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23 Apr 14
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Finish What You Start achievement in RESIDENT EVIL 6

Finish What You Start

Perform a coup de grâce on ten enemies.

Finish What You Start0
06 June 2020 - 2 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.

How to unlock the Finish What You Start achievement

    02 Oct 2012 02 Oct 2012 22 Sep 2014
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    I got that in THE MERCENARIES but you can also get it in any other mode. Everytime when your partner is grabbed by a zombie run straight to him and the option to hold B should appear, do so. If your attack kills the enemy you successfully did a "Coup De Grâce".

    You can check your stats when you go to PLAY GAME > DOG TAGS > TITLE > then hit RB until you see "Executioner" (on page 15).
    Beware though, it's kinda buggy, my achievement unlocked at 13/30. So do a few more until it pops.

    This achievement is cumulative, so you don't need to do it in one go. Feel free to comment if you have further questions.

    Additional Notes:

    - Using Flash Grenades + melee enemies afterwards (only from the front side with RT) is confirmed to work too. Enemies: normal Zombies & normal J'avos.
    - If you attempt this in The Mercenaries check the time you get for the kill. When done correctly,
    you will get +7 seconds (+5 sec. normal kill / +10 sec. melee-counter).
    - 3-Hit method (Mercenaries): Works best on J'avos (Steel Beast Map), 1. Shoot them in the head once, 2. Slide (Forward+ cn_A + cn_LT) into them right after you shot them and 3. Go to their front side and use cn_RT.
    - Is doable in Split-Screen with a second controller.

    Here are visual guides by "PowerPyx" & "markmonster", so credits to them:

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    BLAZE VII@ BShick07: Keep on trying/doing it as shown in any of the videos and it should pop eventually!
    Posted by BLAZE VII on 13 Mar 13 at 07:40
    FlesseckWhat the... I'm up to 24 and nothing.
    Posted by Flesseck on 24 Jan 15 at 19:50
    Lazy with StyleAs eposttime has already mentioned above: Go to the main menu, then records, then weapons, physical attacks - coup de graces. There you find your total number of coup de graces (like in the medals section) AND number of enemies killed with it. I am at 25/9 currently so it should pop with my next kill.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 17 May 17 at 07:14
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  • Adelfos ErisAdelfos Eris180,425
    06 Oct 2012 06 Oct 2012
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    You can do this multiple ways, the ones I know of best are:

    1. Saving your partner while they're grabbed.
    This is different from shooting them out of webbing and freeing them that way. This will be a different prompt that causes your coup de grace melee move instantly. Best place for this is Chapter 2 of Leon's campaign while playing as Helena. You can let a zombie grab hold of Leon, then run up to him and press and hold B when prompted to.

    2. Doing it on your own.
    This is personally how I got this achievement, although I didn't know I was doing this. With a lack of ammo half the time, I resorted to melee attacks. You know, those three-chains that you can pull off? Right trigger once to make them stagger around (this can be melee or you can shoot them in the arm if you wanted to), twice to stun them, then three times to finish them off. This will not work if it is a simple chain of melee basic attacks, though, so be warned. Stomping on their head, throwing them over your shoulder to slam them into the ground, giving them a mean left hook, etc. are all finishing moves that will help you get this achievement. You could also shoot them in the arm, slide into them, and then perform your final RT coup de grace move.

    *There is a possible glitch in the game, but I'm not entirely sure how it works. My friend had 11/30 coup de grace for his next level in the dog tag titles, but didn't get this until a couple kills after that. Just keep going around, sliding into people and pressing that final RT and eventually you'll get it. Or just keep saving your partner with B. Either way, happy hunting!
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    ponypo2001Just to build on your solo coup de grace technique. If you toss a flash grenade into a group of enemies, each successful kill on the enemy will equal a coup de grace. I just got the achievement myself doing this.
    Posted by ponypo2001 on 07 Oct 12 at 01:24
    WackFiendI've been trying to get this achievement for a while and I can tell you that the "Doing it on your own" strategies do not work. At least not with the description given. While playing Mercenaries mode as Leon on Urban Chaos, for the first 50 or so kills all I was doing as shooting an enemy in the face and then pressing RT to finish them off. This didn't always kill them, and sometimes the headshot killed them first, but I had done it way more than 10 times and I'm still only sitting at 6 coups de gråce.

    I then attempted to use Jake on Urban Chaos since he has flash grenades standard. Upon flashing a group of zombies, they didn't seem to be affected by it, but I went ahead and attacked them anyway. After this run I managed to get up to 8 coups de gråce somehow. However, after trying it again, my coups de gråce number stayed the same.

    So then I thought that perhaps because the zombies weren't affected by it they weren't counting. I then went to the High Seas Fortress map as Jake and flashed a group of two enemies. I did a scissor kick move and killed them (something that didn't happen with the zombies). After the first two, which should have been 10, I didn't get the achievement, so I then flashed a group of about 5 enemies. After kicking a few more, the achievement popped. So it does indeed look like you need slightly more than 10 to get it, for whatever reason. Also, I then flashed a few more enemies and kicked them, and then proceeded to do the face-shooting tactic I did with Leon. After that one run with Jake on High Seas, I was up to 18 coups de gråce.

    Long story short: You can't coup de gråce zombies.
    Posted by WackFiend on 07 Oct 12 at 18:30
    Adelfos ErisYou want to make sure that you're not shooting them in the head; that would damage them too much. You need to have them stunned and then perform one of the special finishing moves (almost like a wrestling or mortal combat style of move. Like I said, it can be pretty glitchy in the fact that there are people that get more than the 10 coup de grace in their count and the achievement doesn't pop until later. Flashing an enemy stuns them, sliding into them stuns them, and meleeing them a second time stuns them. It's the third attack that finishes them off, but again, it has to be more than just a simple finish.
    Posted by Adelfos Eris on 08 Oct 12 at 01:49
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