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Clean Hands

Complete the game without killing anyone

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How to unlock the Clean Hands achievement

  • Seraphim17Seraphim17934,054
    14 Oct 2012 17 Oct 2012
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    Here is a link to a full walkthrough of the game on Very Hard Difficulty. It has commentary and will net you Ghost, Shadow, Clean Hands, Mostly Flesh and Steel, and Poetic Justice.

    Hope it helps

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    ChaosAlertAbsolutely incredible video guide, Seraphim. I followed this step by step and got all the achievements you mention on the first run. I did have a body get discovered on Flooded Destrict (most likely the same one as you!) but since I was most likely out of the area by then, no alarms went off.

    Just to confirm, you can use the sleep darts on the infected when you first see them in the sewer. Just be careful they don't spot you since it probably will void the Shadow achievement.
    Posted by ChaosAlert on 18 Sep 14 at 19:52
    Tomafork XD FTWgreat guide
    Posted by Tomafork XD FTW on 26 Oct 14 at 08:46
    Darkness727420Wonderful walkthrough. Had no trouble except in a few spots of course with out knowing the game at all. Thank you +1
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 04 Jul 15 at 04:38
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    14 Oct 2012 14 Oct 2012 16 May 2013
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    CONFIRMED: Using mission select will VOID this achievement. This has to be done on one brand new playthrough. If you killed someone on accident, reload the save before you made your kill, if you cant remember or don't know where it was you'll have to just restart the entire mission over.


    CONFIRMED: Sleep Darting Granny WILL VOID the achievement. Just run past her instead.

    CONFIRMED: I did EVERY mission for Granny AND Slackjaw. Poisoning the stuff in the brewery does NOT affect the achievement. I skipped killing Shaw in the Boyle Mansion level. I figured even though supposedly it won't affect anything I didn't want to risk using a gun and still technically killing someone. I didn't feel that doing that mission was a good idea.

    CONFIRMED: In mission 7 when I had to steal the key off Granny (kept a save right before I tried this until I got it perfect), I immediately booked it up the left staircase using blink like crazy until i got to the door to unlock it. Immediately got inside and shut the door, no matter how fast you do this you'll always hear a "zing" sounding like someone was alerted. This is FALSE. My theory is as long as you have that door closed BEFORE you hear the "zing" noise you're in the clear.

    I was also going for Mostly Flesh and Steel on this playthrough as well. That is why I only used blink.

    CONFIRMED: Bone charms are completely aloud to use. I can confirm that as well. I had six equipped.

    CONFIRMED: Using "REPLAY" option immediately after you finished any mission and see in statistic that someone was killed DOES NOT affect the achievement.

    CONFIRMED: DO NOT kill any Dogs. Dogs don't count as people but they will be considered a kill an will void the achievement.

    Anyone have any other questions let me know. I had no glitches at all going for all three of the big stealth achievements (ghost, shadow, clean hands). Just followed the directions by starting a brand new playthrough not using any mission selects.
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    TheIcemanComethIf I unlock the cells the Weepers are in in the Distillery and Slackjaw's men kill them, does that count against me?
    Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 06 Jul 16 at 03:01
    BIG L RETURNS@TheIcemanCometh It's been so long I cannot confirm that. You can try and then finish the mission. Just be sure to check the stats at the end of the mission and be prepared to restart it. If you kill someone and then restart the mission from the beginning you'll still be safe.
    Posted by BIG L RETURNS on 08 Jul 16 at 19:29
    itsAikoThe part where you put that killing dogs counting as a kill is false. In the missions that featured them, I killed them and still got the. "Didn't Kill Anyone" box checked.
    Posted by itsAiko on 29 Jun 20 at 13:57
  • RustyFRustyF214,647
    12 Oct 2012 09 Oct 2012 12 Oct 2012
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    Note: This is not a guide. Instead, this is a warning. Several folks have reported that this achievement isn't unlocking, despite having the "No Kills" checkbox ticked for every mission in the game. I can confirm that this is what happened to me. No kills during the prologue or in the rest of the game, and all of my missions are listed as having no kills on my stat sheets.

    Hopefully the devs will take note and release a patch. Theoretically this is something that could easily be unlocked retroactively, so long as all the mission stat pages read "No Kills." Please post in the comments if something similar happened to you.

    UPDATE: I've gotten the achievement. Here's what went wrong:


    In the final encounter with Nanny Rags / Slackjaw in the sewers, just picking up Nanny Rags' cameo is enough to cause this achievement to glitch out. My advice: Freeze time, pick pocket Nanny Rags key and use it to escape via the back door in her room (next to the furnace) before she comes after you. Rush through the end of the mission and then complete the final two missions and the achievement should pop.

    tldr: Don't interact with either Granny or Slackjaw in the sewers, save for stealing Granny's key and running out the back of her apartment.
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    Blazing NobleThis time i was super carful with the zombie things in the sewer between level 2 and 3, making sure they didnt see me, sleep darting them, and making sure they didnt drwn in the water. Everything else the same. Thats the plan anyway, up to level 4 atm. Il post again when i finish level 9. If it works i guess that was the problem. If it doesnt then screw this game and im done.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 11 Jun 16 at 03:57
    Blazing NobleIt worked got 100% now. Did everything the same except didnt let the weepers b4 level 3 see me and didnt kill them and didnt let them drown. Flew through playthrough with time freeze and blink upgrade, so much easier. I was done in just 4 hours. Now i am at peace with the game. At least it was me at fault probably and not the game, i can deal with that. Im also kind of glad i playedthrough for a 3rd time, i enjoyed being so stealthy and powerful with upgrades.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 11 Jun 16 at 21:34
    Blazing NobleAlso the only time i sleep darted anybody was the 2 thugs with the lady you get the key off of for the roof route to the golden cat whorehouse or whatever its called.
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 11 Jun 16 at 21:36
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