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A Continental Fellow

Win the game from each of the 5 starting locations.

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    18 Oct 2012 18 Oct 2012 23 Nov 2014
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    You must complete 5 playthroughs, beginning to end, with each starting location for this achievement.

    On Easy difficulty, I usually complete the game in 20-25 missions. Although you can finish it in 15 missions if you are dedicated. For Classic and Impossible, it usually takes me 25-30 missions before I can finish the game. I recommend you reserve the 2 best starting locations for beating the game on Ironman Classic and the Impossible difficulty achievements.

    Each starting location has different bonuses.
    1) Africa - Monthly XCOM funding increased by 30%.
    2) Asia - All projects in The Foundry and the Officer Training School cost 50% less.
    3) Europe - Labs and Workshops cost 50% less to build and maintain.
    4) North America - All aircraft and aircraft weapons cost 50% less to purchase, build and maintain.
    5) S. America - Autopsies and Interrogations are completed instantly.

    NOTE: If you can't remember which starting continents you chose, you can see your base on the map in the situation room. It's marked with the XCom logo. Or, go to mission control and look at the globe. Your base is front and center. -Lt. Davos

    I suggest the following order
    1) Europe - Start with the Tutorial on easy and choose Europe. Knock out all the easy achievements
    2) Asia - on easy, no tutorial
    3) S. America - easy, no tutorial
    4) Africa - Impossible (can't use tutorial on this difficulty). Then knock out
    XCOM: Enemy UnknownOur Finest HourThe Our Finest Hour achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 656 pointsBeat the game on Impossible difficulty.

    XCOM: Enemy UnknownWet WorkThe Wet Work achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 52 pointsComplete a Very Hard abduction mission in five turns or less on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

    XCOM: Enemy UnknownLone WolfThe Lone Wolf achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 109 pointsClear a UFO crash site with one soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

    I highly recommend you follow my guide (link below) for the Impossible difficulty. It will save you a lot of headaches.
    XCOM: Enemy UnknownOur Finest HourThe Our Finest Hour achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 656 pointsBeat the game on Impossible difficulty.


    By now, you should have knocked out every achievement except
    XCOM: Enemy UnknownA Continental FellowThe A Continental Fellow achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 416 pointsWin the game from each of the 5 starting locations.

    XCOM: Enemy UnknownNo Looking BackThe No Looking Back achievement in XCOM: Enemy Unknown worth 650 pointsBeat the game in Ironman mode on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

    The last achievement requires you to do Ironman mode which means you can't abuse the save/load system. You can however dashboard (or signout) but it's very time consuming. I also recommend you follow my Ironman guide.

    5) N. America - Classic Ironman. Use tutorial for extra cash. And follow my Impossible guide to avoid headaches.

  • yossarianoyossariano166,728
    09 Sep 2013 10 Sep 2013
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    To underline a warning hinted in the above:

    - Do NOT delete your saves from previous missions

    I recently did my fifth play through on South America and it did not pop.

    I'd moved previous saved games to a backup memory stick (final end game saves for posterity). Only when I moved them back to Hard disk and replayed each ending did it pop.

    This is pretty sh1tty in my opinion. Apart from that I found it safest / fastest to do this:

    Europe - Easy
    N.America - Easy
    Asia - Easy
    Africa - Impossible
    S.America - Easy

    The Classic Ironman I'm doing as a sixth playthrough as it's more tedious but that's a personal choice I guess. I didn't want to minimise playthroughs particularly, I think it's false economy.
  • Zephyrz InfernoZephyrz Inferno170,202
    29 Apr 2013 19 Apr 2013 03 May 2013
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    Not a Solution, just a warning. I completed my fifth game (and location) and Classic Ironman at the same time and this achievement did not pop. I replayed the ending to that game, but don't have game saves for other games, so I'll have to replay some starting locations to get this. Considering how long each game is, I thought I might as well warn people to keep a game save from right before the Gallop Chamber for each location just in case. I saw at least one person say that replaying just the ending of a previous game was enough to get it to pop. I'll update again if I get any other information.

    **Update** After beginning a new game I found that the game save number was 1. After then completing games 1, 2, and 3, (all on easy) the achievement popped. (I still had the saves from games 4 and 5) My guess is that for some reason the count was lost when I unplugged my xbox during a lightening storm. The only other possible explanation I have is that it lost track because I deleted all of my game saves while playing game '5.' The weird counts it has for UFOs shot down and aliens killed because of multiple saves could go the other way and wins might get lost if the save was deleted. Admittedly this is a pretty weak guess. Either way, good luck... And keep your saves :)
  • Zeke StableZeke Stable136,762
    26 Nov 2018 26 Nov 2018 26 Nov 2018
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    This cheevo is glitchy AF. I won from each starting location, and it didn't pop. I spent lots of time researching a solution online, and this error happens on Steam and Playstation too. The most common troubleshoot is to save right before the final battle, and MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THOSE SAVE FILES. I had to play through every continent again (not counting the one save file still on my hard drive when the fit initially hit the shan). Even then, it still didn't pop on my fifth victory. The next troubleshooting tip said to reload the final battles and run through them again. Most people said it popped after the first or second file they loaded. For me, it didn't pop until I loaded the fifth and final one. So all I can say to everyone else who's pulling their hair out is DON'T DELETE THOSE SAVES and try running through the final battle one more time. If that doesn't work for you too, then you definitely have my sympathy.

    What a crummy taste to leave in my mouth for what's been one of my all time favorite games.
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