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A lot of Red Ink achievement in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

A lot of Red Ink

Clear the Target List.

A lot of Red Ink0
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How to unlock the A lot of Red Ink achievement

    17 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012 20 Oct 2012
    For this one, you need to kill all 36 of the 36 target bears in the correct manner. For example, you can kill Cuddles, the first bear, in any way you want but you need to kill Giggles by shoving his face into one of the lawnmowers. Just follow the instructions on the level select screen, at the bottom, and almost all bears will be very easy to kill and scratch off your list. It's usually just stuff like grab a specific disguise in the level or using a specific object, and normally all of the stuff you need is found within the level you need it.

    There's a few pesky and cryptic levels, though, and here's how to beat them:

    - Ken "Danger" Clark (level 21): You must open the Bearcatattoo temple and get the weapon from in there, the Rod of Justice, to kill him. The key is in the same area where Danger is, over by the bushes furthest from where you started the level.
    - Stardust (level 24): Stardust's brother is Sunbeam, whose face you should've stolen on level 7. The game doesn't tell you who Stardust's brother is until the level has finished loading, so it's a little annoying and worth noting here. Just equip Sunbeam's face and run straight for Stardust, drag him into the woods and press RT to kill.
    - Colonel Ketchup (level 23): You need to get his men to kill him for you. Just steal General Teacle's clothes, he's in the middle of the level by the cannon in a sandbag circle, and then find Colonel Ketchup and smack him around a bit to aggravate him and the soldiers should do the rest. (Not sure if you have to wear Teacle's uniform specifically, or if any soldier will do. Should be enough if all the other soldiers have hearts over their heads.)
    - Master Miyagi (level 25): Your goal is to get pirates to kill Miyagi, and conveniently enough, there's a couple of them right where you start. Steal the clothes off one of them and then start scaring the people inside the house from outside (so they don't see you yelling) until there's nothing but ninjas and Miyagi in the house. Run in and smack Miyagi around some, then run away and hide in the woods while Miyagi runs around and fights other pirates. This is not an exact science and you may need a few attempts.
    - DJ Fuzz (level 32): In order to turn the zombies against Fuzz, you first need to steal the clothes off the zombie high priest or whatever he is. He's dancing right in front of DJ Fuzz. With the clothes on, all zombies will now be your friends and if you run in behind the booth and smack Fuzz around a bit, the zombies will start to attack him.
    - Oodoo (level 33): Like Stardust's level, this one requires you to bring items into the level, but the game doesn't make it very clear exactly what. What you need is the Bearcatattoo Shaman-Warrior Crown, Bearcatattoo Shaman-Warrior Garb and Bearcatattoo Loin Cloth. You can get the outfit from the temple in the level before DJ Fuzz (Seaside Greenhouse), though you might need to steal the Crown off DJ Fuzz. With the correct get-up on, grab the Sacrificial Dagger from the DJ booth and use it to kill Oodoo. What I did was scare up all the bears around him until they had all manage to scare Oodoo to the point where I could grab him without fighting him - he kills you in one hit... iamtfc found an alternate costume for this, check comments for more info.
    - General Teacle (level 34): Just use the normal tactic for driving everyone insane, you can find the strategy in my solution for the "The platinums of perfectitude!" acheivement. Simply drive everyone insane and Teacle will eventually follow. Almost all of the enemies in this level are of the same "type," so you don't have to worry about insane enemies starting wars on each other and randomly killing Teacle.
    - Emperor Xoctopus (level 35): This guy is tough and deals insane damage, so the easiest method is to just do the same thing you just did to General Teacle - drive everyone insane so their insanity wears on the Emperor until he's easy to grab and kill. You can kill him in any way so take the chance to grab the easy loot and the very strong new weapon.
    - Professor Brightness (level 36): You have to toss him into the second portal, not the one you already tossed someone into during a previous mission. This second portal is inside the Bearcatattoo temple, along with two guards and a weapon. The key for the temple is in the corner most opposite the temple, on the same dock where Brightness and a bunch of machines are. This is the hardest mission in the game and every melee character will one-hit you regardless of what armor you're wearing. Put on your best gear for this one, it's really the only level where you'll need to wear the very best stuff to make it easier. It's still not very hard, but you have to be very careful not to be punched by the quick melee bots.

    Remember that if you just need to defluff a specific bear, you can run through the level straight to the target bear, kill him in the right way and then just use an exit without killing anyone else.
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    BrutalGuitarHow do you defluff Buddy Bearperton in level 26?
    Posted by BrutalGuitar on 17 Oct 12 at 19:01
    DROGTURISTBy using an army knife you can find lying around in the level. I think maybe it's by the campfires and barbecues? You may even be able to just bring it into the level if you've already unlocked it, it's a very common weapon. He's not carrying a unique version of it or anything.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 17 Oct 12 at 21:08
    iamtfcFor Oodoo I just stole his outfit (while on the DJ Fuzz level, though I guess you should be able to do it on the Oodoo level). This gives you Fe'Qu'g'all'g Skull, Bearcatattoo Shaman Warrior Garb, Bearcatattoo Loin Cloth, and Abyssal Eyes (think I might have technically gotten the eyes from a generic Zombear right before, but you'll need them for the disguise if they don't come from Oodoo as well).
    Posted by iamtfc on 18 Oct 12 at 04:12
    DROGTURISTYou don't need to wear the Abyssal Eyes but you do need to wear the headwear that Oodoo is not wearing. The disguise box on the inventory screen will say Bearcatattoo Shaman when you're wearing the three pieces I mentioned.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 18 Oct 12 at 06:45
    iamtfcRight, but it also says "Bearcatattoo Shaman" with the set up I provide (and for the set up I provide, you must have the eyes.... double check it for yourself). I have not yet found the temple with the head gear you have. The set up I mention works, is all in one place, and I provide where you can get it (which at the time of my posting, your guide was a bit hazy on). Just thought an alternate way may be helpful to everyone.
    Posted by iamtfc on 18 Oct 12 at 12:40
    Park DieselFor Master Miyagi, I don't get it. Twice now I've had someone kill him and I don't get credit for it. After the second time I even stole the guy's outfit to make sure and it said I was disguised as a "Party Pirate". Does it have to be a specific bear that kills him? Any help would be appreciated.
    Posted by Park Diesel on 30 Jun 13 at 20:31
    Park DieselNever mind. It finally counted the forth time. Silky killed him that time which was the first time he managed to do so. Not sure if that even mattered though.
    Posted by Park Diesel on 30 Jun 13 at 20:52
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