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Clean Hands

Complete the game without killing anyone

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  • Seraphim17Seraphim17753,119
    14 Oct 2012 17 Oct 2012
    14 Oct 2012 14 Oct 2012 16 May 2013
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    CONFIRMED: Using mission select will VOID this achievement. This has to be done on one brand new playthrough. If you killed someone on accident, reload the save before you made your kill, if you cant remember or don't know where it was you'll have to just restart the entire mission over.


    CONFIRMED: Sleep Darting Granny WILL VOID the achievement. Just run past her instead.

    CONFIRMED: I did EVERY mission for Granny AND Slackjaw. Poisoning the stuff in the brewery does NOT affect the achievement. I skipped killing Shaw in the Boyle Mansion level. I figured even though supposedly it won't affect anything I didn't want to risk using a gun and still technically killing someone. I didn't feel that doing that mission was a good idea.

    CONFIRMED: In mission 7 when I had to steal the key off Granny (kept a save right before I tried this until I got it perfect), I immediately booked it up the left staircase using blink like crazy until i got to the door to unlock it. Immediately got inside and shut the door, no matter how fast you do this you'll always hear a "zing" sounding like someone was alerted. This is FALSE. My theory is as long as you have that door closed BEFORE you hear the "zing" noise you're in the clear.

    I was also going for Mostly Flesh and Steel on this playthrough as well. That is why I only used blink.

    CONFIRMED: Bone charms are completely aloud to use. I can confirm that as well. I had six equipped.

    CONFIRMED: Using "REPLAY" option immediately after you finished any mission and see in statistic that someone was killed DOES NOT affect the achievement.

    CONFIRMED: DO NOT kill any Dogs. Dogs don't count as people but they will be considered a kill an will void the achievement.

    Anyone have any other questions let me know. I had no glitches at all going for all three of the big stealth achievements (ghost, shadow, clean hands). Just followed the directions by starting a brand new playthrough not using any mission selects.
  • RustyFRustyF193,900
    12 Oct 2012 09 Oct 2012 12 Oct 2012
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    Note: This is not a guide. Instead, this is a warning. Several folks have reported that this achievement isn't unlocking, despite having the "No Kills" checkbox ticked for every mission in the game. I can confirm that this is what happened to me. No kills during the prologue or in the rest of the game, and all of my missions are listed as having no kills on my stat sheets.

    Hopefully the devs will take note and release a patch. Theoretically this is something that could easily be unlocked retroactively, so long as all the mission stat pages read "No Kills." Please post in the comments if something similar happened to you.

    UPDATE: I've gotten the achievement. Here's what went wrong:


    In the final encounter with Nanny Rags / Slackjaw in the sewers, just picking up Nanny Rags' cameo is enough to cause this achievement to glitch out. My advice: Freeze time, pick pocket Nanny Rags key and use it to escape via the back door in her room (next to the furnace) before she comes after you. Rush through the end of the mission and then complete the final two missions and the achievement should pop.

    tldr: Don't interact with either Granny or Slackjaw in the sewers, save for stealing Granny's key and running out the back of her apartment.
  • NoMoreNiceGuyNoMoreNiceGuy244,182
    25 Oct 2012 25 Oct 2012 25 Oct 2012
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    I just got this with the Ghost, Mostly flesh and steel and Shadow. Im not gonna go all out walkthrough so here is a few general tips

    First, this must be on a New Game as Big L said. Mission select doesen't count

    Never take the exact route! be a ninja, the main path will most likley have enemies everywhere, use rooftops, ledges and lots of cover

    Use lean and Keyholes. as long as your entire body is covered they can't see you

    Save sleeping darts for the end. At the end i found myself in tight spots that caused some stress, but good timing with the arrows helped me.

    Have patience, sometimes you should just sneak through them all instead of taking them out. watch for moments when no one is watching

    Save often! each time you enter a new location, take a dude out or just walk a good part, save. If you screw up you should have lost just a few minutes work, not many.

    I would also suggest saving the side mission for the High Chaos playthrough, as you have to do two playthroughs for 100% and you can got enough to deal with now.
  • Love01082008Love01082008130,937
    08 Aug 2013 28 Oct 2012
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    Warning for people on this to avoid having to do 3 playthroughs.

    Mission 7 Flooded District is a long mission especially if you go to get your gear. I played this mission twice neutralizing everyone without being alerted etc. I am a Tenchu vet so this is cake. I get to the end and recap, and first time is says I killed 2 people. Never stabbed anyone or let them fall to the ground (just blink skill). 2nd time I played through and got the end and it said one hostile killed, I didn't even kill the river krust, I tranq darted Slackjaw to get the key from Granny. 3rd time I avoided 90% of people, I tran darted one person, didn't even choke anyone out, I stole the key from Granny before she asked me to kill slackjaw, (per guide above). And recap worked.

    2nd warning: After mission 7 debacle I thought okay I am good lets beat the game and get me some clean hands. Game over, and this one doesn't pop. My only explanation is when doing mission recap if it asks you to replay the mission or continue DO NOT REPLAY. The game must still take into account a fictious kill. Create multiple saves and have the starting mission squirreled away and reload that one instead of restarting. Hopefully these words will prevent some from not getting it when they spent a good 15-20 trying to not kill anyone. Good news is if you have Mostly Steel achievement the added powers should expedite this play through.
  • Davin0thDavin0th336,420
    14 Nov 2012 14 Nov 2012
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    regarding the tutorial - i shot the 2 'assassins' that attacked me and went through the game not killing anyone else and the clean hands achievement popped for me, so either the tutorial doesn't matter or i was just really lucky =/
  • ColFrost 27ColFrost 27153,390
    27 Aug 2014 11 Sep 2014 12 Sep 2014
    5 0 0
    I actually got this achievement with a whole bunch of others during my first playthrough without to much difficulty. Firstly I want to point out that you don't actually kill any of the assassins attacking you during the Empress' assassination so go nuts.

    The following videos are the ones i used to get the Clean the Hands achievement along all of these other achievements
    DishonoredSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored worth 107 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    DishonoredShadowThe Shadow achievement in Dishonored worth 91 pointsComplete all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone

    DishonoredGhostThe Ghost achievement in Dishonored worth 95 pointsComplete all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but the key targets

    DishonoredMostly Flesh and SteelThe Mostly Flesh and Steel achievement in Dishonored worth 151 pointsFinish the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

    DishonoredSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored worth 18 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    DishonoredSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored worth 71 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    DishonoredPolitical SuicideThe Political Suicide achievement in Dishonored worth 17 pointsExpose the Lord Regent's crimes and bring about his arrest

    DishonoredSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored worth 18 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    DishonoredSurgicalThe Surgical achievement in Dishonored worth 72 pointsPlay from the first mission through Kaldwin's Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters

    DishonoredSpecterThe Specter achievement in Dishonored worth 40 pointsAfter escaping prison, complete a mission without alerting anyone, and kill less than 5 people

    DishonoredFacelessThe Faceless achievement in Dishonored worth 37 pointsAfter escaping Coldridge Prison, complete a single mission without alerting anyone

    DishonoredExcommunicationThe Excommunication achievement in Dishonored worth 6 pointsEliminate High Overseer Campbell

    DishonoredSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored worth 13 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    DishonoredSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored worth 20 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    because most of them require that you not be detected or kill anyone on any particular mission. You will get the first five achievements, from bottom to top, on this list by the end of mission 3. I would recommend doing this on your first playthrough.

    All credits for the videos below to THE RED DRAGON

    If you thumbs down please comment as to the reason why so that I can make changes to the solution so that it's good solution. Please feel to comment any suggestions you might have to improve the solution.

    Cheerio folks
  • Then You BakeThen You Bake82,313
    22 Nov 2012 23 Nov 2012
    6 4 1
    I just had a minor correction to all these guides.

    It is possible to actually get the achievement to pop from the mission select screen. As long as you choose mission 1 "Dishonored" and play through the game like you would normally, not selecting each mission from the mission select screen, it will pop. So you can basically skip the tutorial.

    Hope this helps anyone still hunting for this one.

    p.s. SAVE A LOT
  • Unlikely PotatoUnlikely Potato114,242
    01 Sep 2013 31 Aug 2013
    2 0 1
    Not a solution but helpful information to know regarding deaths that will void the achievement.

    If you:

    a) Put unconscious bodies in water it will count as a kill.

    b) Hide an unconscious body somewhere for it to be discovered by rats. The rats will eat the body counting as a kill.

    c) Knock someone out on a roof or ledge or move an unconscious body onto a roof or ledge and leave the body, make sure it isn't going to fall off, as if it does fall off for any reason, it will count as a kill towards you.

    NOTE! If any of the above happen, although it counts as a kill and thus void the "Clean Hands" achievement, it will not count them as a kill on the mission stats screen so it will still say you have not killed anyone in that particular mission.

    I made this mistake, stupidly, on my first encounter with Weepers under the pub. I knocked them out and placed the bodies in water so they wouldn't be found. -.-

    I didn't realise until I had completed the game with no detections and what I thought was no kills only for the "Clean Hands" and "Ghost" achievements to not unlock.
  • Solus ShinigamiSolus Shinigami370,250
    05 Apr 2013 06 Jan 2017
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    Video walkthroughs on Low chaos
    Using these walkthroughs will unlock multiple achievements:
    Clean Hands
    Poetic Justice
    Mostly Flesh and Steel
    Just Dark Enough
    Well Mannered

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