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Art Dealer achievement in Dishonored

Art Dealer

Collect all the Sokolov paintings

Art Dealer0
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How to unlock the Art Dealer achievement

  • Foxfire49Foxfire49
    12 Oct 2012 12 Oct 2012 15 Oct 2012
    Collect all the Sokolov paintings. Sounds pretty simple but this achievement IS miss-able depending on how you do your play-through. To get this achievement you first have to complete all of Granny Rags missions in Mission 2: High Overseer Campbeel, and then all of Slackjaws missions in Mission 3: The Golden Cat. Doing this will allow you to access an other-wise blocked off route in Mission 7: The Flooded District where the very last painting is. (Confirmed)

    Also you must do this in 1 play-through, evidently you can't replay missions. *According to Whitehelljumper*

    Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell - Painting #1 - Is located in the basement of the building that Campbell is in. If you follow Campbell and Curnow down from the second floor they will lead you there. If not, the door is located next to an exit by the kennels. And you will have to press a button in the statue's eye for the door to open.

    Mission 3: The Golden Cat - Painting #2 - Is located on the 2nd floor of the Art Dealers apartment. This building is the building on the right hand side of the street past the first wall of light. It's right across from Dr. Galvani's place.

    Painting #3 - Located on the 3rd floor of the same building as where you found #2.

    Painting #4 - Is located in the Art Dealers vault which is up on the 3rd floor along with painting #3 however you will need his combination to get to it. To do this you will have to talk to Slackjaw and he will tell you where the Art Dealer is in the Golden Cat after completing his first task. Once you find the Art Dealer give him a few jolts and when he realizes it isn't some hot lady torturing him ask him for the combination then head back and get painting #4. (As well as giving the combination to Slackjaw) Do that last however after you rob the safe yourself, which will unlock you this achievement.

    DishonoredSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dishonored worth 23 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Mission 4: The Royal Physician - Painting #5 - Is located in the bottom (unfinished?) part of Sokolov's house. You will notice the location if you go in the main entrance to his house.

    Mission 5: Lady Boyle's Last Party - Painting #6 - Is up on the second floor in the Boyle mansion in the (trophy/ display room).

    Painting #7 - Where is painting is all depends on which Boyle is your target. But regardless it will also be on the second floor in one of the three bedrooms. Just search all 3 and you will find it.

    Mission 6: Return to the Tower - Painting #8 - Located on the 2nd floor inside the tower in what would be considered the music room.

    Mission 7: The Flooded District - Painting #9 - A little hard to explain where it's at exactly just watch the video and get on the roof tops on the right hand side.

    Painting #10 - Once you either kill or incapacitate Daud you will have to travel down this chain. Stop about half-way and blink onto the broken floors to find it.

    Painting #11 - You did the Granny Rags and Slackjaw side missions right? Well once you enter the sewers you will see a Bottle Street Thug laying against the wall. Talk to him and he will say something about a Master Key. Follow the way-point (it's quite a lengthy journey to the area) And the painting is located up in Granny Rags house/shack whatever it is.

    (Achievement Unlocked)

    *Video Credit goes to XCVii007r1*

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    Claptrap NLThe video was very helpful. Thank you.
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 31 Jan 15 at 03:00
    SeitzzGood guide, thanks
    Posted by Seitzz on 29 Jan 19 at 03:51
    LuckyKantThe second one in mission 5 changes location depending on which Boyle you kill. I know you wrote that in the text but the video does not mention that.

    I am an evil mofo and took out all three. The painting was in the following location. Go up the stairs near the wall of light, head down the corridor, take the last left and it is above the fireplace. I think my Boyle was the red one, well it was the last one I killed.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 28 Jun 19 at 00:10
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    10 Jan 2013 11 Jan 2013 04 Feb 2018
    First thing’s first, this Achievement is MISSABLE! Even though you can do mission select, you still have to play the game from A to B. It won’t work if you do mission select.

    There are some requirements for you to unlock one secret area in
    Mission 7: The Flooded District. In order for you to unlock the secret area, you first need to complete all of the Slackjaw and Granny Rags side quests for this to work. (Which is where the last painting is).

    There are a total of 11 paintings throughout the game.

    I have added pictures of the paintings in the correct order.

    My advice to you is to save the game straight away after you’ve collected a painting.

    Please note that this guide will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

    Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell

    There is only one painting in this mission.

    External image

    "The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell"
    Mission 3: House of Pleasure

    There are 3 paintings on this mission.

    One painting (Custis, Morgan and the Postulate Child) that requires you to do a side quest for Slackjaw on Mission 3: The house of Pleasure. To save you some time to get the correct code from the gentleman being punished in the
    Silver Room in the Golden Cat building, here are the combinations for the safe that is located in the Art Dealers Apartment on the 3rd floor: -


    Only one of the codes will work. It is random every time in your playthrough.

    External image

    "Light Along the Inverse Curve, Sokolov's Self Portrait"
    External image

    "Daud and the Parabola of Lost Seasons"
    External image

    "Custis, Morgan and the Postulate Child"
    Mission 4: The Royal Physician

    There is only one painting in this mission.

    External image

    "The Obtuse Arguments of Lady Boyle"
    Mission 5: Lady Boyle’s Last Party

    There are 2 paintings in this mission.

    One painting is upstairs in the mansion party, it is random. The video guide will show all of the possible locations where it will be.

    External image

    "The Spymaster's Axis of Asymmetry"
    External image

    "Vera Moray and the Affix of Her Skin"
    Mission 6: Return to the Tower

    There is only one painting in this mission.

    External image

    "The Empress and the Empty Set"
    Mission 7: The Flooded District

    There are 3 paintings in this area.

    One painting is located in the Old Dunwall Sewer. (You will only get the last painting if you have done all of the Slackjaw and Granny Rags side quests) You need to rotate the valve to open the sewer entrance.

    External image

    "The Cumulative Rats and the Weeper"
    External image

    "The Torturer's Quaternionic Groan"
    External image

    "The Outsider and the Circumscribed Void"

    I would like to give thanks to a YouTube user, PowerPyx who is a very good gamer guide video channel.

    Also I would like to thank for the detailed pictures of the paintings.

    Before you give me a negative vote, please explain yourself why you did it and I will be more than happy to improve my solution. Thank You.
  • L0k0hL0k0h
    15 Aug 2014 16 Aug 2014
    Video-guide to get the achievement or trophy Art Dealer. It consists in getting the 11 paintings that are hidden through the game. Some of them are missable and you must do some specific acts to get it. I leave you a Timeline with all the details.

    In the 3rd collectible of mission 3 you must do the 2 missions of Slackjaw, but before you report back the mission 2 (tell him the code of the strongbox) you'll have to take the collectibles, so when you report back the mission the achievement Art of Stealing will unlock.

    To get the last collectible of the game (Mission 7) you must do all sidequests of Granny Rags (Mission 2) and Slackjaw (Mission 3).
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    JETLI333Thank you....Gracias
    Posted by JETLI333 on 25 Aug 14 at 19:58
  • iViluxiVilux
    06 Sep 2014 11 Sep 2014 02 Oct 2014
    CONFIRMED TO WORK! Thanks to Warrior0fLight

    So, on my low chaos playthrough I didn't collect all of the paintings. I left them for high chaos. So I did the first Granny Rags mission and then started the second. I took the rat viscera but didn't poison the Bottle Street gang. I was there and when Slackjaw told me to go burn Granny's cameo I went there and the painting was there, near the bed! I also completed all of Slackjaw's missions and looted the safe before telling him the combination.
  • ZairanskyZairansky
    28 Feb 2013 09 Mar 2013
    Here is a walk through video for anyone who may need it, all 10 locations of the each painting as well as the requirements for getting the tenth which I will reiterate, you have to complete the granny rags and slack jaw side missions! I hope it helps.
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