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Find all the themed words in a round

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How to unlock the Theme titan achievement

  • jh51681jh51681370,959
    05 Aug 2013 05 Aug 2013
    23 11 24
    Here's my list. I unlocked the achievement during the Herbs/Spices theme round.

    Sometimes the game kicks you back to the title screen if you switch windows during the round (to view this list for example) so you may need to print it out or view it elsewhere, like on a phone or tablet.

    Animals: carp | cat | cockroach(es) | colt | coot | coral | orca | rat
    At the Gym: run(s) | sweat | tennis | warmup(s) | water
    Beach: pier(s) | relax | sun | surf(s) | surfer
    Bipedalism: creep | pace | pacing | scamper(ing)
    Books: bookworm(s) | e-book | ream(s)
    Chess: blockade | clock | closed | club | lose | space
    Chickens: hen | roaster(s) | roost | rooster(s)
    Clothing: cap(s) | hood | hoopskirt(s) | skirt(s)
    Computers (1): code(s) | cord(s) | disk | hack | hacker(s)
    Computers (2): app(s) | application(s) | tap(s)
    Driving a Car: driver | drive-through(s) | ride(r)
    Fire (1): ash(es) | char(s) | hot | torch(es)
    Fire (2): hot | light | lighter(s) | torch | torchlight(s)
    Fire (3): firewood(s) | glow | red | soot | wood
    Farm: grange | hen | hoe | hog | horse(s) | rake(s) | range
    Flight and Flying: aeroplane(s) | nose | plane(s) | soar
    Fruit: lime(s) | melon(s) | pomelo(s) | sloe(s)
    Golf: peg(s) | pin(s) | sink(s) | skin(s)
    Herbs/Spices: mint(s) | pepper(s) | peppermint(s) | spearmint(s)
    Hockey: arena(s) | wing(s) | winger(s)
    Land Features: bay | lea(s) | sea(s) | tableland(s)
    Laundry List: cloth(es) | clothesline(s) | cold | hot
    Medieval Warfare: anelace(s) | arsenal | earl(s) | lance(s)
    Military: ammo | camo | camp | commando(s) | commandoes | lance(s)
    Parties (1): ball(s) | balloon(s) | eat | tea(s)
    Parties (2): eat | rave(s) | soiree(s) | tea(s)
    Pirates: map | mast | mate(s) | sea | ship | shipmate(s)
    School: teach(es) | teacher(s) | term(s) | test
    Shape: arc | column(s) | columnar | star(s)
    Swimming: afloat | flags | floating | float(s)
    Theatre: act(s) | actor | plot(s) | prompt | star
    Transportation: commute | commuter(s) | moped(s)
    Trees: orange | orangewood(s) | wood(s)
    Water: mere(s) | sea | sleet | snow | watermelon(s)

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    londonwelshSome more that might help:

    Babies - Booties, Bib, Bibs, Tests

    Great Britain - Castle, Castles, Ancient

    In the Fridge - Frankfurter, Frankfurters, Franks, Beer, Beers

    Family - Scion, Grandsons, Gransdon, Gran, Sons, Son

    Scotland - Stepdance, Peat, Kilt, Kilts, Knit, Knits

    Politics - Democratic, Democrat, Regime, Term, Race

    Golf - Hosel, Lob, Club, Clubs, Clubhouse, Hole, Holes

    Bipedalism - Pace, Pad, Dashing, Dash, Pace, Pacing, Racing

    Dogs - License, Sleep, Laps, Lap, Leash, Heel

    At the office - Commuters, Commute, Computers, Computer, Temp

    Amusement Park - Resort, Resorts, Kart, Karts, Seat, Seats

    Bread - Breadcrumb, Creadcrumbs, Crumbs, Crumb, Rise

    Land Features - Vlei, Rill, Dale, Ria, Field, Veld, Dell, Lea, Headland

    Camping - Radio, Radios, Bear, Bears, Cooler, Coolers

    Just managed to get it, what a pain in the ar*e!!
    Posted by londonwelsh on 19 Nov 16 at 12:48
    LilMinmaxTransportation(6) - Rail Rails Trail Trails Sail Sails Auto Autos
    Posted by LilMinmax on 12 Jan 17 at 01:23
    Gexlothis achievement is a bit tricky
    Posted by Gexlo on 15 Sep 21 at 00:13
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  • segagamersegagamer550,345 550,345 GamerScore
    15 Sep 2013 21 Jun 2016
    11 0 4
    If you still require this achievement, I compiled a spreadsheet some time ago whilst I was after this and found it to be extremely helpful.

    Add a comment to the relevant theme header to contribute to the list. I will merge it into the spreadsheet (with credits if you wish) as soon as I can. If a theme is not listed, comment on cell A1 and I will add it to the list. All suggestions are welcome.

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    segagamerInstead of commenting on TA, please leave a comment in the relevant column on the spreadsheet. Thank you.

    Edit: For those confused, someone posted some words to be entered in the spreadsheet across various comments, and has deleted them since and placed them in the spreadsheet :)
    Posted by segagamer on 01 Sep 16 at 14:49
    BODZ61Will this cross-unlock with the WP version?
    Posted by BODZ61 on 22 Nov 18 at 16:16
    segagamerI honestly cannot remember as it's been nearly 6 years, but based on the days I earned this achievement on both platforms, I will assume that it does not cross unlock and you have to earn it again.
    Posted by segagamer on 30 Jan 19 at 09:14
  • Shel2theburneShel2theburne342,716
    01 Sep 2014 07 Aug 2014
    16 5 5
    This guy has a pretty good list. Play the game and ctrl + F and search for your theme. He's been pretty accurate. I'm just a little slow.
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    Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 28 Jun 20 at 05:02
    VisibleRaptor5I am working on this one. There are a few words. Let me know if it is suitable as a guide.!As0Ft5qWf5ZvjsAsoTn9qwUdTpydDA
    Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 27 Nov 20 at 22:09
    GexloVisibleRaptor5 That list of words not worked for me buddy.
    Posted by Gexlo on 15 Sep 21 at 16:01
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