Brightness Robotech Power Hydro-Legs -

    Fiesta Hooves -

    Hunter's Trousers -

    Royal Guard Captain Greaves -

    Bearcatattoo Loin Cloth -

    Alien Emperor Boots -

    Alien Combat Pants -



    Killer Eyes - Start

    Thin Beard - Start

    Soul Patch - Start

    Preposterously Illegal Mask - Start

    Bearverly Hills Beard - Start

    Hockey Mask - Start

    Pencil Stache -

    Friendly Chops -

    Cuddles' Face -

    Abrakadabeara Mustache -

    Pudding's Face -

    Slick Shades -

    Stylish Shades -

    Mercredi Gras Mask -

    VIB Badge -

    Uncle Phil Stache -

    South Shore -

    Goober's Face -

    Chin Puff -

    Normal's Face -

    B.E.A.R. Shield -
    B.E.A.R. Willis (Peluso)

    Aviator Shades -

    Trembles' Face -

    0B50L3T3 V1S0R -

    Brightness Robotech Power Goggles -

    Fluffy's Face -

    Bearimoochi Camera -

    Biker's Stache -

    A La Souvarov -

    Stardust's Face -

    Sunbeam's Face -

    Big Burly Beard -

    Insane Mustache -

    Election Rosette -

    Ninja Mask -

    Chubby's Face -

    80's Sunglasses -

    Sheepee -

    Twinkles' Face -

    Nibbles' Face -

    Bubbles' Face -

    Shutter Shades -

    Champion Beard -

    Cozy's Face -

    Daddles' Face -

    Giggles' Face -

    Diving Mask -

    Monocle -

    Pink Shades -

    Curvy Stache -

    Doctor Beard -

    Electric Beard -

    Mutton Chops -

    Cupcake Cult Pendant -

    Sparrow -

    Fork Beard -

    Sidekick Mask -

    MK-II V1S0R -

    MK-III V1S0R -

    Pointy Stache -

    Peluso's Face -

    The Zap -

    Retro Shades -

    Cop Stache -

    The Shield -

    Ducktail Beard - Defluff Master Miyagi

    The Great Bear Beard's Beard -

    Super Stache -

    The Tomstache -

    Wizard Beard -

    Viking Beard -

    Abyssal Eyes -

    Artificial Eyes -
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