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Darius Who?

Become the champion of the Horizon Festival.

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  • Brian Beer GodBrian Beer God275,530
    31 Oct 2012 31 Oct 2012 31 Oct 2012
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    This is the "Final" race of the game. It's you versus Darius and 6 other racers. I used the Pagani Zonda (not tuned or upgraded at all) and he is driving the Ferrari 599FX (I believe). It's not too hard on Easy or Normal, I have yet to try it on Hard.

    The race is a mixed course (both road & dirt) and you will be going so fast that handling is a big part of this race. I picked the Zonda for its mix of handling and speed and beat Darius with room to spare.

    Make sure that you utilize the flashback if you make any mistakes or bad turns along the race.

    **Spoiler** as long as you have raced and beaten all the other racers, as SOON as this race finishes you will be forced to race Darius and when you beat him there you will also get the Domination! achievement.
  • LN101288LN10128824,341
    19 Jan 2013 08 Feb 2013 08 Feb 2013
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    This race is dubbed throughout the whole game as being the 'final' race, where you race Darius.

    Its based around Beaumont and is a 5 lap circuit race, starting at the most northerly point of the map. It is mixed terrain ,too

    There are 6 other races, you and (of course) Darius.
    The laps are pretty long, so it gives you plenty of time if you are struggling to get through the pack.

    I did this race is a Ferrari F40 (modified, and not the Evoluzione version), mostly because it was the car I was in at the time.

    I would recommend using a car that you know well. It needs to be quick in a straight line, but also able to cope with both fast ans slow corners. The most important part of this track though is the breaking zone in the first corner. Most time can be lost their easily.

    I tend to use that first corner as my main overtaking point - remember though, you will need to take more than one car a lap if you are only going to use that one corner to overtake, making the most of late breaking.

    Easy and Normal are fine, you may have one or two of the usual issues on Normal. but nothing major. Hard is not an entirely different story, but watch out, as competitors will come from nowhere!

    The prize for this is CR10 mil, and you have to race Darius for his car, the 599xx straight away and with the same car you just used. This is more of a race, and he can be a dirty driver on Hard.

    THE BEST TIPS I CAN GIVE YOU : use the flashback button, losing the slightest bit of time here will mess your race up, and after the first (sharp) corner, stay in the middle of the road, the barrels will cause you to crash if you hit them, and they respawn after each lap!
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