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Runneth Over in NBA 2K13

Runneth Over67 (30)

Obtain a balance of 20,000 VC.

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Achievement won on 09 Oct 12
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Posted on 10 October 12 at 03:10, Edited on 13 May 14 at 06:09
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UPDATE / EDIT: This achievement became unobtainable as of 1 April 2014 when the 2K Sports servers went offline. There are no more VC's or MyTeam. Also the Facebook App is also defunct.

Old Solution:
This achievement requires you to have a total of 20,000VC in your "bank" at one time. In other words, you need to save up and not spend any VC you earn if you are working towards this achievement.

There are several ways that you can get this achievement.

The quickest method (yet most expensive):
Go to the Xbox Live Marketplace and fork over money to 2K and buy two 10,000VC packs.
This method will take you about 1 minute, and it will let 2K know that their money grabbing tactics are perfectly acceptable.

The most "legit" method(s) to obtain the achievement
Just play the game.
1. Completing Training Camp in the Main Menus (Game Modes ->Practice)will earn you 1000VC. Training Camp is a tutorial mode that may help new users learn how to play the game. Training Camp will only give you the 1000VC once though. NOTE: Completing Training Camp does take some time, but it is possible through Dashboarding for you to re-use it to get 1000VC over and over (not sure how often you can re-use it in a row though).
In order to do so, first you must complete all the remaining exercises in Training Camp.
Upon completion, the game will tell you that you've unlocked a new Under-Armor Shoe and a window with it will pop up. Press A on this, and immediately dashboard after you do. As you are dashboarding, you'll see the gold pop-up in the background saying that VC saving.
2. In MyPlayer/MyCareer, with 5 minute quarters, you could average about 150VC per game (not including Key games). This method alone will require you to play over 130 games, which will take you about 56 hours if each game lasts about 25 minutes. This also assumes that you are not tempted to upgrade your player's stats in any way. Additionally, when I made it to the playoffs, I earned 4000VC all at once.
You can earn VC in just about any game mode, so you are not limited to only the MyPlayer Career. However, as reported, Create a Legend may only reward SP (stat points) instead of VC.
3. Blacktop is a very rewarding game mode to play, especially if you have a MyPlayer that is good at dropping 3's. If you play offline and don't have a good 3-Pt Shooter, you can pick up Ray Allen (now playing for the Heat) for 100VC. Play 1-on-1 Blacktop (street-ball) against someone awful, don't bother with defense and only shoot 3's and you'll have a quick & easy 160VC. It should be noted though, that how often you can play this is limited; for playing multiple blacktop games in rapid succession, you would only earn VC for about 1 in 3 matches, or 1 every 10 minutes. Blacktop is the bottom option under Game Modes.
4. MyPlayer Online Blacktop is also a decent way to earn VC. You earn 250VC 150VC win or lose for finishing any online game that you play, and Blacktop seems to go a lot faster than the other match types.
5. Association Mode: should give you 600-800VC, but a lot of people have troubles getting any VC from Assoc mode at all because it is glitchy. If you start up Association, Play 1 game, then simulate the season, & when you play a game in the next season, it will net you 750VC. Takes a while to get it set up, but it is a decent way to earn VC if you can get it to work. Note that this assumes you are playing 5-minute quarters.
6. Coach Mode: In Play-Now/Quick-Play, if you have the quarters set to 14minutes, once the game starts up, if you put the quick-game into Coach mode (Pause - Coach Settings - Coach Mode On/Off = On), the game will play itself, and at the end, it is worth 600VC. Doing the same for a game with 1minute quarters you earn 50 +10VC for winning (which should happen every time if you've modified the sliders in your favor). I only recommend Coach Mode if you are planning on going out, there are much better ways to actively earn VC.
7. There is also a facebook app, and an app for Androids/Iphones which will allow you to earn some VC and extra fans while you aren't actively at your xbox. I could not find the download for the android app on Google Play, and for anyone that has the same issue, it might be possible to sideload the app.

***Important Note for creating New MyPlayer Characters:***
Whatever settings (aside from difficulty, because I think the minimum is Pro for MyCareer mode) that you set up before creating a character will be used in that game mode. Settings changes will not affect previously created characters/saves, thus, if your character is not far into is career and you have not invested much VC into the character, it may be better to start a new one. Otherwise, you may just want to use the new character as a VC mule for your main character.
What I mean by settings changes is that what you want to do is change things like turning off fatigue, which will make your 4th quarter ability better and you can sprint without ever tiring. I do not think Game Sliders changes affect MyCareer mode, but they might. You may want to turn off certain fouls such as Reach-In Fouls, not sure if this works, but it worth looking into.
The most important settings change you want to do is alter the Roster for all teams. This can easily be done if you go to the file sharing in the main menus and search for the roster by the gamertag: Chadilacchavez
All players are 5'3" and have an overall rating of 25. After you download the roster, make sure you Load the roster before creating your new character. With this roster and the lack of fatigue, you can average 600 VC per key game instead of about 350 VC without any settings changes.
If you are uncomforable with using the roster in other game modes, just make sure you advance through your new MyCareer for it to save, and then change the rosters back to default. The roster will now be normal for everything except that character you used it for

The Fastest Free Method to obtain the achievement:
There is currently an exploit/glitch that has yet to be patched, and if they are charging people money/MSP to buy VC, this could eventually get patched.

As a quick tip, for those of you with large enough HDDs, installing the game onto your HDD seems to cut loading time by half. This can speed up the grindy/boring process of the exploit.

Create a New MyPlayer
I am going to assume that many if not all the people who have started this game have already started a MyPlayer Career. It is perfectly fine if you have, and this solution will not affect your saved character at all unless you decide to save over it. Since all the VC you earn is shared between gametypes and characters, this method can be used to make your main character really awesome.
Make sure when you create your 2nd character to name the save Exploit or something so that you clearly know which save it is!!!

To Create a New MyPlayer: At the Main Menu, select Career, and start a New Career. I created a 3-Pt Specialist SG who was 6'9" and drained 3's the whole game. It may not be the best character set up, but it works.
The key to this method is to do as best as you can in the Rookie Showcase Game. I got an A- Rank by the end of the game and probably had somewhere near 70 points, 1 Rebound, and 0 Assists, Blocks, & Steals. The 3-Pt Specialist is awful at defense, but make sure you still put in effort at that end of the court otherwise you could end up with a B or C rating.
If someone knows of a better initial set-up for your character so that you do awesome in the game, please leave a comment.

Game Settings: I also messed with the Game's Settings (the sliders) but I'm not really sure if it changed anything. It may help though. I had unlimited stamina in the game, but that could have just been because it was the rookie showcase, I will have to start a new profile to double check. I tried to turn off Reach-In Fouls, however, they were still called. So if your settings changes work for you, awesome!!! Kinect still accepts voice commands in MyPlayer games even though I have it turned off at the main menu.

Making the Save:
So after providing some background info, in the Rookie Showcase Game as the end of the 4th Quarter nears, you need to Pause, and go to the bottom and select Quit, and select Save and Quit (this will back you out to the main menu).
I was unable to get a save on the last second to work, when I load my save up, the game is at 10.4 seconds on the clock and the opposing team is bringing the ball inbounds from their end of the court.
So don't worry about getting the perfect save, just make sure you don't have to start the game over because you waited too long to save and the game ends on you.

Good Game + Save + Ability to Re-use Save over and over = Profit
So you've made a save near the end of the 4th Quarter and you've performed really well in that game.
1) Load up that Career, and let the game finish. Unless you are borderline between one rank and another, you don't really need to do much in the final seconds (and if the ball is being inbounded, I think you can hit the Back button to substitute yourself out and make things go faster than just waiting for the clock to go down).
2) Game Ends/the time goes to zero.
3) Spam the A-button to get past the post-game animations (especially Anthony Davis' unibrow)
4) Spam the A-button to get past the locker-room animations (at the end of my game, it said I earned 136VC, but I'm not sure how that number translates to how much I actually got)
5) You will then make it to the post-game stats screen (stop spamming the A-button).
6) Select the bottom option, Quit.
7) Dashboard - You will then be taken to the saving/loading screen. It will say something to the extent of: "Saving VC earned to 2K servers."
What you need to do at this point is Hard-Exit the game. What I mean by this is that you need to open the Guide with your controller and Exit to the Dashboard (Y-Button, Yes); if that is too complicated, just reach up to your xbox and hit the power button.
There is no precision timing required when dashboarding, you just need to have that message appear on the screen after you hit Quit. If you are slow, you will proceed to interview with a team, but I've been able to Dashboard even after the interviewer began talking to me, and I had no issues.
8) From the Dashboard, load the game up. Upon returning to the game, I found that I had earned 458VC, not just the 136 that it told me I had earned.
9) Load your Exploit Career - If your Exploit career was the last thing you used, you can select the panel on the right side to load it up, if you have loaded other gametypes or characters up since you last used the Exploit, press B to bring up the Menu, select Career, select Load, select your HDD that has the save, and select the Exploit career file.
The game will load up from the save point you made earlier.
10) Repeat the above process of loading the Exploit career and Dashboarding after Quiting from the post-game stats screen until you have the desired amount of VC (minimum = 20,000 wink).

So an A- rating gets you about 450VC. Ideally, if you could manage an A+ and a Triple-Double for your save in the Rookie game, you could get 500-600 each time you use this method.

Earning 450VC per attempt, from 0VC, it will take you about 45 times to get 20,000VC.
Each process is about 3 minutes, but it is very boring to do.
To get 20,000VC, it will take you over 2 hours using this method, which is 54 hours faster than the "just play the game" method.

As a side note, if your main character is a 3-Pt Specialist, in order to get the Michael Jordan Dunk Package (which costs 5000VC), you will need to get your Dunk rating up to 80, which will cost you 5500VC. This means in total, buying the MJ Dunk Package will cost you 10,500VC.
Wait on purchasing anything until you have the 20,000VC, I know it is tempting to buy things, but you can go crazy after you have the 20,000VC

As per an update that limits the how frequently you can earn VC, the Exploit method will not work at-will in rapid succession.
Like the Blacktop game-mode I mentioned at the top, it takes around 5-10 minutes before you can earn VC from a certain game-type once again. On average, you can use this method after playing 1 game with 1-Min Quarters.
Originally it was modified so that it would only work once every 10 minutes, but now I believe it only works about once an hour.
Back when you could use the exploit every 10 minutes, I would use a method to try and optimize my VC earnings; the method was once I've performed the exploit, I would play a single 1-on-1 Blacktop game, and then play an Online MyPlayer blacktop game; after playing those one after another, enough time had passed for the exploit to work again. It is reaching the point where it is almost just better to play what you enjoy over trying to use the exploit, but for an easy 500VC every time you start your system for the day, it's a fair bonus.
I also definitely recommend just working your way through MyCareer/MyPlayer, because it is the most heavily weighted game mode in terms of what achievements it offers. Get those fans!!!

I know its a long solution, but I wanted to make sure it was as detailed and clear as possible. If you have any information you would like to add, or any issues with my solution, please leave a comment.
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