Wet Work achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Wet Work

Complete a Very Hard abduction mission in five turns or less on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

Wet Work0
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How to unlock the Wet Work achievement

  • RougeRogue1RougeRogue1402,559
    16 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012 27 Dec 2012
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    Though the achievement description suggests that you need to complete a "Very Hard" abduction mission, what is meant is "Very Difficult," just in case there is any confusion.

    Abduction missions almost always involve 10 enemies (I've had only 8, but very rarely), usually in four groups (two groups of 3 and two groups of 2), so plan on armament appropriately. Also, since your concentration is quick offense, remove any of those pesky medkits from your packs -- you can always re-do the mission, after you've gotten the achievement, if you lost anyone that you'd rather not lose.

    It's important to have a saved game before receiving an Abduction Mission warning, as you'll also want a favorable map to choose to try this achievement on -- therefore, if you get the warning for an Abduction Mission in Mission Control and you performed several actions between the warning and your last save, you may want to cancel out of the mission, re-load your last save, re-perform those actions, and save right before the Abduction Mission warning happens (it will happen again, right about the same time). This way, you can accept one of the missions, see the map, and if it's not to your liking, quit and try again. When choosing, keep in mind the primary qualification, that the mission be "Very Difficult."

    Now, the map you're looking for is a relatively open map, with few/no buildings, just cover objects, so alien groups have no places to hide in multi-story buildings from your rocket attacks/snipers with squad sight. I find such maps much easier to navigate quickly for just such an operation.

    For my group, I brought along 2 Heavies (2 rocket launchers were key in my mid-level group -- no colonels to double up rockets), 2 sprint-perked Support troops, one Assault troop perked to rapid fire at the end of his dash, and just one Sniper. Had my group been all colonel-level soldiers, I would more likely have brought 2 squad-sight-perked Snipers with the "In the Zone" perk and Archangel armor, and perhaps 2 sprint-perked Support soldiers with Ghost armor, so they might sight out alien groups without activating those groups -- if the aliens don't see the spotters, they don't bother going into hiding, making the "In the Zone" perk of the Snipers quite lethal -- (and, maybe one Heavy and one Assault to round out the 6).

    With such an open setup, you might even finish the mission in 3 rounds, not 5. Good luck!

    Additional notes: Keep in mind, that as you launch satellites over more countries, those countries will cease to have abduction raids launched against them, so if you reach full satellite coverage before getting this achievement, you may need to achieve this in an earlier save or a new game.

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    Ditto51Okay, just for the people wondering Nicholi's method does not work, I just tried it by taking one of my normal games and adjusting it to classic over a month in game before the mission popped. I completed the mission in 4 turns and didn't get it. I know it took 4 turns because I had my assults use run and gun first turn and then after not being able to use it for turns 2 and 3 (2 turn cooldown) I used it again on turn 4 to finish the mission and no achivement popped.
    Posted by Ditto51 on 08 Mar 15 at 22:32
    Widowmaker55For switching difficulties you have to switch the difficulty before the mission starts, switch it again to the higher one in mission (It'll switch itself back to what it was before). Once you complete the mission in whatever difficulty you want it at it should stay at that level. So do a mission in which you changed the diffculty at the start of the mission before the one you need the achievement for.

    Changing it mid mission doesn't give achievements related to difficulty but completing a mission at a difficulty will keep your game at that level thus making future missions achievement possible from what I saw.
    Posted by Widowmaker55 on 22 Jun 16 at 14:40
    SirScatterbrainI can confirm Widowmakers55's method.
    You CAN switch difficulties as long as you complete any mission on the desired difficulty prior to the the actual abduction mission (also works for the "Lone Wolf" achievement).
    I can also invalidate the hypothesis that abduction missions cease to appear after month 4.
    Abduction missions will still appear as long as there are countries without satellites left.

    My successful attempt was based on an easy-playthrough.
    I switched to classic, completed a terror mission on classic, followed by the "very difficult" abduction mission (in game month 6, August), netting me the "Wet Work" achievement.

    Just for reference, I am playing on Xbox One.
    Posted by SirScatterbrain on 27 Jun 16 at 18:30
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  • UrsiformUrsiform121,277
    17 Oct 2012 20 Oct 2012 08 Aug 2013
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    I got this naturally in Classic Ironman at the service station. The small service station with an attached building where you start at the pumps, not the truck yard. A group of mostly Squadies with no double tap sniper, so I think this will come naturally for most people in Classic. I moved a heavy into rocket range of the building in turn 1 and positioned the rest of my squad for crossfire. Blew the building open with a shredder (there was already a group or two of mutons/beserkers moving in), and had the entire map aggroed by turn 2 or 3. I think we were clear after 4. This was month 4 or so and the entire squad had plasma weaponry. I'm guessing mutons are your friend for this achievement since they like to make half moves and blood call when running away instead of full retreats or liftoffs. Scopes instead of defensive items should be a no brainer.
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    ZatosanWait, abduction missions don't have civilians, the civilians are all encased in green stuff. I think it may be a bit confusing for some people if you're not clear.

    Can anyone talk about if the blaster launcher helps immensely with this achievement, I'd imagine it would, but can anyone confirm?
    Posted by Zatosan on 14 Jul 13 at 14:19
    x RepoUK xCompleted with 6 low level units (carapace/lasers) on the service station level. It's by far the easiest of the maps for this IMHO.
    Posted by x RepoUK x on 14 Aug 13 at 21:11
    UrsiformZatsosan, that was a total non sequitur on my part and I deleted it. These achievements were still relatively fresh at the time and my brain was spinning from playing so much XCOM.
    Posted by Ursiform on 17 Aug 13 at 00:33
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