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Guildmage achievement in Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013


Defeat the Sepulchral Strength deck in the revenge campaign

17 March 2014 - 4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

How to unlock the Guildmage achievement

    20 Sep 2012 19 Sep 2012 20 Sep 2012
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    This achievement is for beating the DLC Revenge campaign, which you need to beat the regular DLC campaign to unlock. The easiest way to beat this campaign, and anything in this game, is to simply use the Exalted Darkness deck. If you still have a key, or don't mind spending 80MSP, you should unlock all cards for it to power it up a bit.

    Exalted Darkness is, in my opinion, the most powerful deck in the game due to one card: Silent Arbiter. This card's ability is that it locks down the battlefield and makes it so that only one creature may attack and only one may block, which plays strongly into the deck's Exalted focus (which means that if an Exalted creature attacks alone, it gains +1/+1 for each other creature with Exalted that's under your control).

    With this deck, matches may start out a little slowly and the opponent may take you down to 7-8 life fairly quickly, but once you get that Silent Arbiter in play, the match is basically over as you will control all battles from then on. The goal is to get one Silent Arbiter out as soon as possible, with a few Exalted creatures surrounding him. After that, just keep using your strongest Exalted creature - Aven Squire is a great card to attack with as it's a flying Exalted creature. Don't waste your early creatures trying to prevent damage as you'll want their Exalted boost for later. Just eat the damage and carry on until you have the Silent Arbiter/Exalted strategy in play.

    Another useful strategy with this deck is combining Tormented Soul (which is unblockable) with Ring of Xathrid (which gives one black creature +1/+1 each turn).

    If you're struggling with any opponent, you can always just restart the match until you get a Silent Arbiter in your first hand. That'll give you a huge advantage early on. You won't need to worry about finding Exalted creatures, as nearly all creatures in the deck have the ability.

    UPDATE: This doesn't really work against the last three opponents in the Revenge campaign, especially Rakdos' insane deck. You're better off using a faster, more aggressive deck for those fights; I went with Dream Puppets and really only struggled against Rakdos. His deck is very fast, he gets ridiculously "lucky" with the draw and seems to have a counter for almost every strategy, so just keep at it until you get as lucky as him. Dream Puppets will work very well against Izzet, but might be dangerous against Golgari (due to Lord of Extinction). Try to keep Mind Control, Clone or unsummons on hand to stave off Lord of Extinction.

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    The GlobalizerI trucked the entire DLC with Exalted Darkness. If you can get an attacker with Lifelink, it can be almost comedically easy. (I won one match with over 60 life at the end.) Just be patient and let the exalted buffs stack up.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 08 Feb 13 at 21:47
    LancerideYou forgot to mention putting it on the lowest difficulty.

    Also, I lost to Rakdos four times in a row in the revenge campaign while using Dream Puppets. Beat him first try when I used Exalted Darkness.
    Posted by Lanceride on 05 Jun 13 at 01:32
    milkweed85Also lost to Rakdos 4 times with Jace deck trying to mill. Can confirm exalted is best of the two in battle.
    Posted by milkweed85 on 12 Jun 14 at 22:13
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    Sepulchral Strength is the Golgari deck that revolves around creatures dying and graveyard interactions and is possibly the most difficult of the five to beat.

    The deck has a sufficient weakness to flyers, but has strength against removal and kill spells. It also has only a few large creatures, but they can get out of hand if ignored.

    Ajani, Talrand, Yeva and Lilliana can find this matchup rather easy to win.
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    DinoK89I found the Krenko deck with the right hand worked best for me. I had all cards unlocked for the deck. Main thing you want to open with is 3 mana, 2 of either Raging Goblin or Goblin Arsonist, and good 2-3 cost other cards.
    Posted by DinoK89 on 19 Sep 12 at 15:48
    Dog of ThunderSimilar to the Krenko deck, I ran the white variant, "Peacekeepers", and quickly overran the Golgari with cheap soldiers and a Glorious Anthem (+1/+1 for all your creatures). Any fast deck should be able to handle it, but make sure you hold back a counterspell/removal spell for the Lord of Extinction. He can get out of hand very quickly if left in play.
    Posted by Dog of Thunder on 28 Nov 12 at 14:14
  • GunsTanksCannonGunsTanksCannon118,165
    21 Oct 2013 21 Oct 2013
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    For this campaign I had my best successes using the same deck as my opponent. If you are on the easiest difficulty, it usually negates any edge they may have and although you get mana screwed sometimes or the cards just don't fall, you can win in two or three tries.
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