Earth First achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Earth First

Beat the game on Classic difficulty.

Earth First0
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How to unlock the Earth First achievement

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    You still get this achievement after changing the difficulty from Easy.

    You can start the game on Easy difficulty (credit to Goatlips). Playing on Easy means you will have more HP, the enemy will have less HP and you will get more monthly income. A month before you start the last mission, set the difficulty back to Classic and complete at least one mission on Classic before you finish the game to get this achievement. I found the difficulty reverted back to Classic for the Alien Base Assault, so I carried on from there on Classic.

    You will get this other achievement at the same time (if you hadn't already got it)
    XCOM: Enemy UnknownHumanity's SaviorThe Humanity's Savior achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 64 pointsBeat the game on any difficulty.

    If you change the game to Impossible difficulty, you will also get
    XCOM: Enemy UnknownOur Finest HourThe Our Finest Hour achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 698 pointsBeat the game on Impossible difficulty.

    In January 2013 the Second Wave title update was released. It will download automatically the first time you play while connected to Xbox Live. This makes the game even easier.

    From the Main Menu select Single Player then press cn_Y for Second Wave. Select the following:
    • New Economy
    • Not Created Equally
    • Hidden Potential
    Press cn_B to return to the Select Difficulty menu, then select Classic and press cn_A. At the Base Location screen select Africa.

    After the first mission, go to the Barracks menu and select Hire Soldiers and hire 1 soldier then create a save. Now press cn_Y to go to Mission Control and press cn_A to scan for activity. As soon as the new Soldier arrives press cn_B to stop scanning. Now go back to the Barracks and look at the Will and Aim of your new soldier. Normally your Rookie's stats would be Will:40, Aim:65. What Not Created Equally does is gives you Will:20-62 (increments of 2) and Aim:50-85 (increments of 5). You can keep reloading your previous save until you get some high stats, then repeat it to get more soldiers.

    Hidden Potential means the increase in Aim is also randomised. So save just before the end of each mission, and if a soldier gets a promotion check how much their Will and Aim increased, and reload if required. Aim increases vary by class as follows: Sniper 3-9; Support 2-6; Assault 1-5; Heavy 0-2. This means by the time you reach Colonel rank, you could have a Sniper with Aim:148 shock

    The key to having an easy time of XCOM, is getting money as fast as possible by building Satellite Uplinks and Satellites as quickly as possible. Your next 2 Satellites should go to South America, for instant Autopsies and Interrogations. Other solutions written before Second Wave was released will recommend starting in North America as the United States gives the most credits per month. New Economy randomises the credits, and starting with 1 Satellite in Africa gives you +30% credits.
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    GoatlipsI've played till the end on Normal - think my previous mission was an easy one and I'd changed to Classic. I used the Gallop Chamber and assaulted the (Shirley) Temple laugh and checked the difficulty and it hasn't reverted to Normal, so I'll see if I get this achi. Basically, you should play on Easy and change to Classic/Impossible for 1 simple mission* before entering the Gallop Chamber and going for these higher difficulty achies facepalm
    *I did have a problem with switching up to Classic from Normal and when the mission started it'd reverted back to Normal when I was going for an earlier achi (Lone Wolf). But, when I changed Classic to Impossible I entered the Gallop Chamber and Assaulted the Temple all on the same day and Impossible was locked in when the mission started, no problem smile

    EDIT/UPDATE: CONFIRMED! The achi pops at the end of the cutscene. So, this is easy to get. You don't have to start on Classic/Impossible for these game completions. Start on Easy and playthrough on Easy till you're ready to enter the Gallop Chamber, but before you do, switch to Classic or Impossible and check the Temple Assault difficulty is correct when the mission begins (if not, try switching to Classic for a simple mission, previously, or maybe just for a UFO shoot-down?). I actually just converted my Normal difficulty game at the end.
    Posted by Goatlips on 31 May 17 at 23:00
    HolyHalfDeadGoatlips - Thanks for posting that additional discovery, I have added it to the solution.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 01 Jun 17 at 08:27
    GoatlipsAlthough I can confirm Normal can be upgraded, it's safe to assume Easy should convert too. NB: I also can confirm you must do a penultimate mission on Classic* (the previous month for safety) to fix the difficulty. *Switch to Impossible as it stacks Classic and is not hard at this point with lots of save/loads compute
    Posted by Goatlips on 03 Jun 17 at 23:20
    OrangeDetester7I followed this guide and it did not work for me unfortunatley.

    Turned to impossible difficulty one month and a day before I entered the gallop chamber. In that time did a supply UFO landing mission and ignored an abduction mission and a council mission. The difficulty in the menu was still on impossible once I landed on the temple ship so I proceded. Mission was pretty tricky as well -damn sectopods- but the achevement didnt pop following the cutscene. Not a total loss as I was going for 'Ain't No Cavalry Comin' as well (which did pop) and was mostly an easy playthrough obviously but still annoying.

    Great guide in term of advice about ranking up your soldiers and making most of second wave.

    If anyone thinks I did something wrong from what I've written lemmie know and I'll load up some mid game saves and give it another go.

    Failing that I'll do it legit seeing as xcom 2 is still broken for me on xbone cry

    But yeah thanks for the guide!
    Posted by OrangeDetester7 on 04 Sep 17 at 16:11
    HolyHalfDeadTry entering the Gallop chamber one month after your last mission, not one month after changing the difficulty. For example if you complete a mission on the harder difficulty in August, do not enter the Gallop chamber until September.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 04 Sep 17 at 19:11
    SiRFaPaLoT420I’ve been learning everything I can about this game (which is A LOT). Pretty much everything in the solutions sound right. I can start a game on easy, switch it to classic/impossible, but no pop. The game switches it’s own difficulty back to easy. Sometimes the difficulty will “stick”, but no pop even when I beat temple ship on classic/impossible. I tried starting a game on classic, switch to easy, it switches back to classic, beat the level, beat the game and no pop.

    Currently doing it legit.
    Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 27 Mar 19 at 20:40
    Brawler rocksStill works, but I think only on the 360 version. Loaded up an old save that was started on easy, the time in-game was November 1st. I did 3 missions on Impossible: 1 UFO landing, the Overseer crash site story mission, and 1 council mission. I built the Chamber during the month wait and launched the final mission on December 3rd. Achievement unlocked just fine. Odd thing was the difficulty never tried to revert, it stayed on Impossible the whole time.
    Posted by Brawler rocks on 13 May at 01:34
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