Vendetta achievement in Forza Horizon


Beat Rivals in 10 events.

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How to unlock the Vendetta achievement

  • HaZiiHaLoHaZiiHaLo381,525
    25 Oct 2012 25 Oct 2012 29 Oct 2012
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    You have to beat 10 Rivals, friends or not. After every race you will be prompt if you would like to play again versus a Rival which is usually pretty close to my time. No one on my friends list are into racing games (sadly) so it would always bring up a random Live user which are usually LESS than 3 seconds (but usually 1 second less) from my best lap time. I'm not sure if this is the case if you do have friends that play this game or not so someone will have to verify this.

    What I did in every race, while set to EASY, is do pretty poor. Good enough to beat the CPU racers, but poor enough so that I can easily be matched up with someone I can defeat without too much work. After every match, I accepted the suggested Rival, and defeat it with ease. After 10 Rivals, the achievement is yours.

    * EDIT
    As per Yreon all of the Rival Events in Race Central count except for the Monthly Rivals. You can even race against yourself!

    Negative feedback? Please leave a comment so that I can write better/more simple solutions in the future.

    Thank you and good luck!

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    WaggiesaurusRexStill obtainable as of 24/12/2020. I had similar issues with ghosts not appearing for “rivals” but the achievement unlocked when expected (even after completing those races with no visible ghosts).
    Posted by WaggiesaurusRex on 24 Dec 20 at 03:22
    EmperorKodosI definitely had to do more than 10 events to get this to unlock but it finally did. I suspect it doesn't count toward the achievement unless it successfully uploads your time/ghost after the race, which was very hit or miss for me with the unstable servers.
    Posted by EmperorKodos on 20 Dec 21 at 04:41
    BearxorI don't think this is obtainable anymore - I get nothing but the Forza Horizon servers are not available when trying to choose a Rivals race.
    Posted by Bearxor on 18 Jul at 19:57
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  • SysRestartSysRestart496,289
    31 Oct 2012 31 Oct 2012 31 Oct 2012
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    The fastest way to beat ten rivals is to use rival board in Race Central.

    1.Pick the color wrist band and the event you want to race.
    2. The rival (friend from firend's list) closest to you will be auto selected, press "X" ( I believe) to go to the rival list and pick a rival the is far enough behind your time that you feel comfortable challening (the futher behind the easier).
    3. Start the race and beat time, then go back to step 1. and select another race.

    *The race counts even if the bounty is set at zero. Zero bounties are common if you slect a rival that is a more than a few seconds slower than your time.

    ** If you dont have many friends that play the game then you want to use RB on the leaderboard list and select the "Near Me" option and then scroll down far enough to find a rival that has a time you feel you can beat. With the "Near Me" option you will have scroll a long way down before you see a significant difference in the times.

    Credit should also go to KP ScuzzyBunny for helping with this solution.
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    StarshadeFPSIt has to be different events. I beat 10 rivals on my friend list across 2 events now I need to do 10 different events.
    Posted by StarshadeFPS on 04 Nov 12 at 11:03
    Dark SnailIt should also be mentioned that if you race "Circuit Races" your rival will always have an unfair advantage at the first round from the start, since he/she is at full speed at the start/finish line as you start the race. You can simple back up a few feet before starting the race to gain full speed to compensate for that, or otherwise you will always have to drive two rounds. Or you could just simply pick "Point to Point" races to challenge your rivals.
    Posted by Dark Snail on 24 Dec 12 at 15:22
    TheMoose76If you race a "Circuit race" and don't win, you can continue to race another lap.
    Posted by TheMoose76 on 12 May 13 at 16:29
  • Darth BarthusDarth Barthus535,226
    22 Oct 2016 22 Oct 2016
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    After several weeks of being broken I was able to get this today. It seems the rivals wins in rally do count for this so do them first if you have the dlc.
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    ResinousHashishgame couldn't connect after a few races, restarted game it worked flawlessly. 11/29/16
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 30 Nov 16 at 01:34
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