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  • Fuzzy Gray WolfFuzzy Gray Wolf276,210
    30 Sep 2012 18 Oct 2012 06 Dec 2013
    31 1 5
    Hello there! Since you’re reading this, you’re obviously trying to knock out one pain in the butt achievement. Well I’m hoping that this guide of mine will help you unlock this so much faster than it took for me. As of now there are a few guides already up, but many of them are incomplete, a huge mess, or just completely incoherent. So I’ve tried to simplify things here by actually taking the time to record me collecting and hope it makes your life a lot easier. Ok maybe not your life, but definitely this achievement.

    **The video guides you are about to watch only contain the gold coins** The reason behind this is you don’t need to gather all the ancient coins to be able to unlock this achievement. You do need to reach the amount it asks for, but there is a way to gain these specific coins through a glitch. At the bottom of this guide, there will be a video to gain these extra ancient coins. It’s not hard to do at all, but it’s a bit time consuming.

    So to start things off, the village coins will be up first, followed by the temple area, the land of waves, and then last but not least, the forest of death.The videos mostly show how to get to each coin, or shows it on the map. Well I think I've talked enough for now, go get started!

    *** Quick tip when using the coin glitch: "I found it faster to hit the guide button then scroll to the right and hit System Settings, taking you straight to where the Storage is kept. Then after clearing cache, hitting B until you're back on the dash takes you straight to where the Play Game option is (saving some time)." - Credit to TVthePunisher for this one! (Thanks for the tip!) ***

    Thanks to conel33 for the ancient coins glitch, as well as a few others who may have promoted this as well such as FreshPrince513. Thanks to those that support this guide, and I hope you all have benefited well from it. If you have any questions or feedback, such as anything missing or broken, please let me know immediately. Thanks! :D
    ~Fuzzy Gray Wolf

    *****Going to try to make some maps that are numbered in the order the coins are gathered in the video to make it a little easier to follow. (**Update: If anyone can give me a blank map of each area, I'll be able to put those up quickly. As of right now I have no way of making them.)*****

    Map for village (9 and 37 are the most easily missed):
    External image

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    J0tar0Kjothanks to you i managed to get this achievement.
    Posted by J0tar0Kjo on 15 Apr 13 at 18:14
    IIXx QV84 xXIIYeah, work in 2015! Thanks a lot !
    Posted by IIXx QV84 xXII on 09 Feb 15 at 13:19
    FAREP BunitinGreat read this IIXx QV84 xXII, i will try!!! :P
    Posted by FAREP Bunitin on 26 Aug 15 at 14:05
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  • Jason5489Jason5489103,079
    29 Dec 2009 25 Apr 2010 25 Apr 2010
    28 2 14
    ill start off by saying that this is one hell of a frustrating achievement, and i feel very sorry for all the people who have spent ages collecting all the coins only to find out they are missing like 2 in the whole game and then having no clue where they are.
    anyhow, so like the guy above, id advise using the image guides found here -

    the maps for all the external areas are correct, the map for the village itself however is slightly wrong as it is missing 2 ancient coins from it, another 2 coins are incorrectly labelled and are in fact gold coins and there is one coin slightly off from where the map states it is, here is the what the map looked like once i had collected every coin -
    External image

    looks slight messy i know but hey, it worked, id advise you do the same to your maps as well so you dont get confused and lose track of which coins you've found.
    so the coins that were incorrect were; the left of the red u shaped building in the lower center of the map is an ancient coin that wasnt on the map.
    2.just below and to the left of the middle exit of the village is a circular building, on its roof theres one missing from the map on a zip line at the north side. the lower right of the map where ive scribbled C26, this is a gold coin and not an ancient coin.
    4.just to the right of the dead center of the map ive noted gold coin C15 faintly, this is also a gold coin and not an ancient coin as the map states.

    with this hopefully some of you should be able to get this achievement now without tearing your hair out.
    oh and as for the total coins in each area ;

    Village interior:
    Ancient Coins - 398 plus two from the bridge race on Tazuna's bridge before you fight Haku that are unavoidable as they are on ziplines
    Gold Coins - 37

    Forest of Death Areas:
    Ancient Coins - 46
    Gold Coins - 29

    Land of Waves Areas:
    Ancient Coins - 34
    Gold Coins 9

    Ancient Coins - 23
    Gold Coins - 12

    Ancient Coins - 23
    Gold Coins - 7

    3 outer areas (these are the three areas just outside the village exits)
    Ancient Coins - 56
    Gold Coins - 23
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    DJAnarchy420aparently the link doesnt exsist but i found another 1 that im curently useing

    and from wat i herd u mainly gotta find the gold coins there another thing u can do for the copper its not realy a glitch it more eraseing an update, aparently an update moved/got rid of 1 of the coins and however many your missing u can optain then by that method and i think u can find it by looking it on youtube *coin glitch*
    Posted by DJAnarchy420 on 26 Jun 12 at 23:53
    Fuzzy Gray WolfGah, 2 gold coins short >_< I already have that balcony one too :(
    Posted by Fuzzy Gray Wolf on 22 Sep 12 at 12:37
    Urashima IzumiGuys, every single map I found had a dead link. However, the link Jason mentions still works if you look at it through "Web Archive". The link is below:
    Good luck to everyone still trying to get this!
    Posted by Urashima Izumi on 01 Jul 15 at 04:14
  • FreshPrince513FreshPrince513905,998
    03 Jul 2011 09 Jul 2011 10 Jul 2011
    17 4 8
    First of all thank you gsarto for asking for maps, I wouldn't have made this guide if it weren't for you.

    First I started a new profile, to do this the easy way, it took me 14 hours and 43 minutes to find all the coins and play through the necessary parts to unlock all jutsus. After some digging, this is what I have found.

    All the credit for these maps goes to Hurricane x360a.

    There are no maps for the land of waves or waterfall, not that I could find.There is a glitch to spawn infinite ancient coins though, but no glitch for gold coins so you must do all gold coins legit. If you are missing any gold coins after these maps check the waterfalls, that's where I missed a lot of mine.

    First go to the land of waves. Walk straight forward through the scaffolding openings on the naruto bridge until you get to the last section. Turn around to your right and you will be able to jump up onto a section of net, walk forwards slightly and turn right where you will find some boxes. Here there are 2 ancient coins. Save your game in front of the coins. Go to the dashboard, go into memory and clear your hard drives system cache. This will delete any patches for Naruto. Once you start the game up say no to downloading any patches and load your game. Pick up both of the coins, you will notice that the coin counter only goes up for one of them. Save your game and restart Naruto. When you are prompted to download the patch say yes. This patch fixes the problem for the coin that you just picked up and will put your coin count up for it. Load your game to put the coin count up then save your game and go to the dashboard again. Clear your hard drives cache again and start up Naruto. Once again say no to the patch and load your game. You will still have the coin count for picking up the coin but the coin will have re-spawned. Pick up the coin, save your game, apply the patch and you will go up a coin count again. Rinse and repeat until you have as many ancient coins as you need.

    The credit for this glitch goes to conel33.

    If you have already gotten this glitched coin, no need to worry. You can still get this glitch to work. I have confirmed this, and it worked for me. You have to follow these steps if the coin is not there in this order.

    1. Go to dashboard
    2. Clear system cache
    3. Play game
    4. Cancel update download
    5. Go to Land of Waves
    6. Coin will be in the location as if you never got it

    If there are any questions just send a message or a comment and hopefully I can help.
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    WS Spartan 17It works great ! Thank you.
    Posted by WS Spartan 17 on 12 Aug 11 at 15:33
    Mr TeallThanks to the glitch I managed to trick the game in to getting my last ancient coin then I luckily stumbled across my last golden one in Konoha when I decided to just surf some zip wires aimlessly...Massive help! Thank you.
    Posted by Mr Teall on 25 Sep 11 at 18:04
    Mithodor NBThanks for the link and glitch.

    Just got two gold coins missing. Damn this is frustrating.
    Posted by Mithodor NB on 15 May 12 at 00:35
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