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How to unlock the Superior Completion Skillz! achievement

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    -- guide to all 101 monsters --
    credit goes to onestonedjuggalo over at ps3trophies. slightly edited the guide for the xbox version. This should help in case you are stuck on a specific monster. Press Back on your controller and go to the Monster section to find the nr of the monster that you are currently fighting (next number to the last defeated).

    As soon as you get the shotgun, keep it equipped and go closeup to the bosses - better waste them quick than playing safe!!! -, it's the strongest weapon in the game, even though you get additional weapons later on.


    Monster fights:

    01 Poy-Poy: (Wallace Bean)

    Stand beside and drill him until his health is drained.

    02 Splattersaw: (Ernesto Stanford)

    You cannot attack him from the right, instead jump on top of the ledge just above and to the left of him. Follow the passage down and around back right to drill him from the left side.

    03 King Crabstick: (Quentin Montano)

    There will be a platform that ends close to the wall he scales up and down. Wait by the edge and when he is close just drill him until his health is drained.

    04 Mickey Coral: (Myron Nance)

    Keep your distance and just fire a few missiles at him.

    05 Supadupafly: (Zane Scruggs)

    Keep your distance and just fire a few missiles at him.

    06 Thoughwave: (Dr. "Car-Wash" Ima)

    Keep your distance and just fire a few missiles at him. *Trivia answer - WTF!

    07 Fuegogo: (Luther D'Aguirre)

    Please refer to Bosses section below.

    08 Bomber Bee: (Kelsey G. McCord)

    Don't go up the central area with missiles dropping down the angles ramps. Take the passage to the right, heading up there instead. Jump and squeeze your way through the little gap and land on the highest ledge near the roof. Fire at him until he gets very close then jump and hover in the gap in the ceiling above you. If you are hit when you drop, jump later next time, he has to get pretty close. Continue until his health is drained.

    09 Partybot: (Marvin Hathaway)

    After the screen finishes zooming, use the ledges above you to zig zag your way up to the box at the top. Push it down then return to the bottom to use that box as a step so you can jump high enough to reach the box on the next ledge over. Once up there, push the box down on top of him to kill him.

    10 Bam-Bu: (Vince Bernosky)

    Shoot the turret on the roof of the small channel that leads to where Bam-Bu is or it will kill you rather fast. When its clear, stay there and fire into the chamber. Bam-Bu moves across his chamber firing a barrage of lasers from his eyes. When he is close to your position your gun will do a portion of damage and you will have to move back a bit to evade only one or two of his lasers.

    11 Eyevader: (Darth Bravo)

    He will be covered entirely in armor but it opens up and exposes him rhythmically as well. Stand on one of the ledges above him and wait for his armor to open. Then you will be able to shoot down on an angle from the ledge and get some damage in. He will shoot homing missiles at you, but more than likely they will hit the bottom of the ledge you are standing on and not be an issue.

    12 Eyefighter: (Kermit Bravo)

    He is found in an area surrounded by spinning blades and a raising platform on either side. Jump on the platform from above the blades and wait for it to lower. When it reaches the bottom fire until the platform rises again. If you have bullets coming your way when the platform lowers, just jump and hover until its clear.

    13 Moalarm: (Roosevelt Gradius)

    Just fire your gun at him until his health is drained but don’t get to close or his defence attack will activate.

    14 Peaceful Bob: (Sheldon Robertson)

    You can’t shoot through his armored shell. Instead, jump over him to his left side and make your way to the edge. Hop down and hug the far wall. Turn around and fire at the row of red creatures to make them explode, which will kill Peaceful Bob from below.

    15 Victor Ball: (Clayton Schmidt)

    You can only damage him by shooting his head. He will be moving in circles, while firing bullets out at the same time. Jump from moving platform to moving platform to avoid getting shot and fire at his head when your aim is lined up.

    16 El Terminadore: (Chad Stalin)

    Come at him a little slowly until he turns red and starts to chase you. Quickly turn around and don’t stop until you activate a red switch that brings down a wave of toxic waste. Make sure you get past the toxic waste yourself and let him run in to it.

    17 Groink: (Regina Crump)

    You will see one of the red explosive creatures on top of the wall separating you and Groink. Fire at it and its explosion will knock down a box, killing Groink.

    18 She'Baa: (Tamara Vinklemoss)

    From the left side there are some cannons on the roof that will shoot fire at you when you are near them. Quickly get up beside to the left of She'Baa and wait for the cannons to fire at you. As soon as they do, jump over to the right side and the fire will hit She'Baa instead of you. When it's clear, jump back over to the left and repeat.

    19 Fluffy: (Felipe Bubsy)

    Take either of the higher platforms above him to get over to the left side near the health fountain. Drop down to the lower passage with him in it and get close so he will turn red and chase you. Run back to where you came in. Watch out for the spikes on the wall when you jump out and he should run himself into the spikes.

    20 Gardelance: (Garland Hermanic)

    See #21 Tyrannis.

    21 Tyrannis: (Tyrell Hermanic)

    Jump up to the ledges with the large wooden boxes and push them both down. Wait for Both Tyrannis and Gardelance to move apart from each other. Jump down between the ledges and when they turn around then will both chase at you. When they are close double jump to avoid it and they will run in to each other instead.

    22 Ramchip: (Sir Mellicen Wickham)

    Make your way around the spiralled area until the first part you would normally be able to drill, blocks your path. When you do wait there and let the crosshairs that have been chasing you lock on. Then quickly jump out of the way and let the mine, that will be fired at you, blow up that section. Quickly jump across the series of ledges at the bottom of this section and keep making your way up around this spiralled section. Ignore the next bombable section on the floor and keep heading up. Make sure to move fast and when you get to an area with a large box held up by a bomb-able section. Stop here and try to time a jump so the cross hairs lock on to your position just under the box, rather than on ground level. When the section is clear the box will drop down a section and you will have to do the same thing again. When that next section is clear the box will drop and kill him.

    23 Brutox: (Elwood Bungay)

    Brutox cannot be killed until you have killed Ramchip After killing Ramchip, take possession of his cannon by pressing X to enter it. Aim down at the bottom of the screen where you passed by Brutox earlier. Don’t shoot at him, as your gun shoot very slow at that distance. Shoot just in front of his path and he will walk in to it. Aiming close to his turn around points is helpful because if you shoot too late, you have a chance of hitting him on the return. This should take 2-3 shots. Press X to exit the cannon.

    24 Squirdo: (Truman Grossly)

    Press to active the submarine. You will drop in to a maze. Make your way around it, follow the coins until you have to go up in to a mine field, then work your way to the top. Ignore the other boxes you see until you get to the one at the very top of the maze. You will have to push it down a series of ledges. You will have to take the long way back down around the ledges so you can continue pushing the box down the ledges in a zig zag fashion. Once you've made your way down far enough, you can drop the box on Squirdo. *Trivia answer - This one!

    25 The Rock: (Marcel Depierre)

    Please refer to Bosses section below

    26 Zeus: (Orval Hairston)

    He will be floating in the sky shooting lightning bolts down at the ground. Shoot up at him, avoiding the lightning, until his health is drained.

    27 Medusor: (Mavis Carpenter)

    This one is best done with grenades; you can purchase them at the store. Stand on the left side of the opening where Medusor is and aim your shot down the opening as Medusor gets close to your position. If you can't afford grenades at the moment, (the store a short distance west from your location.) You will have to jump over the hole a bit and fire down, taking little bits of damage off at a time. This is much harder and riskier as the controls in this game make it difficult to jump and shoot at the same time, so make life easier and buy the grenades.

    28 Sparticon: (Roman Sprague)

    He sits in a corner firing out a large spray of electrified cards. Use your gun and fire like mad to clear the cards from your path and get in closer to him. When you are, keep firing to keep the cards clear and deal damage. When you have a larger opening in the card's path of fire, use that moment to quickly let your gun cool down. If you overheat at a bad moment, you will get hit a couple times.

    29 Minogore: (Tyson Smallwood)

    His shield in front of him will block all damage you give him; he can only be hit from behind. There is two ways to go about this. The first is to stay in the center of the room and jump over him and fire back at him as he passes back and forth across you. The second option is a little easier. Stay on the right side of the platform and when he gets close, jump up and just to the right. Hover there a second then move back in left when he turns around. As or after you land, follow him and keep firing at his back until he turns around. Move back to the same point on the right side and repeat this process.

    30 Aqu'abar: (Brooks Peacock)

    Jump over the little wall and bouncing pad as you approach him. Fire quickly at him, then jump back over the wall when he fires one or more arcs of energy at you. When the arc(s) hits the wall, it will burst out in a starburst pattern. You can still be hit by that starburst from this side of the wall, so stay low to not get hit. Once that is clear, jump back in and fire at him more. Repeat as necessary.

    31 Forkinayse: (Asa Hertz)

    After the cutscene a large vase will drop from the ceiling. Push it in to the right, green vortex so it will drop to the lower level. Drop down yourself and continue pushing the vase to the right vortex 2 more times. Drop to the lowest level and make your way to the left. Use the blue launch chamber against the wall to get back up a level and push the box down one more time. Now push the box past the fire traps and in to the last green vortex on the right. If the vase misses Forkinayse when it drops the final time, use the blue launch chamber to go back up and it will be there.

    32 Sorcimon: (Sexton Valencia)

    He will appear floating in random locations marked by a large warning symbol where this will occur. Some ledges have bounce pads on them, some do not. Avoid the ones with bounce pads as its nearly impossible to avoid his attack while bouncing. When he appears he will spray out electrified cards in a scattered fashion. Jump out of the way of them to avoid damage and keep a good distance, from solid ground, while firing at him.

    33 Mikabomb: (Aldo Tsu)

    You will only be able to damage his head. While he is circling the area, he will launch down mines that will send out four fireballs in a cross fashion when they explode. Jump from platform to platform to avoid both him and his attack, then fire at his head every opportunity you get.

    34 Serpentar: (The Daltons)

    A curl of fire will spin around him so don't get in close. He will also send out fireballs in all directions but they will move straight, slow and are easy to avoid. Stay on the ground on fire up at him from the right side and you will have no problems.

    35 Mingus: (Napoleon Gummings)

    Once the door for killing 34 monsters opens, you will use a blue launch chamber to head higher up. This chamber will take you through a purple one and down in to one of the spinning cannons. Aim straight down while you are in it and your impact upon landing will cause Mingus to flip over and die.

    36 Cosmo Snail: (Osvaldo Covington)

    Stand beside and drill him until his health is drained.

    37 Cosmoclot: (Merle Hasson)

    See #39, Major Traum.

    38 Adstonaut: (Ulysses Newhouse)

    See #39, Major Traum.

    39 Major Traum: (Caleb Triggins)

    You will see a white circle with a number inside of it in front of him. Head over and start to drill him which will cause him to jump in the air, off the screen. Use the trail of sparkly stuff he leaves behind to gauge where he will land. Keep drilling and stand where he will land to send him back in the air. You will have to repeat this as many times as the circle with the number in it states without missing. You will not be damaged if you miss.

    40 Pokechomp: (Eric Teethface)

    In the area just after Major Traum, head up towards the ceiling. At the top you will find a cannon, enter it by pressing and aiming at the bright red rocks you can reach. Press to fire. The section you want though is the one holding up a flammable steam vent. Shoot that rock to let the vent drop down. Exit the cannon by pressing and head back down to where it dropped. Push the vent past the series of lasers and underneath the red explosive creatures at the end. Fire at the smoke to set it on fire and it will cause the creatures to explode, which will kill Pokechomp.

    41 Ash-Hopper: (Colin Frogg)

    He will send out a large spread of slow laser fire your direction. Just move out of its path and fire at him. Watch for the meteors in your path and kill any of the little enemy ships in the area.

    42 SR-01: (Maynard Cannon)

    He will constantly be firing out slow homing missiles out at you. Keep circling around him, firing, to avoid the missiles and drain his health. Keep an eye out for any meteors or little enemy ships that may cross your path.

    43 SR-02: (Mercedes Christian)

    Use the same method mentioned above for SR-01. *Trivia answer - Laika

    44 Lord Irish: (Colton Sevick)

    There’s a good chance your checking this guide for this monster. You will kick yourself when you read the answer. Just press to zoom out for a second and let go. He will see he’s all alone, freak out and die.

    45 Spikely: (Max Stretchroom)

    Please refer to Bosses section below.

    46 Patrack: (Patrick S, Cowen)

    Jump to avoid the rainbow "Nyah's" firing from him and just return fire in between until his health is drained.

    47 Kwakalot: (Hester Bullard)

    In the area that has the pink block creatures sitting in rows of threes, you can dash through, there is a section you can drill downwards through on the west end. Drill through that spot and make your way back east across a series of pits with spikes in them, carefully make your way across them. The last one is too far to jump on from one ledge to the other, wait for the invisible platform to appear over the spikes first and use that. Once across, there is a row of plants shooting out towers of flame. Cross this when it's clear and Kwakalot will follow behind you, getting roasted by the flames.

    48 Udderella: (Sabrina McHugh)

    Don’t stand directly underneath him, as a wave of damaging "moos" will pour down from him. Shoot up at him from an angle. Kwakalot should be attached to you right now blocking your fire, so you will have to slightly weave back and forth to get your bullets past him.

    49 Gooflepup: (Riley Otterholt)

    He will be moving back and forth, upside down, across the ceiling. He will drop down a handful of bullets that bounce on impact as well. Jump to the ledge just below his location and fire up at him as he passes by. When he drops the bullets, step back and let them bounce then try to pass under them in the opposite direction they are bouncing before they start to bounce too low. There isn’t much room to jump here and you may collide with Gooflepup if you do.

    50 Fartachok: (Domingo Mock)

    Do not hit the large flower creatures on the ground. They will instantly change your directional controls. Jump over them to avoid them and get close to Fartachok. Fartachok will be shooting out rainbow "Heys" from his sides. Just stay back out of their range, it isn't long. Kwakalot will still be blocking your fire, so wiggle your aim up and down slightly when firing, to get bullets past him. Keep an eye on the flower creatures in your way and just fire until his health is drained.

    51 Badass: (Joe H, Wrankl)

    Stand near him and press to zoom out and let him see Badassette. Let go and he will freak out and die.

    52 Badassette: (Cornelia Hinkle)

    Head back up to the store you should now have access to and purchase the "Lovethong face" skin at the top of the list. It will be free and should auto equip after purchase. With the mask equipped head back towards Badassette and the door labelled ??? will open. Jump up to where she is and either shoot or drill her until her health is drained.

    The next 4 monsters require you to use a cannon to kill them. To find the cannon head east towards where Wormclaw is on your map. He is the mutated bird dropping toxic waste from his bottom. From there, make you way north up the cliffs beside Wormclaw until you reach the top. You should be lined up with the secret mission marker on your map. Up here is a room you can enter by pressing . You're now in control of a gun, use your radar to locate the enemy and press to fire.

    53 Vertebrag: (Woodrow Settlemire)

    He will appear in random locations then change spots when you shoot him with your cannon, or take to long to fire. Use your radar to locate where he will be and a large warning symbol will appear on the screen as well. Fire again and repeat until he dies.

    54 Wormclaw: (Judson Hookes)

    From your cannon just shoot him a few times.

    55 Cuddles: (Sterling Hathaway)

    Your cannon fire will be blocked by his shield. Aim down at the land mines below him. Fire at the mine to make it explode. Make sure to fire at it early enough to give cuddles time to be on top of the mine when it goes off.

    56 Probrain: (Demetrius Feliciano)

    He will be just out of range to hit with your cannon. Instead, shoot the pink destroyable material above him to make the large rocks they are holding up drop on Probrains head.

    57 Hideotrope: (Fidel Rosenburg)

    In his chamber, on the left side you will find a pile of yellow slime on the ground. Run in this and it will attract Hideotrope to you, causing him give chase. Lure him back to the east end of this tunnel where toxic waste was pouring down and get safely behind one and lure him towards you so he gets the waste poured on him. There is another yellow slime pile here to recharge your meter.

    58 Great Hideotrope: (Hector Clement)

    You will again need to use the yellow slime piles to attract him. This time, lure him back up to the area that had a long line of landmines and creatures shooting at you from the roof. Those creatures are what will damage Great Hideotrope. Just slowly make your way across this area, not letting him get too close and by the end he should be dead. If not, jump over him quickly and head back the other way to finish him off.

    59 Dadyss: (Judd Dredge)

    This area is filled with the small electrified fish. Make sure to clear as many of them as you can before focusing on Dadyss. The best way to attack him is when he is moving down across the screen on an angle, stay on that angle with him and fire missiles at his head with while he does this. Avoid him when he is moving straight up and down the screen as he goes to fast to attack.

    60 Coy-Koi: (Lavinia Perdue)

    He just slowly circles the same spot. Clear out the small enemies in the area then shoot at his head to damage him. *Trivia answer - Ash

    61 Fishbones: (Barton Suggs)

    You can only damage his head. He will move back and forth across the chamber, occasionally crossing it on an angle instead of a straight line. Keep out of his path and drop as many mines as you can on his head using . Fire missiles at him with when you get the chance but stay out of his path, he will kill you rather fast, mines from above are preferable.

    62 Daisybow: (Lawanda Tuttle)

    Use the rainbow charge pile near you and drop down the small shaft. On the right side you will see a small chamber blocked by a spike and a cannon moving below it. Shoot the rainbow down past the spike and it will charge the cannon. Keep firing until the moving cannon shoots across the other side into another small chamber which contains another cannon. The rainbow charge will transfer from one cannon to the other and shoot up at Daisybow. She will then shrink and walk in to the small spike at the bottom of her path.

    63 Pluckster: (Sylvia Winkle)

    First, use your missiles to clear the rocks keeping the moving cannon in the corner. When it’s clear, use the rainbow charge pile for your weapon then fire it at the cannon when it’s in the far left corner so it will redirect the rainbow beam up and around to Pluckster.

    64 Belabour: (Geoffry Dowdy)

    Use the same rainbow charge pile you used to kill Pluckster and quickly make your way down east across the map until you reach an area with drillable rocks. In this area, look in the sky surrounding it and you should see a small yellow spot buzzing around. Shoot at it with the rainbows and it will grow in to a larger sun. Once he has grown, you can just fire at him with the weapon of your choice. He will still be buzzing around so try not to jump around too much as it's hard to judge his direction.

    65 Mirabilis: (Octavio Quintones)

    First you will need to clear the path there. Use the rainbow charge pile, jump down and head left to kill the 3 large electric rock cats blocking your path. Stick to the upper level of the chamber as the lower ones lead to dead ends (or coins, return after if you wish) You do this all in one run most likely. When your charge runs out, head back and look for blue launch chambers on the ceiling for a shortcut back. Refill and head back the same way again. Once the cats are clear you will reach a wall with Mirabilis hopping around inside and an angular opening on it. Shoot the rainbow beams in to that opening and wait for Mirabilis to cross paths with it.

    66 Pengoredad: (Wilfredo Felton)

    Use L2 to drop mines on his head quickly. If he get out of his chamber, move back and switch to R2 to turn around and fire missiles at him as he chases you.

    67 Ma Buzzby: (Odessa Jines)

    After the cutscene she will follow you attacking with a sword and a starburst of energy bolts shooting from her body. If you came from the side, she moves very fast at you and kills you just as fast. Instead, head to the northwest corner of the screen before this cutscene occurs and drop mines with as fast as you can on top of her when she starts chasing you. If she catches up, make good distance from her before turning around to fire missiles with so her sword is out of range.

    68 Horribilis: (Lionel Estrada)

    Either use to drop mines from above on top of him, while avoiding the spray of missiles he fires out, or come from the side after clearing the small ground tanks and use to fire missiles at him until he is dead.

    69 Tuscake: (Jeremiah Puddington)

    Fire missiles from the side using and keep moving to avoid the homing cookies fired at you. Pass over him and switch to mines using when you do. Turn around and repeat if necessary.

    70 Strangleweed: (Trianna Bliss)

    Use to drop mines on him from above. Move to avoid the white bullets he will be shooting out.

    71 Weepee: (Millard Howe)

    Just fire at him then jump over him when he passes by so you don't get electrocuted.

    72 Waxorbon: (Cleveland Wagner)

    He will be shooting out fast wild sprays of laser beams. Wait underneath the side of the platform to easily avoid any fire that may bounce your way and wait until the opening up to his ledge is clear. Quickly jump up there and get a few shots in then drop back down to safety before his lasers are headed your direction again.

    73 DJ Lame: (Dante Thornton)

    Move down so you are close to the bottom of the hill and fire at him as he moves towards the left side of the room. As he heads back right, move back up the hill to avoid the spray of lasers shooting from him.

    74 Vomikatt: (Britney Guevara)

    Stand near him and press to zoom out. When you let go he will instantly explode.

    75 Fingerlips: (Natasha Lala)

    Press to enter the telescope just in front of you after the cut scene with Marcelo. Aim your cursor up a touch then east to find Fingerlips walking around on a ledge. She's a large pair of lips with finger legs, hard to miss. Use you radar if you are having trouble locating her. When you do, press to take pictures of her until she dies.

    76 Marcelo: (Ebony Lambert)

    Stand beside and drill him until his health is drained.

    77 Glitterball: (Quincy Romero)

    See #39, Major Traum.

    78 Inamba: (Logan Riddle)

    See #39, Major Traum.

    79 Janglebolt: (Ezmerelda Kalata)

    See #39, Major Traum.

    80 Dr Bit: (Cassius Wyndham)

    Use the blue launch chambers in the area to get high up in the screen. Fall back to the ground and your impact will shake up and kill Dr. Bit.

    81 Oni-Hon: (Jefferson Helton)

    Just keep your distance from his rolling path and fire at him until he is dead.

    82 Crowbro: (Gilberto Kirkland)

    Avoid the spinning blades on the ground below him and wait for a set of raising platforms to lower. Take either one and shoot at Crowbro while you are on it. He will send out fireballs in all directions, jump to avoid them when necessary.

    83 Pogorilla: (Thad Huggins)

    First you will need to clear all the bright red rock to the left of him by drilling or dashing through it. Leave enough to block his path so he doesn’t attack you while you clear the rock. Once its all clear, get close to him and lure him back through the patch you just cleared. Just at the end of the ceiling of this path you can jump on top and stand in front of a red switch to start pouring toxic waste down below you. He will run in to this and die.

    84 Shygician: (Jason Alhoun)

    He will be rapidly shooting horizontal rows of rainbow fireballs. Jump to avoid these and also mind the 2 spinning blades on the ground that will be going back and forth across the screen. Jump over those as well when they are near.

    85 Batcat: (Elvis Crum)

    Use the raising platforms on either side of him to shoot your laser inside the small openings to his chamber. Your laser fire will bounce inside there and deal him damage. Continue this until he dies.

    86 BoomBoom: (Terry Badowitz)

    Use your magnetic charge to stay on the ceiling and fire rapidly at him. If his fire breath comes your way, just move back to avoid it.

    87 Mantrap: (Gertrude French)

    Again, use your magnetic charge to attack from the ceiling. Move back and forth to avoid the large spray of green bullets coming from him.

    88 Carniflora: (Weldon Beasley)

    Use your magnetic charge to attack him from the ceiling and stay out the way of the toxic waste he fires out at you. Watch your charge level so you don't fall in the spikes below by mistake.

    89 Foamanchu: (Derek Whitefang)

    Use your magnetic charge to get on the roof. He will be spraying a continuous wall of fire downwards, so avoid gripping to the underside of the center ledge, you can still take damage there. Once you're on the high ceiling, shoot at him until he dies.

    90 Zargnor: (Kenton Barrett)

    Following the same starting point as the #91 Quantax, take the longer path north until you reach the top where the pyramid is found on the right side. Push this pyramid right, in to the green swirling vortex. Again, jump when the timer runs out to avoid getting hit by the fireball. It will land in Zargnors' chamber and the next fireball will kill him.

    91 Quantax: (Leonardo Villa)

    After dashing across the spiked area near the teleport station and the cut scene with Zargnor occurs, start heading north until you see a small pyramid shooting flames out in 3 directions. There is a timer beside the pyramid so you know when it will fire. Jump over to the other side of this pyramid and start pushing it towards the left where you came from. Jump to avoid the fireball when the timer runs out. Drop down and push it right off the next ledge then again push it right off the next ledge. Drop down again and this time push it left in to the green vortex. This will drop it from a purple one at a location north east of you, above the chamber where Quantax is held. Then continue to push it right down two more ledges then back left towards another green swirling vortex. It will land in Quantaxs' chamber where the next fireball will kill him.

    92 Lameozaurus: (Jarvis McDaniel {and Rover})

    Once the door blocking the pyramids access is open, head over to it and first kill the monsters in the air shooting arrows at you. Then move the pyramid left in to the green vortex. Drop back down where it lands below you and push it left towards another green vortex. It will land in Lameozaurus' chamber and kill him with the next fireball.

    93 Spikebone: (Delmar Koenig)

    You can only hit him from behind; his shield will block all attacks from the front. Stay on the left side of the entrance to his chamber and jump down in the small area there. When Spikebone has moved a distance away from your location, jump up and start firing at his back. If you get to close he will turn red and chase you, so make sure the distance between you and him is about half a screens length at least.

    94 Princess Popilop: (Cassey Woot)

    When you get close to her, she will wake from her sleep for a moment and send out a barrage of fireballs. Avoid these as you make your way to her then stand just at the peak of the hill on the left and shoot her until she dies.

    95 Lord Nitzer: (Rusty Svenson)

    Use your missiles to clear the rocks above the single spike that rests below his chamber. Jump across it and the raising spike wall beside it, then jump up and around to the right side of the pyramid. Push the pyramid down then back the way you came. Have it rest on the spike you cleared the rocks from above earlier. Wait for the pyramid to shoot up in to the now cleared passage and kill Lord Nitzer.

    96 Lady Sulkra: (Abigail Bourgeois)

    Clear the smaller chairs out of your way and use the raising platforms to reach her, so you can fire at her. She shoots out a starburst of small energy bolts which are easy to avoid and will disappear at times. Use you radar to locate her, a large warning symbol will appear where this will happen. Keep firing and evading until she dies.

    97 Sicklight: (Socorro Blankenship)

    Fire at him until he disappears from the screen. A large warning symbol will show you where he will reappear. When he appears he will do an electrified and dash at you so keep a good distance away until he stops dashing, then continue to fire at him until he dies.

    98 Duke Romeow: (Brent Fitch)

    Please see #99 Duchess Unia.

    99 Duchess Unia: (Gloria Champagne)

    Make your way up to the magnetic charge station in the top right corner of the room. There is another on the left side you can access after getting on the ceiling if you need to recharge from that side. Use this to get yourself on the ceiling. The both of them will be sending out fireballs in a starburst pattern. Don't get too far from the charge station so you can both recharge quickly and only have to avoid the fireballs from one of them at a time. Fire at will once you are on the ceiling.

    100 Fat Rabbit: (Obeseus Delapin)

    Please refer to Bosses section below.

    101 Poison Cindy: (Cherie Allmine)

    Please refer to Bosses section below.


    -- The Bosses --

    07 Fuegogo: (Luther D'Aguirre)

    Wave 1:
    He will start off by coming towards you from the left. Just keep your distance while until you reach the corner. When he reaches the near the corner which, is a touch lower then the center of the map, he will turn back and you won't get hit. His second attack he will move further back from you and crosshairs will show up on the ground, indicating where mines will land. Either squeeze between them to continue firing or just wait in the corner where the mines won't reach you. His third attack he becomes a spinning ball and moves quickly across the screen. Stay in the lower portion of the screen to avoid this. He then repeats his attacks until the next wave.

    Wave 2:
    He will disappear and then reappear in this match. Before he reappears a large warning symbol will flash on the screen where this will occur. Keep some distance from that spot and fire when he appears. He will fire mines in all directions when he does, so you will have to either move back and forth to evade them, or just jump if its clear. There some higher platforms to stand on but attacking from up high only makes it harder. Stick to ground attacks. This will repeat until the next wave.

    Wave 3:
    To your left you will see a mounted gun with an arrow flashing on it. Quickly move over to it and press to enter it. Then you will want to use either analogue stick to aim your crosshairs and use to fire at him. This gun will not overheat, so fire at will. If he gets to too close to your gun, you will be knocked out of it into a small passage underneath. There is also large fireballs that will bounce from him when he is hit and can also knock you out of the gun. Quickly use the blue and green launch channels under this passage to return to the surface and gun so you can continue fire. You should lure him first away to give yourself some distance between him and the gun. Once his health is fully drained, you will move on.

    25 The Rock: (Marcel Depierre)

    Wave 1:
    After the cutscene, jump one the moving platform below you to the left. Once it takes you clear of the spikes jump down and Nestor will give you your wheel and weapons (now upgraded) back. Get back on the moving platform and back to the top where The Rock is. Fire at him until you see him stomp on the ground. When he does this a wave of energy will head towards you. He may do this up to 3 times in a row. Just jump over them then continue firing until wave 2.

    Wave 2:
    He has two attacks this time. One you will see cross hairs across the floor of the screen. Spikes will rise from the ground at these points. Stand between them to not get hurt. The other attack, rocks will fall from the ground. You will have to move back and forth between them until it stops. Use the yellow cursor on the screen to locate The Rock as he moves around rather fast and fire any chance you get between evading the two attacks. Alternately, you can also move back left to the raising platform from the previous wave. Stay there and shoot The Rock whenever he is close. From this spot you won't be damaged by either of his attacks, it's slower but much safer. Thanks to wazzpey for this tip

    Wave 3:
    There is two long ledges near the ceiling and two narrower below and between them. Stand on the lower ledge of the same side that The Rock lands on. He will fire missiles out over your head. Fire at him while he does this until he jumps back away. You can use the yellow cursor to see which side he will jump on. After his attack is finished, keep an eye out for any mines that may have bounced back but stay where you are. He will run across the bottom part of the screen dropping more mines as he runs. Try to shoot down at him as he passes the gap. He will then jump back up high to shoot more mines out. Use you cursor again to see where he will land and keep attacking the same way until he is dead.

    45 Spikely: (Max Stretchroom)

    Wave 1:
    This fight will take place in your spaceship. You can only damage his head so don’t waste your time shooting anywhere else. He will be weaving around the room spraying out a wide spread of lasers as he does this. Keep circling around the room picking up the fuel bubbles to keep your fuel level high. They will repspawn as long as you keep circling. Worry more about not taking damage this wave and fire at his head any chance you get until wave 2.

    Wave 2:
    Again, you will only be able to damage his head. In this wave he will dash across the room in a more linear fashion then pause at a point to make a tight spiral. As he spirals, lasers will also spray out in a spiral around him. Stay between the lasers line of fire and fire back at him while he does this. When he starts to dash across the room again, use this time to circle around picking up fuel bubbles as it drains rather fast if you aren’t paying attention to it. Continue this until wave 3.

    Wave 3:
    He moves around the room in straight lines, leaving trails of large, damaging, energy bars behind him. Avoid his path of movement and stay away from the energy bars until he starts to circle in the northeast corner of the map. Fire at him while he does this and stay away from the from his southwest side because he will dash back in to the center of the room when he finishes spiralling.

    100 Fat Rabbit: (Obeseus Delapin)

    Wave 1:
    There will be 2 small platforms. Fat Rabbit will jump in the air. Stand still on a platform until a crosshair target locks on to your position, indicating where he will land. Quickly jump across to the next platform and fire at him (players preference of weapon, they all do pretty much the same damage) until he fires out a starburst of blue energy. Just jump back a bit and avoid it. Quickly get back on the platform if you had to move back that far from the energy blast and wait for the crosshairs to lock on again. Jump over to the other platform when this happens and repeat this process a few times before moving on.

    Wave 2:
    You will be on a flat platform and the boss will be moving towards you. Wait a quick moment for the fireballs coming down from the ceiling to clear and keep moving towards the left. Fire as much as you can at the boss. Close to the left of the dead end wall you can hold down jump to reach a small ledge, then jump up again to reach another ledge right against the wall. Wait for the boss to reach the wall and turn around. Jump down and continue firing at him. If he gets out of range to fast, just wait for him to come back, his health will be low and you don’t want to risk getting hit by the fireballs.

    Wave 3:
    Similar to the first round, the boss will jump and you have to wait for the crosshairs. This time it will be two higher raised ledges, set apart in the middle of the screen and small lower ones with spikes between all of them on the lower levels, outside the raised ledges. Start by heading to either the far right, or far left lower ledge and wait for the cross hairs to lock. Then jump over 2 or 3 small ledges away and fire like mad when the boss lands. This time 3 homing missiles will slowly come towards you. When they do, jump up on the higher ledge beside you, then over to the other high ledge further away from you to avoid the missiles. Wait for the cross hair to lock then jump back to the first high ledge you were on. Fire a bit but the boss will mostly be covered here, so you won't get many hits in. What you really want to do is jump back to the first spot you waited for him to land* Just repeat this process until the next wave.
    *Doing it this way, the homing missiles will take too long to reach you and explode on their own before getting close to you, so they won't be a worry.

    101 Poison Cindy: (Cherie Allmine)

    Wave 1:
    Right away there will be scattered energy fired at you. Move fast to avoid it. When it’s clear, jump to the left of the little curb you start beside. You should now be between the curb and the right side of your last battle screen, which is now the far left of your current one. You can still get killed by the spikes, so don’t go back too far. Stay in this area and you can fire on an angle upwards towards her as she spins around the room firing. If you stay here you can get some hits in each lap she makes and only a small burst of fire comes your way. Easily avoided by simply stepping back a bit. Do this a few times.

    (Cringer85's alternative method: shotgun closeup and fire away!!!)

    Wave 2:
    She will make wacky circles around the room again. Just hug the lower right wall while firing up towards her and you won't get hit. Make sure to hug that corner tight though. The next attack, she goes up higher on the screen and sends a starburst of fireballs down. It has a slow, repeating 1-2 pattern. Just move back and forth a bit on the ground to avoid them. Then the attacks repeat themselves. Just do the same thing until the end.

    (Cringer85's alternative method: shotgun closeup and fire away!!!)

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    olympic flame75Failed 8 times to beat the final boss. Looked at this guide and tried the alternative shotgun method. Worked 1st time thanks.
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    Despite the name of the achievement, you don't need to complete the game as in beating every sub-mission or finding every item. You just need to kill all 101 monsters, which includes the final two bosses. None of the 101 are missable, all are required to progress through the game.
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